Features sculptural facial massage

With age, every woman pays more attention to her condition.
your skin. Sculptural facial massage helps quickly and effectively
achieve perfect correction without surgical


  • What is sculptural correction?
  • When can I use this technique?
  • Contraindications to the use of plasticizing equipment
  • How to properly conduct the sculpture plastic?

What is sculptural correction?

This technique is the newest and most radical means.
skin rejuvenation, helping to eliminate defects in the external
form, without resorting to plastic surgery. Sculptural procedure
facial massage first started using thanks to the French
beautician Joel Siokko. Today, this plasticizing technique
widely used for the care of the whole body.

Due to the fact that the skin of any person exposed
changes, massage treatments are recommended from 25-30
years old. Indeed, thanks to such manipulations, the face restores
clarity of their forms.

Face massage

The procedure affects all
skin layers, hypoderm, muscles. Techniques are pretty

It is manual therapy (massage with kneading and thorough
working through the muscles) helps to achieve a lifting effect without

The whole process resembles a kind of “modeling” when
An experienced massage therapist works on problem areas, leading
weakened muscles in tone and strengthening them.

Sculptural facial massage gives lost clarity to lines and
forms of cheekbones and helps get rid of the second chin. Of this
It is possible to achieve with the help of the activation of the work of unused
muscle Wherein:

  1. Discontinued spasms in the facial muscles.
  2. Blood circulation improves and its saturation increases.
    with oxygen.
  3. Due to the normalization of metabolic processes increases movement
  4. Stimulation of increasing the amount of collagen slows development
    age-related skin changes – swelling disappears, smoothes out
    wrinkles, and swelling are also eliminated.
  5. The appearance of the skin is fresh and

When can I use this technique?

Any woman can do a sculptural facial massage. But
This correction will be especially useful for people with problems:

  1. Clearly visible mimic wrinkles near the eyes, nasolabial folds
    pronounced, noticeable lowering of the corners of the lips.
  2. The technique is shown for people with severe edema on
  3. If the color of the skin is different from the norm (dull or
  4. When muscular atony (flabby, relaxed muscles),
    there is vagueness in the contour of the forms.

Only after a full course of correction will it be possible to evaluate
result. It will take 10-12 procedures to achieve the desired

However, even after the first session there are noticeable improvements – it will appear
skin firmness and elasticity. And with the completion of the entire course
the oval and the shape of the face are completely restored, as well as
contours of a neck are tightened.

Contraindications to the use of plasticizing equipment

It is important to know that there are also contraindications.
this radical method.

Sculpting massage is strictly prohibited to use.
with severe thyroid disease. After the procedure
increases the risk of exacerbation of the disease. Only by receiving
permission of the endocrinologist, carry out this correction.

technique of sculptural facial massage

The course of massage can take place from 25 years to
prevent problems. In this case, the “sculptor” will mold
such contours as they should be and fix them
for a long time.

Oncological (especially skin) and various infectious
diseases are also an important reason for not being able to

It is very dangerous to use procedures at elevated temperatures.
body or serious skin damage (wounds, scratches).

How to properly conduct the sculpture plastic?

Often the influence of various types of correction extends only to
subcutaneous tissue or upper layers of the skin. Due to
what is not happening the necessary study of the muscles. However, applying
plasticizing therapy can be achieved intensive and
in-depth effect on facial muscles. Thanks to the skills of the experienced
a specialist who knows the anatomical features
person and different professional skills, manages
achieve a truly amazing result.

Face massage

To carry out the procedure, the masseur will need a cosmetic
agent (Abriciol) that prevents slipping of hands and contains
wax. The correct technique necessarily includes a clear
sequence of actions, each movement must last
certain time. Allowed to massage only with
hands, and the use of mechanical
devices is strictly prohibited. This technique allows
achieve great results using a combination of the best
elements that are widely used in known methods.

Sculptural facial massage begins with deep pressure.
After that, with the help of light massage movements, it is possible to achieve
excellent lymphatic drainage effect (when wrinkles are smoothed and
skin reliefs are tightened). Must be well
work through the chin zone, rolling and
gliding movements.

First stage. Well processed neck and decollete area that
has a relaxing effect on the muscles. Prerequisite – availability
oil solution.

The second stage is a facial massage. After stroking and soft
Massaging therapist starts using intensive technique.
Pinching and stretching the skin between fingers, special movements
performs a deep impact on special points and massage

The third stage. The procedure ends with a soft and neat.

So, with the exclusion of surgical intervention this type
plastic is ideal not only for people with faded skin, but also
young women and men. If you hold this plastic regularly
(2-3 times a year), aging process slows down, restores
facial contours.

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