Feel like a Greek goddess!

greek hairstyle with bandageEvery girl is looking for all new and
new ways to feel attractive and desirable.
We choose outfit every day with special scruples, we do
makeup, hair styling, select accessories. Greek hairstyle
with bandage is another way to feel

You can use this hairstyle for different occasions. She is
perfect for work when your image needs to be
discreet, formal and practical. Also greek hairstyle with
a bandage would be appropriate at a gala event or youth
party This styling is perfect if you want to give
his image shade of romanticism and femininity. Can say
That this hairstyle will be very comfortable in any situation.

Weaving technology

There are many variations on hairstyles in Greek
style. But so that you have the opportunity to improvise and try
different methods and modifications, first of all, it is necessary to catch
basis of.

First you need to carefully comb your hair. Then make
on the head is a vertical parting. After which you must wear
head thin bandage. It can be made of various
materials: fabric, leather, suede, etc. Braided bandage will
look especially elegant.

Getting to the hairstyle, you have to wrap a few
strand each side of the flagella and remove them under the bandage. Each
ready flagellum fixed invisible. The resulting bandage
it will turn out “wrapped” by your hair, and all strands will gather on
back of the head. Behind you, you can somehow unusual to collect hair and
stab them.

Medium length hair

Perfect hairstyles with a bandage for medium hair. With
this you can slightly diversify and simplify the traditional
weaving technology. To do this, comb your hair and braid
free braid across the head on one side. Grab the tips
an inconspicuous elastic band, leaving twenty centimeters free of hair.
And then put on a thin bright bandage so that the braid remains
right behind her. Thus, your crown will gain a light volume, and
face will be visually framed. Especially pay attention to
This option is for girls who have bangs. And girls with curly
using a bright ribbon in addition to
hairstyle In this case, it looks particularly attractive.

Application with a short haircut

In order to give your image a Greek note,
not necessarily have long curls. Greek short bandage
hair is also great. If the length of your hair comes to
chin lines, you can curl them a little and remove them just the same
under the bandage, but all over his head. To keep the strands well,
You can use a bandage-elastic. And if you absolutely
meek hair, apply cloth, headband, beads and other accessories in
as a Greek dressing. It is also easy to wear on the forehead, which is very
reminds hippie style.

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