Festive manicure with rhinestones

Manicure with rhinestones again in the wake of popularity. Ladies of all
the world decorate their nails shiny stones. How to make an image
unique, using decorative rhinestones? How to
make a beautiful design so that the pebbles do not fall off the next
day, and pleased the owner as long as possible?


  • Appliances, tools, rules of creation
  • Bright ideas, unique design
  • Conclusion on the topic

Appliances, tools, rules of creation

Manicure has long ceased to be a routine procedure. For today
Day salons offer to create a diverse design, use
any colors: red, blue, black, purple. It all depends on
preferences fashionistas. A manicure with rhinestones is a whole creative
process. Irides of stones fascinate and attract views. Such
Pebbles come in a wide variety of types, colors and shapes. For sale
whole sets in cosmetics stores. Kinds:

  1. Plastic. The cheapest option, however they shine wrong
  2. Glass. They look more advantageous, but they are more expensive.
  3. Swarovski stones. Option level luxury. Design by such stones
    looks royally chic.

In order to make a manicure with rhinestones, you must:

  1. Well-think design: choose the color of the main coating,
    pattern, color and size of pebbles. It is necessary that they
    harmonized with varnish. Manicure with rhinestones should not be ridiculous
    (glued multi-colored pebbles on all nails without any
  2. Instruments. In order to fix the brilliant stone,
    need a special stick, a toothpick will do. Also
    need glue. Many pebbles attach to clear lacquer, but it does not
    gives such an effect as glue, and the rhinestone can fall off over time
    at the most inopportune moment.
  3. Patience, the desire to look at 100%. Accuracy,
    perseverance – the best assistants in such a matter as a manicure with

How to decorate your fingers with flickering crystals? For this
need to comply with certain actions.

First of all, it is recommended to nail your nails well,
sanded by polishing, remove burrs, trim cuticle. The thing is
The fact that a manicure with rhinestones attracts the views emphasizes
Attention. That is why the fingers should look perfect in order
do not spoil the overall look of the composition. Having these simple
preparatory procedures, you can be confident in excellent
the final result.

Then you should polish your nails, cover them with a base under a varnish,
wait for complete drying. Next, apply on the main nails
decorative coating of the desired color. Looks particularly advantageous
red manicure with golden rhinestones on long nails.
Any bright coating will well complement the flickering of crystals, making
an image of truly luxurious. It is recommended to apply varnish in several
layers for an even, rich color.

Before you glue the pebbles to the nail plate,
you must select a drawing. If it’s simple, then places
the location of the strazikov need to mark the points of special glue.
If the pattern is complex, you can draw it with a marker and
paste the crystals to the finished contour. Pebbles sit best
on glue or as a last resort – a transparent varnish. On the still dry
Color coating does not recommend glueing stones. They are bad
will be fixed. To take a crystal, you need to moisten the wand
or a toothpick with water. A wet cotton swab will also be convenient.
Next, you need a little press the rhinestone to the nail plate.
It is not necessary to be zealous, because a pebble can slip off,
spoiling the whole manicure.

After all the stones are glued, you must apply
fixer. So marigold will delight much longer. but
it can not be applied in several layers. The finish coating drowns out
sparkling crystals. For large pebbles will be enough
only glue. The fixer will not be needed, since they will
look not too aesthetic. For natural nails better
use rhinestones with a flat base. So the plate is not damaged,
and removing them will be much easier. If the nails are artificial, then
You can apply any decorative elements.

Bright ideas, unique design

There are many different techniques that you can combine
achieve uniqueness. The main thing is to show imagination!

[attention type = green] Manicure with rhinestones fits well into
any image that looks harmoniously on the nails of any length and
forms. [/ attention]

They can decorate one or more nails, give charm
Wedding, French style, etc. In the line of the cuticle, from above,
on the entire surface of the nail plate – in any case, rhinestones
bring luxury to the look.

  1. Design 1. Soft purple nails remain popular.
    since 2013. Stone compositions can be picked up in a discreet manner.
    style that is suitable for everyday work in the office, decorate
    loose some nails that will make a manicure festive.
  2. Design 2. Red manicure choose temperamental,
    self-confident women. Sometimes this design can be a bit
    defiant Red manicure with rhinestones is appropriate in the form of French
    design or retro style when the moon strip is left at
    the base of the cuticle.
  3. Design 3. Peach color is associated with finesse and
    femininity. Recently, this shade is very popular with
    fashionistas. Manicure with rhinestones in pale peach tones equally
    Looks good at any time of the year.
  4. Design 4. French style is always chic and classic in one
    face. A manicure with rhinestones will decorate your fingers for a special occasion,
    for example weddings, moreover, in everyday life.
  5. Design 5. Black is not dark at all! Such a design
    nail plates will draw attention to your

Conclusion on the topic

So, a manicure with rhinestones confidently rooted in the new fashionable
season. This is not surprising, because the brilliance of the pebbles always attracts
attention, pointing to the creativity of the owner of flickering
Marigold. It should be remembered that manicure with rhinestones loves
measure relevance.

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