Fight for density: why fall out intensively hair and how to stop it

Thick fluffy hair is a sign of health and a reason for pride and
men and women. But even owners of luxurious stacks every day
lose a certain amount of hair. If the process of falling out
flows in the normal range, nothing to worry about – this
natural phenomenon. But when lost hair on a pillow or
comb conspicuous, and curls loosing volume and threateningly
resilience – it’s time to take action.

blonde Negative changes in the density of the hair can be
caused by a variety of circumstances. But to get rid of
this trouble, you need to consult
qualified professionals and go through all the necessary
surveys: when exactly the reasons for falling out are clarified
hair treatment will be most effective.

Fact: The daily rate of hair loss may also depend on
shade of hair. Redheads can, without prejudice, lose 70-90
hairs a day, brunettes – 80-110, and there is no need for blond women
worry if this number does not exceed 150.

Types of hair loss

The content of the article:

  • Types of hair loss
  • Crying on the head of hair: why is this happening
  • Fighting folk remedies
  • Professional loss treatment
  • In the program “Live Healthy” Anfisa Chekhov about hair loss

There are several classifications of hair loss, but the most
a simple one highlights the following types of loss

  • Focal ( nesting) alopecia – hair
    fall out strictly on certain areas of the skin, forming a smooth
    round or oval shaped bald spots, with thick hair
    around persists. It is noteworthy that the hairline with such
    type of baldness over time is restored completely.

  • Diffuse (symptomatic) loss –
    the hair thins over the entire surface of the head, the hair loses its color,
    become thin and lifeless. Most often this condition
    associated with serious disorders in the body.

  • Androgenic Alopecia – Most Common
    a common type of baldness where hair starts to fall out
    from the forehead to the back of the head. Androgenic alopecia more susceptible
    men, although due to frequent hormonal failures suffer from it
    quite a few women.

Classification of degrees of baldness androgenic type (by
1 degree 2 degree 3 degree 4 degree 5 degree 6 degree 7 degree
Forehead A slight shift in hairline back Growth line acquires a pointed shape, small
frontal bald patches
Bald spots increase Increase of bald patches from head to forehead Vast growth of lesions Sparse hairs remain Thin sparse hair or lack thereof
Whiskey Without changes Without changes Symmetrical thinning Significant hair loss Almost complete hair loss Sparse hairs remain Thin sparse hair


Without changes Without changes Without changes Areas of baldness are separated by a strip of remaining


Thinning hair strips separating symmetrical
bald spots
Lack of vegetation Lack of vegetation
Back of the head Without changes Without changes Without changes Without changes Horseshoe-shaped gradual hair loss Alopecia border moves down to the neck Small strip of hair

Any of these conditions delivers a strong psychological
discomfort, self-esteem decreases, self-confidence is lost,
quality of life drops sharply. However deal with the problem
possible: it is enough to find out the causes of hair loss, and treatment,
selected by a qualified technician, will give obvious

Crying on the head of hair: why is this happening

Hair loss is a complex process that can be caused
following reasons:

  • Diseases of the scalp: seborrhea, lichen and
    other fungal infections severely damage the hair follicles and
    lead to their destruction.
  • Serious hormonal failure: violations in
    endocrine system, pregnancy, childbirth, chemotherapy,
    uncontrolled hormonal drugs inhibit exchange
    processes in the hair structure and weaken it greatly.
  • Hereditary predisposition: loss
    hair with age can be genetically determined – this is exactly
    circumstance complicates the treatment of hair loss in men.
  • Strong stress, depression leads to a violation
    metabolism: as a result, the hair noticeably thins.
  • Malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies:
    deprived of essential vitamins and minerals, hair is very weak
    and start falling out.
  • Taking potent drugs
    intensive care is a huge shock to the body
    including the density of hairstyles: this is why
    hair loss treatment after anesthesia is aimed at normalizing
    work of all systems in the body.
  • Pathological vasoconstriction: insufficient
    blood supply to the scalp leads to weakened hair
  • Mechanical hair injury: tight braid braids,
    the habit of twisting and pulling curls (tricytillomania) leads to
    severe damage to the hair shaft.
  • Adverse environmental effects:
    severe environmental conditions or extreme temperatures
    adversely affect the pomp and health of hair.

Effective hair loss treatment is only possible with
accurate determination of the causes of this condition. And consultation
qualified specialist, along with the passage of all
The necessary research in this case is especially important.

Fighting folk remedies

Treatment of alopecia is a complex process, sometimes requiring
use of various techniques. You can try to return the hairstyle
Former pomp with the following folk recipes:

  • Burdock oil – a very useful product for the health of hair,
    but to revitalize the hair follicles it is better to use fresh,
    self-cooked product: infuse crushed leaves
    burdock in sunflower oil for 24 hours, boil,
    strain. Rub into the scalp for an hour, rinse with warm water
    shampoo Burr oil(More on oil masks for hair)
  • Salt hair loss treatment is another popular method.
    To nourish hair follicles with necessary beneficial
    substances, it is recommended to apply 1-2 times a week on wet
    scalp gruel made of sea salt. After washing off the mask is necessary
    application of moisturizing balm. sea salt
  • Tincture of red pepper has an irritating effect
    Helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp and nutrition of the hair.
    follicles. It is recommended for this several times a day carefully.
    wipe the centers of hair loss moistened with a cotton pad in the tool.
    tincture of red pepper
  • In folk medicine, treatment of prolapse is quite common.
    hair onions. To return the curls thickness, it is recommended to mask out
    the following ingredients: 2 bulbs grated on a fine grater mix
    with egg yolk, add a teaspoon of shampoo, honey and
    olive oil. All mix, apply on hair and wrap warm
    towel, rinse thoroughly after 2 hours. To achieve the result
    It is necessary to apply a mask daily. onion and egg

All natural remedies have a tonic and firming effect.
action, but their effectiveness is possible only with moderate losses
shag To combat increased proliferation, which has become obvious even
for others will have to resort to the help of experts and
specialized procedures.

Professional loss treatment

To stop intense hair loss, you need to apply
to the trichologist. Experts examine the affected areas
prescribe the necessary tests and examinations and prescribe a course
treatment, and if necessary – sent to the doctors of another

Fact: The history of transplantology has more than 70 years.
The first hair follicle transplant experiments were performed in
Japan, then American
learned and only to the beginning of the 90s of the last century was able to achieve
technology efficiency.

To date, there are many methods of struggle for lush
a head of hair. But if the treatment of hair loss in children is often
is to visit a psychologist, take vitamins and eliminate
fungal diseases, then adults have to spend a lot
time to undergo various courses of therapy.

hair treatment in the salon

Modern clinics offer the following procedures:

  • Medical cosmetics courses: balsams, masks and shampoos.
  • Scalp massage;
  • Acceptance of hair growth stimulants (especially effective in treating
    hair from diffuse hair loss);
  • Ozone therapy;
  • Mesotherapy (injections of vitamins and medicinal
  • Laser therapy.

All these activities are aimed at strengthening and restoring
follicles and accelerated hair growth. But if these procedures
it is not enough, it is quite possible to resort to such a service
as transplantology. Each specialized clinic has
The unique technology of transplanting hair follicles and allows
restore the lost volume of hair in a short time. (
More about salon procedures)

Alopecia today is a process that can be corrected and even
reversible (This is stated in detail in our course against
hair loss). Timely appeal to specialists
strict adherence to all medical recommendations and careful
taking care of yourself and your health will help find out all the reasons
hair loss, and the treatment will return the density and shine to the curls
and keep attractive.

In the program “Live Healthy” Anfisa Chekhov about hair loss

Take a free course against hair loss!Pass the
free course against hair loss!

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