Fight wrinkles around the eyes – the most effective masks

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A woman begins to think about her age and about action
relentless time at the first signs of aging found on
your face. And it happens already closer to 30 years (someone has a little
before, someone – later), when they begin to erupt
the notorious “crow’s feet”.


  • Causes of wrinkles under the eyes
  • Ways to eliminate the “crows feet”
  • Anti-wrinkle eye masks are the best recipes.
  • Rules for the use of masks from wrinkles

A woman begins to think about her age and about action
relentless time at the first signs of aging found on
your face. And it happens already closer to 30 years (someone has a little
before, someone – later), when they begin to erupt
the notorious “crow’s feet”. Mesh of small wrinkles, divergent
in different directions from the corners of the eyes, old, makes the eye no longer
so bright and attractive. And after 30, closer to
40, the skin in these places sags and all the most clearly appear
real wrinkles.

From such a reflection in the mirror, any woman can fall into
panic. However, you should not run to a beauty salon and rush to
mesotherapy and photo rejuvenation. First try homemade
anti-wrinkle eye masks from the most common products that
can quickly and effectively save you in such a situation.

Mask from wrinkles around the eyes

Causes of wrinkles under the eyes

Many home masks are versatile: imposed
sour cream on the face – refreshed skin, mixed honey with egg – fed it.
A completely different thing with products designed to care.
skin around the eyes. This face area is different from all
the rest of its structure, so not all products
suitable in order to remove wrinkles from it. After learning
why exactly here are the first warning signs of aging,
You can warn them in time. Some reasons
due to physiological factors independent of the woman, and
some – improper care:

  • There are no sebaceous glands in this area of ​​the face that moisturize.
    skin, so gradual dehydration (loss of moisture) leads to
    the formation of unpleasant folds;
  • Tiny muscles are located around the eyes, reflecting each
    the emotion a person experiences: hence the inevitable mimic
    wrinkles, which can not be avoided by anyone;
  • Over time, cells lose their ability to produce such
    Compounds important for skin elasticity, like elastin and collagen – in
    as a result, folds, sacks, nets of small,
    ray wrinkles;
  • Without additional protection, this area of ​​the face suffers first from
    adverse atmospheric phenomena (heat, frost, snow, winds,
    ultraviolet and others), which injure the sensitive, thin,
    delicate skin around the eyes: therefore it is recommended to use
    all sorts of protective masks;
  • Abuse of makeup is actively contributing
    removing moisture from the cells, and the skin begins to age and
  • Long stay near the computer – another indirect
    a cause that can trigger wrinkles in this
    face areas;
  • Disrupted daily routine (chronic lack of sleep) also at the end
    ends leads to the fact that the first wrinkles under the eyes appear
    already twenty girls;
  • Improper nutrition does not provide the body with the necessary
    substances – loses them and the skin, the result – sagging and

Features of the structure of the skin around the eyes make it more attentive and
Take care of this part of the face. Elementary rules of care
(use of nourishing masks, cleansing the skin from cosmetics
by washing every day at bedtime) help to prolong
youth and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. About long
computer seats after midnight and daily fast foods with
soda also need to forget in order to bring his
appearance in order.

No need to think that wrinkles are the lot of old people. Under
eyes they can appear at any age, and to
it needs to be ready and morally (not to panic and not
get upset ahead of time), and physically. Everything is solved: make sure
in it yourself, getting rid of wrinkles by special means,
designed to combat wrinkles around the eyes.

Ways to eliminate wrinkles

Not only salon procedures, but also homemade masks will help
handle bags under the eyes:

Homemade masks are ideal for lactating skin care.
from egg white. Рецепты тут>>

Ways to eliminate the “crows feet”

In order to smooth, tighten the skin around the eyes to
“crow’s feet” if they did not leave at all, then at least they became not so
sharp, clear and bright, there are several ways that
can be realized at home:

  • Self-massage normalizes blood circulation, with
    through which the skin cells feed on essential substances and
    oxygen: twice a day is enough to gently tap
    pads of fingers on the skin around the eyes – old wrinkles will be
    gradually smooth out, but you can not wait for new ones;
  • Contrast compresses – another very
    effective way to eliminate the “crow’s feet”;
  • Rubbing herbal ice cubes perfectly
    cope with folds of any depth under the eyes: make at home
    infusions or decoctions of herbs and freeze them – the resulting icy
    the cubes will make the blood rush to the skin and nourish it all

If skin condition is already running, if precious time for
In order to fix everything on their own, it’s already gone
By the age of 40 it is already difficult to cope with wrinkles
around the eyes in the home. Therefore, nothing remains as
go to the beauty parlor. There can offer
photorejuvenation, mesotherapy or organic based masks

Efficiency will be evident, but the disadvantage of such procedures is
the need to subsequently return to them again and again.
Therefore, most women prefer to turn to proven

Homemade masks for the skin around the eyes – one of
the most effective and sought-after remedies in the fight against age and
mimic wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Anti-wrinkle eye mask recipe

Anti-wrinkle eye masks are the best recipes.

Those women who regularly apply masks to the skin around
homemade eyes, have an expressive, radiant
with a look. After all, it does not spoil the little rays of wrinkles emanating from
corners of eyes in different directions. If the fact of their appearance is already
there is, among the masks need to choose those that have
lifting effect and have a high degree of moisture. Exactly
These two properties will allow them to cope with the scourge. Choose
try different recipes, find the one that fits
for you.

  • Yeast + Milk

Normal yeast (25 g) diluted with warm milk to the desired
consistency: the mask should not be too thick to dry out
did not tighten the skin; and should not be too liquid to
flowed into the eyes. It is allowed to replace milk in this mask.
olive oil.

  • Potato + cream

Fresh, raw potato grate on the smallest grater. IN 1
tables. spoon mashed mashed potatoes add 1 tsp. spoonful of fatty
(25–30%) cream. This mask can be used since 18 years.

  • Apricot + Sour Cream

Grind apricot pulp to a state of mashed potatoes, beat in equal
quantities with fat (from 30%) sour cream of house preparation.

  • Lemon + salt

The mask is very effective when fighting wrinkles near
eye, however, be careful: salt can be annoying
on delicate skin in this place. And if the mixture gets into the eye, it can
cause its prolonged redness. Cut a ripe lemon in half.
Manually squeeze the juice from one half (you will get about 1-2 tables.
spoons). Beat raw protein to the state of air foam, add
its to lemon juice. At the very last moment pour all
a small pinch of salt (1–2 g). Before applying carefully
stir and do not forget to check for skin reactions.

  • Oatmeal + Milk

Ideally, use oatmeal for the skin around the eyes. But at
in its absence, you can grind ordinary oatmeal in a coffee grinder.
Pour them (2 tablespoons. Spoons) with the same amount of hot milk,
leave for half an hour to swell up. Gruel is better to apply

  • Honey + protein

Honey in a warm, liquid form (1 table. Spoon), beat with fresh
egg white, add wheat flour for density (1 tea.
spoon), known for its tightening and rejuvenating

  • Banana + butter

Ideal remedy for mimic wrinkles. Knead the flesh
banana with a fork, mix (1 table. spoon) with butter,
previously melted to a liquid state (1 tables.

  • Camphor oil + pork fat

If you are not deterred by the smell of camphor and you are completely calm
treat interior fat, this mask can justify your
wildest hopes of getting rid of wrinkles. Mix camphor
butter (3 tablespoons. spoons) with the same amount of pork interior
fat, pre-melted in a water bath.

  • Bread + Milk

A piece of hard white bread without a crust, pour a little
the amount of warm milk. Wait for swelling, stretch and warm
form put on the skin around the eyes.

  • Honey + dairy products

Cottage cheese pour milk in equal quantities (1 table. Spoon)
stir Add honey in a warm and liquid form and cream (1 tea.
spoon). Pour 1 tsp. spoon of vegetable oil (you can
olive). Dairy products must be the highest
fat content.

Do not expect instant and magical effect: after
first and even second application of the mask wrinkles around the eyes
disappear immediately.

Wrinkles will gradually become less clear, not so
visible and sharp, new ones will stop. If at the same time you
you will continue to chronically not get enough sleep and do not provide your
the body with vitamins and other substances it needs, masks can
turn out to be completely inactive. Only a complete solution to this.
problems can guarantee you the desired result.

How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

Rules for the use of masks from wrinkles

The special structure of the skin around the eyes requires proper application.
cooked prescription masks. This will increase their effectiveness.

  1. If there are no wrinkles, it is not necessary to suffer prematurely from the fact that
    has not yet happened and as a prophylactic
    use these tools. Choose any other – nutritious or
    just moisturizing, but without lifting effect. Otherwise, the result will be
    just the opposite.
  2. Eye wrinkle masks eliminate any experiments with
    recipes. If it is indicated that for its preparation you need to take
    sour cream, please use this product, not kefir,
    yogurt or yogurt.
  3. Will be able to find homemade eggs and dairy for making masks
    products – the effectiveness of the mask will increase several times.
  4. For a plentiful moistening of this site of the face use
    dairy products of the highest fat content.
  5. Pre-mix the prepared mixtures.
    allergic: smear your wrist slightly, rinse through
    15 minutes and for 3-4 hours, watch the reaction. Lack of
    itching and rashes – an indicator that the mask can be applied to
    sensitive area near the eyes.
  6. Before applying, thoroughly clean the eyelids and eyelashes from
  7. It is recommended to apply with light tapping movements.
    fingertips, as if “driving” means into the skin.
  8. During the mask is not recommended to go around the house, something
    do, show emotions. It is better to lie on your back with open
    eyes, relax, think about the good.
  9. Make sure that the mixture does not get into the eyes, otherwise any of
    ingredients can irritate them and they
    will turn red.
  10. Do not hold these masks for more than 15 minutes. The optimal time is
    about ten minutes.
  11. Rinse off with water at room temperature or a cotton pad,
    dipped in decoction of herbs.
  12. Regularity is the key to the effectiveness of any mask. Therefore not
    forget to do them a couple of times a week after a bath or shower before
    a dream.
  13. Change the composition of the masks, so as not to cause the skin to get used to
    the same ingredients. We sat on one recipe month –
    it’s time to use another. Then, if necessary, you can return
    to the old.

Wrinkles under the eyes appear the very first and capable
spoil the look of the most beautiful and young person. To their
eliminate, it is not necessary to seek help from modern
cosmetological procedures – you will always have time to do it. For
start try folk remedies proven
time and experience of our ancestors. Natural, Natural
products that you can be sure of will allow you
make anti-aging anti-wrinkle masks with
lifting effect. They will return to your look the former expressiveness and
will postpone the inexorable action of time for another nth quantity
years old.

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