Find out what kind of person you are: rational or intuitive

Perhaps your intuition is well developed; it manifests itself in
that at some point there is a feeling, what solution is needed
to accept. Or perhaps you have more rational abilities.
And before you do something, you weigh everything carefully.
There are specific signs of each type, and you can learn
which is typical for you.


  • Intuitive and rational personality type
  • Intuitive thinking
  • Rational thinking

Intuitive and rational personality type

It cannot be said that the face has only the features of one type.
This means that each person at certain times relies
on intuition, and, similarly, each of us before making a decision
ponders his problems and affairs.

But one cannot deny the fact that some people behave more
impulsively than others. They rely more on intuition and
presentiments, while others are more cautious, all
mull over before taking a step.

Such behaviors and decision making are often associated with the type
personality. But it will be interesting to know that laying on intuition,
for example, it is by no means an irrational characteristic.
Experts assure that in fact, we make many decisions
considering precisely on intuition and sensations. But that doesn’t mean that
occurs spontaneously. Below we will explain why.

Intuitive thinking

Guessing, foreboding – We all know how it happens. Arises
a sudden feeling that tells us which way is best to choose.
For example, something suggests that you should not expect anything good
from a certain person and it is better to avoid communicating with her.


Intuitive and rational type of personality

We often do not think such premonitions are clever because they
come from their own emotions and feelings, and is not a product
brain work that would make them logical and reasonable. But this
not true. Premonition is really very fast value
judgments that rely on our personality traits and
previous experience.

Everything that happens in our lives, we remember and store in
memory along with the feelings that accompanied these events. AT
As a result, when we meet a certain stimulus,
a sudden feeling that says: “Do it, go this way,
choose a person worth the risk or better give up
conceived “These conclusions we draw on the basis of events and decisions
made in the past. They are also associated with a person’s personality.

A complex intuition mechanism is displayed in sudden feelings,
which generates the mind, and we ourselves do not understand why. There are people,
who do not ignore them, and act, guided by them. They
they listen, as they say, of their instinct.

But you should be careful. We must remember that
laying on intuition is not always the best solution
since such sensations are very fast and it is difficult for us not to
make a mistake. So, intuition does not always work. People who
belong to a different type, is more cautious and despite
on their “premonitions”, ignore them, and rely more on
mind. This type of personality is much more rational.

Rational thinking

Rational thinking relies on conscious information:
what exists around on things that can be seen and
feel to the touch to information that can be read or
compare like that.



People of a rational type make decisions more slowly and
be careful. This does not mean that they have the worst features, but
testifies to their thoughtfulness and, possibly, uncertainty. But
sometimes it is good because, before making a decision, such
individuals subject them to “quality control.” People of this type also
afraid to make mistakes and always carefully look for the right answer and
The best decision.

Consequently, this type of person is cautious, but sometimes we have
not much time to make a decision. In addition, sometimes not
opportunities to get all the information we need before
something to solve.

For example, you cannot know everything about a person in order to decide whether
she is having to fall in love with her. This happens regardless of
reason, so in fact most people act
intuitively. Emotions always have more power than reasonable.
reasoning. People tend to be guided by emotions in
to a large extent.

In this question, as in most others, the best is
stick to balance. Take your time too much when deciding
but excessive caution will not be the best way either.
Uncertainty is often generated through some types.
existential suffering. So, it is definitely better to maintain
balance on both sides.

Do you agree with this? What do you think about your personality? To which
type you identify yourself: intuitive or rational?

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