Firming masks and hair ointments

In order to return beauty to your hairstyle, you should first
just visit the doctors. Perhaps the weakness of the hair appeared due to
internal problems. In addition, follow the rules.
food and spend more time outdoors.

It is also necessary to provide proper and complete care.
skin and own curls. Good results can be achieved.
if you regularly use reinforcers.

Hair conditioner

There are many descriptions of the preparation of such funds. Selection
should be done based on the type of hair. The best effect appears
during the course of use: for a month or two
1-2 procedures per week.

In recipes, ingredients often have to be heated.
To do this, use the “water bath”. Dishes with prepared mixture
put in a larger container with boiling water and a certain
time heats up.

Burdock firming

The content of the article:

  • Burdock firming
  • Medical nettle
  • Poplar buds
  • Ivy tincture
  • Plant roots for hair roots
  • Decoction with linden
  • Cure for baldness
  • Remedy for falling out
  • Remedy with aroma
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Almond milk
  • White Willow Remedy
  • Hair treatment with oils
  • Herbal Masks
  • Vegetable recipes
  • Aloe – green doctor
  • Saving bow
  • Egg application
  • Means with different ingredients

Burdock root

One of the most effective plants for the preparation of strengthening
compositions – burdock large (burdock). It serves as the basis for
which make hair more durable and prevent their thinning.
The beneficial properties of burdock are effective against dandruff.

Following the recipe, you can prepare a remedy from the roots of this

  • grind 8 tbsp. spoons of raw materials;
  • pour water (250 ml);
  • warm 24 minutes;
  • set aside for 2 hours;
  • gruel rub hair near the roots.

Dill with seeds is added to another tincture with this plant.
Cut 30 g of the roots and dill herb. Pour a glass of hot
water. Infusion put in a water bath and evaporate. Must
stay half liquid from what was at the beginning. Thereafter
add dill seeds to a container – 15 g. All together is drawn
about three more hours. Twice a day to spread the roots.

Burdock roots are suitable for making healing ointment. 3 tbsp.
spoon put in 250 ml of boiling water. Evaporate the liquid by half.
Do not remove from heat, flavor with internal fat. Take 2 times less
what was originally water. The resulting composition must be tight
close the lid. He should languish in heat for 2 days. Impose
rubbing, paying particular attention to the hair roots, once a week.

Medical nettle


Description of the preparation and use of fortifying agents:

  • The broth is prepared for 20 minutes. For 1 cup of water – 1 tbsp. spoon of raw materials.
    When the heating is over, the composition should stand for another 2 hours. By
    after this time it is filtered. Do not pour out the liquid.
    First, spread the skin with nettle gruel. Impact time –
    half an hour. Then rinse with water. The last stage – hair rinse when
    help left broth.
  • For broth with nettle and burdock root is also used
    water bath. The number of dried herbs – 2 tbsp. spoons. On such
    The amount of raw material needed is 500 ml of water. Broth heats up so much
    time so that its volume is reduced by half. Way to use
    similar to the previous tool, but the decoction must first
    dilute with clean water.
  • For the next mask you need dried herbs: nettle and
    coltsfoot. Enough 1 tbsp. spoons of both. Water pour
    very little. Boiling time – half an hour. Direction of use:
    hold for half an hour on wet hair.

Poplar buds

When hair suffers from excessive dryness, tincture helps with
poplar buds. At 1 tbsp. a spoonful of buds take half a cup of vegetable
oils. Before combining with the raw material, the oil is well heated.
Infusion should stand in the dark for at least a week. Received by
oil extract is rubbed into the roots. Action time – 25 minutes.
Head wrap.

Ivy tincture

10 minutes in the water bath to prepare a strong infusion of leaves
ivy (10 spoons of raw materials and a glass of water). After that, another 2 hours
the prepared compound should languish. Split gruel and
liquid straining. Rub a paste into the skin from
leaves. Broth used diluted. They rinse strands after
the end of the mask. Desirable daily use.

Plant roots for hair roots

Altea roots, chemeritsy (in the ratio of 3 to 1). At first
Altea pour water (half a cup for 3 tablespoons). Raw materials
should stand for about an hour, then strain. Chemeritsu also pour,
but grape vinegar. This infusion needs to be evaporated until the liquid
will not decrease by half. When the evaporation process is over,
strain the broth too. Both of the resulting liquid must be mixed.
Apply every day. Method of use: rubbing into the roots
twice a day.

Decoction with linden

Need linden flowers. Pour 5 tbsp. spoons of hot water. She is
should cover a lime blossom. Keep liquid boiling water
bath for 20 minutes. The cooled broth is applied to wet
strands for an hour. The repetition frequency is normal: twice in
a week

Cure for baldness

At the first signs of emerging baldness it will be useful to rub into
roots means with elderberry. In the dried buds of elderberry pour hot
water There also add flowers to the plant. Heating time – 20
minutes Cool the resulting mask. Apply daily.

Remedy for falling out

Cornflower flowers are used in this medicine. In 5 Art. spoons
raw materials need 200 ml of water. Cook for 20 minutes. Applied
“water bath”. Cooled broth rubbed into the skin. Special attention
give to the roots. The frequency of use – every day for 50 minutes.
Do not less than a month, only then will the result. With
regular use effectively fights seborrhea.

Remedy with aroma

The active ingredient of the remedy is calamus rhizome. It is crushed and
stirred in a container with grape vinegar (liter of liquid – 6
spoons of rhizome). The time spent in the water bath is 10 minutes.
Method of application: daily rubbing in the roots. Course should
last at least 21 days.

Sea buckthorn

Healing sea buckthorn benefits hair. In berries (5 spoons)
pour half a cup of boiling water. Heat 22 minutes. Mode of application:
drawing on unwashed hair. Head wrap. Hold for half an hour and
wash off with shampoo. Duration of use: one month
every week.

Almond milk

Half a cup of almond nuts grind and dilute with milk.
Means to keep 2 hours. Promotes hair growth in case
monthly regular use.

White Willow Remedy

Take 4 spoons of willow bark, chop thoroughly. Pour boiling
water Keep on fire for 25 minutes. After application wrap hair.
Action time – 1.5 hours.

Hair treatment with oils

Natural oils are known for their beneficial properties.

Castor oil Their addition makes reinforcing agents.
for hair more effective.

Preparation and use:

  1. Stir the same amount of parsley seed and diluted
    up to 40% alcohol. Alcoholic infusion supplemented with castor oil. Him
    should be 2 times more than alcohol. Set aside for 30 minutes.
    Hair should be moisturized before use. Time
    impact – half an hour. Good results can be achieved with
    monthly application every 2 days.

  2. Make a decoction. For him pour dry sage and nettle mixture in
    water and boil in a water bath for 20 minutes. The amount of the resulting composition
    – 1 liter. In the capacity to pour a mixture of essential oils. For her to take 4
    drops of rosemary, pine, lavender oil and 2 – thyme
    and geraniums. Before use, the tool is heated. Head wrap.
    Action time – about an hour.

  3. Cut mint leaves into small pieces. Do the same with
    dandelion leaves. Cut finely rowan berries. Measure out
    each of the crushed components of 2 tbsp. spoons. Pour so much
    burdock oil Strands moisturize. Apply vitamin mixture.
    The exposure time is up to 2 hours.

  4. Pour into a container 2 tbsp. spoons of burdock oil. Add there too
    Essential oils 5 drops. The best additives are lavender and
    sage oil. Heated oil rubbed into the scalp. Wrap up
    The exposure time is about 2 hours. Rinse with a decoction of herbs. Can
    also use acidified water. Mixed oils help
    prevent dandruff. Hair becomes silky and

  5. Make a mixture: tea tree oil 5 drops, castor – 1
    Art. spoon. The method of application is the same as the previous tool
    only the exposure time is less – 15 minutes.

  6. Another mask with a similar method of application: 15 drops of oil
    Jojoba and 3 tbsp. spoons burdock. The exposure time is 20 minutes.

  7. Prepare garlic juice. For this, polished garlic squeeze out
    through a press or use a meat grinder. Squeeze the mush. In the received
    juice infuse the same amount of burdock oil. Mixture rubbed into
    skin The exposure time is 20 minutes. Good results can
    to achieve, if the procedure is done 3 months every week.

  8. Pour into the non-metallic container alcoholic tincture of calendula.
    Dilute it with castor oil. It will take 6 tbsp. spoons of butter. On
    This amount is not more than 2 h. Spoons of calendula. Rub mixture

  9. Castor oil mix thoroughly with alcohol strength of 90%.
    The amount of both should be the same. Taking advantage of
    cotton swab, abundant promaknut hair. Keep 3-4 hours.
    Wash your hair, best with baby soap. Rinsing with water
    acidified with vinegar.

  10. Dilute natural henna with warm water until it turns out
    pasty gruel. To sustain some time for insisting.
    Add cocoa powder to the container. It should be three times
    less than dry henna. Dilute all castor oil, and its
    should be about the same as cocoa. Apply before
    using shampoo. Action time – 45 minutes. Use twice
    in Week.

  11. Grind the yolk until white. Connect it with castor oil.
    The resulting paste to smear the skin. Action time – 15 minutes.

  12. Pour castor oil into the container. Enough 2 teaspoons.
    Smash 1 raw egg there. Grind. Pour in glycerin. Mix.
    The next additive is vinegar 3%. Stir once more. Each
    ingredient – 1 tsp. After applying wrap your head.
    Wash off the mask after 40 minutes.

  13. Aloe leaves chop. For this you need a meat grinder. Mix up
    with 2 yolks. Pour 2 tsp of brandy. Add honey and castor
    butter (2 tbsp spoons). After applying wrap your head. Time
    impact – one and a half hours.

  14. Prepare onion juice: grind the onion in a meat grinder and
    squeeze Combine juice and burdock oil. Put honey. Volume of each
    from additives – 1 spoon. To add structure with a spoon of shampoo. Desirable
    wrap your head during the procedure. It is recommended to keep around 1.5
    hours Such compounds are effective in preventing loss.

  15. First, wipe the pumpkin pulp. Next will need
    henna and toffee oils. Each take 1 tbsp. a spoon. amount
    rubbed pulp three times more. Preheat before use.
    Additional warmth gives wrapping head. Optimal time
    Actions – 2 hours.

  16. The valuable nutritional properties of olive have a good effect.
    oils. It is added to willow bark powder. You can grind it in
    coffee grinder. The ratio of oil to powder – 2 to 1. Pasty mixture
    used in heated condition. Apply to unwashed hair.
    Hold up to 2 hours. Create a “greenhouse effect”.

  17. A similar method of use for the following composition. Take ashes
    derived from yarrow herb. To get a mask you will need
    still burdock oil. 1 part ash – 4 parts oil.

  18. Another warm mixture used before shampooing: with
    radish butter and hazelnuts. Nuts should first fry,
    then grind in a coffee grinder. Ingredients ratio: 1 part
    powder – 4 oils.

  19. Make a mixture of several ingredients: burdock oil (2 tbsp.
    spoons), essential oil of pine (5 drops), 1 yolk. Mode of application
    same as with previous masks with oils – apply before washing,
    wrap, hold for 1 hour, wash your hair.

  20. In the spring you can make a mask with birch sap. For this take
    1 teaspoon of burdock and castor oil and 2 birch sap.
    A means to rub into the scalp, hold for an hour or two. For better
    effect during the mask
    a towel.

  21. If the hair is thin and split, use the following mask:
    mix burdock and castor oil with lemon juice (all 1 tbsp.
    spoon). Rub the mixture into the roots and then spread over the entire length.
    Head wrap. Hold for 1.5 hours. If the hair is greasy, you can
    add a little shampoo.

  22. A mask with sea buckthorn oil will help weakened hair. Mix up
    its with castor in the ratio of 1 to 9. Rub into the roots. Wrap up
    head, hold for an hour.

Herbal Masks

The therapeutic effect of herbs is used to strengthen the hair. They
become stronger, more beautiful and shiny.

herbs Herbs Recipes:

  1. Dried sage, plantain, oregano and chamomile inflorescences
    mix. Requires 1 tablespoon of each herb. Mixture
    fall asleep in half a cup of hot water and warm with a water bath
    20 minutes. Cool to a warm state and apply on hair.
    Additionally, heat them with a film and a towel. After one and a half
    hours of action wash off.

  2. In this mask, the beneficial properties of oregano, sage, plantain and
    nettle supplemented by the nutritional capabilities of rye bread. For
    preparations take all herbs in equal quantities and pour
    half a glass of hot water. Stir and insist hour. AT
    ready infusion to crumble a slice of rye bread and rub until
    homogeneous consistency. Bread and herbal mixture put on the hair and
    wrap up Wash off the mask in 2 hours with plenty of water.
    It is recommended to repeat the application 1 month or 2 times a week.

  3. Water – 1 cup, tansy – 3 tbsp. spoons. Warm up for 20-30 minutes
    using a water bath. Then cool, strain and add 2
    the yolk. Pre-beat the yolks. Apply to wet hair.
    Rinse off after 40 minutes.

  4. Dried plantain, nettle and chamomile inflorescence pour hot
    water 3 tbsp. spoon a mixture of half a glass of liquid. Infusion should
    stand for 2 hours. After that add crushed black to it.
    bread and distribute the hair. Head wrap. Keep an hour. Wash off
    warm water.

Vegetable recipes

Strengthening hair becomes easy when there is
own garden. Vegetables from it can be used to create
therapeutic compositions.

Vegetables for hair Description and use of tools with

  1. Peel and grate lemon. Do the same with
    carrot. You can use a meat grinder. Mix in a homogeneous
    gruel. Apply it to moisturized hair. To warm. Time
    exposure – about 1.5 hours.

  2. Use a grater to chop the horseradish root.
    Mash the resulting vegetable puree and immediately apply. It should
    act from 15 to 35 minutes. Indication – loss

  3. It is possible to improve hair growth, if you put on it a slurry of
    Tomatoes. Looking for ripe fruits of medium size. Mash and rub into
    skin To warm. Repeat twice a week.

  4. Grind dried green peas. Pour the water. Density should
    be like sour cream. Put on the day to stand. Time
    exposure when applied – half an hour. For flushing use
    acidified water. This tool serves as a good cleaner for

  5. Slice feathers of green onions. Skip them through a meat grinder.
    Pour some ground into the ground herb. Use before washing
    shampoo Smear the roots. Create a “greenhouse effect”.

Aloe – green doctor

Aloe remains a popular home plant. It is known for its
healing properties and is often used in hair formulations.

Aloe Using aloe:

  1. Aloe leaves to wash. Grind with a meat grinder or
    food processor. Squeeze the juice. Connect it with diluted up to 40%
    alcohol. Add triple cologne. Fluids take equally. Time
    impact lapping – 22 minutes. Use plenty when flushing
    water. Recommended daily use.

  2. Separately squeeze minced garlic cloves and leaves
    aloe. Combine the resulting juices. In the same dishes put honey.
    All ingredients must be the same amount – dining
    spoon. Grind the mixture with the yolk. Impact for half an hour.
    After this time, the tool must be washed off.

  3. This remedy works best before shampooing. Mix up
    birch sap with honey. Squeeze the juice from the leaves of aloe and add to that
    same capacity. Grind the resulting liquid with the yolk. Smear
    skin Duration of action – 2 hours.

  4. The following means is used in the same way: before washing
    shampoo The recommended duration is 30 minutes. Would need
    the same amount of each component. Peel and rub
    lemon. Grind aloe. Put honey. During the procedure
    head need to wrap up.

  5. Means is suitable for the dropping out and weak hair. Duration
    procedures – 2 hours. First peel raw potatoes. Squeeze juice
    finely grated. Potato mass thoroughly mixed with
    honey There also add the juice from under the potatoes and squeezed from the leaves
    aloe. The number of ingredients is the same. Smear the skin paying
    special attention to the roots. To warm the head.

Saving bow

Common turnip is a wonderful doctor. With his help
can significantly improve the condition of the hair.

Bow for hair Cooking compositions with onions:

  1. Prepare the onion juice by squeezing it out of the chopped onion.
    Honey to take 4 times more than the resulting liquid. Mix.
    The composition should act on the roots of 45 minutes. Every 2 days
    to repeat.

  2. Scent and effective onion-garlic mixture to keep
    not less than 2 hours. It is prepared in a meat grinder. Ground gruel
    smear your hair. Strengthen effect with head wrapping.

  3. Owners of dry hair will like the composition with yeast.
    First they must be rubbed with water. Do not do without adding
    oils: castor, burdock. In conclusion – onion juice. Whole
    the composition should be salted. Traditional use: in the roots and
    to warm. Hold for more than an hour.

  4. Means with rum is prepared without onion juice. Therefore his
    squeeze and pour out. A onion pomace with rum keep in the dark
    day. Then 55 minutes soak on wrapped hair.

  5. This composition is worth making so as not to throw out the onion juice,
    remaining from previous means. Add a decoction of burdock to it.
    For the fortress – brandy. To rub, to warm. Juice will require 1 part,
    decoction – 5 parts, brandy – 4 parts. After half an hour of action
    composition wash off.

  6. Separate the yolk from the protein. Squeeze 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice.
    Beat yolk with juice. Pour and stir the same amount.
    squeezed from onion fluid. Method of use according to the description
    the previous one.

  7. Dandruff will not resist the bow. It is enough to put gruel out of it.
    to the roots. Place of application – the roots. Warm the head. Required
    stand an hour.

Egg application

Previously, the yolks were replaced with means for washing the head. In Soviet times
became famous shampoo “Egg”. Eggs are not without reason considered
indispensable for hair: they have the properties of strengthening and

eggs Use in masks:

  1. If a healthy egg is mixed with 4 spoons of harmful alcohol
    drink, you get a wonderful tonic. AT
    as an alcohol component acts rum. Can take
    cognac. Smear the skin. To warm the head. Action time – 24

  2. Another remedy with alcohol: some brandy, squeezed out
    lemon juice and a pair of yolks. Juice must be squeezed out of half the fruit. If a
    No cognac, you can take vodka. Create a greenhouse on the head
    effect “. Time of action – 30 minutes. When flushing water slightly
    acidify. To do this, you can use the juice from the remaining
    lemon halves.

  3. Separate 2 yolks. Grind them white. Pour 2 tsp.
    cognac. Mix, add vitamins. Most suitable A and B.
    A few drops is enough. The tool must act one and a half
    hours, it is recommended to warm the head.

  4. The following composition must be applied an hour before shampooing. In him
    ground yolk is used. Complement means burdock oil and
    honey. Onion juice gives flavor. Each component must be taken

  5. Dissolve the yeast honey. The amount of both should be
    the same. Introduce yolk into well-ground compound. Smear
    the roots. Wrap up The exposure time is 2 hours.

  6. When the hair is thinned and exhausted, will help the composition with mayonnaise.
    In addition to it, yolk and olive oil are added to the product. Oils in 2
    times less than mayonnaise. The tool should affect at least
    one and a half hours. The effect increases the warming of the head. For drying
    fat strands add a little shampoo.

Means with different ingredients

The same type of food is not very useful. It needs to diversify.
Therefore, the hair is sometimes worth pampering with different means, even
unexpected ingredients.

Lasion Orange porridge. Clear
orange. Grind in a meat grinder or using a kitchen
combine harvester. Kashka should operate for half an hour under insulating layers.
It is recommended to use the monthly course.

Let’s try yogurt. Yogurt smear strands on 25
minutes When time passes, wash off without shampoo.

Increase elasticity with avocado. Crushed in
mashed avocado smear strands. After 25 minutes, rinse with water.

Salt mode. Massaging movements
Spread the salt in wetted strands. Massage
continue for 20 minutes. Rinse pre-cooked
salted water. Ordinary salt can be replaced by sea.

Live yeast. Connect 30 gr. yeast, 5 grams.
sugar, 10 ml. water. The composition should stand for half an hour. On the same
term spread on the hair. Wash off.

Tea with henna. To apply on hair of dark color.
Brew half a cup of tea. Infusion should be very strong.
Enrich it with henna and kefir (30 gr each). To taste enter the yolk,
for the smell – sea buckthorn oil (5 gr.). And to become completely
Interestingly, the same amount of cocoa. Therapeutic effect of multicomponent
compounds will provide vitamins A, B6, B12, E. Mix everything well
and slightly heated with a water bath. Keep under two
layers of insulation for 2 hours. Rinse with lemon or broth

Kefir with mustard. The tool helps to wake up
hair follicles and improve growth. Required exposure time –
25 minutes. The composition consists of nonfat kefir and mustard
powder. It should be a sticky paste. Sweeten with honey. To add
1 jojoba oil – slightly and almond – more. Strands
covered completely, and we should not forget about the skin.
Create a “greenhouse effect”. Rinse water should be

Clay solution with arnica. White clay
diluted with water. In terms of density it should be similar to sour cream.
Pour into the mixture tincture of arnica. Its amount is 5 times less than
dry clay. Then pour in apple cider vinegar – half
the amount of tincture. Spread over the strands and cover. Wash off. Water
dilute with vinegar.

Solving various problems

About all kinds of hair problems have heard everything. Not enough volume
tips split, do not shine, break – this is an incomplete list. With
using self-made tools can be significantly
improve not only the appearance but also the health of the hair

Increase volume and pomp. Dilute with broth
herbal medicine brewer’s yeast. You can put hops in the broth,
rezedu, St. John’s wort and other medicinal herbs. Should turn out
consistency of thick sour cream. Set aside for an hour
compound. Put raw yolk into the solution. Besides
of this, enrich it with natural oils. The number of burdock –
spoon, ylang-ylang, grapefruit – 5 drops. If there is, add
the same amount of rosemary sage oil. Distribute by length, not
forgetting the roots. Cover up Exposure time – 50 minutes.

Helping brunettes. Grind the garlic. Pour out
a spoon of cocoa. Take twice as much henna powder. Mix it up. Everything
loose and odorous ingredients dilute first kefir. When
get a smooth gruel, add as much water. As
medicinal supplement to enter honey. Cover your head after application. Time
exposure – 1 hour 30 minutes.

To grow hair. With the help of a water bath
Heat a glass of water with a mixture of medicinal raw materials. In this capacity
stand thyme, oak bark and white willow. Each of the components
on a spoon. Heating is 16 minutes. Before applying wait another 42
minutes The composition acts on the roots. Action time – 2 hours.

Moisturize the strands and prevent loss.
Grind a couple of yolks with honey. Introduce burdock oil. amount
liquid ingredients – 2 teaspoons. Rub into the roots. Head
wrap, hold for 50 minutes.

For toning. Ingredients: henna, kefir,
warm water (1 tbsp. spoon), honey (1 tsp.), cocoa (half 1
h. spoons), 1 clove garlic. Chop garlic. Mix. Apply
on hair, wrap up. The duration of the mask is 1.5 hours.

We treat the tips. Pour into the castor tank
butter. Pour dried herbs of Hypericum and nettle. Grind and
add birch leaves. You will also need chamomile flowers. Oil with
Supplements should last a week. The number of components – each
on the spoon, oil – 100 gr. Infused extract applied on the tips.
Frequency of use – twice a week. Hold for 2 hours.

Prevent a fallout. Crush the ginger. Him
Mix with sesame and jojoba oil. The density is sufficient to
it was smear. It is used on roots for 2 hours. Then
wash off.

Improving blood circulation of the hairy part
heads. It will take the same number of different
liquids. It should make 6 tablespoons.

  • infusion of valerian;
  • rotokan;
  • Kalanchoe juice;
  • cemeric water;
  • plantain juice;
  • extract of Eleutherococcus.

For 2 hours to keep on the roots. Wash off.

We treat fragility. It takes cabbage, lemon and
spinach. Squeeze the juice out of them. Do not delay, mix the same
the amount of each of the fluids. Apply, cover. Time of action –
hour and a half.

Restore damaged hair. To take
equally dried herbs of plantain, nettle. As much dried
Chamomile inflorescences. Pour the herbal mixture with hot boiling water and leave
for a couple of hours. After this period, chop into a container of herbs
black bread. Strands spread from root to tip, cover. Wash off
in an hour

We get rid of split ends. Olive
oil mixed with lemon juice. The quantity is the same. Smear
only tips. The composition should remain on them for 2 hours. Thereafter
wash off. It is enough to do this procedure a month twice a day.
a week

We get rid of excessive oily hair.
The product should be used before shampooing. Special attention
give to the roots. In a ratio of 3 to 1 take castor oil and birch
tar. Secure the mixture with half a glass of vodka. Warm, keep
up to one and a half hours.

We fight dandruff with sensitive skin.
Pour chopped stems and flowers of tansy with hot boiling water (30 g
raw materials – 400 ml of liquid). After 2-hour exposure infusion
strain. Gruel is used to rub the skin, decoction is needed for
rinsing at the end of the procedure. Hold 30 minutes. First for
rinsing use water, followed by decoction. Tansy is helpful and in
case of falling out.

Prevent dandruff. Before shampooing with
using the “greenhouse effect” is applied mask of oak
bark and peels of onions. It is necessary to take half a cup of each
ingredient and pour half a liter of boiling water. Warm hour Apply
cooled decoction for 2 hours. Cover With fatty hair type
cover additionally add salicylic acid (30 g).

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