Five rules for proper hair washing

hair wash

Watch your appearance task, which is feasible woman
any age. And, despite the fact that for each age
categories have their own characteristics, the rules are the same for everyone. Any
a woman who has a neat appearance and clean well-groomed hair is already
looks pretty pretty. Therefore, it often occurs
many questions, including: how to properly wash your hair to
did they stay healthy and shiny?

There are a number of specific rules that should be followed when
washing hair and scalp, and the rest is a matter of taste for everyone:
you can choose popular recipes, and you can use the usual
shopping tools.

Rule number 1: hair wash as needed

wash your hair as neededEvery woman has an individual
the structure of the body that determines the type of hair and their main
characteristics, it necessarily affects the frequency of washing the head.
Everyone knows that oily hair should be washed at least
after 3-4 days, normal hair can be washed at intervals of 4-5
days, well, dry – after 6-9 days.

It is perfectly logical that this principle is based on the type of hair, but
he completely ignores other factors. One of these factors
is the length. The fact is that long hair, even prone to
on the second or third day, although they will already have the appearance of not
first freshness, but they will look fine. But
owners of trendy short haircuts have to wash their hair
every day due to the fact that the necessary styling is done
only on clean hair.

Another important point is the hair color. Painted white
hair is not necessary to wash too often, because they are not so
noticeably – they are clean or not. But natural blonde hair can
look pretty unpleasant after a couple of days after washing.

In the modern world, technologies have reached such a level that washing
shampoo head can be not strictly on the recommendations, but by necessity.
If there is a need to wash still not absolutely dirty hair, then
no problems with this, most shampoos
Now designed for daily use, well, natural
Means for washing the hair are all the more perfectly safe. therefore
the first rule is that hair should be washed as often as necessary, and
absolutely not to be afraid for their condition, it is not

Rule number 2: carefully select the brand of shampoo

choice of shampooGoing to the supermarket or
specialty store selling cosmetics
for hair, you can find a suitable option for every taste and color,
any price category. When choosing a shampoo first
should be based on its composition.

It is important to understand that any store shampoo that has in its
the name of the word or the phrase “natural”, “natural”, “with
extracts “,” with vitamins “has nothing to do with these
concepts, this is just a good marketing ploy.

And overpay for the magical properties of one or another
cosmetic is not necessary. Need to remember about
the purpose of a remedy like shampoo is to wash it off.
dirt and grease that has accumulated on the hair and scalp. No speech
It is about shampoos that are used in therapeutic and prophylactic
to combat dandruff and other problems.

So, if the purpose of applying the shampoo is to get rid of
accumulated excess fat and dirt, then the main motto when choosing
– do no harm. Shampoo, one liter of which costs less than $ 2, rather
all composed of aggressive detergent components that
may cause dandruff or even allergies.

At the same time there is no guarantee that the shampoo for $ 20 will be downright
“manna from heaven” and 100% natural. We must always remember that
that naturalness in any store shampoo is not worth looking for, but
detergent components should be as effective as
safe. Therefore, choosing the better to wash your hair and buying
shampoo proven manufacturer, significantly reduces the risk
get hair problems.

Rule number 3: when choosing a shampoo to rely on it

Of course, the type of hair is the determining factor when choosing a shampoo.
As a rule, one or another type of hair structure is transmitted by
inheritance from parents to child. There are, of course, cases when
hair changes its structure. For example, normal hair
become dry or greasy – this is after curling, dyeing or
use of aggressive tools that cause active work
sebaceous glands.

Do not neglect the recommendations regarding your
hair structure and shampoo selection. Cosmetics manufacturers
they took special care of it, and now on every package on
there is a prominent place mark – for dry, oily, stained, etc.
Frequently used phrases with the same meaning, but in a different way.
interpreted – for recovery, for moistening or against

Attention should be paid to all this, because these inscriptions
do not appear just like that. They mean that all these bottles and
bubbles with different composition intended for specific
situations. Shampoo designed for oily hair, for example,
incorporates strong detergent ingredients that for dry
hair and scalp may cause dandruff, for example. Shampoo with
marked “for daily use” more gentle, so you can
don’t worry at all that they will dry out their hair or something else
like that.

Choosing how to wash your hair with shampoo is easy enough when
we are talking about damaged or colored hair – they
must have a double action. For example,
shampoo-balm or shampoo-conditioner, such agents possess
good moisturizing properties.

Rule number 4: adhere to the law “3 taboo”

The rules of the three taboos refer specifically to the washing process itself.
heads. There are three prohibitions that must be strictly followed if
I want my hair to stay healthy and have a shiny and
silky texture.

The first ban on hot water. Do not wash
head in hot water. Water above 37 ° C is allowed only in the case of
contrasting shower. First, hot water provokes all
unloved trouble is dandruff, while washing in
cool water has a good effect on the hair structure, increases
their growth rates.

The second ban on shampooing with soap or other detergents
means that are not intended for this (for example,
washing powder and dish detergent). Even
there is a situation that there is no shampoo at hand, then in the end
there are folk remedies for washing hair. Despite the fact that washing
other products also foam well and wash off fat
even in cold water, this is not a reason to use them for the body as a whole
and in particular for the head. They have an aggressive effect on
skin can therefore damage the hair and even cause allergic
the reaction. It is better not to set up such experiments.

Hair washing with soap is also not recommended, because dyes,
which are contained in its composition, can dry out the scalp,
why dandruff is sure to appear. Besides washing your hair with soap is not
quite comfortable and not conducive to easy combing

The third ban on the use of undiluted shampoo.
Experts recommend diluting shampoo with water in a small
quantity, in order to reduce the concentration of active substances.
Large concentrations may cause localized irritation of the head or
the appearance of dandruff, there have been even fatal cases of baldness.

use of natural productsRule number 5: as far as possible
use folk remedies

Folk cosmetics do not need advertising, about their
spectacular and perfectly safe qualities every woman knows.
There are many masks, creams and lotions that can
cook at home. But do not think what to do
100% natural shampoo will be more difficult.

For example, the most common ingredient for any
shampoos and hair masks is an egg. In ancient times, people
they washed their heads with chicken yolk and nothing more. Therefore wash
hair egg is quite natural and natural, given that
such a natural egg shampoo will not only relieve surplus
dirt, but also has a positive effect on the hair.

In connection with the intensification of the process of environmental pollution
there is an increase in the number of people with hair type prone to
fat content. For such a case, you should add to the egg yolk
a teaspoon of vodka and a couple of drops of lemon juice.

Oily hair type is much more common than dry and
normal, so another popular popular recipe
natural shampoo is based on mustard. Mustard hair wash
not difficult, but it will have an excellent result. One
a tablespoon of mustard is diluted with a small amount of water – and
shampoo ready. It is advisable to rinse hair after such a treatment.
herbal extract to make them soft.

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