Fleece – the basal volume for your hair, before and after photos, pros and cons

Volume styling is good on all sides! With her hair look
more well-groomed and thick, and the face – young, slim and
fit. But not every girl in the morning rush before
work can take time to put or curling.

Fleece – a procedure to gain
natural and luxurious basal volume for a period of three
of the month.

What is fleece?

The content of the article:

  • What is fleece?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Pros and cons, harm and benefits of the procedure
  • Photos before and after
  • Fleece radical volume – the technology of the procedure,
    step by step instructions
  • Materials
  • Professional tools and preparations for fleece
  • Where to make a fleece and how much does it cost?
  • How to make a fleece at home?
  • How to care for hair after fleeing?
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion
  • Procedure video

Fleece is a way to give your hair a basal
volume by scaling and post-processing
permanent chemical composition. After fleece on the hair is not
remains unnatural creases and eddies, as the master is not
uses no tools other than a comb.
The length in the process is not affected and is not damaged at all, which means
the probability of section and creases is minimal.

Reference! Fleece – a new offer in the world of beauty
procedures, and therefore it is often confused with root chemistry or boost
up. Fleece favorably differs from its predecessors in that with its
safe use of ammonia-free compounds.

History of creation

Initially, fleece was an experimental barbershop
method of creating a “long-term value,” but in the end it is so
Favorite client that was widespread and even
I got to the CIS countries.

Fleece tolerates all weather conditions, including rain, wind,
scorching heat, frost and high humidity. The volume does not “sags” and
hairstyle does not lose its original shape. Besides,
the chemical composition for fleece slightly dries the skin, thanks to
what can get rid of excess sebum and less wash

Indications and contraindications

Fleece will suit you if:

  • You have thin, unruly combined type hair (greasy
    at the roots and dry at the tips).
  • You do not have enough time for daily styling.
  • Your hair has no volume at the roots.

However, the procedure should be abandoned
if a:

  • Your hair is discolored and dried out.
  • Curls are pre-chemically straightened and curled.
  • Highlighting takes more than 50% of the total mass of hair.
  • You are undergoing treatment with hormones or antibiotics.
  • You have recently experienced surgery.

Fleece during pregnancy – is it possible?

Before you make a fleece – be sure to check with the master,
What composition does he use? On this will depend – allowed
procedure during pregnancy or not.

Naturalnatural Natural Curler Manufacturer
assures that his remedy is absolutely safe for pregnant women and
nursing women.

Pros and cons, harm and benefits of the procedure

Flising gained such popularity and demand only thanks to its
numerous positive qualities:

  • lasting effect – up to three months;
  • It does not require special care;
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • natural and natural appearance without creases and artificial
  • combines with other cosmetic procedures, provided
    if the means used in these procedures are applied only to
    length, excluding the root zone.

But despite all the positive qualities, it was not without
cons, namely:

  • it is difficult to find a salon in which this service is provided;
  • high price;
  • there is a chance to buy non-original or low-quality
    chemical compositions.

Did you find more advantages for yourself? Yes

Photos before and after

The procedure is the same for any hair length, however
The significant difference is the length of the pile.

On short hair

On a car or asymmetrical haircuts fleece looks especially
spectacularly. For the implementation of the procedure will be enough to comb 5
cm hair at the root.

On medium hair

Hair just below the shoulders is ideal for fleece.
Hairstyle looks catchy, and at the same time naturally. Volume holds
all the stated period, not sagging under the weight of the hair.

Long hair

On long and thick hair fleece looks luxurious, but, alas –
not for long. Under the weight of the locks, the volume gradually decreases and
comes to its original state.

In addition, to work with long hair will need to find
really experienced master – more than seven
centimeters of hair, which then is not so easy to unravel.

Types of fleece

Due to the fact that fleece is often confused with similar practices
increase the basal volume, many believe that there is
several varieties of the procedure – with a pile, without hair and corrugation.
In fact, only one kind of fleece – with
hairy Naughty hair helps to achieve such
natural and natural volume. Of course, hair can
process the composition for fleece and then twist them on a curler or
fasten the clamps, corrugated, as it is easier to implement at home
conditions, but the result will be very different from the stated.

Fleece radical volume – the technology of the procedure,
step by step instructions

Let’s take a closer look at the most
procedure, how it is done and what stages it consists of.

How is it done?

The first and important stage before fleece –
cleansing. Master washes hair with shampoo for deep
cleaning and if necessary – makes moisturizing and nourishing
masks on the ends of the hair. When curls are washed and dried master
proceeds directly to the procedure:

  1. Definition of the working area. With a comb
    and clamps, the hairs at the crown are separated from the total mass.
  2. Bouffant. The length of the indent from the roots depends on
    hair length: 5 cm – for short, 7 cm – for medium, 7 and more –
    for long ones.
  3. Treatment. Using a brush to paint on
    Led applied chemical reagent.
  4. Exposure. The hair is covered with cellophane
    cap and left before exposure to a chemical.
    Estimated waiting time – 15-25 minutes.
  5. Wash. The composition is washed off with flowing hair
  6. Combing. Nachos slowly and carefully
    removed from the hair, so as not to damage the length and thickness.
  7. Drying and final styling. Using brushing
    and hair dryer on the cold air mode, the hair stacked in

Important! Combing your hair – painstaking and difficult
process, especially if your hair is porous and constantly confused.
If you have not had similar experience – trust a professional.

It takes a procedure from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the length,
thickness and structure of the hair.

How often do you need to do?

Fleece can be done immediately after the hair is restored
from the previous procedure. The optimal interval is once a
4-5 months.

How much is holding up?

On average, the basal volume after fleece holds
about three months, however, the thicker, heavier and longer
hair, the less service life in permanent styling.


And now more about the materials and devices that you
will need.


For fleece, a comb with frequent teeth and a narrow one is optimal.
pen. It is convenient to them to part, separate strands and comb


Corrugated clips are a popular tool that
easy to master, even if you have no experience with hair. They
represent a kind of hairpins with a corrugated inner
surface, due to which the basal volume is created. Clips
can be used for home fleece, however, it is worth
consider that the effect will be very different from the salon procedure
– hair in the root zone will become zigzag.

Reference! If you decide to do fleece at home
conditions with the help of clip-gofre – give preference to the compositions on
vegetable based.

Clip for fleece

During the procedure, the master uses the usual hairdressing
clamps to separate the length of the hair from the top of the head. Their number
varies depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

Professional tools and preparations for fleece

Coolhair Organicnatural

Bi-serum high in amino acids, proteins and
glycerol. Reliably fixes hair in the set form, filling them
nutrients. Does not destroy the hair cuticle, does not eats
into the skin and not absorbed into the blood. Gorgeous perfumery
the composition completely drowns out the chemical smell and makes the procedure
at times more comfortable for both the master and the client.

Estel Niagara

Innovative, biopermanent based on weakly alkaline cysteamine.
It acts gently and sparingly, as it does not contain ammonium thioglycolate.
Enriched with provitamin B5 and distinguished by a neutral level.

The smell of the product is rather neutral and unobtrusive. It has
very soft texture.


Single-phase tool created for those who want to save
time even on a permanent perm. Does not require use
additional products and tools. Cystamine and vitamin E in
The composition softens the effects of chemicals and prevents the destruction and
hair splitting. Suitable for all hair types, including
damaged and clarified.

Where to make a fleece and how much does it cost?

Price for the procedure in Moscow and St. Petersburg
varies from 2500 to 4500 rubles. Buy it yourself
Fleece solution can be in the shops of professional
hairdressing cosmetics. The price tag will start from 2 thousand.

How to make a fleece at home?

The procedure of home fleece is no different from
salon Consider what to do quality stuff, and then
remove it after chemical processing is quite difficult. If you
decide to replace the nap on the clip or curler, note that the result
will be very different from the standard.

How to care for hair after fleeing?

To the effect of fleece pleased you longer – for the hair
need to properly care. Each stage is important for preservation.

Hair Styling

Styling products often contain large amounts of
silicone and weighting oils, under the weight of which is permanent
styling can sag. After fleeing hairstyle capable
to keep the volume and shape and without packing means, so they
application is impractical.

How to straighten hair after fleece?

If for some reason you want to get rid of the effect
fleece, you have three choices:

  1. Wait for the hair to grow back and pull it down with
    hairbrushes and hair dryer.
  2. Regularly “weight” them with the help of nourishing masks,
    balms and packing products with silicones.
  3. Use a remapper for chemical permanents with risk
    damage and dry hair.

How to wash?

Wash hair should be extremely mild and sulfate-free.
shampoo Despite the fact that he is bad at foaming, he
high quality head washes and hair rods from fat,
dust and sweat, while not destroying the protective lipid layer.

Analogs and similar procedures

There are many procedures in beauty salons using
which you can get a steady basal volume of several
months. The most popular analogues of fleece are:

  • Boost-up;
  • carving;
  • radical chemistry;
  • ecolum;
  • buff.


Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

How fast does fleece grow?

The rate of regrowth of fleece depends on the rate of hair growth. AT
on average, it takes from 1.5 to 3 months. The difference between
regrown hairs are almost invisible.

What is better and how does fleece differ from

Fleecing does not require the use of auxiliary tools
with a boost-up master uses studs. In addition, boost-up more
expensive and time consuming procedure than fleeing. It takes up to 4
hours and costs from 3500 rubles and above. However, after boost-up hair
remain voluminous up to six months.

Can I do fleece on the streaked

Fleecing can be carried out on bleached hair, if
no more than 50% of bleached hair and more than
two weeks.

What can remove fleece?

Fleece can be removed in the cabin with a special remouver, wait
root regrowth or else try to make cosmetic
with high content of silicones.

What is better ecolum or fleece?

Ecowolum is a type of permanent permanent perm
using special studs and non-aggressive chemical composition.
In contrast to fleece, ecolum looks less realistic, but more
spectacularly. Strands are fixed in this position for 3 to 6 months,
become more susceptible to styling. The best is difficult to select
– The choice of methodology should depend on your needs.

Can I do fleece after keratin?

In this matter, fleece does not impose any restrictions
The main thing is that when applying the composition for keratin straightening
the master made a small indent from the roots (5-6 cm).

Can I wash immediately after fleece

Washing your hair for the first 2 days after the procedure is prohibited, and more
Moreover, it is hardly needed. The fact is that the solution for
fleece dissolves grease on hair and dries skin a little
heads, thanks to what hair longer remain clean and

What is better and what is the difference between fleece and

Buffant is an innovative method for obtaining root volume
for three months from the brand Paul Mitchel. For its implementation
Special chemical composition and velcro curlers are used. is he
somewhat simpler technically than fleeing, however, due to the fact that
the procedure is new, to find a salon in which they make a buffer

Can I do fleeing and keratin straightening
at the same time?

These procedures can be performed simultaneously, provided
if qualified and experienced will be responsible for the work

How to restore hair after fleece?

After fleece, hair and scalp need extra
nutrition and hydration. Purchase the necessary products in advance and
make sure that they do not have silicone and parabens.


Flissing is a new technique, and among customers it is still perceived with
apprehension and distrust. Responses to the procedure are inconsistent – some
they say that hair gets an unprecedented volume and gloss, others –
complain about the acrid smell of chemistry and dryness in the root zone. Yet,
Much depends on the choice of master and his qualifications. Sure to
consider this fact when choosing a salon.

Procedure video

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