Flews on face: why appear and how eliminate

Signs of youth are supple, taut skin with a clear
oval face. These are the qualities that the skin has in young people.
girls However, imperceptibly, our face undergoes age
changes. And looking once in the mirror, frustration comes and
regret of the passing years. Man sees quite
unattractive picture: wrinkles, fuzzy facial contours, and
unpleasant – flea and ptosis of soft tissues.

Flews are the most unpleasant defect of fading skin.
However, do not be upset. Not everything is as bad as it seems.
Bryl can be eliminated even at home with
gymnastic exercises.


  • What is flea?
  • The main signs of aging face
  • Why do flakes appear?
  • How to tighten the flakes?
  • Surgical removal methods
  • How to remove the bullets without surgery
  • How to tighten your cheeks at home
  • Bryle Exercise

What is flea?

Bryl is the result of a weakening of the skin and fatty tissue in
cheek area leading to soft tissue ptosis and impaired clear
oval face. There is also a weakening of the chewing muscles, which
starts to sag on both sides of the chin, forming senile
bags or, as they are called, “bulldog cheeks”.

Swollen face and bryl heavily weight the lower part of the face,
weaken the skin frame, adding extra years to a person. Usually,
Bryl are constant companions of mature age. This
aesthetic deficiency occurs due to reduced synthesis
collagen and elastin, which are produced by special cells
skin (fibroblasts). This leads to atony, loss of elasticity and
sagging soft tissue in the cheeks and lower jaw.
Sagging skin and subcutaneous fat deform
natural facial contour and change the appearance of a person to

After 40 years not only collagen and elastin production decreases,
ligaments fixing the subcutaneous
fiber, which is no longer able to resist gravity.
Adipose tissue is increasingly shifted down, forming along the edge of the bottom
jaws of a flea and so-called spaces (emptiness).

The main signs of aging face

Age-related facial changes can be early, moderate and
pronounced. The first signs of age wilt are already observed in
30 years of age, but they include early signs
aging. As a rule, age-related skin defects appear in the upper
third person. These are minor creases in the outer corners of the eyes,
deepening nasolabial fold, minimal neck laxity and
the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, called “folds of sorrow.”
Also on the skin there is a certain amount of age spots.
Sagging of soft tissues, although already present, but pronounced
slightly and noticeable only when bending the neck.

Moderate signs of aging in the middle and lower face zones
start at 45- 55 years old. They are characterized by flabbiness of the neck and
contouring platysms (superficial cervical muscle).
Hernias of the upper and lower eyelids appear, folds hanging over
eyes, bags and dark circles under the eyes. Formed flea
clearly visible along the edge of the lower jaw, as well as the folds of the “grief” in
corners of the mouth and significant prostupanie nasolabial folds.
The gravitational ptosis of the soft folds on the cheekbones is moderate, with
tendency to more pronounced manifestation. In this period, a woman
there are excess body fat and heaviness, it loses
femininity and harmony.

Severe signs of aging skin wilting are manifested in
women over 55 years old. During this period, the rapid
age wilt:

  • soft tissues on the neck become flabby;
  • there is sagging platysma;
  • formation of a second chin with an excess amount
    excess fat;
  • significant slack in the cheek area
  • nasolabial folds deeply embedded in the skin;
  • in the cheekbone area, a loss of volume is noticed;
  • reduced elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
  • profuse pigmentation appears on the face.

Why do flakes appear?

In order to successfully fix the problem, you need to know
the cause of its occurrence. For natural physiological reasons
the volume of adipose tissue is concentrated in the cheekbone. Amount of fat
The fabric on the face depends on the body of the woman. Overweight
there is a large amount of adipose tissue, with normal weight –
less. This is the main reason for the appearance of bryle. In addition, the presence of
excess adipose tissue affects not only the formation of flea,
but also on their progression in the future. In addition, decreases
production of collagen and elastin, as a result of which the skin loses
elasticity and no longer able to hold the soft tissues of the face.
Sagging soft tissue on the cheeks leads to the appearance of flea. Thats
there is, on the one hand, a decrease in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, with
the other is an excess of fatty tissue on the face. These factors collectively
lead to the formation of bryley.

Since the anatomical structure of our face includes both
muscle and fat, then its accumulation is concentrated mainly in
cheek area This fat on the cheeks is called fatty lumps of Bish.
Sometimes lumps of Bisha can reach impressive sizes.

Over the years, any person has a ptosis of facial tissues.
Since there are no muscles in the lower jaw on the left and on the right,
nothing prevents the tissue from dropping in this area. As a result,
chin lines sagging of the skin, which spoil the oval
faces and make it fuzzy. Thin women do
sagging is not fat, since they do not have it, but skin. With excess
weight sagging subcutaneous fat and lumps of Bish. Lumps of Bisha not only
contribute to sagging cheeks, but also contribute to the appearance
deep nasolabial folds.

In order to reduce the age manifestations, it is necessary
Carefully care for your skin from a young age. After all, youth and beauty
– is a matter of a lifetime.

There are several interrelated reasons
promoting the appearance of flesh:

  • anatomical features of the structure of the face;
  • overweight;
  • increased tone, spasm and shortening of some muscles and
    fascias with relaxation and lengthening of others;
  • changing the position of the temporomandibular joint;
  • changing the position of all the bones that form the front
    the skull;
  • squeezing of small vessels with spasm muscles: venous and
  • development of edema, and improper redistribution of fluid in
  • deterioration of blood circulation and intercellular fluid circulation in
    the result of edema;
  • deterioration of tissue nutrition;
  • connective tissue damage;
  • development of fibrosis (adhesions);
  • loss of elasticity and elasticity;
  • the presence of fatty lumps
    Bisha (encapsulated fat formations).

How to tighten the flakes?

Very many women are interested in questions: how to get rid of bryley
and how to tighten slack cheeks? More recently, the answers to these
The issues were within the competence of plastic surgery. For elimination
of this defect, SMAS-lifting technique (superficial
muscular aponeurotic system).

However, many unsuccessful results led to the rejection of
using this technique. The reason lies in the fact that
superficial muscular aponeurotic system does not hold tissue
lower third of the face from sagging since they do not participate in its
fixing. In addition, it forms the back wall of the channel, through
which lumps of Bisha “slide” down. When conducting SMAS-lifting
The pressure on fatty lumps of Bisha is only increasing, and the channel is still
more expanding, which contributes to more sagging
adipose tissue on the cheeks.

For this reason, other methods of eliminating bryle and
Bish’s fatty lumps, which take into account the correction of those muscles that
take part in their formation.

The formation of fry with the participation of Bish’s lumps does not imply their
complete removal, as they are pierced with branches of the facial nerve.
Only that part of the fatty lumps that is involved in
shaping these folds. In addition, the lift flea
carried out through the reduction of adipose tissue with closure
the channel through which fat goes down. This method is very effective.
and performed as an independent procedure, and in combination with
SMAS correction.

Surgical removal methods

Today, there are the following surgical methods
bryle correction:

  • endoscopic lifting;
  • thread lifting;
  • lipofilling;
  • bryley liposuction;
  • high frequency electrical reduction;
  • mentoplasty;
  • MACS – lifting;
  • short-crown facelift (Short-Scar Lift, SSFL) ;
  • SOOF – lifting (Suborbicularis Oculi Fat Lift)
  • platysmoplasty (neck lift).

Endoscopic lifting

This method of tightening is safe and low-impact.
However, endoscopic tightening is performed only when
no excess skin. Since the endoscope cannot remove a large
skin volume. The essence of this method is to separate the spikes,
which connects the skin to the inner side and lower jaw.
Also with the help of a thread lift, the chin is formed
a crease that corrects the clear contour of the chin.

Thread Lifting

This method of correction is effective in the initial stages.
sagging soft tissue. In this case, the correction implies
use of reinforced (non-absorbable) filaments or
biodegradable (absorbable) bionites. Threads are held in the form of
loops through the subcutaneous tunnels to the chin folds, and their
ends – through the mastoid periosteum, which is located
behind the ears. In this place they are fixed.


If the cause of the formation of bryle was atrophy subcutaneously –
the fat fold located in the chin area then its
Correction can be carried out using lipofilling. Recall
that lipofilling is making your own autologous fat
cells in those areas that need alignment or in
giving volume. Autologous fat is persistent
plastic material. When fat is introduced around it
dense connective tissue that grows together with the rest
tissues and prevents them from sagging.

Bryley Liposuction

In the absence of fatty lumps of Bish, but with an excess of subcutaneous –
adipose tissue is performed classical liposuction bryley. She is
is carried out by vacuum method with suction emulsified
fat through a puncture behind the ear or in the area of ​​the wings of the nose.

High frequency electrical reduction

In the initial stage of the formation of bryley effective method
high frequency electrical reduction. The essence of the technique is to puncture
skin in the corner of the mouth with a needle-electrode that exerts a high
temperature effects on the fascia. Due to high temperature
fat cells are destroyed, and collagen fibrils contract,
becoming dense and resilient.


Very often the cause of ptosis of soft tissues is undeveloped or
beveled chin. In this case, holding the plastic chin –
mentoplasty. During the operation, dissection is performed
fascial structures by which folds are formed, in
which place the implants. Mentoplasty is effective in combination
with SMAS correction.

MACS – lifting

This method of face lift is very effective and
therefore sought after. The big advantage of this lifting method
is one minimal scar in front of the auricle. Via
MACS-suspenders carry out correction of the submental zone, smoothing
nasolabial fold, elimination of flesh and rejuvenation of the lower
parts of the face. This correction method removes excess skin and
carries out vertical fixation of sagging soft tissue. МACS
– lifting is usually indicated for pronounced defects of age
wilting in the neck.

Short-crown facelift
(Short-Scar Lift, SSFL)

This technique of lifting is carried out through the incision in front of the ear.
the sink. The advantage of this method is the formation
short scar, low-impact and short
rehabilitation period. The method is shown when the patient has
severe flabbiness and atony of the neck muscles.

SOOF (Suborbicularis Oculi Fat

With the help of SOOF –lifting, you can fix the “sunken” look,
which is often formed in women after blepharoplasty. The essence
method in the “filling” of the eye region with adipose tissue.

Platysmoplasty (neck lift)

Neck lift contributes to the formation of chin-neck
angle, getting rid of bryley and double chin. This view
surgical plastics has undeniable advantages and surpasses
other methods of aesthetic effect.

How to remove the bullets without surgery

If fleas are just starting to form, then prevent them.
further progression is possible with the following injectables.

  • contour plastics using fillers based on hyaluronic acid
  • RF lifting (thermage)
  • ultrasound SMAS – lifting;
  • biorevolumetry.

Contour plastic

For the correction of bryle they use fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Introduction of high filler
density allows you to increase the internal volume of soft tissue. Their
the excess stretches the fabric, and sagging becomes imperceptible.
However, the introduction of hyaluronate-based fillers may increase
extra gravity ptosis
drug in persons prone to gravitational sagging. In that
If necessary, take into account individual biomechanical

In this case, there is no point in introducing fillers to the region.
lower jaw. This way you can adjust the lower jaw
only for women whose sagging is caused by an excess of skin, but
not excess fat.

RF lifting

The use of electric current in the radio frequency range
allows you to work directly on the hypodermal layer for
recovery of collagen fibers that create the frame of our
skin. This method is ideal for young women with minor
ptosis of soft tissue. However, RF lifting is not always the case.
effective and has little impact on the development mechanism
ptosis of soft tissue.

Ultrasonic SMAS – lifting

It is well known that gravitational changes are very difficult.
amenable to correction. And all because it is necessary to influence
collagen structures in the deep layers of the skin, at the level of
muscle aponeurotic layer SMAS (Superficial
Musculo-Aponeurotic System). For the correction of facial contours is necessary
reduce the volume and move it up SMAS layer. AT
former times such actions were performed only with surgical


With the help of biorevolumetry you can recover
lost volumes, return a clear oval to the face and improve the structure
skin through biorevitalization.

How to tighten your cheeks at home

Homemade methods of eliminating bryley are only
prophylactic. Alas, eliminate the bugs without plastic surgery
or injection techniques is impossible. Can only prevent them
appearance in case they are only scheduled. Basic methods
anti-flea – lifting masks.

The most effective is a modeling tar mask, which
do as follows:

  • finely rub 1/8 piece of tar soap;
  • beat the resulting mass into foam;
  • add sour cream and beat the whole mass again.

Apply the mask on the chin, neck and décolleté. Give mask
dry and apply another layer. Keep the mask on the face until full
drying out Then rinse with warm water. This mask is very effective.
because it tightens well the soft tissues of the face, and for a month when
regular use will significantly tighten sagging skin.

You can also use ready-made pharmacy masks. Part
such masks should include: kelp, marine plankton, Leticin,
pantheon, kelp and allantoin.

Facial massage is also very effective for ptosis of soft tissues. Him
can be carried out independently according to the Revitonika method (manual
self-modeling of the face and neck). Even a classic face massage,
held regularly, improves the condition of the skin and tightens it.

Bryle Exercise

With the help of gymnastic exercises for the face can be good
tighten skin and prevent bryle. The main thing is not
be lazy and do exercises regularly:

  • Every day for 30 seconds you should inflate your cheeks and
    roll air from one side to the other, up and down;
  • folding his lips with a straw blowing on an imaginary candle for 30
    seconds 50-55 times
  • pressing your index fingers to your cheeks, smile through your strength,
    overcoming resistance.

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