Flowers from the hair is beautiful, original and so easy!

hairhairIf you are in
looking for a beautiful and original hair, which is not ashamed
appear at any celebration, be it a wedding, anniversary or graduation
evening, this information is for you. Today you will not surprise anyone
various kinds of braids, even though they are now at the height of fashion. But
A hair flower is something new! Learn how to make a flower
from hair in several ways, and this hairstyle will not take you
so much time and effort.

Flowers from braids

The most simple hairstyles, based on flowers from the hair,
made of ordinary braids. You can make one small flower
from the side or scatter a few flowers all over the head, but everything is possible
Hair pick in one big flower – the choice is yours.
Practice to start on one small flower.

So, on the side, separate the small strand, carefully comb it.
Divide it into three parts and start weaving a braid according to the technique.
the French braid, on the contrary: turn the right strand under the middle one, then
left below the middle one, each time adding a little to the side strands
hair from among the free. Having fastened the braid with a thin rubber band,
proceed to the selection of “petals”. For this you need a little
pull strands out of pigtail links, making them slightly larger and
freer. This should be done only on the one hand. Now
start gently twisting the pigtail in a spiral around
own axis, without forgetting to fasten each turn
hairpin The center of the flower can be decorated with a beautiful hairpin with

Flower of curls

How to make a flower out of hair, without resorting to weaving? For this
you will need a light perm. If your hair is natural
curls, you can immediately go to the next step, but if not,
wind the hair on large curlers and wait for the right curling
time. Tip: Curl only hair length, hair to level
the back of the head should be straight. After curling you need to do
a simple low tail, separate a small strand from it and
twirl her tail base. So you disguise the gum and
make the flower more harmonious. Then separate one by one
curly curls from the tail, lubricate them with fixing gel and
put a ring on his head. To secure each curl
use hairpins and then hairspray.

Simple daisy

Another version of the flower of the hair – a simple daisy. Such
Flower can only be done on a long enough hair. Before
work hair, it is desirable to stretch the iron and apply straightening
means. Separate a small bunch of hair and make it out.
small loop, then take the remaining large end and
make another loop by threading it under the same gum. You
it should be something like a figure eight. Now do
as many loops of petals as you have enough length. The beauty
of this flower in that it can not be fixed by special
do not use hairpins and other hairpins, which are very
they often fall out, make hair look heavy and can even cause headaches.
the pains.

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