Fluid for hair – the best rating, advantages and cons for damaged hair and shine

Imagine that all hair products on a cosmetic shelf
can be replaced with a single bottle. How it would be convenient and
practical! Some manufacturers claim that such a tool is already
It has long existed and it is a fluid for hair!


Fluid for hair – what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Fluid for hair – what is it?
  • Fluid action on the hair. What does it consist of?
  • How to apply?
  • Pros and cons of fluids. Are they harmful?
  • Types of fluids
  • Splinters for split ends – TOP 12
  • Fluids for damaged hair
  • Vibes for curly hair
  • Vibes for hair shine
  • Belarusian fluids for hair
  • Oil-fluid for hair
  • Smoothing Fluid for Hair
  • For bleached hair
  • Professional vibes
  • Lamination of hair
  • Hair styling fluid
  • To moisturize hair
  • Thermal protection fluid for hair
  • Hair Loss Vibes
  • Silicone-free hair fluid
  • Fluid for wet hair effect
  • Fluid DIY hair remover
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Fluid is a light and weightless product, oily or creamy.
textures that are becoming increasingly popular among
lovers of intensive care for hair. Most often produced
in miniature vials of 50 ml, as it has a high
concentration of nutrients and reducing substances.
Fluids for hair

Reference! Contrary to popular belief – fluid
not a drug by
which can eliminate seborrhea or alopecia.

It is easy to distribute it through the hair, it leaves no greasy and
whitish stains and instantly absorbed. With proper selection
means of care can achieve the following results:

  • smoothing hair shafts along the entire length;
  • sealing split ends;
  • moisturizing hair and scalp;
  • reducing the negative impact on the hair during hot

Fluid action on the hair. What does it consist of?

The effect of the fluid is noticeable immediately, but unfortunately –
short term Therefore, to keep hair healthy
condition it is recommended to use on a constant

The composition of the fluid depends on the type and purpose.

So, fluids for melirovanny and dyed hair
contain vegetable oils, liquid vitamins of groups A and E, and
also silicone. This composition contributes to the normalization of hydrobalance
inside the hair shaft and smoothing the scales along its

Split ends fluids have a similar
composition – hydrolyzed vitamins and minerals dissolved in
vegetable oil and silicone. The main task of this tool –
nourish the hair from the inside, seal the split ends and prevent
the formation of creases in length. Fluid Effect on Hair

Reference! Fluid only briefly seals
existing section, rather than eliminating it completely. To
the tool worked more efficiently – cut the damaged
the tips.

If the hair is damaged so that it can only be saved
radical haircut – try oil-fluid liquid
crystals. It is a highly concentrated reducing agent.
remedy against total damage after
perm, straightening | or bleaching for 7 tones and
more. Ingredients such as keratin,
silk proteins, B vitamins, herbal extracts and
plants and silicone.

“Liquid crystals”, soften, but slightly weight
hair, so before use it is worth checking how will
look hair on one strand.

How to apply?

Pour a few drops of fluid on the palm, rub in hands, and
then use your fingers to scroll through

You can only select the optimal amount of fluid.
by. If the funds are not enough – the effect will be invisible.
If it is, on the contrary, too much, the hair will look
greasy and stale. applying fluid

Focus on the recommendations of the manufacturer,
adding or removing a few drops of fluid depending on the length,
density and condition of your hair.

Pros and cons of fluids. Are they harmful?

Initially small flakonchiki with high-speed
the composition could be found only in the arsenal of professional
hairdresser. Applying fluid was kind of “last
touch in creating the image of the client. Not a hefty interest in the product
prompted cosmetics manufacturers to put vibrations into mass
production. The girl feeds dry hair

Fluids have the following advantages:

  • Hair is transformed immediately after application.
  • With regular use, the hair stays healthy longer and
  • Easily find the right tool for your type of hair.
  • Economical consumption – the bottle lasts for 4-6 months daily

Fluids have some disadvantages:

  • High cost — on average, fluid costs three times as much
    hair balm.
  • Silicones in the composition – make thin hair thinner and make them
    visually dirty.

Fluids have a relatively safe organic composition, but
may be harmful to health if it contains components
causing an allergic reaction.

Important! Before you apply the fluid to the whole head –
test for an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a drop
composition on the wrist and wait 6 hours. If at least
slight redness or itching — not a means to use
worth it.

Types of fluids

Fluid should be selected based on the general condition of the hairy part.
scalp and the very head of hair. The main varieties are as follows:

  • for split ends of hair;
  • for damaged and desiccated;
  • for curly and disobedient strands;
  • for dull hair;
  • for painted and highlighted.

Types of Fluids

Depending on the type of fluid, it may have a more creamy,
oil, light or heavy structure. Also different
concentration of nutrients and silicone.

Splinters for split ends – TOP 12


Восстанавливающий флюид от “Logona” действует точечно,
sealing the split ends without weighing down the length. Part
includes organic biotin and valuable natural oils: argan,
oil of apricot pits and fruits of sacha-inchi. Logona


Smooth and shiny tips without scissors in just a minute! Butter
macadamia provides extra nutrition for hair, and D-panthenol
seals moisture and trace elements inside, not allowing nutrient
substances evaporate. Wheat proteins and almond extract
prevent the reappearance of the cross section. Berrywell


Thanks to the unique formula “CELL PERFECTOR” fluid on the cellular
level restores damage by filling structural voids and
eliminating the split ends. Facilitates combing and prevents
hair shaft ruptures. Schwarzkopf


The main problem of hair prone to cut – lack
nutrients. Keen remedy promotes uniform
the distribution of the natural lipid layer from root to tip,
prevents cross-section, dryness and excessive brittleness. Keen

Compliment Keraplex

Returns to life tips after perm, brightening
or improper care. Smoothes hair scales, eliminating
the effect of straw on the tips and stretching hair. Eliminates down and
slightly straightened over-electrified strands.
Compliment Keraplex

Kapous Professional “Crystal shine”

Linseed oil, omega-3 saturated fatty acids and silicone in
create a tandem hair filter that protects against high
temperatures, scorching sun, adverse weather and
environmental conditions. Helps to maintain normal lipid
balance. Kapous Professional

Faberlic everstrong

Global reconstruction for split and porous hair tips!
Oil amla and amino acid seals split ends make
long hair healthy and tidy-looking and prolong youthful hair.
Faberlic Everstrong

Reference! Amla oil is a natural record holder.
vitamin C. It stimulates the growth of new hair and slows down the processes

Barex Joc care

The fluid is versatile and suitable for all hair types.
Hard, damaged tips become soft and silky,
natural volume and shine appears. Barex Joc care

Constant delight

Interferes with dehydration and further splitting of hair on
tips. Prevents premature washout of color with
damaged areas and the formation of inaccurate stains. Does
Curls more resistant to hot styling. Constant deligh


Keratin and amino acids prevent hair splitting and
the formation of creases. Fluid creates on each hair shaft
thinnest film that does not allow burnout in the sun and
delamination from moisture. Kapous

Gliss kur

The ideal tool for those who can not give up the dryer and
ironing, but wants to protect the tips from drying out. Covers
hair thick, but light and inconspicuous film, making hair
shiny and soft. Gliss Kur

Crystal drops

Flaxseed oil acts as a building material
filling the structural voids and saturating the fragile tips of the missing
moisture. Aligns hair in texture without bonding and
greasiness. Crystal drops

Fluids for damaged hair

Dr sante silk care “Length and shine”

An ideal product for long hair! Only one application and your
the curls come alive, turning into a silk canvas. Monoi oils and
argans imbue hair with moisture and promote uniform
the distribution of the lipid layer, and shea butter acts as
natural UV filter. Dr sante

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Anti-Breakage Daily

Effective care for hair, prone to cross-section and
damage. Bamboo extract tightens hair and protects against
negative impact of ecology of a big city: smog, smoke,
exhaust gases. Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction

Reference! Bamboo extract is a plant source of silicon. This
Element is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Kapous treatment

Argan nut oil envelops each stem and penetrates
deep into the hair structure, preventing its dissection and
delamination during heat treatments and stacking. Kapous treatment

Kezy remedy my therapy fluido ristrutturante keratin

The effect of cabin keratinization at home! Tired and
injured curls gain health, shine and strength immediately after
first application. Kezy remedy my therapy fluido ristrutturante keratin

The main active element is keratin. He penetrates deep into
Cortex, filling the voids, and seals the protective layer,
preventing drying during hot-laying.

Vibes for curly hair


A find for your curls! Easy formula textures porous
and curly hair turning fluff into neat curls with no effect
weighting and gluing. Prevents cross-section, facilitates
combing, removes static. Triaction

Estelle for curly hair

Universal care and styling two in one. Helps
tidy up not only natural curls, but also chemically
curled hair. Complex “Twist Order” provides intensive
nutrition and recovery, forming neat curls of chaotic curls
curls. It has a creamy light texture that is easy
to distribute on hair. Estelle for curly hair

Vibes for hair shine

Kapous “Diamond Dews”

Want to get bright and shiny hair like a magazine cover?
Use the Finishing Fluid from Capus! This is a great
The final touch for any styling. Fluid in composition volatile
oils that cover the hair with the lightest reflective veil.

The composition prevents burnout in the sun and prepares
hot stacking.

Estel curex

Give your hair extra shine that will be noticeable even
on dry and dull hair. One spray will give your curls
smooth and soft silk fabric and protect from high
temperatures. Estelle

Barex “Gloss Styling Glaze”

Perfectly curvy and shining curls for 12 hours or more – this
possibly with fluid gloss from Barex. Surprisingly light
the consistency envelops and restores every hair, not
leaves stickiness and oiliness. Hairstyle looks the most
neat and well-groomed – as if you had just left the salon
beauty. Barex

Belarusian fluids for hair

Belita Vitex

Highly concentrated serum-fluid with argan oil and
liquid silk molecules designed to care for brittle, dry
and hard hair. Prepares a head of hair for thermosetting and
removes static. Belita Vitex

Sea buckthorn Line

Fluid conditioner makes porous hair more dense, but at the
At the same time, leaves a natural volume and pomp. Contains valuable
amino acids and sea buckthorn oil, which regulates water-fatty
balance of the scalp. Sea Buckthorn

Oil-fluid for hair


Instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy and sticky.
Organic macadamia and jojoba oils nourish and soften hair, and
beta carotene prevents moisture loss and protects against
ultraviolet radiation. Greenini

Argan fluid

The effectiveness of the fluid due to the concentration of three oils –
argan, flax and meadow pennic. They have a beautiful
absorbency and enveloping properties. With regular
using hair becomes noticeably stronger and more elastic.
Argan fluid

Reference! Argan oil is a natural source of antioxidants. It
prevents the appearance of early gray hair and age thinning

Tiande with argan oil

Argan oil is the most valuable and expensive vegetable oil in
the world. It is made from the fruit of a tree that grows only
in the southwest of Morocco. Tiande with argan oil

The fluid acts in several directions at once: restores
damaged hair, structures porous curls, smoothes
fluff and nourishes the scalp with the missing microelements.

Oro therapy

Efficiency means due to a combination of three components.
Sweet almond has a high content of fatty acids,
vegetable proteins and minerals. Oro therapy

Argan oil promotes keratin synthesis, which
seals the existing split ends and prevents the appearance
new ones.

Active particles of 24-carat gold regenerate hair
scales, bestowing hair with precious radiance.

Ecolab oil fluid

Complex, combined hair needs special care. Butter
fluid from Ecolab solves two main tasks: eliminates dryness on
tips and eliminates excess fat on the roots. Has an effect
similar to biolamination. Oro therapy

Smoothing Fluid for Hair


Due to the high content of keratin and ceramides
a smoothing fluid reduces the negative impact of the curling.
Jojoba and shea butter and tighten the hair shafts, making them more
pliable to styling. Lisap

Nexxt Ice Cream For Hair Creamy Fluid Ice Cream For

Nexxt fluid ice cream with shadberry butter nourishes the follicles
and saturates the rods. It pleasantly refreshes and cools the scalp,
stimulating metabolic processes. Nexxt Ice Cream For Hair

Minimizes hair stress from procedures such as
straightening, curling and blow-drying

For bleached hair

Loreal professional Lumino Contrast

Luxurious care for melirovanny hair with uneven
structure! Thanks to the special technology “Nutriceride” the gel is very
easily distributed through the hair and eliminates imperfections to the point,
nourishing and moisturizing. Loreal professional Lumino Contrast

Professional vibes

Concept oil flex fluid

Used as an emollient and nutritional supplement to
brightening powder or oxygenant. Part of the fluid
D-panthenol, elastin, keratin complex and vitamin PP. Concept oil flex fluid

Reference! The fluid is added to the brightening powder in a proportion of 5.
ml per 30 grams of powder.


Unimaginable cocktail of 7 valuable oils! Germ oil
wheat, coconut, castor, olive, jojoba, sea buckthorn and
grape instantly restore the lipid balance and
prepare the hair for subsequent procedures. Nexxt OIL BAR FOR HAIR CRAZY COCKTAIL

The treated strands become incredibly soft to the touch, their
easy to comb, curl and styled.

Lamination of hair

“Barex Hair Volumizer Fluid”

Concentrate strong and deep impact used for
easy lamination and regeneration of hair. After use
thin hair acquires additional basal volume, and
fat – become more silky and elastic.

Fluid must be used immediately after aggressive
chemical exposure (dyeing, curling, straightening) for
compensate for lost moisture.

Hair styling fluid

Dr sante

Only 2-3 drops of fluid, and unruly fluffy strands fall in
neat haircut. Oils argan and monoi act dotted
nourishing and tightening the depleted areas of the hair shaft, while
This does not overload and does not weigh down the healthy strands. Dr sante silk care

Shea butter creates a strong UV filter on the hair,
Preventing burnout is not the sun.

Selective professional instant touch fluid

The fluid includes three innovative ONcare complexes.
Ceraflux, Athermicflux and Protectflux. Acting in a complex, they
normalize the hydrobalance, restore the natural fat layer
and seal split ends. It is quite economical.
consumption, despite the fact that applied over the entire length. Selective professional instant touch fluid

To moisturize hair

Constant Delight Intensive Fluido Con Collagene

Special development for the care of damaged, dry and
lifeless hair. High concentration of marine collagen
provides deep hydration. Moisture securely sealed
inside each hair, so that they cease to split and
thin out Fluid has excellent conditioning
properties, facilitates the process of combing and styling. Constant Delight Intensive Fluido Con Collagene

Somang “Keratin silkprotein”

Thanks to the extracts of seven medicinal plants and kelp, fluid
saturates hair with lack of moisture and protects against ultraviolet
radiation. It creates a protective film on the hair that
prevents soaking up the pungent odors of tobacco, fire, smog, food
etc. Somang


The active complex “Alphatine” is ideal for the care of
dry, damaged and brittle hair. Protects the cuticle from
moisture loss during chemical procedures. To moisturize the hair


Fluid conditioner with hyaluron is suitable for dry and
normal hair. Provides reliable moisturizing, natural
gloss and silkiness. Restores hair from the roots to the
tips. Liberoderm


The famous Korean filler fluid finally got to the countries
CIS! Means very gently affects the hair, making them more
soft, silky and shiny. Suitable for thick,
hard and repeatedly dyed hair. La'dor

Thermal protection fluid for hair

Lisap ultimate

Due to the high content of keratin and ceramides fluid
provides hair with maximum protection against overheating during
styling a hair dryer or ironing. Jojoba oil and shea butter
provide excellent air conditioning. Lisap ultimate

Angel blondes

Флюид “Angel Blondes” полностью оправдывает своё название! is he
ideal for the care of both natural blonde and clarified
hair Prevents leaching of color, yellowing or
greenery. In tandem with a purple conditioner, gives the hair more
cold, noble shade. Ангел блондинок

Organic oils of aloe, flax and D-panthenol reconstruct even
severe damage and prevent wrinkles.

Reference! For additional protection, experts recommend
add a few drops of fluid to the coloring matter.


Diamond protection from the Russian brand “ESTEL Professional”!
Repairing oils create microfilm on the hair, which
protects strands from drying out and gives their curls extra glitter.

Hair Loss Vibes

On average, a person loses about 200 hairs per day and this
quite natural, as they come to replace new ones. If a
do you notice that with each combing on the comb remains
more and more hair is a good reason to turn to the trichologist!

As mentioned earlier, the fluid is not medicinal.
means and can not solve the problem of loss, however, you can
try to prevent it using special lotions and oils
in ampoules. In the top 3 of such funds include:

  1. Guam UPKer; Guam UPKer
  2. Selective Professional On Care Hair Loss; Selective Professional On Care Hair Loss;
  3. KEEN fluid soothing. KEEN calming fluid.

Silicone-free hair fluid

As part of any fluid for the hair there is silicone. It is necessary for
structuring strands, leveling the fat layer and making
they are less susceptible to humid air. Its more if
the product is intended for curly and porous hair and less for
thin and devoid of volume. Fluid for hair without silicones

If you are afraid to overload your hair with silicones, use
fluids labeled “for volume”, “for fine hair” or
try to make a fluid with your own hands on the basis of natural

Fluid for wet hair effect

The effect of wet hair is back in fashion. Strands, neat
combed back or shiny curls look elegant and

The most popular wet-laying fluid is OSiS Damped from
Schwarzkopf Professional. Gives styling pronounced and realistic
Wet texture and provides reliable, but elastic fixation. On
dry hair gives a less pronounced effect than on wet.
OSiS Damped by Schwarzkopf Professional

Fluid DIY hair remover

Provide your hair with multi-stage protection can
using a mixture of inexpensive pharmaceutical oils. To make you fluid
will need:

  • lavender essential oil;
  • grape seed oil;
  • solutions A and E (in oil);
  • glycerol.

lavender essential oil in combination with burdock

Preparation and use:

Measure out 5 teaspoons of grape seed oil and heat up
in a water bath or in the microwave. The oil should be hot but
do not boil! Add 3 teaspoons of glycerin, mix and give
mix cool. Pour in 3 teaspoons of each solution
vitamins, and then dilute with two spoons of fragrant oil

Shake the mixture and pour into a bottle. Use
immediately after shampooing, every day for 15 days.


Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

What is better, fluids or hair oil?

Fluid has a lighter texture and better absorption.
than butter. In addition, it leaves no greasy residue. If you
want to give your hair extra gloss and well-groomed –
use a fluid. If the main task is to nourish the follicles and
cure hair – give preference to oil.

Fluid for hair is applied on wet or dry

Depends on the type of fluid. Some fluids are applied lightly.
wet hair, before drying hair dryer and hot styling. Others –
on clean hair lengthwise or on tips.


Fluid for hair, an excellent tool for those who wish to receive
“all at once” in one bottle. Although fluid is
only cosmetic, its regular use
It only benefits the health and appearance of the hair.

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