Folk recipes against oily hair – masks, tinctures, oils, decoctions

It is possible to get rid of increased fat content of hair not only with
using medication, but also using regular
application of popular recipes, long known for their effectiveness
and safe composition, free from harmful chemical additives.
Folk remedies for oily hair

The advantages of folk remedies to purchase

The content of the article:

  • The advantages of folk remedies to purchase
  • TOP best popular recipes for cooking at home
  • Tinctures and decoctions to eliminate oily hair
  • Folk remedies for washing greasy hair
  • Oils against greasy hair
  • Masks against oily hair

Folk remedies for hair care differ primarily
its natural composition, ease of preparation and

The best effect of using this type of product can be
obtained by constant, regular use. Thanks
soft, delicate exposure to natural ingredients, scalp
and the hair not only receives deep cleansing, but also nutrition,
hydration, increased blood circulation and normalization of production
subcutaneous fat. well-groomed hair

Advantages of folk hair care products:

  • security;
  • naturalness;
  • availability;
  • efficiency.

When using traditional products, hair and pores are not
clogged with harmful sulphates, parabens, fragrances and
various dyes and flavors.

Many modern means to care for curls negatively
affect the condition of the hair and scalp. In addition, they have
property build up in the body, which can lead to
various health problems.

Folk remedies, in turn, are not inferior in
effectiveness of many modern means without rendering
damaging effects on hair structure and skin condition

TOP best popular recipes for cooking at home

The most popular and effective folk remedies against
Oily hair are the following products:

  1. Starch from fat content. Often used in
    quality of dry shampoo and for the preparation of masks that reduce
    greasiness. Starch from fat content
  2. As a dry shampoo, potato starch
    sprinkle hair roots, then comb or shake off fingers
    starch powder, then slightly dried curls
    hair dryer, turning on the cool mode. hair drying
  3. To use starch as a mask against fat,
    need to take one teaspoon of crushed leaves
    currants, raspberries or mint, adding successively 2
    tablespoons of starch and 2 tablespoons of natural cream. Everything
    mix well and apply on hair 20-30
    minutes It is recommended to wear a head for insulation
    cellophane cap and towel. chopped leaves of currant
  4. Talc is used for quick elimination.
    excessive fat content, absorbing the secreted greasy secret in a few
    minutes For this procedure, you will need to disassemble the hair
    on the partings and lightly sprinkle the hair roots and skin with talc,
    then carefully comb out. Talc
  5. Anti-fat flour works similarly.
    by absorbing excess sebum and cleansing the hair, making it
    more fresh and tidy. A couple of three pieces of flour put on
    greasy hair roots and shiny scalp, then scrub the flour with
    using a comb or not a hot hair dryer. It is important not to overdo it
    with the amount of flour, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove.
    Flour against fat
  6. Baby powder is often used in
    as an express means to eliminate excess greasiness and
    giving the hair a fresh look and volume. Suitable in cases
    when there is no time or opportunity to wash your hair. Couple
    sprinkle baby powder evenly over the skin
    and hair roots, then comb the powder and make it not very tight
    hairstyle Baby powder
  7. Cocoa – a universal remedy, effectively
    eliminating the problem of oily hair, used as masks or
    dry shampoo. Important note: cocoa, because of its
    saturated brown, recommended for use on
    dark hair. Cocoa
  8. To make a cocoa mask for hair,
    prone to fat, you need to mix
    1/4 cup of warm milk, a couple of
    tablespoons of natural cocoa without additives,
    a couple of drops of essential oil
    (lavender, mint, bergamot, lemon or grapefruit)
    and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Thanks
    this procedure, the curls are fed with nutrients
    contained in oils, and cocoa will help get rid of fat content.
    cocoa mask
  9. To use cocoa as dry
    shampoo, you need to distribute a pinch of natural powder
    on the skin with massaging movements. Regular use
    Such a remedy not only visually cleanses the hair, but also
    normalizes sebum secretion. Use dry shampoo from
    Cocoa can be as pollution, but not more than 1 time in 4
    of the day Cocoa shampoo
  10. Salt has long been famous for its antiseptic,
    disinfecting and antimicrobial properties, so it is used
    including getting rid of increased greasiness. Main
    the appointment of salt in the care of the hair – peeling.
    It is important to make sure before using this tool in
    the absence of any injuries of the skin – any irritation, wounds,
    Scratches and cracks are contraindicated. Way
    application: rubbed salt rubbed into the scalp around
    3 minutes, then rinse with a mild shampoo. You can mix the salt
    powder with water, kefir or milk. peeling
  11. Vinegar for oily hair is considered one
    of the most useful ingredients in dealing with this problem.
    Common and effective home cooking
    is a conditioner with vinegar: 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar need
    dilute in a liter of boiled water and rinse regularly with this
    liquid curls after washing. As a result, eliminated
    fat, strengthen hair, hair looks healthy, radiant and
    bulk. Vinegar for greasy hair
  12. Soda well peels, disinfects,
    softens and soothes the scalp, so its application in
    As a means of hair care is justified. One of
    methods of using this tool is to wash your hair with
    using soda, adding it directly to the soft, safe
    shampoo or diluting with water. This method is recommended
    use no more than 2 times a month, since soda has
    strong draining effect that can cause sebaceous glands
    work in enhanced mode. After washing the head with soda is desirable
    use a rinse with vinegar. Soda
  13. Colorless henna perfectly fights the problem.
    increased fat content, while giving the hair shine and volume. To
    make a cleaning mask, colorless henna should be diluted with warm
    boiled water until the consistency is not too thick cream, then
    apply on the hair roots and the hair itself. If the tips of the curls are prone
    to dryness, it is desirable to add to the mixture a couple of drops of oil for
    mitigation. Wrap your head in a towel, previously wearing a bath
    hat After 20 minutes, rinse with a mild shampoo. Sure to
    use moisturizing balm after application
    masks. Colorless Henna
  14. Alcohol. Wiping dirty hair strands
    alcohol, diluted 1: 1 with water will help get rid of fatty
    brilliance. For greater effect, you can add to the alcohol-water
    liquid a couple drops of lemon juice. Alcohol
  15. Honey. Honey hair masks are great
    disinfects skin, cleans hair and nourishes them
    microelements. In addition, honey has a regenerating and
    soothing action. Effective mask with honey against fat content:
    melted honey mixed with egg yolks in the proportion of 2 tablespoons
    spoons of honey to 2 yolks. Stir, apply on skin and all
    long hair, put on a plastic hat and cover your head
    a towel. This mask can be left on all night, wash
    in the morning with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo. Honey
  16. Apple cider vinegar reduces greasiness, gives
    shine and softness to hair. Universal recipe for
    greasy hair with apple cider vinegar: mix in a liter of boiled water
    half a cup of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of essential
    oils (lavender, mint, lemon). Rinse
    obtained hair mixture after washing 1 time per
    a week Apple vinegar
  17. Burdock oil is rich in vitamins and healthy
    microelements, so it is often used in cosmetology and in
    hair care. Recipe mask with burdock oil for prone to
    quick contamination and salting curls: mix one by one
    tablespoon of burdock oil and the pulp of citrus fruit
    (grapefruit or lemon), add 1 teaspoon of oil
    grape seed and 5-7 drops of essential
    oils (lemon, grapefruit, mint or
    lavender). To rub the received weight with the massing movements
    skin and hair roots, leaving the mask for 30 minutes,
    then rinse with a mild cleanser. Burr oil
  18. Oak bark well removes oily sheen and
    excessive greasiness, preventing brittle hair and strengthening them.
    For the preparation of rinse from oak bark need
    boil for 10-15 minutes 2 tablespoons
    oak bark in two liters of water using enameled ware. Can
    do it in a water bath. For greater efficiency
    can be added to the boiling mixture one tablespoon
    dry medicinal herbs: nettle, plantain. Insist
    the resulting liquid is about half an hour, after which
    rinse her hair. Oak bark

Folk remedies are aimed not only at eliminating unnecessary
greasiness of the scalp and hair, but also on the improvement of curls in
whole, stimulating blood circulation and growth.

Tinctures and decoctions to eliminate oily hair

To strengthen the hair and normalize the production of subcutaneous fat
It is desirable to use natural tinctures and decoctions suitable
for oily hair type.

  1. Rinsing nettles helps reduce
    greasiness, drying the skin and feeding the hair follicles
    vitamins, in large quantities contained in this plant.
  2. Preparation of rinse broth from
    nettle: 100 grams nettle pour one liter of boiling water and
    boil on low heat for about 30 minutes, then cool,
    strain and use as needed.
  3. Nettle tincture against hair greasiness
    Prepared as follows: 100 grams nettle
    pour a liter of boiling water, cover and insist for about an hour,
    then decant into a convenient container and apply as
    rinse after shampooing.
  4. Tincture of ginseng in combination with tincture of Eleutherococcus
    eliminates the increased fat content of the scalp and makes the hair more
    obedient, soft and shiny. The recipe is simple: mix 1
    tablespoon of ginseng tincture with 1 tablespoon of eleutherococcus
    and gently rub the mixture in the hair roots. After 30 minutes
    rinse off with warm water or a mild shampoo.
  5. Calendula gives freshness to curls prone to
    greasiness, rescues from baldness and promotes hair growth. For
    use of such funds need to dilute 3 canteens
    spoons of calendula in one liter of water
    pour the useful liquid into a small basin and keep the hair in this
    tincture about 5 minutes.
  6. Lemon in combination with aloe perfectly cleanses the scalp and
    nourishes hair follicles. To prepare such a mask
    need: a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a couple
    tablespoons of aloe juice. Slightly diluted juice obtained with water for
    ease of application, rub it into the scalp. This applies
    means before washing the hair.

Regular use of natural tinctures and decoctions will make hair
fresher, stronger and healthier.

Folk remedies for washing greasy hair

Natural traditional products are used including
washing the head, gently cleansing and toning curls.

  1. Lavender oil, when added to safe
    shampoo, removes greasy dirt, oily sheen and gently
    Dries hair roots, while avoiding excessive dryness.
    Feeding your scalp, lavender oil becomes indispensable
    assistant in the fight against fat. Lavender oil
  2. Tar soap quite clean
    contaminated hair, eliminating greasiness and oily sheen. Use
    it should be as follows: carefully washing the hands of tar
    soap, apply the foam to the hair, roots and scalp
    massaging, then rinse. Repeat if necessary
    procedure. Soap suds will not be as much as when using
    ordinary shampoo, but the hair is fine
    cleaned up. Tar
  3. Salt in shampoo. Adding a pinch
    ground salt in a soft, natural, sulphate-free shampoo
    allows you to deep clean the skin by running simultaneously with
    washing also peeling of the scalp. With salt and soda

Applying folk remedies during shampooing, hair deep
cleaned and nourished, and in combination with a suitable shampoo,
there is a double effect aimed at eliminating greasiness and
reduced production of subcutaneous fat.

Oils against greasy hair

When overactive sebaceous glands use
oils need to be very neat as some of them
can increase fat content.

Oils used for problems with high fat

  • olive oil is suitable to combat excess
    fat content. To do this, mix two tablespoons of olive
    oils with four drops of lavender essential oil and put on 15
    minutes along the entire length of the hair. Wash off with shampoo without aggressive
    components and rinse with vinegar, or add to water for
    rinsing a few drops of lemon juice. Olive oil
  • argan oil strengthens and nourishes the curls,
    moisturizes the scalp and protects against UV rays. Argan oil can
    add to natural shampoo or use in its pure form,
    applying to hair and skin in a rubbing motion. Frequency
    use for curls prone to fat – no more than 1
    times a week. Argan oil
  • coconut oil is widely used as
    base oil in masks for greasy hair. It is also used in
    pure form, putting on the entire length of the hair and leaving for the night.
    Sometimes coconut oil is mixed with a couple of droplets of essential oil.
    lavender, mint or lemon. Coconut oil

Important. Before applying any oil
It is recommended to heat it slightly by placing the bottle under the stream of hot

Masks against oily hair

Positive effect in the fight against rapid pollution and excessive
oily masks for this type of hair and scalp,
that cleanse, peel and nourish the curls.

Masks that reduce hair greasiness:

  • with mustard. Two tablespoons of dry mustard
    Mix with two tablespoons of natural yogurt without additives.
    Spread on dry hair and leave for 15-20 minutes.
    Wash off with plenty of water.
  • kefir mask. Kefir normalizes lipid
    balance the scalp and eliminates greasiness. The main rule is
    use real kefir or clabber, without flavoring and
    any additions. Apply kefir to hair roots and curls and
    leave for an hour or more
    of time. Rinse with a mild shampoo.
    kefir mask
  • Salt mask will save hair from greasy
    shine, giving the hair freshness and cleanliness. Preparing a mask with salt
    as follows: mixes olive, burdock and almond
    oil, after which finely ground salt is added to the oil mixture
    and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass should be applied to the skin.
    heads, neat massaging movements. Cover hair
    a hat made of cellophane and a towel. Wash off
    safe detergent in half an hour.
    salt mask
  • mask for hair, fatty at the roots. When
    if the problem with fat content concerns only the roots of the hair and skin
    head, it is recommended to use the following tool:
    white or blue clay is diluted with warm water to
    consistency is not too thick sour cream, pours a spoonful of lemon
    juice is mixed, after which the composition is applied exclusively on
    hair roots for 15-20 minutes. This is washed off
    means a large amount of water or a mild soap solution.

Alternating the use of various traditional folk remedies in
fight against excessive greasiness of hair, it is possible in a short time
get rid of this problem.

Folk remedies help not only to get rid of
fat, effectively cleansing the skin, roots and hair from
fat, but also normalizing the production of sebum.

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