Folk remedies against oily hair

means to combat greasy hairWith the onset of cold weather people
insulated. This also applies to the head, in the cold it is inconceivable to substitute it.
under the cold and piercing wind, and follow the popular saying
“Keep your feet warm and your head cold” is very difficult. From
hats quickly become greasy hair, and you have to wash your head
almost daily. To reduce hair fat, you can
use folk remedies that have long been proven,
and, of course, abide by some generally accepted rules.


Those who are struggling against oily hair should not be used.
Council of beauticians, that before you go to bed, you need to spend a hundred
times a comb over the head. Such a head massage improves
blood microcirculation, which in turn stimulates the excretion
sebum. To get rid of excess fat on the head, do not
It is necessary to tighten the hair in a knot, and you should not dry them too
hot hair dryer.

To wash your hair you have to choose your products very carefully and
periodically replace them with others, as the hair gets used to their
action, and they over time becomes useless. because
you need to choose 3-4 means and alternate them alternately. To
reduce fat content on the head, you need to change pillowcases more often, this
It will be true for those who suffer from heavy rashes
acne on the face. To remove the greasiness of the hair, you need not resort
only to external influence, but also to internal.

oily hair preventionNot
It is necessary to lean heavily on hot drinks, alcohol, strong
broths and spicy seasonings – in general, to what contributes
copious sweat. And, of course, those who are very fat and
shine hair should not be used to wash them hard and
hot water. For such hair, you need to boil water first, if
it is tough and allowed to cool, but diluted with running water is not
worth it.

Knitting herbs can be added to boiling water, such as
plantain, oak bark, calendula or chamomile. This will allow
significantly reduce hair greasiness.

The use of balms should be limited, but if
need, then it is better to put it only on the tips, but in any way
not the entire length of the hair. It is also necessary to reduce the use of
styling products. In shampoos, you can add a few drops
essential oils such as orange, tea tree, lavender.

Comb only with clean brushes and scallops, for what they
should be put in a bowl of water with the addition of ammonia. Well
and that hair was smooth, they should not be wiped with a towel, and
a silk handkerchief, so do women in harems. This reduces the risk
split ends.

Of course, you should not be nervous. Seborrhea may appear from
experienced excitement, so you should remain calm.
Vitamin and mineral complex, which compensates for the lack
nutrients in the human body, it will be more convenient than ever in
combat seborrhea.

Grandma’s masks

When your hair gets fat, you can use folk remedies
that our ancestors used to get rid of it. Remove
Excessive greasiness hair help homemade mask.

Get rid of oily hair will help yeast mask. She needs
apply on unwashed head. For its preparation will require 1
a tablespoon of dry yeast, a teaspoon of boiled room water
temperature and whipped egg white. All components are mixed
and applied to the scalp. Allow the mass to dry and rinse in warm.
water using shampoo.

Folk remedies recommend using and such an amazing
product, like honey, to remove the greasy shine from the hair. For this
It is required to mix 2 tablespoons of liquid honey with two eggs
yolks. The composition is applied to the hair roots, you need to roll your head in
polyethylene, and then in a towel, and leave overnight. Besides
that you can get rid of the greasy shine with this
masks, hair will receive additional nutrition and may slightly
lighten up

Such a folk remedy, like kefir or sour milk, will help
quickly get rid of greasy hair. It requires low fat
kefir rub into the hair on the roots, warm for 15 minutes and rinse without
use of shampoo.

Grandmothers rinses

infusion of birch to combat greasy hairConditioners
Herbs help get rid of seborrhea. Hair such infusions
you need to rinse after each wash, and then about the greasy shine
can be forgotten.

Traditional methods of greasiness of the head are recommended to use
such as tansy, oak bark, chamomile, and so on. But you can
use and ordinary vinegar. Dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in
liter of boiled water and rinse hair.

A decoction of yarrow perfectly cleanses the hair of sebum. AT
boiling water (500 ml) pour 2 tablespoons of yarrow and
let it brew for about an hour. Strain and rinse your head with this.

Birch leaves, too, will actively deal with excess fat. For
this requires boiling water over them and letting it brew about 30
minutes, then strain and rinse your head.

Caring for such hair should be constantly, but not
periodically. When the first results appear, do not throw
caring for you indefinitely and keep working hard to achieve
delivered results.

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