Foot care at home

Foot care, as well as care for other parts of the body, is not needed.
only to create and maintain external aesthetic appearance and in
personal hygiene. Neglect of care
limbs can cause many unpleasant and painful
appearances – calluses on the feet, rough skin, cracked heels,
ingrown toenails To prevent these problems, the cabin
procedures are not necessary, it is enough to know and comply with the basic
rules for foot care at home.


  • Basic foot care
  • Home care: 3 basic steps
  • Essential oils and herbs for foot care
  • Folk recipes

Basic foot care

Take care of the purity of the lowest part of the legs, follow the
the condition of the skin and nails on it is what it is
foot care Smooth skin, soft heels and neat pedicure
make beautiful appearance of female legs. Take care of your feet
can, using special industrial cosmetics,
as well as folk remedies.

Routine daily care involves handling the feet during
taking a shower with a hard washcloth, special brush or scrub
for removal of keratinized particles of skin. Then the legs need to dry
wipe off with a towel, not forgetting the area between your fingers. On
dried skin of the feet is applied a nourishing cream and massaged for
5-10 minutes. After water procedures, it is recommended to lie down for 15-20
minutes with raised legs, putting a pillow under your ankles or
soft roller – this will help relieve fatigue and swelling.

In order to prevent fungal diseases and to combat
It is recommended to use a solution for sweating
potassium permanganate (0.2%). Soles and areas between fingers
wipe with a tampon soaked in salicylic alcohol solution
(2%). Such wiping reliably cleanses the skin and prevents
excessive sweating. In the fight with sweating and other
problems help many folk remedies consisting of
natural ingredients.

With a strong sweating stop, do not get carried away wearing
products from nylon and it is better to prefer shoes with leather

Wearing tight shoes can lead to ingrown nails, therefore
care should be taken to keep shoes comfortable and not to forget
trim the toenails. Sounds unbelievable, but lack of care
feet can ruin the gait and posture, cause pain and
walking discomfort that results in fast

Home care: 3 basic steps

In addition to daily washing, you need to arrange your feet one
or twice a week “bath day”. Steaming the skin of the foot with
its subsequent cleansing and abundant moisture will allow them to always
stay beautiful and healthy.

  1. Foot bath with a calming effect. Regular
    carrying out water procedures at home using
    herbal mixtures, salts with additives allows you to remove puffiness,
    fatigue and gives strength. The temperature of the water in the bath should
    be at least 40 degrees. To soften the skin of the legs and
    to steam the coarse areas you need to add soda to the water (1 h.
    spoon) and grated soap (2 tbsp. spoons).
  2. Cleansing the feet and cleaning the nails. After steaming the legs
    must be treated with pumice stone or sawn wood, thus removed
    dead skin cells, in particular, on the heels, which prevents
    the appearance of corns and the formation of corns. To clean the top
    parts of the foot are often used scrubs (finished or home).
    You can also purchase a whole set of foot care at home.
    conditions. After cleansing the skin and removing from it various
    roughness, you need to cut your nails, remove the tip from under them
    nail files of pollution and cuticle, and then sawed, giving the desired
  3. Moisturizing. The skin of the feet also needs to be constantly moisturized.
    After all, dry skin – predisposes to flaking, cracking
    and corns. For moisturizing use a variety of cream, as well as
    homemade masks based on natural

Essential oils and herbs for foot care

If you do not have an allergic reaction to essential oils, feel free to
add them to the baths. How much? This information is usually
indicated on the product packaging. Here is a list of oils that help
eliminate dryness and favorably affect the skin of the feet.

  • Avocado oil – great for dry skin with
  • Jojoba oil – deeply penetrates the skin, softening and nourishing dry
  • Almond oil – removes excellent dryness and
  • Rosewood oil – deeply moisturizes dry skin.
  • Peach oil – provides moisturizing and softening to the skin,
    wound healing.
  • Thuja oil – helps relieve swelling.

No less beneficial effects on the feet have
medicinal herbs, infusions which are added to the baths. Everyone has it
plants have their own properties:

  • oak bark, conifer extracts and thyme reduce
  • calendula and chamomile have a disinfectant property;
  • chamomile, linden flowers and honey relieve swelling;
  • potato broth perfectly softens the skin;

Cosmetics stores sell various additives, herbal mixtures,
Foot bath salts.

These baths are usually taken within 5 minutes, if available
cracks on the heels – 10, and in case of excessive sweating of the legs – up to 3
minutes Hot baths are contraindicated in certain diseases.
For example, with varicose veins, severe edema and
inflammatory processes, as well as hyperhidrosis of the feet, take
cooling baths are recommended.

Folk recipes

When educated on the feet of corns in the people recommend
take cold salt baths for feet (a liter of cold water and
rock salt – 1 tbsp. spoon). The procedure reduces pain, relieves
burning, makes the skin of the feet soft. Keep your feet in the solution should be 5-25
minutes Baths to do until the complete disappearance of natoptyshy.

The starch solution softens the skin and accelerates the healing of deep
cracked heels. It is prepared as follows: two dining rooms
spoon potato starch diluted in one liter of water. Dip in
solution pre-washed feet in the evening before bedtime. Keep
feet in solution for 15 minutes, then lubricate the feet with any nutritious

Alcohol in combination with castor oil fights cracks on
feet A mixture of 10 ml of alcohol, chamomile decoction and 5 ml of castor
Apply oil for 40 minutes to areas with cracks. For thickening in
the mixture is added talc.

Onion gruel as a lotion is adjusted on the affected
place a stop at night. In the morning, the drug is removed, feet rinsed.
warm water. The procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a week.

To soften the skin of the feet will help a chicken egg. Whipped protein
lubricate the feet and leave for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm

Brighten and soften the skin of the feet mayonnaise with sour cream. The mixture is applied
on the entire surface of the foot and hold for at least 40 minutes, then
wash off.

Curd-cream mask is applied to the feet for 20 minutes. These
Dairy products perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin.

Lubrication of the skin of the feet with olive oil makes it soft and

To soften the skin of the foot using a slurry of
aloe leaf It covers the entire surface of the foot and after 30 minutes
wash off with cool water.

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