Foot massage relieves fatigue and strengthens health

Among the numerous therapeutic practices, foot massage
is one of the most ancient oriental relaxation techniques and
recovery of the body. Since ancient times, people have worked on
feet, wanting to eliminate muscle and nervous tension, to overcome
various diseases.

Today, a relaxing massage after a busy day is the dream of many
women. But regular visits to the massage room are not always
maybe not for all available. What to do? Master the technique
massage and perform it yourself when you want. Becoming
home massage therapist, you can give a pleasant, relaxing
moments to yourself and your loved ones.


  • Foot Massage Types
  • Technique and basic rules for performing massage
  • When foot massage is needed
  • Contraindications for massage

Foot Massage Types

Acupressure foot massage

This massage originated in ancient China. Sincere people of the East
believed that it was the human foot that is the projection of all its
internal organs. So, to strengthen the immune system and prevent
various kinds of diseases they stimulated certain points
located on the feet. With the help of this massage was treated
insomnia, headaches and relieved swelling of the legs. Procedure often
passed people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Thai foot massage

An ideal remedy for stress, hypertension, sleep disorders,
insomnia For this massage you need to get special
wooden chopsticks, as well as a set of aromatic oils and
candles that have a relaxing and calming effect. Equipment
Thai massage has been borrowed largely from Chinese medicine.
The essence of the massage – the effect of chopsticks on biologically active points
feet, which contributes to the normal functioning of individual
internal organs and the body as a whole.

Hydro massage

For hydromassage baths are used, at the bottom of which
special rollers are installed to ensure the procedure
maximum efficiency. In the presence of a bath this massage can
do at home. Massaging the feet in this way
allows you to relieve fatigue, get rid of pain,
caused by varicose veins.

Technique and basic rules for performing massage

Calm relaxing atmosphere is one of the main conditions.
carrying out massage. It is better if the procedure will take place under
pleasant indoor music with subdued light. It will help
relax faster and lower muscle tone.

When performing the massage, stop the hands using mostly
the upper phalanx of the thumb or its pad, but the pressure
while doing the whole brush. On the reflexogenic area
It is recommended to act continuously. Massage movements should
be progressive or circular.

It should be noted that the use of mechanical devices
(wheelchairs, sticks, rollers, etc.) intended for study
feet, have a more superficial stimulation compared to
finger massage. Use with traditional
foot massage cosmetic creams, massage or aromatic oils
Not recommended. Their use is appropriate only at the end of the procedure with
the purpose of enhancing blood circulation.

Procedure time, force of pressing, and also tempo and degree
Massage intensity depends on the purpose of the massage and the condition
patient health.

When foot massage is needed

Massage of reflexogenic points on the feet are successfully used for
combat a variety of ailments. Activation of the internal forces of the body
by means of reflexotherapy, natural regulatory
processes that eliminate the causes of the disease.

Foot massage as a treatment is indicated for people who suffer.
chronic fatigue, insomnia, frequent headaches.
Massage besides the general health effect helps to eliminate
phenomena such as anorexia and abnormal

Men foot massage is recommended for the prevention of many
diseases of the pelvic organs. Impact on certain areas
prevents the appearance of sexual impotence.


Foot massage

  1. If you massage the tips of your toes, you can get rid of
    headache and stimulate brain activity.
  2. The area around the big toes will help to cope with pain in
    neck – you only need to actively massage it.
  3. Massage of the area in the center of the foot helps to cope with diseases
    lung, alleviates morbid asthma, relieves
    shortness of breath.
  4. Stretching the area slightly below the thumb on the foot, convex
    pad, you take care of the entire cardiovascular system and
    help your heart to work without fail.
  5. Massage the inside of the foot, under the arch, relieve stress from
    liver and relieve pain.
  6. Lower back pain subsides when massaged well.

Contraindications for massage

Absolute contraindications for the procedure are
foot lesions with mycosis (fungus) and acute manifestations of any
diseases. All of the following ailments and conditions of the body
require the mandatory consultation of a specialist. To them

  • osteoporosis;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the small joints of the foot;
  • pregnancy;
  • varicose veins;
  • oncological diseases.

Massage in the presence of these health problems can
cause various complications. Stimulation of reflex zones can
intensify the activity of some poor-quality tumors.
During pregnancy, exposure to biologically active points can
provoke negative consequences.

Just one foot massage can give a feeling
relaxation and improve mood. However, any
positive impact requires anchoring of results. therefore
The recommended massage course is 10-20 sessions. And tread on
massage mat for 15-20 minutes at least every day.
Remember that a woman commits an average of 6,000 to 8,000 per day.
steps, so take care of your feet, care for him and as often as possible
pamper yourself with relaxation treatments.

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