Forms and types of beards in men: description, features, selection rules

Beard – a stylish attribute of modern men. Thanks to her
representatives of the stronger sex can demonstrate charisma
brutality and charm.

beard species

Along with the growing popularity of wearing a beard increases
number of new species. This allows you to create your individual image.
To choose the best option, you need to study the most
popular types of beards.

  • 1 Types of beards
    • 1.1 Three-day bristles
    • 1.2 Espanyolka (Spanish flute)
    • 1.3 Henry IV’s beard (Henri quatre)
    • 1.4 Tanks
    • 1.5 Balbo Beard
    • 1.6 Layered
    • 1.7 Skipper (Chin strap)
    • 1.8 Chin puff
    • 1.9 Anchor
    • 1.10 Canadian
    • 1.11 Ducktail (Ducktail)
    • 1.12 Fu Manchu
    • 1.13 Hollywood Beard (Brett)
    • 1.14 Short Scottish beard (Screen or Beard
    • 1.15 Islet (Soul patch)
    • 1.16 Sparrow (Sparrow)
    • 1.17 Zappa
    • 1.18 ZZ Beard
    • 1.19 Beard Musketeers or Victor Emanuel
    • 1.20 Walrus (Walrus Mustache)
    • 1.21 Bandholz
    • 1.22 Boss
    • 1.23 Solid beard
    • 1.24 Uniform beard
    • 1.25 Two-tone
    • 1.26 Short and narrow
    • 1.27 Chin strip
    • 1.28 Sail Style
    • 1.29 Vegetation a la Suvorov
  • 2 What to do bald guys: how to form a beard
  • 3 How to choose a beard shape by type of face

Types of beard

Each type of male “jewelry” has individual
performance features: with mustache, with sideburns or without them.
To figure out which option to choose and how to form a beard
on the male face, you need to consider each of them more
in detail.

Three day bristles

three day bristles

Three-day beard-bristles – a great way to create
courageous coarse style without resorting to growing thick
“shag”. To achieve a spectacular unshaven, you need not
shave facial hair for 3–6 days.

REFERENCE: the main thing is not to overdo it so that
the three-day bristles did not turn into neglected vegetation.

The length of the beard on the face can vary from 0.5 to 6 mm.
The generally accepted standard is considered to be 2-4 mm.

Goatee (Spanish flute)


Sphenoid short beard goatee with rounded edging on
the chin is able to give the male face a slight aristocracy
and refinement. It can be performed as a duet with sideburns or
graceful mustache.

Goatee beards are divided into three main
kind of.

View Feature
Classic option
  • the bristles are present only on the chin;
  • pointed wedge-shaped beard;
  • whiskers are missing.
Circular Spaniard
  • wedge-shaped barb is replaced by a neatly shaven
    “island” in the center of the chin;
  • thin mustache smoothly connect with the beard, girdling rounded
    contour chin.


Vandeykovsky style Клиновидный “island” на подбородке не соединяется с изящными

Goatee – versatile beard that is capable of
decorate any male face.

Henry IV’s beard (Henri quatre)

It is named after the third and last king of England of
dynasty of lancaster.

REFERENCE: in the history of his image captured from the thick
wedge-shaped vegetation around the mouth.

This beard is able to give a man a touch of elegance,
coupled with romanticism.



Return to the era of rock and roll will help smooth and well
trimmed sideburns. Elvis Presley style became “progenitor”
this trend image.

Tanks can be made in various

2 main ones:

  • narrow tanks, smoothly expanding at the base;
  • wide tanks more than 2 cm.

It is not necessary to supplement the image of Elvis with vegetation on
the chin. Tanks on a man’s face and without a beard may look

Balbo Beard


The name of the beard comes from the name of the first carrier of this
“decorations” – Italo Balbo. Among modern famous fans
Style can be distinguished by Robert Downey Jr., Brad Pitt, Leonardo

HELP: simple beard like
inverted Russian letter T with a mustache.

The connecting line between these components is missing.
Tanks in this version of the barb are not provided.



The voluminous and wide, well-worn beard is a brutal ornament
men She makes the image primitive and rampant.

Important: do not allow randomly sticking hairs on
face. They must be neatly trimmed and packed.

Under the category of voluminous “decorations” can get
different types of beards.

Beard styles Description
Woodcutter (Woodcutter) Well-groomed long, voluminous and thick beard. She is the maximum
hides the chin and face of a man.
Garibaldi Rectangular thick beard smoothly into the tanks. Can
combined with different variations of lush whiskers.
Verdi Round thick beard with luxurious mustache. She completely
covers the lower jaw, hiding any flaws.
Russian (classical) Russian beard is considered the largest and most voluminous of all
species. It covers most of the face: capturing sideburns,
smoothly connects with the mustache, goes under the chin and covers
part of the neck.
Old Dutch (Old Dutch) Wide square beard covers the entire chin and cheekbones
dense vegetation. Hair length can exceed 20 cm. Mustache for
This style is not provided.

Skipper (Chin strap)


Romantic skipper’s beard is also called “English
or captain “. In its form, it looks like a graceful horseshoe.
The captain’s beard is located on the chin, repeating the line

The coat, in the form of a chinstrap, is not
only emphasizes face contour, but also visually tightens

REFERENCE: English beard will help visually
reduce the massive lower face.

Skipper strap can be performed as a duet with small
mustache or without them.

Goat beard (chin puff)


Goat (goat or goat) beard its shape externally
resembles an inverted horseshoe. Chin poof concentrates in the center
chin, going down from the lower lip with a strip of thick hairs.

The chin puff beard can be of different lengths, and run
in unusual variations:

  1. Some men grow facial hair for a long time,
    to braid the shocking braid.
  2. Sometimes they “mix” the goat beard style with a Spanish fluff.
  3. Many men complement the image of long or curved up

The goatee is able to “pull” the face along
verticals Therefore, it is perfect chubby



The name of the beard received for its similarity with the shape of the sea
anchors It runs in two basic versions:

  • with a smooth or wavy mustache;
  • without antennae.

In one and the other case, the main part of the hair vegetation
focuses on the chin. Thin hair track can
reach up from his bottom lip and round his chin.
Beard “Anchor” perfectly complement the image of the romantic and mysterious



Canadian beard – a selection of stylish guys. This kind of male
“jewelry” forms on the face of a vicious circle in which smoothly
connected mustache and hair on chin. At the same time, the neck and cheeks remain

Ducktail (Ducktail)

duck tail

Ducktail’s brutal beard style combines lightweight
shabby and at the same time refined accuracy. is he
suggests a smooth transition from short hair vegetation
on the upper part of the jaw and cheeks, to the maximum length below
chin up

IMPORTANT: The “Duck Tail” must be symmetrical.

Ducktail requires thick hair. If a
man can not boast of voluminous hair on his chin
This image does not suit him.

Fu Manchu


The beard “Fu Manchu” in its form resembles a horseshoe or
inverted English letter U. It includes straight mustache and
vertical stripes along the mouth, designed in the form of a single
hair band.

HELP: the brightest owner “Fu Manchu”
considered to be American actor and fighter Terry Gene Bollea, famous
under the pseudonym Hulk Hogan.

Hollywood Beard (Brett)


Brett’s beard is a modern fashion trend whose roots go back
in the cinema of the 30s. Actors who played cool action movies
guys wore a Hollywood beard. Still movie stars
(Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, and others.) Prefer this
“decoration” of the face.

Note: the secret of Brett’s popularity lies
in neat vegetation around the lips that connects to
stubble on chin.

In addition, the Hollywood beard has a number of

  1. Helps hide chin flaws, aligning it.
  2. Brett gives the male face brutal and strong-willed
  3. The beard makes it easy to adjust the appearance. If you shave
    hair in the lower jaw, you can get a goatee.

Short Scottish Beard (Lincoln Screen or Beard)


Scottish beard – an alternative to the shkiperskoy beards. She is
differs in bigger density and lack of exact lines.

REFERENCE: The author of this beard is Abraham
Lincoln. To grow a thick head of hair on his face advised him
Grace Bedell girl. She believed that her thin face spoiled the image
the president. Therefore, I wrote him a letter asking for a change,
promising in his support the voices of all loved ones. Surprisingly,
Abraham Lincoln listened to her advice, and soon on his
face appeared lush beard screen.

Islet (Soul patch)


The “Islet” is a stylish alternative to the goatee. Soul
patch is located in the hole under the lower lip in the form of a triangle.
This beard is well combined with a slight unshaven or small

To the note: among famous personalities the most
The bright owners of the “island” on the chin are Tom Welling,
Ashton Kutcher, Timati.

Soul patch helps to create gallant and charming

Sparrow (Sparrow)


The beard of the famous pirate Jack Sparrow from the popular
Hollywood films are able to give a man the look of a real
conqueror of the water element. Straight antennae in combination with Spanish or
A goat beard endows the owner with a rebellious spirit.

Beard sparrow can be both short and

To give a special charm beard can be braided into one or
several braids.

Zappa (the zappa)


Zappa beard style is named after guitarist and rock musician.
Frank Zappa. Charming mustache with down tips
duet with a square “island” on the chin make an image

ZZ Beard

The name of the beard comes from the famous American
blues hard rock band ZZ Top whose members have chic

REFERENCE: To grow a ZZ beard, you will need
years of thorough care.

But the reward for titanic work will not take long. The man
with ZZ will get a unique look.

Beard Musketeers or Victor Emanuel


A small goatee beard in a duet with a narrow English mustache,
slightly twisted down, attached to a masculine image
extravagance and become.

The name “hairstyle” was due to the brave soldiers and
king of the Sardinian kingdom. Musketeers and Victor Emmanuel II were
admirers of this style.

Walrus (Walrus Mustache)


The unique style “Walrus” suggests the presence on the male face
wide whiskers, combed down or laid on opposite sides of the mouth.
Bulk vegetation must partially or fully cover

REFERENCE: among famous lovers of “walrus”
the antennae were Friedrich Nietzsche, Mark Twain and Joseph Stalin.

The style of Walrus Mustache is able to give a face seriousness and
confidence. But he has one significant drawback: his hair will be
constantly interfere with eating.



Bandholts style appeared thanks to businessman Eric Bandholts,
founded the brand “Birdbrend”. The company he headed,
produced goods tailored to the needs of people with large
facial hair.

Bandholt’s classic beard should be different in its
impressive size. To grow long and thick
head of hair, men need to forget about the razor for six months.



Brutal beard “Boss” – a stylish “decoration” on
male face. It gives the image determination. Begins
beard with small hair on the cisterns, which smoothly merge into
lower face with dense vegetation.

To maintain the shape of the “Boss”, you must periodically
shave off excess hair on cheeks and neck.

Solid beard


Solid beard is a complete fusion of tanks and mustache
with twisted edges.

REFERENCE: the length of facial hair should not
be less than 7.5 cm.

When the beard is below the level of the chin, it should be cut
straight line.

Uniform beard


A uniform beard everywhere has the same length. Ends
vegetation 5-6 cm below the chin.

REFERENCE: for the beard to have completed and
aesthetic appearance, it must be trimmed to a fixed length
together with a mustache, rounding at the base.


two-tone beard

Two-colored beard options are quite common. it
caused, first of all, overflow of natural hair color:
red shades can cast a light brown color, and dark beards –
gray hair.

Due to fashion trends, there are men who
specially painted facial hair in different colors:
green, red, blue, etc.

The combination of two shades gives a man an extraordinary and
unique look.

Short and skinny


Short and narrowed beard – simple and elegant “hairstyle”
for a masculine face that goes well with a goatee.

To beard looked stylish and original, required
compliance with several conditions:

  • to the middle of the cheek tanks should be slightly noticeable;
  • under the chin at the point of curvature of the vegetable “hair”
    need to narrow;
  • The beard and mustache must be the same length.

Chin strip


Forming a strip on the chin is an easy and fast process.
It goes well with a short hairline on the face.

To create a neat little beard in the form of a strip,
it is necessary:

  • grow stubble from whiskers to chin;
  • give it a smooth shape.

Mustache periodically have to shave. To
improve the visual effect of the beard, you can leave the mustache in place
barely noticeable goatee.

Style “Sail”


Sail style includes wide sideburns, seamlessly
turning into a full beard. With this, the chin line is smooth

Often the image is complemented by a mustache and a triangle under the bottom.

Vegetation a la Suvorov

a la suvorov

The beard “a la Suvorov” is the opposite of style
Lincoln. This type of beard completely eliminates stubble on
the chin.

For the formation of a beautiful “jewelry” on the male face
It is necessary to lower wide sideburns below the corners of the mouth. With
in time they will grow together with the antennae and will become one ensemble.
Supplement the image of a properly selected fashionable haircut.

What to do bald guys: how to form a beard

bald with a beard

Last years men with bald head and thick voluminous beard
are gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because the brutal image with
massive vegetation has a number of advantages:

  1. Lack of hair on the head allows you to wear different head.
    headwear that emphasizes elegant lines of the beard. For example, caps,
  2. The duet of the “naked” head and the “dressed” chin creates
    serious and intelligent look.
  3. Bald head does not require special care, so all
    force can be applied to maintain the beauty of the beard.

There are different styles of beard that will fit
men with a bald spot. Among the main can be identified:

  • Chin Strap beard;
  • Hollywood Brett;
  • Russian beard.

The main thing that men with bald heads should take into account is that they categorically
It is not recommended to make “Anchor” and “Goatee”.
These beards will look beautiful only on representatives
strong sex with a shock of hair on his head.

How to choose the shape of a beard by type of person



To choose the best option beards, a man can not
ignore the shape of your face.

Face shape Beard options
Oval A universal type of person that can fit almost any
little beard. When choosing a style it is important to consider the density of hair and type
chin up
Diamond shaped To visually reduce cheekbones, preference should be given.
full beard with massive vegetation and mustache.
Elongated Medium-sized beards are suitable for this type of face.
Square To emphasize the courageous face, it is appropriate to choose
Hollywood or skipper’s beard.
Triangular For a visual increase in the chin beard fit
Lincoln, as well as forms with massive sideburns.

Watch this video, learn a lot of interesting facts about
male beard.

Despite the fact that the successful form of a beard, you can choose
for virtually any male face, there are a number of cases where
It does not fit:

  1. Any beard requires some care. Those men who
    not ready to periodically correct the form of vegetation, better
    abandon this venture.
  2. Before making a beard, you need to take care of the “density
    vegetation “on the face. If a man grows rare instead of stubble
    beard in the form of a gun, it should not grow.
  3. If the vegetation on the chin is too hard, it is better to give
    preference for regular bristles. The beard under such conditions will be
    look sloppy and rude.

Short or small, thick or rare, in any kind of beard
will transform a male face. From the right look and shape
vegetation will depend not only on the appearance, but also on the reputation
the owner of this “decoration”. Therefore, the choice of beard style need
do with the mind.


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