“French braid” and “fishtail”. how do it yourself? Everything is very simple!

the girl weaves her braidAny girl dreams of luxury
long hair, because they have long been considered the main
decoration. Surely everyone remembers the red girls with long braids from
folk tales. Today, the braids are not outdated, you can even
say that they are at the height of fashion, especially if weave
unusual braids – complex designs of intertwined curls. how
braid braid itself? In this article we will answer this

Beautiful long hair – one of the factors of female beauty. But
you need to remember that they need the right care, otherwise
have problems with hair. Fortunately many
the secret is known to the fair sex
matched hairstyle can be a great addition to any
image. Besides buying expensive accessories and jewelery is not at all
have to.

Popular hairstyles “fishtail and” French braid “are
examples of fashionable and beautiful braids. There are many variations of them.
weaving. Due to the large number of braid models, they can be
mischievous, elegant, strict, feminine, etc. The pigtail is
and a peculiar way of expression. But the great thing is that
it is possible to weave braid itself, without leaving home. How to make
simple braid, known to all girls, but to make a difference
need to know how to weave its more complex types.

Creating a beautiful hairstyle, you can use the basic methods
weaving. Start best with easy options, gradually
moving on to more difficult ones.

“French braid”. How to braid pigtails to yourself?

Today, unusual and even exotic hairstyles use everything.
more popular, for example, dreadlocks or African pigtails. But
many do not understand that not every image is suitable for such
weaving. So let’s talk about the French spit, which is suitable
as an ordinary housewife and a business woman.

You can braid it yourself by several methods of appearance and
weaving: neat, tattered, restrained or rebellious.

The classic French braid is made of all the hair on the head,
if there is a bang, it is also woven. It is necessary to braid it close to
scalp. This type of pigtail weave in the direction from the forehead to
back of the head. From the technique of weaving conventional braids way dramatically
different, although it also begins. Separate three small
strands, adding to them during weaving more hair. In the final
all hair will be woven into the braid.

There is another method of weaving the “French” braid – from the bottom up, and
not top to bottom. For this big beautiful bundle should be in
frontal part of the head. If you are doing a festive hairstyle, you can
put up accessory for its decoration. Similar braids can
do several at once or even create a peculiar

It is not necessary to have long hair to make “French
pigtail “. If their length is at least 12 centimeters, feel free to
weave braids! Conveniently and the fact that such a hairstyle for
quite a long time retains the “fresh” look. That is, you can
do a couple of weeks, or even a month! Only needed once a week
wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Some types of French braid seem to be very complex, but
actually make them yourself is not difficult. the main thing
understand the weaving technique and practice several times. Tell you
how to make a universal “French” braid that can become
Great hairstyle for the publication.

First you need to carefully comb your hair, take a strand from them
in the middle and divide it into 3 equal parts. Throw the extreme
right side through the center, then do the left
part. Add a little loose hair to the left and right strands.
To get a spit smooth and neat, you need to try to take
equal strands. Braid braid to the end of this
principle, until all hair is woven, fasten the end
with a rubber band or stabbed with studs, twisted into a bun.


How to weave a “braid rim”? Such a pigtail is
a kind of French, lagging around the head and in appearance
reminds bezel. Make it very easy for this
it is necessary:

• comb the hair parting along the line of their height, located from
one ear to the other. • Collect the rest of your hair in a ponytail and start
weave a French braid from the left ear. • In the process of braiding the strands
Medium-sized, reaching to the right ear. • When will not
hair for interweaving, the remaining strands secure with a rubber band and leave
in the tail, or continue to make an already simple braid, securing it in
the end of the barrette. As you can see, everything is pretty simple, but so

Pigtail fishtail

two spikeletsIn appearance, this braid is serious and
intricate, so the question of how to do it yourself, many
may seem unsolvable. In fact, its very simple
braid, the main thing is to do everything neatly. Combing hair back from
total weight to separate 2 strands from the temples. Cross them: right
over the left. Snatch out from under the left strand of the new and cross with
right. We do the same with the new strand taken from under the right one.
We dock, securing the rubber end.

There is another option for weaving a fishtail pigtail, about which
we now will tell.

Before you start weaving, you need to properly moisten.
Spray curls or water and carefully comb them. Then split
hair into two identical parts. From the left side to separate a small
strand and cross it with all the right side of the hair. Do as well
and with a strand from the right side, connecting it with the hair of the left side.
Continue these actions until the hair runs out. Eventually
get the same “fish tail”.

Now you know how to braid pigtails yourself
(“French” and “fishtail”). With such an arsenal hairstyle you
the sun

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