French highlights – the pros and cons, photos before and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

To transform hair and to refresh a hairdress, without applying at the same time
aggressive coloring and brightening agents, you can use
procedures called “French highlighting”. French highlighting

This variant of staining is considered one of the most benign and
safe, so this procedure can be applied even on
curls prone to dryness.

What is French highlighting. History of creation

The content of the article:

  • What is French highlighting. History of creation
  • Who is suitable for French highlighting
  • Pros and cons of French highlighting
  • Step-by-step instruction for French highlighting: technique
  • The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • How to make French highlighting yourself, at home
  • What you need for French highlighting: necessary
  • Price at home
  • Effect of the procedure
  • Hairstyles with French highlighting
  • Hair care after French bleaching

This type of clarification is most often used on light and
light blond hair, being a modern delicate way
dyeing a certain amount of strands.

In French highlighting, paints are strictly used.
without ammonia. The hair after such a procedure looks
renewed, refreshed and at the same time natural.

Smooth color transitions of shades and discoloration tones themselves
are selected individually, based on the natural color of the curls
to create maximum naturalness and softness. hair highlights

This technique of highlighting was used not so long ago, but
Has already managed to be loved by both professional masters and their
customers for their beauty, performance, safety and
versatility – this way will beautify and suit women
any appearance and any age, perfectly and harmoniously fitting
in any style.

For the first time, this technique was applied by a French company.
LOreal, which developed a special coloring agent,
able to lighten strands on several tones.

Usually masters use one type of paint, and sometimes –
mix several colors at once to give hair
original unique color. Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Who is suitable for French highlighting

This way of clarification is best suited to representatives
fair sex with light brown curls, as this color is wonderful
combines with different shades, creating the perfect soft
contrast with the natural tone of the strands. pretty haircut

Such a highlight will look very impressive with dark,
light and red hair, emphasizing the beauty and richness
natural shade.

Too short hairstyle should be trusted to experienced
a master who can create a memorable image in the most
matching tones.

Can I do this procedure during pregnancy

Since during this type of staining only
a small percentage of hair, namely the outer layer of hair, and themselves
means are gentle and safe, to make such a melioration during
gestation time is not prohibited. pregnancy

However, in order to minimize the possible risks,
the procedure is recommended not to carry out in the early stages. Also
it is advisable to get a preliminary consultation from

Pros and cons of French highlighting

This coloring looks very impressive, giving curls
well-groomed look, and hair – volume. Soft care
lightening will be to every woman’s face, adding charm and


  • effective appearance of hair after such a melirovka;
  • visual hair styling volume;
  • refreshing image;
  • the use of safe and gentle means;
  • masking gray hair and rejuvenation;
  • proximity to the natural and natural mind;
  • will not create problems with regrown tips that you need
    constantly tint and adjust.



  • cost, especially for long curls, can be enough
    is high;
  • may not suit brunettes and owners of rich dark
    head of hair because a soft bleach can not cope with very
    dark color;
  • the duration of the event itself, which takes quite
    a lot of time;
  • it is undesirable to carry out such staining with excessive dryness
    hair or skin sensitivity or any damage

bleached hair

Is such a procedure harmful? Compared with conventional staining
or discoloration, the french method is considered sufficient
safe. Soft, non-corrosive agents delicately stain
strands, having a minimal harmful effect on the hair structure.
However, as with any chemical procedure, such shading
can dry curls, making them hard, brittle and
lifeless. To prevent dryness problems
Regular use of moisturizers and emollients is recommended.
Balsams and other care products for colored hair.

Step-by-step instruction for French highlighting: technique

This method of clarification takes quite a lot
time, and also requires skill, professionalism and sufficient
barber experience. For this reason, the best
conduct such an event in a specialized beauty salon.

As a rule, rather narrow ones are lightened in French highlighting.
strands of the face itself, and the remaining curls remain intact, that
considered a partial clarification. Sometimes only the tips are painted.
strands. Also, often masters stain very thin upper
layer of hair, calling it a classic version of highlighting.


  • thoroughly combing and separating the strands into
  • preparation of a safe ammonia-free clarifier using
    mixing the selected paint with oxigent in the proportion indicated on
  • staining of small fine strands upward motion, not
    reaching the roots of about one centimeter;
  • after the required amount of time means
    washed with warm water and mild shampoo;
  • moisturizing hair with a balm or conditioner.

During this procedure, the head is usually not covered with anything.
and not warmed in order to provide oxygen access to
structure curls.

French brightening on hair of various colors and types:

  • on dark hair. Apply classic look
    highlighting, discoloration of almost the entire top layer of hair,
    using dark shades of copper, walnut or bronze;
     dark hair
  • on the blond. Light brown hair is painted as
    separate narrow strands, and a full top layer, in
    depending on individual preferences and wishes. Shades
    can be anything: from light beige to caramel;
  • on light. These shades usually brighten
    partial highlighting, applying tones lighter than natural color
    on a few tones; light
  • on red. A rich red tint will play
    in a new way brightly with lightening of a small amount of thin strands of
    faces. Tones are commonly used copper or amber; red
  • on gray. Gray hair is well camouflaged light
    tones of selective highlighting. Tones can be both warm and
  • on brown. Chestnut curls refresh with
    using dyeing small curls in light shades of walnut;
    Brown hair
  • on curly. On curly hair a master like
    usually uses a partial clarification method, painting over strands
    medium width. Too small and thin curls on this type
    head of hair will be almost invisible; curly hair
  • on straight. Most often straight hairstyle
    apply a contrast partial lightening in soft shades that
    gives volume and pomp. straight

Preparation – whether you need to wash your hair before highlighting.

Wash head before treatment in order to avoid
dryness after dyeing. Subcutaneous fat excreted
sebaceous glands, help maintain elasticity, softness and
elasticity of hair, protecting them from exposure to chemicals.
The best way to hold such an event for 3-5 days
after washing the hair.

The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon

Cost may vary by length.
hairstyles, master hairdressing experience and choice
clarifier. On average, the price range for such a highlight
ranges from 5 000 to 10 000 rubles.

The duration of the procedure also depends on the length of the curls, usually
Medium length hair bleaching requires about 2

How much is the result

The effect of such staining is approximately 2-3.
of the month.

How often can you make such highlighting

This clarification method is repeated as necessary.
about once every 3-5 months. Accurate graphics
There is no refreshing hairstyle, as the growing tips do not require
constant tinting and correction.

Beautiful shades and colors

The range of colors and tones used during such a melioration
quite impressive, allowing you to match and match colors,
creating your unique unique shade that is perfect
suitable for the color type of appearance and natural hair color.
Beautiful hair shades

The most popular shades and colors:

  • caramel;
  • copper;
  • walnut;
  • amber;
  • light beige;
  • light brown;
  • coffee;
  • light chocolate;
  • honey;
  • cognac;
  • wheat;
  • all shades of blond and blond curls;

Sometimes, in combination with basic colors, they are used very
interesting and unusual tones such as eggplant, plum, and
cherry, platinum and pearl shades, creating a unique
stylish image.

How to make French highlighting yourself, at home

At home, this procedure can be carried out in a couple
hours, significantly saving money. Worth taking in
note that this technique has several features
which requires some professionalism, so for beginners
paint is best to pick up 1-2 tones lighter than your own
natural color. at home

Strong contrast is recommended to be avoided.

It is advisable to hold such an event in the open air or in
well ventilated area.

Technique of performing classic French highlighting in
home conditions:

  • prepare curls, combing them and separating
    small strands from the top layer of the hair;
  • wear a special dye cap with
    holes and gently release a small amount of curls,
    trying to grab only the outer layer of hair. Make it more convenient
    just using the hairdressing hook;
  • prepare the paint of the chosen shade according to
    packaging instructions;
  • put on selected strands with vertical movements
    clarifier, not reaching the roots of a couple of centimeters;
  • about half an hour to wash off the paint,
    washing your head with warm water and a mild cleanser;
  • apply a moisturizing balm over the entire length
    paying particular attention to the tips.

When carrying out partial melirovki according to the French scheme
Barber cap is not used. Curls are selected in
chaotic order and stained in a standard way from the ends to
to the roots.

What you need for French highlighting: necessary

For such staining will need first of all quality
ammonia-free paint, which is desirable to purchase in deserving
trust a specialty store for hairdressers.

Required tools:

  • the usual comb-comb, as well as the blade-shaped comb,
    designed specifically for lightening small strands;
  • coloring cap;
  • brush for application;
  • convenient comb for selection of small strands.

hair cap

Means used:

  • safe high-quality paint or cream paint
    without ammonia for clarification. Hue may be one, either
    some. If there are several tones, they should be applied alternately in
    staggered order;
  • oxide;
  • soft shampoo and moisturizing balm designed for hair
    after highlighting or staining.

What oxide to do

The choice of oxide depends on the natural shade of the hair. So for
the bright head of the oxide should not be more than 3%. For curls
Light brown, light brown or reddish 6%
a tool that brightens the strands by 2-3 tones. For dark
hair more often used 9% oxidizer.

Application Method

The paint is applied with vertical light strokes in the direction from
ends to the roots. Clear transitions are not needed here, so the movements
may be chaotic and smooth.

How much time to keep

Brightener usually keeps around 30-40 on hair

!Important. Recommended before use
make sure there is no allergy to this remedy, causing
small amount at the wrist or inner elbow fold.

Price at home

Price category for such staining at home
significantly different from expensive salon procedures.

So, using the means of average cost, you can meet in
900-1600 rubles, taking into account the acquisition of an oxidizer and

Effect of the procedure

The result of this staining resembles the sun.
glare, shine, or the effect of slightly burned in the bright sun curls.
French clarification that does not imply a clear application technique
and distribution means leaves room for fantasy and helps
create a unique image created individually for a specific
hairstyle, hair type and color.

The result of such highlighting on hair of different lengths:

  • for a short haircut. Partial or full
    highlighting is very refreshing hairstyle and gives the impression of jumping
    through the hair of light sun glare; short haircut
  • on medium curls. Lightening of this type
    adds volume and shines with a change in shade
    some strands; average
  • for a long head of hair. Long hair coloring
    adds pomp and gives the appearance of slightly sun-bleached

Lightening with the same tone on hair of different lengths will be
Some look different, but always spectacular, elegant and

Hairstyles with French highlighting

Options hairstyles with such melirovki there is a huge
quantity. Each type of haircut will look new stylish and
spectacularly after holding a classic french

The main types of hairstyles:

  • all types of caret, including asymmetric and graduated;
    short hair
  • elongated bean, as well as bob-caret;
  • cascade; cascade
  • ladder ladder

Short haircuts in turn usually have a pixie hairstyle.
or bean

Options with bangs will look especially fashionable with
graceful partial french coloring.

Hair care after French bleaching

To fix the result after such highlighting
it is necessary:

  • use moisturizers regularly as well
    keep curls away from hot air when drying and styling
    a hairdryer, from frost, bright direct sunlight and necessarily
    use softening sprays during the day, especially during the season
    heating when the air in the rooms is especially dry.
  • All means, such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, balms
    and sprays must be marked “for dyed
  • Products with aggressive ingredients in the composition, as well as
    harmful silicones, parabens, sulphates and fragrances preferably
    completely eliminate replacing them with safe soft
    care and cosmetics with natural
  • With a tendency to dryness, fragility or dullness
    It is recommended to apply nourishing masks based on base oils.
    coconut, argan, grape seed and apricot. With
    split ends of the oil can be applied neat to the ends

More about hair care after highlighting

French hair highlighting is unique in that it
suitable for women of any age and appearance. Lightening
small strands using a soft brightener, this technique will revive
and refresh any hairstyle, adding to the image of brightness and not changing when
This cardinally natural color curls.

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