Frequent highlighting: photo, price and how to do home conditions for dark, blond and blond hair

Frequent highlighting is chosen by many girls to create
the unique effect of the overflow on the hair, as well as give them
truly chic and well-groomed look. Staining technique has
its features, therefore, to approach the choice of colors and techniques
you need to perform thoroughly.

Frequent highlighting – what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Frequent highlighting – what is it?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Performance technique
  • Suitable shades for highlighting frequently for different colors.
  • Coloring techniques depending on the length of hair
  • Coloring techniques depending on the type of hair
  • Suitable hairstyles for frequent highlighting
  • How to make frequent highlighting at home
  • How much does a highlight in a beauty salon cost?
  • How much time is being done?
  • How much is holding up?
  • How often can you highlight?
  • Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure?
  • Hair care after highlighting

With frequent highlighting, several clarifications are made.
small strands

Frequent highlighting is the clarification of several small
strands. There are several varieties of coloring: it is
California, French, American, etc. Where you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Advantages and disadvantages

Frequent highlighting has its advantages and


  • hides gray hair;
  • allows you to change the image without staining strands
  • helps to return to natural without harm for hair


  • after the last coloring before highlighting it is necessary
    wait for a pause of about 1 month;
  • requires special skill barber, otherwise you can spoil
    head of hair;
  • The procedure takes at least three hours.

Performance technique

Coloring is carried out on a certain

  1. the hairdresser highlights the comb strands of 0.5 cm;
  2. under the strands puts a sheet of foil;
  3. a lightening compound is applied to the curls with a brush;
  4. seals foil loops in the shape of an envelope;
  5. after waiting 25-30 minutes, washes the hair with water;

Suitable shades for highlighting frequently for different colors.

  • on the dark

    Frequent highlighting of dark hair

Get a beautiful combination of frequent highlighting on dark
hair is quite difficult. Ideal for dark curls
there will be ashy or gray highlighting.

! Important You can consider options such as brown and beige.
colors and even coral, red and blue hues.

  • light brown

Frequent highlighting of blond hair

Frequent highlighting favorably looks on light brown curls. Can
choose natural shades or consider stylish caramel,
coffee or nut colors.

  • on dark brown

Frequent highlighting on dark blond hair

For the first time, highlighting was performed on dark brown hair.
Frequent highlighting on such hair looks elegant and rich.
Owners of dark blond hair is much easier to choose
the desired shade, since the color is universal and to it
almost all shades of brighter tones are suitable. Fine
look dark brown curls in combination with the “milk blonde”,
bright pearl, honey and light blonde color.

  • on light

Frequent highlighting on blonde hair

Frequent highlighting looks beautiful on light curls. For
such staining fit nut, beige, light brown and light blond
shades. You can try ashy, pearl or pearl

  • on red

    Frequent highlighting on red hair

Frequent highlighting on red hair allows you to revive the image.
Colors close to the natural shade will refresh perfectly
hairstyle, and bright – red, blue, black will add a little

  • on gray

    Frequent highlighting of gray hair

Ideal highlighting for gray hair is frequent
highlighting, it can hide gray hair and refresh the image.

  • on chestnut

    Frequent highlighting on brown hair

You can choose both natural lighter shades, and
contrasting. The second option will get bold and
extravagant image.

Coloring techniques depending on the length of hair

  • on short

    Frequent highlighting for short hair

This method looks good on a short haircut. If a
natural color is light, the image will be gentle and calm.

On brunettes with short hair frequent highlighting looks bright
and defiant.

  • on average

    Frequent highlighting on medium hair

Medium hair is the perfect option to uncover the entire
beauty and possibilities of highlighting. Long caret, cascade and
ladder will help to emphasize the dignity of this

  • for long

    Frequent highlighting for long hair

On long curls, this technique looks spectacular and interesting.
Hair gets additional volume and looks even thicker.

Coloring techniques depending on the type of hair

  • on curly

    Frequent highlighting on curly hair

Curly hair is the highlight of any woman. Highlighting
used to create natural highlights that are gorgeous
refresh your hair and give it a visual volume and pomp

  • on straight

    Frequent highlighting on straight hair

Frequent highlighting is a great option for owners of direct
hair, it creates a natural volume of hair and beautiful play

Suitable hairstyles for frequent highlighting

Hollywood wave is ideally combined with frequent highlighting.
Wavy hair creates a glamorous and elegant image that
suitable not only for any festive event, but also
emphasize femininity in everyday work.

Frequent highlighting looks favorably on the Hollywood

Babette combined with frequent highlighting will dip into the past, and retro
the image will not leave anyone indifferent.

The bundle and its various types are perfectly combined with frequent
highlighting. Such an image looks irresistible and memorable.

Also tails, braids, so-called “explosions on
macaroni factory and others.

How to make frequent highlighting at home

Highlighting at home is very difficult and
laborious occupation. Coloring can be done through
plastic cap, foil or with a comb. For execution
frequent highlighting is more suitable use of the cap. Caps
can be disposable or reusable. The advantage of reusable
caps in that they are more dense, thereby making it easier

Highlighting can be done at home

Required tools

To carry out highlighting you need special

  • hairbrush;
  • hairdressing or crochet hook;
  • cape or robe;
  • gloves;
  • brightener;
  • brush;
  • polyethylene cap;
  • foil;
  • tinting agent, if necessary.

What oxide to do highlighting

Before highlighting the house, you must
select the desired oxide

On sale you can find funds with different
concentration. Classic oxidizers are presented in 4
variations: 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%.

  • The preparation of 3% concentration will provide clarification by 2-3 tones, 6%
    – 4 tones. These compounds are suitable for blondes and light
  • For highlighting dark hair, oxides of 3% or 6% are suitable.
  • Gray hair is difficult to dye, therefore
    use mixtures with oxidizing emulsion 6%.
  • The most concentrated oxide with 12% of active substances.
    used for lightening and dyeing very dense dark hair
    Asian type. Thin, porous strands such a solution can
    hopelessly mess up.

Phased instruction

Frequent polishing with a cap

Coloring with a hat

  • Comb dry hair so it will be much easier to apply
  • Throw a cape over your shoulders or wear a bathrobe.
  • Put on the cap so that it covers the head evenly and not
    slid off.
  • Hairdo or crochet pull through the holes
    thin strands.
  • Wear gloves and prepare a clarifier.
  • Apply the composition to the elongated hair, starting from the parietal zone,
    gradually moving to the back of the head.
  • Put on a dyed hair package or special
    plastic cap to all the hair was in it.
  • After waiting for the required amount of time prescribed in
    instructions, rinse off the hair and apply balm on it.
  • Remove the cap and wash the head again.
  • Toned curls, if you need a different shade.

Frequent highlighting with a comb

Highlighting with a comb

To perform dyeing should choose a comb with large
rare teeth. Apply the brightening compound right on
comb, which alternately comb all hair. After waiting
the required time prescribed in the instructions, curls need
rinse thoroughly, then apply a balm or a mask.

Frequent highlighting with foil

Coloring with foil

  • The foil must be turned on 1 cm with the matte side inwards,
    creating a so-called “pocket” that is needed for
    prevent paint leakage.
  • Hair should be carefully combed and divided into 4-8 zones.
  • The first zone is painted first on the back of the head. From the hair should
    form wide strands, each of which is colored
    separately. For this it is necessary to select thin parts from the strand for
    lightening, the selected curl is placed on the matte part of the foil,
    so that the “pocket” was under the roots.
  • Hair should be painted from bottom to top, without touching the area
  • After the hair is colored, the foil should be turned
    sides and bottom to get an envelope.
  • In this way all the curls in the neck area are stained,
    then temples and crown.
  • After waiting a certain amount of time, the paint must
    wash off. Foil must be removed in the same sequence, below.
    up. Each part should be alternately deployed and neatly.
    wash the hair on it so that the composition does not get on the rest

Price at home?

The price of frequent highlighting is made up of many

The cost of highlighting at home consists of

  • bleaching composition – 200-300 rubles;
  • tinting agent – 150-1200 rubles;
  • paints without ammonia – from 450 rubles;
  • foil – 180-870 rubles;
  • hats – 100-400 rubles;
  • tassels – 80-300 rubles;
  • non-metallic capacity – 200 -300 rubles.

How much does a highlight in a beauty salon cost?

It is best to carry out highlighting in the cabin

The average cost of highlighting is about 3-4 thousand rubles.

How much time is being done?

Medium length hair coloring is performed for 2

The duration of the procedure depends on the length
hair. Medium length highlighting is performed during
two hours.

How much is holding up?

Highlighting keeps on hair until they
grow back

Highlighting is bleaching of strands, so it
lasts as long as the hair does not grow back.

How often can you highlight?

Highlighting is recommended every 3
of the month

Hair after highlighting is restored in about 3
months, so re-highlighting is desirable to do
after 3 months. It is worth noting that to maintain the hair
in good condition, it is possible to dye more often if regrown curls
bring discomfort. You can also re-highlight,
if the curls faded, and the color washed out.

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure?

It’s no secret that many women find that the dirtier
hair, the more sebum on them, and therefore less
damage to the hair structure highlights. But if everyone knows it,
Why do so many people go with burned curls?

It is recommended to wash your hair a day before.

The only reason for the appearance of dried out after clarification
Hair is a hairdresser’s mistake. Unwashed hair in this case is not
will save the situation.

It is absolutely true that the resulting layer of fat is partially
neutralizes the harmful effects of chemicals, but for
bleaching of such hair is necessary to keep the paint longer, so
as the fat layer first dissolves.

In addition, the master is quite difficult to work with dirty hair.
with neat staining fine strands. Maximum period
when you can not wash your hair – this is the day before the procedure.

Hair care after highlighting

Highlighting is one of the transformation methods that
impossible to do without the use of chemicals
damaging the structure of stained curls. In addition, any
highlighting requires re-conducting, which is even stronger
aggravates the situation. Hair can seem lifeless, sick,
and the hairstyle does not give way to styling. To remedy the situation
It is necessary to undergo a course of recovery procedures using
expensive professional tools or try many
home care products for such hair to find a suitable
for myself.

For hair after highlighting, you need a special

Highlighting deprives hair shine and strength,
so to restore the structure of damaged strands,
it is necessary to neutralize the action of alkali.

General tips

  • Wash your head with moisturizing shampoo, special lines are sold.
    “For bleached hair”. Due to the fact that such shampoos with more
    acidic pH (4.5 – 7), they are able to completely neutralize residues
  • Use after each wash special balms for
    damaged hair that is great at restoring
    structures of damaged curls.
  • Apply to the curls once a week a restoring mask,
    this will help restore the lipid layer of the fibers.
  • Do not brush raw hair immediately after washing.
    heads. Combing dried hair comb from natural
    materials (wood, natural bristles, bone).
  • Limit the use of a flat iron, curling iron or hair dryer.
  • Protect hair from ultraviolet: can be worn in hot weather
    headgear or treat your hair with a protective spray.
  • Regularly nourish the strands with oils (olive, almond).
  • Treat the ends of the hair with oils or other means
    which consist of oils or silicones.

It is advisable to choose hair care products for
they optimally cleanse the hair and do not overdry it.

Highlighting allows you to update the image without major changes.
Any highlighting is desirable to do with an experienced master, so that
get the desired result and eliminate fix unsuccessful

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