From antiquity to modernity – Greek hairstyles for long hair

Ancient Greece left a lot of beauty – monuments
architecture, exciting myths, beauty recipes and romantic
hairstyles that have become especially popular in recent years.

photo of the Greek hairstyle

  • 1 Distinguishing features
  • 2 Accessories will give charm
  • 3 Elegant styling in five minutes
  • 4 Bangs and tail – fashionable and beautiful
  • 5 Like a Greek goddess

Distinctive features

The basis of Greek hairstyles is the observance of the rules.
harmony, emphasizing the perfection of the proportions of the body. AT
the ancient world they also informed others about their status and social
position of a person.

ancient greek sculptures

Hairstyles in the Greek style for long hair is a volume, braids,
weaving, curls falling over shoulders, use
graceful accessories.

Dark-haired Greek women brighten hair, trying to be similar
on their golden-haired goddesses. For this they used various
funds whose composition is not known until now. Sometimes it was
plain rice flour, and on holidays – golden powder.

There are several types of styling, especially popular were:
the Greek knot is carimbos, it is based on small
strands that tied into a bun and strengthened low on the back of the head.


Meloniform – hair divided into sectors and
laid from the forehead to the back of his head, tightening ribbons.

hair melon slices

Lampadion – magnificently gathered curls on the crown of the head,
harnesses or braids.


Accessories will give charm

Greek hairstyle is feminine and versatile.
– it goes all, you just need a little
to experiment.

Looks great with hair styled using extra
accessories: tiaras, tiaras, ribbons and bandages. Daily hairstyles
It is easy to make at home according to the instructions, which shows step by step
all stages of their creation.

The first way:

  • apply gel or foam over the entire length of hair;
  • put on a bandage;
  • collect all the hair in a low plait on the back of the head;
  • Harness neatly using studs, put under the gum.

greek hairstyle with bandage

The second way:

  • strands are well combed, apply a fixative and put on
  • take small strands from the front of the head, twisting them in
    easy harness, take to the back of the head and skip under the gum. Ends
    hair remains loose;
  • then evenly take strands from both sides and skip them under
    the bezel until they all pass through it;
  • loose flowing hair twist into a bundle and remove under
    gum, or braid them in a braid – it all depends on the imagination and

photo hairstyle with rim

Even if the hair is not too thick, the Greek hairstyle with
bandage turns fluffy and voluminous. On its basis, you can come up with
and embody many options.

Tip! The bandage must be strictly in size
heads. The longer the hair, the wider it should be.

Greek hairstyles for long hair are often done with
rim on the elastic band. Headbands with elastic are the most diverse –
with rhinestones, flowers, beads or braid.

To master one of the ways of laying using the rim is easy with
using video tutorial:

  1. Apply to the hair skin or mousse.
  2. Split into a parting and slightly comb hair on
    back of the head.
  3. Put on the bezel and fix stealth on both sides.
  4. Take a strand over your ear, twist it into a light tourniquet and lay it over
    gum rim.

Gradually, all strands should be passed through the gum.
Laying with a rim or bandage implies a low knot on
back of the head.

Elegant styling in five minutes

If there is no time at all, time can be made attractive.
hairstyle, spending on her just a few minutes. For her
the creation will require, in addition to the comb, some hair ties and

  1. Parting straight.
  2. Separate strands 4-5 cm wide on both sides of the parting.
  3. Divide each strand into three parts and begin to weave a pigtail with
    one side along the hairline, adding to it small strands of
    top of the hair. Also do the other side. Pigtail
    should be until the middle of the head, the rest of the hair to leave
  4. Both braids stabbed at the back of the head with a beautiful hairpin. Pull them out
    edges to give some negligence and volume.

styling in 5 minutes

Then you can fantasize: leave your hair to fall over your shoulders
loose curls or all the hair to braid in a braid. And in that
In another case, it looks romantic.

Bangs and tail – fashionable and beautiful

Ancient Greek women differed nobility and grace,
in many respects this perception was promoted by hairstyles – uplifted
curls in a complex weave with exquisite accessories. For
The time is characterized by hairstyles with a tail that will decorate and
modern girl.

greek hairstyle with a tail

Easy to learn how to do them yourself. To this
to do, you must first prepare the studs, invisible and
accessories needed for work.

  1. Make tight and elastic curls and, without combing them, collect
    hands nape. Separate the lower strands of hair in the occipital region and
    on both sides of the temporal.
  2. The curls that are left in the hand, gather rubber band in the tail.
  3. Tail wrap it around the gum, secure with studs
  4. A few curls in the temporal part should lie free on
    shoulders, another part of the stealth invisible over the laid beam.
    Apply varnish and straighten curls.
  5. Loose strands on the back of the head can be raised and secured to
    bundle, or leave part of the curls loose on the shoulders.

Elegant styling with bangs, they are beautiful
look at the high raised curls or loose hair. Bangs
may be fluffy, smooth or asymmetrical.

With a bang

Stylist tips:

  • people with a triangular face are recommended to wear oblique, not
    very long bangs;
  • oblique bangs to the middle of the eyebrows and goes round the face;
  • with square features, it is better to wear a graded bang;
  • owners of oval-shaped faces are all kinds of bangs.

Bangs perfectly correct deficiencies, besides they are at their peak

Like a greek goddess

Wedding styling is careless curls that are securely
are fixed with hairpins or stealth, and as decoration
used flowers, rhinestones, tiaras, strands of pearls, stefani
(special mesh).

wedding hairstyles

For a dress made in any style, including rustic or
Provence, you can pick up styling in the style of ancient Greece.

But you should know a few secrets of perfect styling: for thin and
Sparse hair should use one large flower, for thick
shag – few middle-sized buds.

If the head is decorated with natural flowers – it is better to do
styling from a professional stylist to throughout
holiday look fresh and neat.

Of the variety of styles, brides are often chosen.

  1. To create this styling is necessary to prepare a hair.
  2. Parting on the back of the head, combing a part of hair
    in the tail on the crown and secure it with a rubber band or tape and tighten
    in a spiral.
  3. Also twist the remaining curls.
  4. Attach stealth to the main helix made on the crown
    and studs remaining strands.
  5. The remaining free tips to lift and collect in a bun.
  6. Secure with varnish and add accessories that complement the image.

Another version of the wedding hairstyle made with

Well done in the ancient Greek style hairstyle emphasizes
natural beauty of the face and helps to hide the possible

How to make hair at the prom with their own hands? Highly
simply! It is proposed to comb your hair as follows:

  1. Divide the entire hair mass into three parts.
  2. Lateral sectors braid braids, leaving strands over
  3. Pick up all the hair (with braids) in high tail.

greek hairstyles for prom

The remaining curls in the temporal part to make curls from the tail
form light curls. Decorate with ribbons, flowers or pins
with rhinestones.

Remember! The color of the material of the accessory is selected in
tone along or contrast, it can be bright or imperceptible, but
imitation silver or gold is always in fashion.

Hairstyles in the Greek style are multivariate – hair can
twist into braids, braid braids, attach overhead strands.
Use numerous ornaments – headbands, hoops, stephanie,
pearl strings or other accessories.

It all depends on the imagination and desire. In any performance Greek
hairstyle will rivet the admiring glances of others.

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