Full-length health: how to care for dry hair tips

Smooth, as if just trimmed strands, emphasize
health care and taste of the owner. However, more often girls
desperately struggling with split, brittle and dried ends
hair. You should not think that only those are familiar with this problem.
the hair is already dry for the entire length.

Beautiful healthy hair Actually lifeless tips
characteristic for normal and even oily hair: loss
nutrients and collagen breakdown in the structure leads to
loss of vital energy. Nevertheless, everything is fixable: mask
for dry hair ends will allow you to restore them, giving them
shine and elasticity.

With the problem of quickly getting dirty roots and dry tips, often
owners of long hair with infrequent or not
too thoroughly combing. To give the hairstyle more
a sleek look, you must comb your hair at least three times in
day in all directions: it helps to evenly distribute
sebum and nourish dry areas of curls

Everything for health and nutrition: mask ingredients

The content of the article:

  • Everything for health and nutrition: mask ingredients
  • Mask application rules
  • Video – mask for dry hair

It is possible to nourish the ends of the hair with necessary substances by
different ingredients, but the main purpose of the mask in this case is one
hydration and nutrition. The table shows the effective
components that can be a real cure for the tired and
dry ends.

Ingredient Act Application features
Vegetable oils Smooth, nourish, protect from drying out Olive, burdock, castor are considered the most effective.
and linseed oil
Aloe Aloe juice composition is similar to the vital hair
keratin – thanks to him, the tips will restore vitality
For procedures, you can use only fresh juice:
nutrients from it evaporate within an hour
Honey Thanks to the retinol contained in it and the B vitamins
provides restoration of hair structure
To enhance the effect and ease of use recommended
use in a mixture with preheated milk in a ratio of 1: 2
Fruit (apple, banana, peach) Recover collagen lost by the ends, thicken and
For the mask, it is desirable to use sweet, overripe
Colorless henna The chitosan contained in it will help make hair thicker and
In its pure form, henna is very dry, so use it to
tips can only be combined with vegetable oils
Egg yolk The content of amino acids and vitamin E provides tips
elasticity and protection against section
It goes well with honey and aloe.
Cognac It gives shine, smoothness, pleasant aroma. The component is better “revealed” in combination with vegetable
oils and lemon juice
Mayonnaise Contains oil, mustard, egg yolk – basic
hair revitalizing ingredients
The mask will act faster if applied “under the film”

The ingredients of the masks to restore the tips are mixed in
1: 1 ratio with the exception of henna and honey – their number should not
exceed 1 tablespoon. The main “enemies” of the tips of the hair –
curling and ironing. To protect curls from excessive drying,
on the ends of the strands before laying should be heavily applied protective
(in any case not moisturizing!) means and not to use
hot tools more often than one – maximum two times a week

Mask application rules

Regardless of the composition of the mixture for the ends of the hair should
use this:

  • Apply only before washing the head (preferably 20-30
  • Abundantly apply and carefully distribute the composition
    smoothing movements from top to bottom.
  • It is advisable to wrap the ends with a warming film.
  • After rinsing the mixture, the hair should be rinsed with herbal decoction.
    (from chamomile flowers or nettle leaves): it will add shine and
    help fix the effect.

There are no restrictions on the frequency of use of the mask for dry tips:
it can be used before every wash. And after 7-10
days they will please with its smoothness and noticeable thickening.

Video – mask for dry hair

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