Furunculosis is a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle,
which occurs in areas where there is hair and where
mechanical friction occurs. The cause of the disease
is an inflammatory node that forms around the hairline
follicle. Causes diseases golden or white


  • Causes of disease
  • Symptoms of boils
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Treatment of furunculosis
  • Prevention of furunculosis

Causes of disease

Furunculosis occurs when microbes invade
hair follicle. Staphylococcal infection under the influence of
Some factors are activated and give rise to
purulent necrotic disease. Main cause of furunculosis
weakening of immunity and short-term exposure
exogenous factors contributing to the development of furunculosis. Also
chronic intoxication, sugar can provoke furunculosis
diabetes, hypovitaminosis. Factors such as local hypothermia,
traumatizing the skin and its pollution, contribute to the introduction
staphylococcus in the follicle, and the development of purulent disease.

Symptoms of boils

At the very beginning a small
purulent infiltrate resembling folliculitis. In the following days in
The process retracts the entire hair follicle. Folliculitis is different
from furunculosis so that in the latter case, all the greasy
gland and its surrounding connective tissue. On examination, it is noticed
conical hyperemic node, towering above the skin. By
as ripening boils increases pain, swelling,
throbbing sensations.


On the third day in the center of the infiltrate zone is formed
fluctuations. When you press the tip under the skin, viscous
purulent masses, and the formation of a fistula is noticed around the hair. Further
the boil is opened and emptied. From it stands out
some pus and a small ulcer. At the bottom of the ulcer
there is a green rod. A few days later
the rod is separated with some pus and blood. Then
the ulcer formed after opening the boil begins
tighten and becomes smaller in size. Swelling of tissues
subsides, painful sensations pass. The ulcer is granulated and
a scar is formed, the size of which depends on the size of the boil.
The boils are usually formed on the thighs, buttocks, forearms and
face. In those areas where there are zones prone to
fat content.

Very dangerous boils formed on the face. In this case
there is a risk of injury to the site where it was formed
furuncle, when shaving and washing. In no case can not
squeezing a furuncle yourself- this can lead to
the formation of thrombophlebitis of the veins of the face and to the spread
staph infection in the internal tissues.

In some cases, due to the characteristics of the blood flow in the face,
the disease leads to the development of meningitis, meningoencephalitis and
sepsis. Sepsis complication is the hardest complication
furunculosis, in this case, multiple abscesses are formed in
internal organs.

In severe cases, several particularly large
furuncles located close to each other. Such a cluster
called carbuncles. They are deeper and more painful. Often
a patient with carbuncles is hospitalized, since inflammation can
penetrate the bloodstream and there is a need for systemic
use of antibiotics.

Untreated furunculosis on the background of immunodeficiency leads to
chronic form of the disease.

The chronic form of furunculosis is expressed in the presence of several
infiltrates with varying degrees of resolution. Usually inflammatory
The process is activated several times a year. In the event of
furunculosis near the joints inflammation occurs lymphatic
nodes – lymphadenitis.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of furunculosis is based on clinical
a picture that promotes proper diagnosis
diseases. Changes in the clinical analysis of blood:
the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) increases significantly, and
there is a shift of the leukocyte formula. Bacteriological
studies confirm the staphylococcal nature of the disease.
A bacteriological culture resistance test is also conducted.
to antibiotics.

Treatment of furunculosis

First of all, the treatment must be carried out by a dermatologist, and
Do not self Vishnevsky ointment. Since self-medication can
lead to undesirable results, aggravate the disease and
the spread of furunculosis. Vishnevsky ointment is used only
after the boil has evacuated and the stage has begun
granulation tissue. Also not recommended by yourself
prematurely squeeze the boil hands. This, first, leads to
infection of healthy skin, and, secondly, part of the rod
stays inside, leading to the chronic form of the disease.

Once the infiltration has formed, the skin around
treated with antiseptics: salicylic alcohol or solution
furatsilina. The affected area is cut off with a solution of novocaine with
antibiotics to relieve pain, and prevent
spreading infection to healthy tissue.

As soon as the fluctuation zone was outlined (the zone formed
a few days after the start of the inflammatory process), in
the center of the boil is superimposed salicylic sodium and closes
bandage. Such actions contribute to the rapid rejection of the root and
rapid tissue regeneration. If necessary (this solves
physician) furunculosis open under local anesthesia and remove it
content. Then the wound is washed with hydrogen peroxide and prescribed
dressings with drugs: synthomycin or
erythromycin ointment.

An important role in the healing process of furunculosis is played
physiotherapy: effects on the patient’s body
high-frequency electromagnetic field (UHF), shortwave
ultraviolet radiation (KUF) and ultraviolet blood irradiation
(UFOC) is used at all stages of maturation of the boil. Also
systemic use of antibiotics is necessary, especially in
development of the chronic form of furunculosis. If symptoms are observed
the general exhaustion of the patient is necessary to conduct a general strengthening course
immunomodulators that increase the body’s resistance. Actions
in this direction should be the following: vitamin therapy,
ozone therapy, reception of gamma globulin, autohemotransfusion and
general strengthening preparations.

Prevention of furunculosis

Great attention should be paid to personal hygiene: any
slight damage to the skin should be mandatory
order to disinfect and handle diamond solution
greens, hydrogen peroxide, betadine ointment. Required
change underwear and bedding regularly, keep to a diet
rich in plant foods, vitamins and protein, contributing to
tissue regeneration, as well as the exclusion from the diet of fatty, acute and
spicy dishes.

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