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Modern women from year to year it becomes harder to carve out
the time it takes to take care of yourself. Adjusting to
rapidly growing pace of life, beauty industry specialists,
invent different ways of helping representatives
beautiful sex transfigured in record time. Wide
so-called “lunch break procedures” have become popular and
opening in the malls of nail bars and studios
express pedicure.

However, regular visits to such establishments for various reasons.
Far from all available. And independent attempts to quickly make
neat manicure sometimes result in real stress. This
The problem was solved by the developers of the British company Nails Inc., creating
nail polish in the form of a spray, thus eliminating all possible
barriers to creating the world’s fastest ideal

lak spray


  • Lac Spray: fast and fun
  • Precautions still exist.
  • First user notes

Lac Spray: fast and fun

The company Nails Inc is known for creating numerous fashionable
trends in the field of neil art. Textured coatings such as
denim varnish, asphalt and concrete varnishes, as well as leather
Marigolds have become the most memorable and caused in due time
a huge stir among fashion-industry admirers. This time
the developers of the company tried to change the principles of creating
manicure and it seems they managed it.

Now you can cover your nails with colored lacquer or refresh your manicure.
without much effort, spending only a few minutes. Everything
thanks to an unusual nail polish that is not applied
brush, and sprayed like an aerosol.

lak spray2

This is perhaps the first in the history of decorating female marigolds.
product with non-traditional application method: for evenly
nail staining is enough to push the button spray
with spray paint can.

The creators of the novelty claim that their varnish spray is the most
A fun and fast way to create a flawless
manicure. In this case, it does not matter whether you are a master
nail art or new to this business. Spray paint from a can
on the nails, remove the tool that fell on the cuticles and fingers – and
Express manicure ready!

Precautions are still available.

Despite its ease of use and amazingly fast
the result of varnish-spray, applying it requires compliance with some
precautions. First, before performing the procedure
the surface will need to cover (paper, oilcloth), so as not to
stain with paint. Secondly, resort to using brushes in order to
protection of the nail plate and save the effect is still necessary.

In order to prevent the aggressive effects of Paint Can on
nail plate and achieve its even distribution before
spray applied pre-prepared nails should
“protect” with a transparent base.

After complete drying of the base, aerosol-varnish is used. Holding
a can at a distance of 10-15 centimeters, the paint is sprayed on
nails within 15-20 seconds. The duration of spraying depends on how
usually the degree of saturation of the tone that one wishes to achieve

lak spray3

When the varnish spray dries out a little, it is recommended to cover the nails.
(with the help of an old friend – tassels) finish varnish. And only after
how the final coating dries, the excess paint with
dirty cuticles and fingers can usually be removed with water
soap If access to running water is not available, wipe off paint.
can be a wet cloth.

So, it is clear that the lacquer spray is easily washed off with water, and if
neglect the finish coat and start washing the paint off your hands right away
after applying Paint Can, the manicure can be completely spoiled. Varnish
just as easily come off nails.

Spray spray lacquer is also an excellent solution for
updates manicure, made a few days ago. Spray
the contents of the paint can canon and on previously painted nails,
if suddenly there is a desire or need to quickly change color.
However, in this case it is recommended to use a finish lacquer.

First user notes

It cost only a wonderful varnish to go on sale, as here stylists
began to advertise the product, dubbed it the trend of the season. And in the network
showered with reviews, notes, descriptions and just opinions about the new varnish
those who have already tried out the novelty. As it turned out, spray
The remedy on the nails is quite fascinating. Some users
Networks claim that occupation can make even a solid lady
feel like a naughty kid.

But to achieve a uniform coating, “paint” will need
spend quite a lot. It is necessary to consider what to cover
Spray nails are better not in several stages, but with one click. Otherwise
there is a risk that the manicure will get stained and will
look sloppy. However, in general, the application method does not
presents no difficulty.

Meanwhile, there are some negative points. So,
For example, one of them is the fact that already processed
it is impossible to spray the other hand with a “paint” with your hand, since
the substance instantly begins to set. “There is a feeling
skin tightness – as they write on blogs and comments – which
growing every second. ”

Another surprise when using the spray becomes
the uselessness of a damp cloth that, according to the instructions,
should be at hand. Lacquer with fingers and cuticles she wipes off
– more smears. Manufacturers also to remove products from
skin of the fingers is recommended to use wet wipes for
makeup remover. This greatly simplifies the process and allows
Faster to create an innovative manicure – bright, but even and

Lauren Murdoch-Smith (Lauren Murdoch-Smith), magazine editor
Vogue, briefly and with admiration described the novelty: “Quickly,
but the main thing is fun! “. But will Paint Can Nail Polish remain
just a fun toy or will be the first step towards development
a new field in the cosmetics market, time will tell.

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