Garlic masks and oil for hair

Garlic hair masks are a great tool for
to quickly and effectively forget about problems like
brittleness and split ends. Garlic is not only
antiviral for colds, but also a storehouse
vitamins and a huge amount of nutrients that
Considering our environmental conditions, so necessary hair.
There are many cosmetic brands in whose products
garlic comes in, however most modern girls try
give preference to natural products. After preparing the mask,
cream or shampoo at home, you can be 100%
confident in the naturalness of the finished product. And the less chemistry in
the same mask or cream, the higher its effectiveness and

So, what is so useful in this product? pros
described below:

  1. One of the most important components that make up
    garlic is sulfur which is capable of forming protein
    (keratin) and normalize the very basis of the hair.
  2. Selenium in garlic helps in the absorption of extremely useful for hair
    vitamin E. If you lack it, they become dull, and very
    their growth slows down a lot.
  3. An element such as iron perfectly nourishes hair.
    with oxygen.
  4. Manganese, calcium and phosphorus are stabilizers of healthy
    condition of hair and their radiant appearance.
  5. Also, the composition of garlic includes 8 essential for
    body amino acids.
  6. The phytoncides which are a part of garlic are capable to destroy
    harmful microorganisms that cause hair loss.
  7. Vitamins help moisturize excessively dry scalp.

And of course, the main property of garlic is that it
increases blood circulation, thereby ensuring the flow of blood to
hair roots and the intake of more nutrients.
Many people in the early stages of baldness have
avoid this unpleasant phenomenon precisely because of garlic

Garlic masks

Garlic hair masks can be easily prepared
on their own. One of the most popular is a garlic mask.
with the addition of honey. It is necessary for its preparation well.
chop 1 medium head of garlic and mix it with 2 tbsp. l honey
(it is better to give preference to May and liquid). Apply such
the mixture is necessary for dry hair and keep 1 hour, wrapped around his head
plastic wrap and wrapped it in a terry towel. Then
wash well with shampoo. This mask is great
means in the fight against hair loss and activates their growth.

maski iz cesnoka1

If you have a problem like dandruff, then
it is necessary to prepare a mask of garlic with castor oil,
sour cream and honey. To chopped garlic head need to add
1 tbsp. l all of the above ingredients and, well mixed,
Apply to hair with soft massage movements. Then leave
30-40 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo. So garlic
a mask for a long time will save you from dandruff.

Garlic oil

No less effective for hair garlic oil. But for his
cooking will take some more time. To
to make this product useful for hair, you need a handful of garlic
cloves pour one cup of olive oil and leave
insist on a week. For greater efficiency, this oil can
mix with any other, for example, with castor or coconut.
It should be applied 1-2 times a week and preferably at night.
After applying, be sure to wash your hair with shampoo, since garlic
has a strong characteristic odor. Garlic oil, like masks from
garlic is an environmentally friendly and natural product that
truly saturate your hair with vitamins and healthy
substances. To kill the smell from the use of such funds, you can
rinse your head after washing parsley broth or warm
water with lemon juice.

Using garlic to treat and restore hair, you don’t
harm them, only good.

So choose which one is right for you,
Always stay healthy, well-groomed and attractive!

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