Gelatin Facial Masks – Gentle Whitening and skin cleansing



  • The effectiveness of gelatin masks for face
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Recommendations for use
  • Recipes homemade masks for the face of gelatin

Today food gelatin is actively used in homemade
preparation of jellied dishes, jelly and mass production of cakes,
candies, candied fruits, yoghurts, chewing gums and many others
delicious foods. But few know that in the distant XVIII century, Jean
Darce, a chemist from France, developed a method for extracting gelatin from
bones to feed the poor and sick in charities.
Today, this protein jelly substance continues to produce
from bones, cartilage, skin and veins of animals. That’s just his scope
applications have expanded significantly, and now it is not used
only in the food industry, but also in medicine, and

Rejuvenating gelatin face mask cooked in
home conditions, has an extraordinary lifting effect,
which manifests itself after the very first application of this
miracle remedies.

Gelatin face mask

The effectiveness of gelatin masks for face

The basis of food gelatin, from which they make miraculous
facial masks, is a natural animal collagen
origin. It is he who plays the first violin in anti-aging and
tightening properties of gelatinous cosmetics. He is without
residue is absorbed by the cells, where it produces complex work on
normalization of most of the processes occurring in them:

  • Stimulates the natural production of elastin fibers and
    collagen, which make the skin taut, elastic, young;
  • Deep wrinkles become less noticeable, fine
    smoothed out;
  • The contour of the face acquires beautiful, clear outlines that
    time erased – regular gelatin masks cope in that
    number and second chin;
  • Activation of frozen metabolic processes leads to the fact that
    cells start getting all the nutrients they need for
    nutrition and breathing – as a result, complexion improves,
    there are minor inflammations and rashes;
  • The surface of the epidermis smoothes out – the skin begins to touch
    remind silk;
  • Dead cells that interfere with the breathing of the deep layers
    peel off;
  • An incredible feeling of freshness gives invigorating, toning
    gelatin face packs, they dry the skin, eliminate greasy
    shine and control the production of sebum by special

This miracle of home cosmetology really works, in which
can be convinced by your own experience. Yes, gelatin masks will take
a little more time than everyone else because over
cooking this product will have to tinker a bit. But and
the result will be obvious, even stunning. Especially if not
ignore the advice of experts, take into account the testimony and
contraindications for the use of gelatin as a cosmetic
funds at home.

Indications and contraindications to gelatin masks

Honey is not only a food product, it is also an excellent product.
for facial skin care. Recipes masks from it you will find

How to care for face skin after 50:

Indications and contraindications for use

Given the basic properties of the mask with gelatin, it is recommended
use to solve cosmetic problems such as:

  • The first age changes: the appearance of wrinkles, the second
    chin that has lost its contour of the face, yellowness
    skin cover;
  • Black points (especially good in this case will be a mask with
    gelatin and activated carbon);
  • Loose, loose skin that has lost its elasticity;
  • Unhealthy complexion;
  • Oily skin type.

Problems of acne, acne, goose
paws “around the eyes is better to solve in some other ways, because
that the gelatin mask is not universal and even has a number
contraindications that, if not followed, can worsen the condition
facial skin. Do not experiment with gelatin masks in
following cases:

  • With dry skin that shrinks even more and can begin
    peel off;
  • With severe inflammation on the face in the form of acne
    and acne, which most likely require professional
    treatment, not external cosmetic disguise;
  • With open wounds, microcracks, sutures after surgery, injuries
    on face: active substances can penetrate through these lesions
    too deep, causing irritation of the epidermis;
  • The area around the eyes.

Side effects are always much easier to prevent than
eliminate. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to experiment.
with such effective, active skin care products as gelatin.
There are contraindications – it is better to choose any other mask, less
aggressive and more suitable for your skin type. If problems with
the use of gelatinous means not, you can start to master
scheme of its preparation.

Gelatin face mask

Recommendations for use

One of the most important steps is to prepare
directly gelatin itself, which is subsequently used
as part of the mask. Instructions can be found on the bundle of the product itself,
which is sold in any store today. He might be
presented in the form of powder, plates, granules or grains. Overall
Gelatin preparation at home
the same:

  1. Gelatin is filled with liquid in a ratio of 1 to 5.
  2. The liquid should not be hot: better than room temperature.
    or cold.
  3. As a liquid, which is poured gelatin, you can take
    filtered water (or mineral, without gas), milk, any
    the juice.
  4. The resulting mixture must be thoroughly infused to gelatin.
    completely absorbed all the liquid.
  5. After that, it needs to be heated in a water bath until
    until the mixture turns into a homogeneous liquid mass. Modern
    beauties prefer a quicker way to bring gelatinous
    mix to the desired consistency by putting the dishes with the contents in
    microwave for 15 seconds.
  6. All other ingredients are added to the resulting mass.

Gelatinous plates are prepared a little differently: they are poured
cold liquid for 10 minutes, then wrung out carefully,
placed in a pot without water and warmed in a water bath, where
they dissolve very quickly to a uniform, necessary for the mask
states. Starting direct preparation and application
masks on the face, you need to take into account some of the nuances that will relieve from
disappointments and enhance the effectiveness of the tool.

  1. As part of the masks, use only the freshest products, and more
    better – homemade (eggs, milk): they have much more useful
  2. After preparation of the miraculous mixture do not rush to put
    her immediately: first check the reaction of your skin. For this small
    the amount of mass rub on the delicate, sensitive skin of the wrist,
    which in case of allergies will instantly react with itching, feeling
    burning or unhealthy redness. If side effects occur,
    from the use of the mask must be abandoned.
  3. Before the rejuvenating procedure you need to thoroughly steam the skin,
    to pores open towards the active substances. For this
    just take a hot bath or arrange a steam bath for your skin
    on herbs.
  4. To heighten the effect, you can then expose the skin to deep
    cleansing, inflicting a scrub on it.
  5. The prepared mass must always be applied in
    one direction – strictly from the bottom up, starting from the chin and
    ending forehead.
  6. Avoid contact with eye area: under
    Gelatin can seriously damage the skin here,
    to stretch and lose moisture, which she already lacks.
  7. After application it is not recommended to do any business:
    this may entail the work of the facial muscles that will break
    the effect of gelatin on the skin. Therefore, putting a mask, you should lie
    on the sofa and relax (most importantly – do not fall asleep).
  8. The duration of the mask is determined by its complete drying. Usually
    this happens in 20-25 minutes.
  9. The most problematic part of this whole procedure is considered by many
    removal of the dried-up mask. This is explained by the fact that many simply do not
    know how to do it. If you go and try to wash your running
    water, the mask will only stick to the skin more and deliver a lot
    hassle at this stage. In fact, everything is much easier.
    Cosmetic sponge should be moistened abundantly in any dairy product.
    – yogurt, kefir, yogurt or the milk itself. Miss it
    Mask on the face, starting from the chin and ending with the forehead. Mask quickly
    swelling of the liquid, after which you need to take it by the edges at
    chin and gently take off in the direction in which she was
    initially superimposed, – from bottom to top.
  10. Now you can apply your usual cream on the skin.
  11. Since the gelatin face mask is always fast and
    pronounced effect, experts do not recommend doing it more often
    once a week. An exception can only be serious
    problem in the form of an abundance of black dots.
  12. 6–8 masks will be enough for the full course, after which
    skin should be allowed to rest from such an active action on it.
    Repeat cosmetic treatment will be possible only after a couple

Properly prepared mask in compliance with all recommendations
will help to cope with the pressing problems of the skin of the face and deliver
pleasure. You can try different recipes with
gelatin, to find the means that most fully
It will care for your skin type.

Recipes homemade masks for the face of gelatin

It is better to start with a classic gelatin mask without any
additional ingredients to look at achieved
Effect. If the experiment ends well, then it will be possible
vary the various components of these masks, leaving
unchanged only gelatin. All recipes are based on
cooking gelatin mass take 1 teaspoon gelatin

  • Classic option

Gelatinous mass, the instruction for the preparation of which was
stated above, applied to the face without any additional

  • Gelatin + coal

Face mask with gelatin and activated carbon unusually
claimed by those whose nose wings are dotted from time to time
black dots difficult to remove. One
crush activated carbon tablet mixed with gelatinous
by weight. Impose only on the problem area – T-shaped area
face (nose + chin).

  • Gelatin + milk

A variation of the classic recipe, when the gelatin powder at
the preparation of the main mass is filled not with water, but with milk. it
strengthens the anti-aging properties of this tool.

  • Gelatin + flour

To the resulting gelatin mass is added a tablespoon
sour milk (it can be replaced with yogurt or kefir),
a teaspoon of wheat flour (if the skin is fatty type). If skin
fading and prone to dryness, you will need a tablespoon of ordinary
milk and a teaspoon of oatmeal (for its preparation is enough
grind oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder).

  • Gelatin + fruit / berries

Gelatinous mass can be combined with a tablespoon of banana
puree, which is also known for its tightening properties. it
will enhance the lifting effect of the mask, and besides, it also nourishes the skin
moisture, preventing its excessive drying, and plenty of
vitamins contained in this exotic fruit. For
fading skin within this recipe banana can be painless
substitute with apricot, persimmon, mandarin, avocado, melon or
gooseberry If you are the owner of a combined / normal
skin, use kiwi, grapes, orange, peach.
The condition of oily skin will be able to normalize
grapefruit, raspberry, cranberry,
strawberry, red currant, cherry, pear. the main thing
– carefully grind fruits and berries so that they do not form
lumps in the mask.

Gelatin face masks are famous for their pronounced and
quickly tangible effect. For home remedies, this is rare: usually
results have to wait long enough. Advantage
gelatin also in the fact that it is able to solve a variety of
cosmetic problems that you always want as soon as possible
get rid of – starting with black dots and ending first
age-related changes in the form of premature wrinkles. This
natural collagen with rejuvenating and tightening
effect – real salvation for those who do not trust the shop
means, but cares about youth, beauty and health

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