Gelatin hair mask – lamination in home conditions

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In the 18th century, this unique for the first time was produced
product properties. But when the beauties expanded its scope
applications and began to use for the beauty of their curls –
unknown for certain.

But today, as it turned out, it’s not necessary to go to
a hairdressing salon and pay over 1,200 rubles (somewhere it costs and 2
000, and 3 000) for the lamination procedure, because there are
wonderful hair masks with gelatin, a bag of which (10 g)
will cost no more than 20 rubles.

They will no less effectively create a protective barrier from the scorching and
of burning ultraviolet, chilling frosts, sudden drops
temperature, chemical rain, sauna and solarium, chlorine pools
and corrosive salt of the seas.

Wise women understand that in that case
overpay is not worth it. Moreover, the reviews on home
gelatinous masks are much better than reviews for the same salon
lamination, the consequences of which sometimes have to
correct complex treatment with trichologist.

Gelatin hair mask

About the chemical composition of gelatin

Lamination is a procedure when on the hair
a transparent, dense film is formed, the main function of which
is to protect them from damage. What kind of procedure is this?
and for what it is detailed you can read here:

In the salons of this effect is achieved by chemical preparations
often burning the inside of the hair, and at home you can
do it with 100% natural food
gelatin, from which we are accustomed to make jelly and marmalade.

Homemade lamination of hair with gelatin became possible,
due to the chemical composition of this unique food product.
There are very few components, but they simply transform even the most
dull strands due to their high concentration in this product and
due to the fact that all these substances form the basis of healthy hair
and scalp in general.

After all, gelatin is a natural collagen extracted from bones,
cartilage, skin and veins of animals, which acts from the inside on
the structure of each hair, restoring it. Every substance in
The composition of this product is an employee of the invisible front, and the results
this work is simply amazing:

  • Protein collagen is the basis
    there is a lot of gelatin in it, it is he who creates the thinnest,
    a solid transparent film around each hair: enveloping them,
    it protects them from external stress, reflects atmospheric,
    chemical, thermal attacks from the outside that can inflict strands
  • Trace elements calcium, phosphorus and
    magnesium – three more pillars, thanks to which it is possible
    the wonderful effect of gelatin lamination hair: they help each
    friend absorbed by the cells of the scalp 100% and nourish the curls
    the whole structure, starting from the roots and ending
  • Niacin is the only vitamin
    contained in this product, but it is just that it is necessary for
    health and beauty of women’s hair: it is scientifically proven that niacin
    acid activates subcutaneous microcirculation, strengthens the roots,
    used to treat dandruff and hair loss, expands
    blood vessels, delivers hair follicles
    nutrients, restores split ends, moisturizes
    dry strands, refreshes cells, makes curls shiny,
    prevents gray hair, activates hair growth.

It is not surprising that the use of gelatin for beauty and health
Hair causes mostly positive reviews, because its chemical
the composition is so intensely and purposefully acting on such a vital
important functions of the scalp and roots.

It’s enough to make such a mask once – and you may not know
own hair in the mirror because the effect of lamination
noticeable to the naked eye after the first procedure.

Shiny, resilient, voluminous, thick, springy,
iridescent curls in the sun will be completely different from those
greasy, dull, lifeless strands that you have processed
gelatin just a few minutes ago. To avoid disappointment
from such a tool, be sure to take into account all the nuances.

About indications and contraindications

Gelatin rather intensively affects the scalp on
cellular level, and even the home lamination procedure is not always
turns out to be useful if you do not follow certain indications for
its holding. Gelatin hair masks should be addressed.
only in certain cases:

  • for hair growth;
  • from their loss;
  • with split ends and brittle strands;
  • for thickening, giving volume and strength to thin, weak,
    lifeless strands;
  • to restore beautiful color and natural shine;
  • if you have to work in hazardous production where the hair
    affect chemicals or high temperatures;
  • if you often visit the pool where water is treated
  • if you like to walk without a hat, exposing thereby
    your hair is mercilessly exposed to ultraviolet and low
  • if you are going to rest on the sea.

An impressive list of indications for the use of masks of gelatin
seduces you to try them immediately, but you have to pull yourself together and
pre-examine another list – contraindications and side

Among the mass of positive reviews on this tool you can find
and negative ones from those who did not get the desired effect from
such a home lamination. Most likely, they are explained
elementary carelessness and disregard just
contraindications, which include:

  • individual intolerance to gelatin is rarely detected, but
    it exists, and you should not naively believe that you do not have it,
    so be sure to check this fact before applying to
    hair miracle composition;
  • naturally tough curly curls after such a procedure can
    become even tougher and even begin to break;
  • be careful with dry hair: classic gelatin mask
    without additives, it is better not to use them, since they will
    look overdried, so be sure to turn on the maximum
    moisturizing ingredients – good, lack of recipes for
    today no.

Only consideration of all recommendations will allow to achieve a result, o
which is your dream. Sometimes one missing detail, one
a small nuance – and the great deed is ruined, there is no effect, and
there comes disappointment.

To make hair after gelatin really beautiful,
voluminous and brilliant, be guided by tips and tricks
experts and those who have already tested the wonderful properties of gelatinous
masks on their own experience.

Properties of gelatin hair mask

Gelatin Mask Application Tips

Gelatin-based masks differ from other products by
hair care is not only effective. Their cooking is more difficult.
So that the results could justify your aspirations and hopes, you need to
just be able to cook these masks.

Perhaps not everything will work out the first time, but, having practiced,
you will understand that the main thing here is skill, and there is nothing complicated.
Just follow the specific instructions and try nothing in it.
do not change.

  1. Gelatin needs fresh, so when you buy, be sure to pay
    attention to the time of its manufacture. For years caked in
    refrigerator powder, it is better to throw immediately.
  2. Add gelatin to boiled water. She must be warm
    or room temperature, but not cold or hot. Proportions
    fills all use very individually. Someone needs a thick
    mask, someone loves liquid. For starters, it’s better to take 1: 3, i.e.
    tablespoon of gelatin pour three tablespoons of water, and
    then, depending on personal preference, these proportions can be
    change in any direction.
  3. Milk or juice can be used instead of water, depending on
    recipe directions.
  4. Pour water into the gelatin in a thin stream and at the same time constantly
    Whisk the mixture. Need to get no lumps
    not left. This is one of the mistakes of many beginners: patience is not
    enough, the mask turns out gelatinous pieces that get stuck
    in the hair, interfere with uniform application, then it is difficult to remove
    – as a result, the entire impression of the gelatin mask is flawed, and
    no effect.
  5. To swell the miraculous solution, just leave it
    after kneading for half an hour.
  6. After half an hour, you can (but not necessarily) warm up slightly
    the resulting mass in the microwave (no more than 15 seconds).
  7. Next, enter the remaining ingredients. If you have dry hair,
    include egg yolk and dairy products with high
    fat content. For home lamination oily hair
    better to opt for lemon juice, egg white and
    low-fat dairy products.
  8. After the mixture is ready, before its first use
    Be sure to check your skin for an allergic reaction. For
    This experts recommend putting a miraculous mixture on the tender
    skin behind the ear. No discomfort in the form of itching and
    redness will serve as a resolution for applying this
  9. Gelatin mixture is applied to pre-washed, clean, not
    until the end of the dried hair, excluding the scalp and roots.
    Lamination applies only to strands and tips.
  10. In order to evenly lay the mass, it is better to apply with a brush (usually
    such tools can be found in each pack of hair dye).
    Combing with a rare comb will also help solve this.
    the problem.
  11. Final chord – creating a thermal effect: necessarily
    you need to put a shower cap on your head, and from above you can make a turban of
    terry towels.
  12. The duration of the mask will depend on the condition and type of hair and
    additional ingredients. Start better with 30 minutes, and then
    the procedure can be extended if you like it.
  13. Often do not need to do it, try to maintain an interval of 1 time
    in 7–10 days.
  14. After 15 such procedures, let your hair breathe and make
    1-2 months break.

Compliance with this manual will allow even beginners to avoid
annoying mistakes and disappointments in the preparation and application
miracle gelatin mask for hair.

Experiments place all responsibility only on you in
case of unsuccessful results. Pay special attention to the recipe –
very much will depend on him in this procedure.

Masks with gelatin for hair

Recipes masks with gelatin for hair

Experts recommend starting with a classic recipe,
which you can then somehow modify and contribute to it
variety, changing components of the facility. In these recipes
the dosage is indicated taking into account the fact that 1 tablespoon of gelatin
The powder was dissolved in 3 tablespoons of the liquid.

Classic (for oily and normal hair)

After the gelatin swells, you need to add 1
tablespoon of any balm for hair (preferably on herbs). it
the most sought-after gelatin mask that gives an incredible
radiance and brilliance of extinct and lifeless strands.


The swollen gelatin is mixed with the egg, which is previously
need to be whipped (can be in a blender). This mask is great
strengthens and nourishes the hair, allowing you to maintain the effect of lamination
for a longer period.


After the gelatin swells, you need to add 1
a tablespoon of preheated, slightly warm liquid, necessarily
fresh honey. Honey mask with gelatin capable
brittle, dull, splitting, damaged

For hair growth

A teaspoon of mustard powder diluted with water to
creamy state and then mix the resulting mass with
swollen gelatin. It is advisable to use this mask.
owners of greasy hair, dreaming of long, thick

For dry hair

Do not give up gelatin lamination if you have
dry hair. Just add to the swollen gelatin pounded
fresh egg yolk that will keep curls from excessive
drying and enhance their shine.

Many beauties, having just tried the gelatin mask
for hair at home, did not want to change it anymore
what other. After all, she miraculously turns hair into
thick, flowing, shiny cascade.

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