Gelatin hair masks – beautiful to be simply

gelatinThick hair from time immemorial
were one of the main criteria for human health. Woman with
luxurious thick curls emphasizing her femininity and
beauty, has always been the center of attention. Unfortunately, not always
thick hair can be inherited, and even with all
If you wish, rare hair will not become thick in one month. but
There are all kinds of tools that can strengthen hair and
give them the desired volume. One such remedy is
gelatin, which has been appreciated by many women.

Useful properties of gelatin

Gelatin is an animal product and consists of
from protein as well as natural collagen. Gelatin for hair
considered beneficial because it contains animal protein
like keratin, essential for hair to have
attractive appearance.

When using gelatin at home can be achieved
the same effect as in hair lamination in beauty salons.
The only difference is that when using
gelatin effect will last only a few days, but worth it
the procedure at home is several times cheaper than the salon

Beauticians recommend the use of gelatin for hair growth.
The content in the product of vitamin B helps to strengthen and
excellent hair growth. After using masks based on gelatin
hair becomes bigger and thicker, grow faster and they have
There is a stunning dazzle.

Gelatin mask – hair lamination at home

Many know about lamination of hair in the beauty salon, but far
not all women can afford this expensive procedure.
If you want to achieve the same effect, but several times cheaper,
Lamination of hair can be done with gelatin. Procedure
This simple and not take a lot of time, but the result will be

To begin with, you should just rinse your hair well with
shampoo and then soften them with balm, after which you can hair
lightly towel dry. After that, the hair is applied
pre-prepared gelatin hair mask – a recipe for
very simple. To prepare the mask, you must dilute the three
tablespoons of dry gelatin in warm boiled water (three
tablespoons), and leave the mixture for half an hour before
swelling. After that, hair mask should be added to the mask.
(conditioner) and dilute it to the consistency of thick cream.
The final stage of preparation of the mask will be heating it on
water bath for three minutes with occasional stirring until
final dissolution of gelatin.

The prepared hair mask with gelatin should be
evenly distributed along the length of the hair. Not worth this tool
rub into the scalp, as it may be a sensation of itching.
After applying the mask should immediately wrap the hair
polyethylene, and on top of it – a towel. It is recommended to warm
head with a hair dryer, without removing the towel, for 15 minutes. Thereafter
you can wait another half hour and wash off the gelatin from the head. For
maintaining the beauty and health of their hair, to accelerate their growth
and increasing the volume, the mask with gelatin should be done about five
once a month.

Gelatin hair growth masks

Gelatin hair mask, reviews of which only
positive, easy to prepare, use and gives
amazing results.

These masks help to restore the hair structure,
giving them the necessary volume and shine. Mostly such masks
shown for soft and thin hair, poorly holding volume. Besides
This is considered a very effective gelatin mask for growth.
hair, which makes hair much stronger, accelerating them

To prepare such a mask at home is simple and, as
it is usually enough to do it twice to make hair
acquired a remarkable brilliance and become more obedient. When applied
masks, hair is covered with gelatin, which covers
thin film, making hair thicker. To prepare the mask,
In addition to gelatin, hair growth is promoted by other
beneficial substances like chicken yolks or even black

The recipe for this mask is very simple:

Two tablespoons of dry gelatin must be poured warm
boiled water (four tablespoons). After gelatin
infused, you can add to it chicken yolk, honey and two tablespoons
spoons of your shampoo. Cooked mask must necessarily
Brew on a water bath for about three minutes because gelatin
must be completely dissolved. If you do not, then small
the grains can get stuck in the hair and comb them out
very problematic. After heating the mixture obtained should
cool to obtain a thicker consistency. Mask is applied
in the same way as home hair lamination,
described above.

Gelatin hair masks – recipes

There are some more recipes that may be helpful.
women who, for example, have dry or damaged hair.

Gelatin Regenerating Mask for Damaged
hair. One tablespoon of gelatin should be dissolved in
warm water and add apple cider vinegar, and also three drops of essential
oils: rosemary, sage, jasmine. The resulting mixture is necessary
mix well and leave it for half an hour to swell, after
what the mask for 15 minutes is applied to clean hair. Then hair
rinse well with water.

Gelatin mask with lemon for clarified or
colored hair. To prepare this mask should
dilute one spoonful of gelatin in boiled water and add juice there
half a lemon. The resulting mixture must be thoroughly mixed and
leave for half an hour for its swelling. Then you need to add to the mask
two tablespoons of your shampoo and mix again. Applied
mask evenly over the entire length of the hair and maintain an average of 20
minutes, after which warm water must be washed off.

Fortunately, not always “beauty requires sacrifice” and give its
hair healthy appearance, adding volume and shine, you can and without
special material and time costs.

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