Gentle highlighting – pros and cons, 29 photos, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Update your hairstyle and make your curls effective, glossy and
grooming is possible with the help of light highlighting. This
the procedure practically does not harm the hair and does not imply
a dramatic change in the natural color, so that
delicate staining is ideal for women seeking
keep your natural shade.

What is light highlighting. History of creation

The content of the article:

  • What is light highlighting. History of creation
  • Who is the easy highlighting and possible contraindications
  • Pros and cons of gentle highlighting
  • We select the appropriate type of highlighting
  • Photo Before and After light highlighting
  • How to choose the color of light highlighting
  • Cost in a beauty salon
  • Ways of easy highlighting at home
  • Suitable hairstyles
  • Hair care after light bleaching

The very name of this method of lightening hair speaks eloquently
about the features of this procedure. During such staining
only some of the outer strands are subject to change, and
the main part of the hairstyle and inner layer of the hair as
generally not affected.

The technique of holding this event is distinguished by
achieve maximum naturalness with smooth color
transitions and shades that would be beneficial to highlight and emphasize
natural color. Strands for coloring are usually chosen
chaotically, and the coloring composition is applied smooth strokes.

With such a clarification are often selected curls located at
faces. This is done so that you can gently refresh
hairstyle and give the appearance of brightness.

Light highlighting is done by giving appearance

Easy way to highlight appeared as
alternatives to classic highlighting when the strands were stained
from root to tip in the lightest tone. Width
lightened curls at the same time could reach 2.5-3 centimeters, and
now and more. The result of this method looked somewhat rude and
unnatural. A gentle way involves the use of more
soft shades that are selected individually, based on
natural tone of hair. Where do you want to highlight?

Who is the easy highlighting and possible contraindications

Maximum proximity to naturalness and gentle way
staining makes this highlighting universal and one of
the most practical hairstyle upgrade options that
fit any woman, regardless of
age, type of appearance, color type and style.

The gentle method of staining often looks like
natural light burnout in the sun, or light sunny
transfusion on the hair, so that the haircut will acquire a new
A look that fits easily into any image.

A gentle highlighting technique looks easy.

Contraindications for highlighting

  • allergy or idiosyncrasy of any
    the component used during this event;
  • damaged, too sensitive or irritated skin
  • severe overdrying of curls;
  • hair loss;
  • colds and other diseases of a similar nature;
  • recent henna or basma dyeing as well

During pregnancy, this procedure is not prohibited, the thing
means are applied the safest and softest. But,
It is recommended to consult a specialist and be sure to
notify your master of your condition. In the first trimester
pregnancy from any staining worth refraining.

Pros and cons of gentle highlighting

This type of staining has several advantages and undeniable
virtues, thanks to which he was loved by many representatives
fair sex and has gained worldwide popularity.

Easy highlighting has a number of undeniable


  • safe and delicate lightening method that does not cause
    curls of great harm;
  • natural result that will transform the hair and profitable
    shade natural color;
  • versatility: a gentle twist will suit every
    a woman;
  • individual selection of a shade and chaotic way of drawing,
    so that each such highlighting will be unique;
  • effective masking of gray hair;
  • visual giving the head of hair a pomp and volume due to
    contrasting color transitions;
  • in most cases there is no need to constantly tint
    growing ends;
  • the procedure itself does not take much time, as painted
    only a small percentage of curls.

As with any flashing procedure, this method also has
and some negative features.


  • high cost in the cabin;
  • the need to choose a highly professional master who
    will be able to not only apply paint quality, but also correctly
    select the desired shade;
  • will not suit women who wish to completely change color
    hair or lighten curls more than 1/3 of the entire head of hair;
  • the risk of overdrying or damage to the strands, although minimized,
    but he is still there.

Easy highlighting will help not only update the haircut, but also
give curls a well-groomed look, saving them from dullness and

We select the appropriate type of highlighting

The versatility of this method of staining allows
use it in various types of highlighting, so
You can safely experience the new color cast by painting over
just a few thin strands and see with your own eyes

Easy highlighting can be performed in various

Selection of the most appropriate type of coloring:

  • ordinary (classic). Classic look
    suitable for both dark-haired and fair-haired girls who want
    slightly shade your natural color and make the strands soft
    contrast ratio. During such staining the curls are usually
    lightened along the entire length;

    Classic look will suit all girls.

  • Californian. Soft light,
    reminiscent of natural fading in the sun, perfect
    owners of light, blond and brown hair of medium length.
    Most often, during this method, the strands that frame the face and
    several curls on the sides, maximally “feathering” the shades and
    creating smooth, but at the same time, contrast transitions;

    California highlights resemble natural

  • Brazilian. Brazilian method is excellent
    Looks on short hairstyles of all shades of light brown hair. Usually
    use several tones at once, which should emphasize
    base color;

    Brazilian highlights look good on everyone
    shades of light brown hair

  • french French coloring is better
    best suits fair-haired girls, as the colors used
    during this method, usually very soft and gentle, which
    may simply not dye dark hair;

    French highlighting is best suited
    fair-haired girls

  • shatush Shatush is a gradient
    highlighting with a smooth transition from dark to light roots
    tips The best result will be noticeable on dark blonde and
    chestnut strands. The haircut must be of medium length or

    Shatush is highlighting with a smooth transition from dark
    roots to light ends

  • balayazh. Balayaz is another trendy
    option gradient, that is, rolling, staining. AT
    Unlike shatusha, which often starts from the middle of the length
    hair, in balayaazha brightening often goes practical from themselves
    roots, gradually changing color from a darkish tone to light. Colour
    shag here can be any, but the length should be too

    Balayazh – this is a trendy version of the gradient

  • glare. The effect of sun glare on the hair
    This is achieved by lightly bleaching a few thin strands.
    The best way to carry out such a procedure is short or medium
    length hairstyle;

    Glare highlighting has the effect of solar

  • brondirovanie hair. It will fit dark and
    dark blond hair of any length. This technique provides
    smooth, gliding change of colors from chocolate to wheat;

    Brondirovanie fit dark and dark blonde

  • zonal highlighting. During this
    The way usually allocate any one part or the lower curls.
    Suitable for hairstyles of any length.

    Zonal highlighting is suitable for any hairstyle

Most often, the easiest way to dye, curls lighten the whole
2-3 tones, while the total percentage of bleached hair should not
exceed 60% of the entire hairstyle.

Photo Before and After light highlighting

The effect and the final result depends on the choice of shade,
the location of the selected strands, the base hair color, and from
most hairstyles and length curls.

Highlights on dark blond hair

Gentle highlights on light blond hair

Gentle highlights on dark hair

Highlighting on short hair

Result from easy melirovka on various haircuts
lengths and on hair of different types:

  • on short. On a short hairstyle such
    staining will resemble a sun glare. Especially impressive
    light shading on a short haircut with a bang will look;

    On a short hairstyle, light highlighting will be
    remind of sun glare

  • on average length. Gentle highlights on
    Medium length will look very natural and natural.
    giving the hair the appearance of sun-burnt hair;
  • for long. Long hairstyle besides
    contrast and new shades, will gain pomp and volume;

    With a slight dyeing long hair will get
    pomp and volume

  • on the dark. Dark tones will become rich
    and depth;
  • on the blond. Classic light brown shade will be
    look much more interesting and original thanks to smooth
    color play;

    With a slight highlighting, the blond hair shade will become
    look more interesting and more original

  • on dark blond. Dark blond hair after
    light clarification will change the appearance and adjust the oval
  • on light. Light curls will become even more tender and
    more elegant;

    Light curls with light highlighting will be more
    more elegant

  • on red. Streaked red color will be
    look very impressive and colorful, successfully shading the main
  • on gray. Get rid of gray hair, you can use
    skillful delicate staining;
  • on brown. Chestnut shade will acquire
    gloss and gloss thanks to a fine impregnation of light locks;

    Thanks to easy highlighting chestnut hue
    gain gloss and shine

  • on curly. On curly hair lightening
    looks doubly interesting and bright, that’s just the width of the strands in
    In this case, it should be somewhat wider in order for painted
    curls are not lost in the shock of hair;
  • on straight. Gentle highlighting will give direct
    hair necessary pomp and volume.

    Gentle highlighting gives straight hair pomp and

For each type of curls easy highlighting will be excellent
hair styling and look-and-feel solution
showiness, grooming and gloss.

How to choose the color of light highlighting

The secret of success in this type of clarification is the correct
clarifier selection. The tone should ideally fit a certain
type of hair, combining not only with the hair itself, but also with the general
color type of woman.

The secret to success in highlighting is to
clarifier selection

Beautiful shades and colors:

  • for dark hair. Cognac, chocolate,
    copper, bronze, golden, coffee with milk;
  • for light curls. Light wheat,
    caramel, baked milk, champagne, ivory color,
  • for red. Amber, copper or
  • for gray. Ash or platinum.

In order to choose the right brightener tone, it is important
use paint a couple of tones lighter than your natural. If a
I want to make the image more complex and spectacular, shades can
several used, but they should all be similar
color range. It is important to ensure the smoothest possible transitions from
tone to tone.

The frequency and width of the strands depends on the density of the hair and the desired
effect. So, for a thin type, a width of 0.5-1.5 is usually enough.
centimeters, and for climbing and thick – about 2-3 centimeters. What
As for frequency, it is selected individually, taking into account personal
wishes and preferences. As a rule, in easy highlighting
bleached strands do not occupy more than 60% of the entire shock, therefore
distribution is usually not too frequent.

Cost in a beauty salon

The cost of this procedure is set individually
depending on length, thickness and general condition
shag On average, a gentle clarification will cost about 3-4
thousand rubles.

The cost of highlighting in the cabin depends on the length,
density and condition of hair

Duration, as a rule, does not exceed 2-3

The obtained effect usually lasts for 3

Repeat this type of staining can be as needed.
Usually once every 3-4 months is enough, since there is no
need to adjust regrown roots.

Ways of easy highlighting at home

When holding such an event on their own, at home
conditions, you can significantly save and acquire skills
a real master of hairdressing.

Required items and products:

  • comb with sharp teeth and sharp comb for selection
  • ammonia free paint;
  • gloves and plastic container for the clarifier;
  • soft shampoo and balm for melirovanny hair.

After highlighting yourself can significantly
to save

Phased highlighting technology:

  • combing hair and using a sharp comb to separate 5-7
    strands about 1 centimeter thick in no particular order.
    Usually there are locks on the face and further along the whole head of hair
  • apply paint on selected strands with soft smooth movements
    bottom up, trying not to touch the roots. If you wish, you can
    use foil in which dyed hair is neat
  • after waiting for the required amount of time indicated on the package with
    dye, wash off the paint with warm water with a suitable
    shampoo, then apply a moisturizing balm or
    air conditioning.

Another option is staining with a special
hairdresser caps, through the holes which release several
strands and lighten them in the usual way.

Coloring is best done in a well-ventilated.
indoors, trying to work with chemistry neatly and quickly.

Suitable hairstyles

Kyubaya haircut will look spectacular with light

Almost any haircut will look very
effectively with a gentle kind of highlighting, but the most
advantageously, the following hairstyles can be emphasized:

  • kare. Kare any length and shape will be great
    option of a hairstyle with the subsequent delicate clarification;
  • pixie. The original pixie form will become
    more attractive interspersed with colored curls;
  • bean. Elegant bob will allow you to perform any type
    easy clarification;
  • ladder The perfect solution for long
  • cascading haircuts. All the richness of shades and
    tones will play a new way on stylish cascading hairstyles;
  • straight haircut medium length. Straight haircut
    very harmoniously complemented by light gradient highlighting in
    any colors.

In order to choose the most suitable hairstyle, it is desirable
imagine in advance the desired form of clarification and tone
clarifier. To make the right choice and not
make a mistake, you can consult with the master who
advise the best option, given not only the look and tint
highlighting, but also features of appearance.

Hair care after light bleaching

Proper regular care of curls after their clarification
is a very important step, allowing you to save not only
health of hair, but also brightness of color, gloss and silkiness.

A very important stage after highlighting is the correct one.
hair care

It is recommended to use as a daily care products.
Only soft, sulfate-free shampoos designed to
colored or streaked hair. It is also necessary to use on
on a regular basis, every time after washing the head, moisturizing
conditioners, balms or creams.

With a tendency to dryness, as well as the problem with split
tips, once a week you can apply oil masks using
natural argan, peach or grapeseed oil

Also, it is advisable to reduce the time and frequency as much as possible.
using a hair dryer and other electrical appliances for drying and
laying, as well as the use of thermal protection.

Easy highlighting will help transform any hairstyle, giving
brightness, saturation and shine to the hair, while maintaining
naturalness and naturalness. This type of clarification is suitable.
almost all the fair sex, and delicate
the impact of ammonia-free means on the hair structure reduces to
minimize all the risks associated with staining.

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