Gentle perm

Gentle perm curls angelSoft natural curls do not go out
fashion for several decades. Towards a woman’s perfection
resort to the help of beauty salons and independent methods
forming curls. Perm is one of the most
popular services. Beauty industry does not stand still? and
chemicals to create curls are also improving.
The formula “Angel Curls” (Angel`s curl) is a new word in the creation
natural curls without harm to hair.

Composition and properties of modern biowave

Composition called “Angel Curls” developed by Italian
manufacturers of tools that allow you to make beautiful curls of
any hairs. Keeps perm for 4-6
months. Then the hair begins to gradually straighten, but they do not
lose their natural shine and healthy appearance.

Many women who dream of having an angel hairstyle with curls,
afraid to resort to the help of “chemistry”. Everyone remembers what led
the desire of our moms to have a hairstyle with curlicues. A shag
becoming dull and lifeless. Hair after coveted
curls had to be treated for a long time. Modern composition of biological
Perm is radically different from the tools that used
previous generations.

The main difference is the lack of a delicate
Curls “Angel Curls” of thioglycolic acid and ammonia. Exactly these
substances destroyed the structure of the hair surface and burned through it.
Modern perm contains:

  • cysteine ​​compound;
  • structural amino acids;
  • plant extracts;
  • the restoring PBBS complex (Protein Balanced Bonding
    Solution) with plant proteins.

Due to the amino acids and proteins contained in
remedies for angel curls that are similar to natural hair
structure, the hair after the procedure is enriched with the necessary
substances. Vegetable protein molecules have a variable weight –
150 mw and 1500 mw. This enables the integration of beneficial substances.
in the hair structure. The curl turns out elastic, brilliant and

The advantages of chemical wave perm

Tools for waving before the brand “Angel Curls” need
It was used with all sorts of restrictions. For example, you can not
It was to do “chemistry” on the painted and weakened hair. Measures
precautions were to protect the hairstyle from harmful
chemical exposure. Angel biowave has
undeniable advantages and a wide range of applications, among

  • creating soft curls, similar to natural. Curl volume
    depends on the size of the curlers used in the process of curling;
  • the ability to do the procedure on painted, clarified and
    melirovanny hair without damaging their surface;
  • biocomponents, which contains a perm, enrich and
    protect the scalp and do not give side effects
    and redness on the skin;
  • no pungent odor;
  • The curls of the Angel Curls can be wound in
    any direction without fear of breaking them;
  • hair coloring can be done before or immediately after the procedure.
    Curling an angel’s curls allows changing the color and
    hairstyle structure

the benefits of perm with proteinsThanks to the gentle composition that
provides protection and recovery of hair, perm new
generation has only positive reviews. Repeat procedure
can be up to 4 times a year, it allows a woman to maintain her hair with
Curls in their original form for a long time.

For more effective work of masters the structure is issued in the 3rd
complete sets. The stylist can choose a tool with the formula
corresponding to the original structure of the girl’s hair
(natural, colored, clarified or highlighted). it
allows you to avoid mistakes in the dosage of the drug and to achieve
the best result.

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