Ginger – the wonders of the cosmetology of the East for your hair

In the East, since ancient times, ginger has been actively used, as in
as a seasoning, and as an effective cosmetic. is he
gives the hair a thick, shiny and healthy look.

Ginger Tincture, decoction and mask for hair with ginger –
India’s unique cosmetic discovery
famous for their luxurious curls.

The unique qualities of ginger – the power of hair

The content of the article:

  • The unique qualities of ginger – the power of hair
  • Nuances of care for hair with ginger
  • Effective Mask Recipes
  • + Video Cooking mask of ginger

Distinctive quality of spices – high content of essential
oils, reaching 3%. They eliminate dandruff, fight with
inflammatory processes, relieve irritation.

Protein and fats in this culture have a protective effect.
on curls, carbon tones them, fiber helps to activate
growth. The root of a spicy plant contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2,
effectively nourish hair, and zinc, calcium, sodium, iron and
Magnesium increases the vital activity of cells. Amino Acids Attach
grooming and shine.

Substance that contains, besides ginger, in very few
products – gingerol, which strengthens blood vessels, activates
blood circulation, which contributes to the acceleration of hair growth. Also he
has a slight lightening property and with regular
application gives light curls a golden hue.

Nuances of care for hair with ginger

Like any spice, this culture with the activation of exchange
processes at the cellular level may lead to too
aggressively, therefore without observing certain rules, masked
Ginger can badly ruin your hair:

  • Check for possible allergic reactions: rub fresh
    root cut skin on the wrist – rashes, redness, itching,
    a burning sensation on the continuation of two hours should not appear;
  • For masks, fresh (preferably) or dried root is taken,
    ground, sometimes juice;
  • The prepared mass can not be stored even for several hours –
    as a result of a chemical reaction with air its useful values ​​are lost
  • The mask is applied to a slightly damp, wet head;
  • A lot of rub in the hair roots should not be – it will cause
  • For ginger masks, wrapping cellophane and
  • The mask is washed off with ordinary shampoo after 20-30 minutes;
  • Rinse after washing the head can be normal, cleaned, thawed
    water, herbal decoction, vinegar or lemon solution (glass
    funds per liter of water);
  • The frequency of use is individual, on average: for treatment
    – twice a week, for sensitive skin and for prevention –
    once a week;
  • After 10 procedures, it is recommended to take 1-2 months break,
    after which you can return to the funds with ginger.

Universal Mask Recipe

The easiest option – before washing the head applied to the roots
ginger juice, but the masks have a much greater effect. For
cooking base means you need a tablespoon of juice or
root powder and 3 tablespoons of oil: olive – for normal
skin, wheat germ or avocado – for dry, jojoba – for
sensitive. Washed off after 20 minutes with shampoo.

Additional ingredients for masks

Ginger is great with other oils and products,
perfectly tolerates high temperature
Feel free to add heated components.

Component Beneficial features
Honey Food, strengthening, return of elasticity and gloss, treatment
Яичный желток Moisturizing, strengthening, nutrition
Lemon juice Food, strengthening, drying, clarification
Sesame oil Reduces sebaceous gland activity
Avocado and Wheat Germ Oil Normalization of fat and blood circulation, recovery
Olive oil Restoration, strengthening
Jojoba oil Reduces the activity of the sweat glands, normalization of metabolism,
getting rid of itching and irritation
Kefir Power, clarification

Effective Mask Recipes

For making hair care products
buy some fresh ginger root and grate it, or take
dry powder:

Means of dry curls

Honey and Ginger Ground root dissolves in liquid honey,
then added whipped yolk. Apply to full length.
Effectively restores loose hair.

Mask for the combined type (dry tips and fat

Lemon and Ginger Mix of a spoon of ginger powder, lemon
juice and yolk is applied to the roots, and the residues are diluted
honey – on the curls. Washed off after half an hour.

Means for fatty strands

ginger and butter The composition of ground root and sesame oil
must be consistency sour cream. It is applied to the roots for 20 minutes.
It reduces the productivity of the sebaceous glands.

Stimulating mask

Butter and Ginger Ginger ginger is added a little
vegetable oil. It is applied to the roots, the remnants – along the entire length
strands. Washed off after half an hour. Activates hair growth.


Ginger and kefir The root powder is dissolved in kefir,
add yolk, lemon juice and honey. Applied to the roots and hair
for 40 minutes.

Dandruff Remedy

Keren Ginger From fresh root, you need to make a strong
decoction, which is necessary to cool a little, rinse them
shag and leave to soak in, then rinse with clean water.

With the right choice of recipes and making a mask according to
rules, after 2-3 procedures will be noticeable result. Hair
stop falling out, will grow rapidly, dandruff will disappear, hairstyle
acquire luxurious density and volume.

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