Glue for eyelashes in all the variety for salon and home procedures

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Difficult in how to choose glue for building
eyelashes or anchoring overhead? For professional and home
there is a huge variety of uses and brands
this unique cosmetic. Do not get lost in it
This article will help you.

False eyelashes and long eyelashes for a long time do not go out
fashion They can be beautifully made in the salon of the master, and you can
learn this artless at home. So
or else, when you purchase materials you will encounter a problem
What glue for eyelashes for this
procedures the best option.

The fact is that in kits not very high quality is usually sold.
means. It is very small, it often causes allergies and generally with
copes with its function very mediocre. Here it comes
buy it separately. But for a successful acquisition you need at least
to superficially understand its types and offered on the market

What glue for eyelashes to choose

What is glue for eyelashes: types

Depending on its composition and provided on the eyelashes
Impact glue for extensions may be different. Therefore not
mindlessly take the first available product in the store. Everything
materials for eyelash extension in Moscow can be bought at

Irrational approach to the choice of this product may turn
by throwing money away, and the result is not
will satisfy. Figure out first
What kind of things are there and what of this
varieties will suit you.

  1. Hypoallergenic | glue for eyelashes – very
    A good option for those who have a tendency to allergies. but
    even he does not give a 100% guarantee for the absence of side effects after
    its use.
  2. Adhesive resin | different natural base without
    toxins, hypoallergenic. Increases invoice stability
    eyelashes to external influences. Easy to remove. But lays down too
    thick, often lumpy and too long
    dries up.
  3. Liquid | glue is used mainly
    by professionals. It has a high coupling speed. None
    lumps in the process of gluing. Dries instantly.
  4. Transparent | or | black | (in
    whichever do you use dark eyeliner or
  5. Water resistant.

Here in such a wide range is sold in the modern market
glue for false eyelashes. You can come to the store and buy the most
dear, hoping for its quality, and then regret it
illiterate acquisition. And you can first understand the types
find the best option for yourself and enjoy its action and
Functions performed in good faith.

Be careful. | If you ever
have been allergic to any cosmetics and you have
predisposition to this disease, be extremely
Careful when choosing glue for eyelashes. It may include
substances that cause itching, tearing, sneezing, and
eye redness. Therefore, it is best to give preference.
hypoallergenic product.

Overview of the most popular tools

One of the most exciting and pressing issues – | what glue
for eyelashes | buy it so that it is too expensive
hit, and differed excellent quality. We bring to your attention
overview of the most popular brands to date. These products
got a lot of accolades in your address, and also passed
many clinical trials in the laboratory.

  • Sky (South Korea)

Sky Super | – glue for false eyelashes, which
besides it is used in salons within the limits of technology of volumetric
building up. High-quality composition, liquid consistency,
no unpleasant smell. All these virtues make it
favorite tool among professionals. You too, for sure
like it.

  • Vivienne (South Korea)

Glue for eyelashes | Vivienne | differs convenient
fluid structure and instant coupling. Developed specifically
for professional use. And this brand offers
a whole line of eyelash adhesives with different setting speeds. Still
One indisputable advantage is hypoallergenic. And if
add and ease of use, the price it will not.

  • Duo (China)

Glue for eyelashes | Duo | – a hypoallergenic product,
which is deservedly popular, has already collected a lot
positive reviews. You can buy black or clear glue
This brand has waterproof options. Small bonus from
Chinese manufacturer in that it can be used not only
false eyelashes to glue, but all sorts of rhinestones and other small
decorations on the same eyelashes or nails.

  • IB (I-Beauty) –

IB eyelash glue (stands for
as | I-Beauty) – this is a whole series of luxury products with
different speed hitch and duration of wear. You will like it
its liquid consistency, pleasant elasticity,
super durability, lack of smell. For false eyelashes and for
extension procedures use different types of glue.

  • Mirage (South Korea)

Mirage glue-resin for eyelashes (Mirage) – one of the most popular
funds in this niche. Got love that is universal. They can
glue false eyelashes, use for building. Fits and
professionals, and self-taught amateur. Designed on oil
basis and consistency is very similar to the resin. Another row
advantages: as simple as possible in application, reliably glues,
elastic, guarantees high quality grip,

  • Ardell (USA)

Ardell eyelash glue is a very high quality and expensive product.
Differs in water resistance, hypoallergenic. Developed on
latex-based specifically for professional Leshmeykerov.

Which glue is better for eyelashes

  • Ag Beauty (South Korea)

Ag Beauty eyelashes glue is another series of products that
differ in thickness, setting time and wearing period
cilia. Hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive eyes, odor
missing. Used to build professionals, but can
used for overhead at home.

  • Lidan (China)

Glue-resin for eyelashes Lidan is a high-quality,
elastic, moisture resistant, odorless. Gives no
harmful fumes. Enough expensive. Used mainly
professionals for building and mounting false eyelashes.
Allowed for use with increased eye sensitivity.

  • Irisk (China)

Glue for eyelashes Irisk Professional refers exclusively to
professional means and is allowed for use only
trained masters. Such severity is due to the presence of
composition of a highly toxic substance – cyanoacrylate, which can
cause burning and allergies if used carelessly
product. Differs in good fight and water resistance. Within
this brand has another glue resin Irisk Planting Eyelash
Glue It is softer, odorless, does not cause side effects.
But it is recommended to use it only in salons.

  • Salon Perfect (USA)

Salon Perfect – latex glue for eyelash extensions. Composition
harmless, the application is simple, and therefore it can be used
even at home.

  • Macy (South Korea)

Macy is a series of professional adhesives. There is
the black. Favorite masters because of the quick coupling, strong fixation,
long period of wearing eyelashes.

  • Lash Adhesive (USA)

Lash Adhesive – transparent and dark glue for eyelashes. Among
advantages – water-repellent effect, reliability of gluing,
safety, no allergies.

Determine for yourself | what glue for eyelashes
better: Korean-made or American,
flavored or odorless, with resin or latex. Everything
the above brands deserve the right to be in this
ranking, and in your cosmetic bag. Some more secrets will help you.
make no mistake with the choice.

Review of popular brand eyelash adhesives

Criterias of choice

So, before you buy glue for eyelashes, in its main types
sorted out and even picked up for themselves a few options from
the latest innovations. After that you need to carefully study the information.
about those products that you liked at the pre-election stage. On
what moments need special attention? | Criteria
selection of | the best glue for eyelashes will not allow you
make a mistake in the acquisition.

  1. View ratings: what position does your
    means and is it in them at all?
  2. Read reviews on it.
  3. Make sure that the glue contains instructions translated into
    Russian language.
  4. He must have a certificate of quality.
  5. Find the expiration date.
  6. Purchase goods in a specialized store, and not with the hands
    or third-party resources.
  7. Ensure the integrity of the original packaging.
  8. If you are prone to allergies, choose only
    hypoallergenic glue.
  9. If you have to spend most of your time on the street,
    stop choosing waterproof product.

You will be guided by these tips – and in your arsenal
beauty will always be | good glue for
eyelashes, which will not fail either in the rain or in the slush and
always cheer up his persistent, long-playing effect.
At first it may seem very difficult to follow all this.
recommendations. However, regularly using eyelash glue, you
Soon learn to automatically choose the best product from
all offered in today’s market. But, of course, quality
product will largely depend not only on the brand, but also on
whether you know how to apply it correctly.

Alternative. | Many ask that
to do, if you need to urgently make false eyelashes, and glue under
no hand. Some sources give terrible advice to replace him.
the usual superglue. Do not do this at all! Otherwise, then
together with artificial cilia will have to remove their own. Yes
and the reliability of such a means is highly questionable.

Criteria for choosing a good glue for eyelashes

How to use glue for eyelashes

Of course, purchasing this product, you need to know |
glue eyelashes | correctly. Otherwise, you can go broke and
spend huge money just for a few precious grams
sticky substance, and then swear that false eyelashes do not want
hold on. Do not immediately sin on the quality of the purchased
facilities. Think better about whether you are doing everything right? AT
Do you follow the instructions? Check yourself just in case:

  1. Squeeze a drop of glue on the back of your hand.
  2. Wait for it to dry.
  3. Apply it with a special brush on the back side of the overhead
  4. Glue eyelashes with tweezers to the upper eyelid.
  5. Begin to glue – from the outer corner of the eye, while the tape eyelashes
    need to press down with a wooden stick to the edge of the century.
  6. Along the way, with the tips of your fingers, shape the direction of your eyelashes.
  7. During the procedure, look straight ahead.
  8. Observe the symmetry of the angles of inclination of the cilia on both
  9. After the glue dries, disguise the base line with eyeliner.
  10. Bend up the ciliary row with special forceps.

For each tool should go instruction how
correctly glue the eyelashes, so first of all study
her, because each product has its own nuances of application.

So if you’re a fan of false eyelashes or eyelash extensions and
used to doing it at home, you definitely need
have information about what kind and brand of glue on the modern
Cosmetology market is rightfully considered one of the best
criteria when choosing guided. It will help you
keep your cilia healthy.

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