Glycolic Peeling at Home

Glycolic peeling is a type of fruit peeling on
based on alpha-hydroacids. Among the modern methods used in
cosmetology, it occupies a leading position. Mechanism of action
glycolic peels are well researched and amenable to clear
prediction making it very popular among
cosmetologists and cosmetology clinic patients. With a minimum
contraindications and side effects, it is very effective and
gentle cosmetic procedure.

With the help of glycolic peeling you can slow down
the natural aging process of the skin, eliminate some of its defects,
improve complexion, smooth skin, remove pigment
post-acne spots and scars. He is also attractive because
carry out not only in cosmetic clinics, but also in home


  • Indications for
  • Contraindications for
  • Mechanism of action
  • How to spend glycolic peeling in
    home conditions
  • Post Peel Skin Care
  • Safety regulations
  • Glycolic Peeling Results
  • Possible complications

Indications for

Glycolic peels can be used at home as
permanent care. After the procedure, the skin is completely
regenerated within one week. Symptomatology is mild
and shows slight peeling. No serious
complications if all precautions are followed and clear
sequence of actions during the procedure. Glycolic
peeling is recommended when

  • hyperpigmentation
  • shallow wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • photo aging (under the influence of ultraviolet)
  • earthy complexion
  • low skin turgor
  • acne and postacne
  • oily seborrhea

Contraindications for

Let’s consider in what cases you should not do peeling in
home conditions. Absolute contraindication is

  • allergic diseases
  • facial bacteriological and viral diseases
    of character
  • skin damage (scratches, abrasions)
  • presence of rosacea, rosacea
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • owners of dry, problem and combination skin do not
    It is recommended to carry out the procedure at home. In that
    case there is a possibility of incorrect selection of interest
    glycolic acid concentrations. It is better to carry out the procedure in
    beauty salon at an experienced cosmetologist

It is not necessary to conduct peeling in the hot season. Favorable
the time for it is late autumn, winter, early spring.

Mechanism of action

Glycolic acid refers to alpha-hydroxy acids (natural
fruit acids). It is found in oranges, pineapples,
grapes, sugar cane, sugar beets. Get it
mainly from sugarcane. Due to low molecular
mass glycolic acid easily passes through the transepidermal
barrier, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, the procedures on
it is based on the most effective exfoliating,
stimulating and antioxidant action.

The spectrum of effects on the skin of glycolic acid is very wide.
due to the effective combinations of ingredients in the composition of the peeling
means. This allows you to work on a particular problem.
maximally take into account individual characteristics
the patient. When applying glycolic acid to the skin,
chemical reactions releasing keratinocytes. Eliminated old
dead cells and new ones appear. Some time after
the rehabilitation period, the skin becomes young bright and

How to spend glycolic peeling in
home conditions

The main condition for successful peeling at home
conditions – an early consultation with a cosmetologist. Doctor
assign a scheme of cosmetology manipulations, talk about the nuances
carrying out exfoliation and possible complications.

A week before the proposed procedure should begin
skin preparation. The face gets greased every morning during the week.
a special tool based on fruit acids, and before
sleep is cleaned by cosmetics based on the same organic
compounds. These are necessary measures for better portability.
drugs with a higher percentage of glycolic acid.

How to peel at home

Home Glycolic Peeling
can even be used in normal condition
permanent care.

Before the procedure, clean the skin of the face. Desirable
so that makeup removers contain glycolic
acid. It is also a step-by-step procedure for skin preparation.
to exfoliation.

The first step with direct peeling – lubrication
skin is a weak percentage of glycolic acid. Then put on the skin
the main high-grade gel with a special fan brush
massage lines in the following order: forehead, temples, nose, cheeks,
chin. During the procedure, a slight tingling sensation may be felt.
redness of the skin. Do not be afraid, because it is normal
reaction indicating the peeling process. Symptoms can be
neutralize by sending a stream of cold air to the skin. AT
home conditions for this purpose you can use a fan or

The next phase is neutralization of the main gel.

Attention! Do not flush glycolic acid under any circumstances.
water This can cause severe burns to the face. Acid
neutralized only with a special liquid. Only after
this can use water. Neutralizing fluid carefully
washed with plenty of water. If in some areas of the skin
there is still a burning sensation then reuse the neutralizing

If the burning becomes unbearable, then the mask is better.
remove. Perhaps the concentration was not quite well matched.
glycolic acid. If no discomfort is observed, the procedure
maintained in the same tempo.

Then put a post-peeling mask on a well-cleaned face. She is
soothes the skin and also provides it with the necessary nutrients.
The mask is held on the face for 10 minutes and then washed off with cool water.

The use of moisturizing cream after exfoliation is
a necessary condition for the procedure, since exposure to a chemical
Agents are aggressive and stressful to the skin.
with all its subsequent beneficial effects. Moisturizing cream
possesses a high regenerating property and contributes to the rapid
restoration of skin structures.

Post Peel Skin Care

It is very important to follow some skin care rules in
post peeling period.

  • not worth sunbathing or just under direct solar
    rays. They can worsen the skin condition and negate the effect of
    the procedure performed
  • should refrain from visiting the bath and sauna in the period
    skin regeneration
  • within two weeks do not apply decorative makeup on
  • do not forget to use protective and restoring
    post peeling masks and creams
  • be seen by a beautician and inform him of the slightest

Compliance with these rules and measures will help restore the skin for
short period.

Safety regulations

It is necessary to observe some recommendations at the use
glycolic acid at home since it is enough
caustic chemical.

  • gently apply the chemical composition on the face, avoiding the skin
    around eyes. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, therefore it is very
    easily injured and difficult to recover.
  • avoid acid in eyes
  • it is very dangerous to use glycolic acid for a week,
    after relaxing on the beach. Sunburn for skin stress, untimely
    peeling will be double stress. It is fraught with
    the occurrence of burns that are able to leave on the skin
  • immediately before the procedure is applied to the inner
    elbow bend some amount of acid to make sure
    no allergic reaction.
  • it is not necessary to carry out the procedure in case of illness, even with a light
  • wear protective gloves during the procedure
  • wash hands thoroughly after the procedure

Glycolic Peeling Results

Positive results of glycolic peeling are visible after the first
same procedure. The first positive sign is color improvement.
faces. It becomes fresh, smooth with good relief. After
course of procedures, the observed effect becomes even
more noticeable.

Peeling results

The procedure is carried out every 7-10 days. Course
makes 10-14 sessions. You can use separate
means or purchase a complete set of face care,
which includes glycolic acid for home

  • fine wrinkles are smoothed
  • Collagen synthesis improves
  • traces of acne disappear
  • shine is eliminated
  • pigment spots disappear

A number of procedures are recommended by a beautician, and
are set according to the goals that are required to achieve. For
To improve the complexion and structure of the skin, 2-3 sessions are needed with
week break. To eliminate fine wrinkles and other defects
skin needs a longer course. Number and
The intensity of the procedures depends on the type of skin. Recommended
to peel at home for 3-5 months with
at intervals of 7-10 days.

Possible complications

Home glycolic peels can sometimes lead to some
complications, even in the absence of clear contraindications to its
conduct. This happens only in cases where it was violated.
stepwise procedure or incorrectly chosen
acid concentration. In these cases, the skin remains hyperemic.
longer time, peeling has abundant character,
brown crusts with difficulty moving away.

In the first week after exfoliation is not excluded the appearance
bacterial infection (staphylococcal or streptococcal)
occurs during the treatment of acne, with improper care
skin in the post peeling period.

In the later period, the appearance of extensive pigmentation is possible.
This complication usually occurs in individuals prone to education.
pigment spots. Tartarine glycolic acid penetration
deeper layers of skin. This kind of complication arises extremely
rarely depend directly on individual tolerance

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