Glyoxylic acid hair straightening – pros and cons, reviews and care after straightening

The beauty industry has invented many procedures for girls,
thanks to which you can look gorgeous for long
months without spending precious time on makeup and styling. To such
procedures can also include glyoxyl hair straightening. What is it
is it? Who is suitable? How effective is it! Read in this

What it is?

The content of the article:

  • What it is?
  • For which hair is the procedure, pros and cons
  • Results and effect after the procedure, photo before and after
  • Price in the cabin
  • Reviews
  • How is being done at home?
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Surprisingly, glyoxylic acid is familiar to most of us.
from early childhood. Admit, have you ever picked an apple or
cherries from a branch ahead of time, while adults do not see? It is she who gives
unripe fruits and berries such a pronounced sour taste, from
whose cheekbones reduce. However, in the world of cosmetic products for
hair straightening about the beneficial properties of this acid learned
relatively recently.

Correct straightening

To understand how glyoxylic acid works on hair,
It is worth turning to the classic permanent straightening.
Chemical reagent, penetrating under the cortex, destroys the so-called
“disulfide bridges”. Protein chain in the hair structure
torn and it becomes straight and smooth but damaged and

Glyoxylic acid does not destroy the “disulfide bridge” but only
stretches it, deforming in the right direction, that is,
straightens curly strand.

Note! Glyoxylic acid creates
inside the hair a positive charge that causes the scales
fit snugly to the rod, thereby retaining moisture and nutrient

Strands become shiny, smooth and well-groomed and look
as if they were always straight. Where do you want to do
glyoxylic straightening? In the salonHouses

For which hair is the procedure, pros and cons

When to use

The glyoxylic leveling procedure is designed for you if your
the hair corresponds to at least one of the following parameters:

  • curly
  • curly;
  • porous;
  • dehydrated;
  • damaged by improper care or multiple

As for the advantages and disadvantages, they are as follows:


  • There are no toxic chemicals and harsh fragrances – this is
    makes the procedure safe and comfortable for the client.
  • No need to change shampoo – in most cases, the master
    will advise you to purchase shampoo marked “without SLS”. In case of
    glyoxylic acid need to change the habitual and beloved
    means for something else not. Hair will be fine.
  • You can do hairstyles after you leave
    salon. No more bans on rubber bands, studs and headbands,
    Gather your hair in a comfortable tail or stab your bangs if she
    interferes in windy weather. The effect of the procedure will not disappear!
  • Price does not hit the price. This applies to both customers.
    salon, and the salon itself that buys professional



  • May not suit bleached blondes. If a shag
    has been clarified so many times, the “disulfide bridges” have already
    badly damaged. Glyoxylic acid hair can
    stretch out twice, like a chewing gum, become thin and fragile. Exactly
    therefore, it is highly recommended to go through the procedure
    testing on one strand.

Results and effect after the procedure, photo before and after

As soon as the hairdresser finishes working on your hair, you
notice that your hair has become:

  • More direct and smooth – the difference is especially noticeable
    curly and porous hair.
  • Moisturized and elastic – nice to hold through your hair
    hand – they are soft, heavy and pleasant to the touch.
  • Smooth and shiny – curls shimmer in the sun and
    Look healthy and well maintained.

Reference! Glyoxyl rectification prevents
negative environmental effects, hot air,
Chlorinated water and high humidity.

How, what and how much time is glyoxyl

Your hair will be perfectly manageable and smooth after you
go through the following 4 steps:

  1. deep cleansing;
  2. straightening hair rods;
  3. nutrient activation;
  4. fixation of the achieved result.

How much to keep

At the moment, most salons use the line “Glyoxy
Sleek Hair “from the manufacturer KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL.

The kit includes the following products:

  • PreShampoo Precleaning Shampoo –
    intended for salon use, as it contains many
    alkali in the composition. Also included are components such as
    panthenol and liquid keratin – they restructure the hair shaft,
    saturating it with moisture and retaining its elasticity.
  • Cream Straightener “Straightening Cream” – levels,
    softens and restores curls. Active ingredients –
    glyoxylic acid, black caviar extract and panthenol.
  • Finishing mask “Sealing Mask” – seals
    moisture inside the rod, ensuring the preservation of smoothness for a long time.
    The active ingredient is organic shea butter.

The steps of the straightening procedure are as follows:

  • Training. At this stage, the wizard thoroughly cleans
    shag and scalp shampoo.
  • Straightening. Hairdresser distributes clean and slightly
    moisturizing hair straightening cream, blow-dry, actively
    cycling brushing.
  • Activation. To keep your hair shape for a long time,
    the master pulls them with a curling iron, carefully processing the strand behind
    a strand.
  • Fixation – it now remains to fix the effect and sate
    curls with beneficial substances. The hairdresser applies a mask on the hair,
    maintains the necessary time (varies depending on
    manufacturer) and washes with water without the use of shampoo. After hair
    are dried by the hair dryer in cold air mode and carried out


Price in the cabin

Prices vary greatly by region, salon
beauty, qualifications of the master and purchased funds. Average
The cost of the procedure is 5,000 rubles and more.


Several reviews from |

How is being done at home?

If you decide to perform the procedure at home, then follow the same steps.
the steps that a specialist performs in a beauty salon. And to effect you
Do not disappoint, follow these rules:

  • The room should be warm and dry, as cold
    air and drafts greatly slow down the work of acids.
  • Do not use the product if the integrity of the packaging was
    violated or expired. It is impossible to predict how
    the drug will behave if processes begin inside the tube
  • Do not violate the instructions. The most obvious, but the most
    important rule. The composition can not be overdone on the hair or rinse
    ahead of time. The order of products to change is unacceptable.

Reference! Use ceramic-coated curling iron
thermal switching. So you can better control
straightening process.

Hair care after the procedure

As mentioned earlier, the procedure does not require any
specific hair care. You can leave all the usual
care products and even hair accessories. The main rule is
monitor your health and regularly use moisturizers

How to care

Analogs and similar procedures

The result is similar to the effect of glyoxyl straightening
following procedures:

  • Nanoplasty;
  • Happiness for hair;
  • Brazilian straightening;
  • Japanese straightening.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

How often do you need to do the procedure and how much
holding on?

The effect of the procedure lasts for 4 months, however
straightening can be repeated more often. You can enroll in the salon
as soon as you feel your hair return to
original look.

Is it possible to do glyoxylic hair straightening at

There is no direct ban on the procedure, but in order to avoid
negative consequences, it is better to first consult with
a doctor.


Glyoxyl straightening is a novelty for the CIS countries. Now
you can straighten your hair and not think about how much you have to
change habitual beauty rituals and look for a replacement for habitual
shampoos, masks and balms.

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