Good haircut on a good day!

favorable days for haircutsFor many hike in
hair salon is a very important step, despite the fact that
haircut event is fairly regular. None
however, many girls are worried about putting their hair in their hands
masters, after all one careless movement is quite
enough to spoil the overall impression not only from
hairstyles, but also from the appearance in general. Therefore, many are trying
choose favorable days for hair cutting.

In general, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of hair in a person’s life. Not
to mention that a number of physiological
functions such as thermoregulation, body defense, etc., hair
– a significant part of our body in terms of psychological
state and social environment. Today we are very hairstyle
we can often determine the age, level of intelligence, social
position, character and mood of a person on a given day.

Through the hair a person can assert himself and present himself
in society. It may even depend on the hairstyle, we will have a good
day or not. But for a hairstyle to bring joy, it is important to determine
auspicious day for haircuts to protect yourself from
unnecessary surprises.

Do not be afraid to go to the hairdresser, because at the tips of hair
all negative energy accumulates from which you cannot
get rid of. In this case, you probably know that the haircut should not
to be done personally since it will not give way out
accumulated negative. Haircut must be done by another person.
and at the right time. To the question how to determine successful days for
haircuts, we will try to answer below.

By the day of the week

There are several approaches to how to choose a favorable one.
day for a haircut. First of all let’s consider auspicious
day for haircuts depending on the day of the week.

Monday is a very good day for anyone.
hair related changes. That is the very beginning of the week –
A great time to dye your hair or for a haircut. By changing
hairstyle on this day, you will feel rid of negative
emotions, as well as be able to leave unresolved problems in the past.
If you choose Tuesday for a haircut, it will give you courage for
making important decisions in life.

Wednesday – time for a haircut for those who are waiting for a change.
Getting rid of excess hair on this day, you will experience new bright
impressions, make new friends or see old ones,
maybe even go to some exciting and
unforgettable journey. On Thursdays it is worth doing haircuts so that
who craves popularity or great luck.

Friday falls into the category of “neutral days”.
Therefore, in order to evaluate the result of the haircut on this day
in advance, it is worth referring to the lunar calendar. Next we will pay
lunar calendar special attention.

Weekends have a different effect on quality.
haircuts For example, Saturday is an auspicious day for a haircut.
By cutting your hair at this time, you contribute to the process of cleansing from
sins, restoration of the biofield. In addition, the quality of your hair
may significantly improve. But not all weekends so
favorable to the fate of the hair. Sunday is not a good time
to experiment with your appearance. Together with the strands
you risk cutting off prosperity and luck. Christians believe
haircuts on sunday sin.

By lunar calendar

To determine an auspicious day for a lunar haircut
calendar, you should know a few features and

First, the moon is credited with kinship with the female kind.
Astrologers believe that it is in the moon that one can see the fickleness
women’s moods.

Secondly, there are certain signs of the zodiac that are not
favorable for metamorphosis with appearance. Not worth planning
haircut on those days when the moon is to pass the constellation of Aries,
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. In contrast, the lunar days under the sign
Capricorn, Libra, Virgin, Leo, Taurus – a good time to change

Thirdly, lunar days at numbers 9, 15, 23, 29 are considered
dangerous to hair, as associated with satanism. Choosing for
haircuts these lunar days, you risk obstructing the flow
positive cosmic energy. It may even lead to

Fourth, for those who want to accelerate hair growth, it is worth
choose a day on a growing moon. Lunar days will not decrease
promote growth, but they can help correct those
properties of hair that do not suit you. Trimming it
time, you can prevent tangling, curling, falling out
your wealth.

And the last tip you can give before you go.
to the hairdresser. Try to choose a master who will
good to influence your biofield. He must be experienced enough
friendly and located to work and to you. Then after
haircuts you will feel a surge of positive energy. it
will mean that your biofields match perfectly, and the result
the work of the wizard will only benefit you.

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