Graduated car: a versatile option for medium length hair, 27 photos

haircut caret graduated for medium hair photoCaret –
One of the most popular hairstyles for women of all ages.

There are many modifications to this haircut, allowing
make it almost universal.

One of the interesting ideas is a graded square on medium

This haircut does not require special skill from the stylist, but for
achieving an ideal result is important to take into account the features of appearance
clients, her hair condition and other important points.

  • 1 Who is suitable hairstyle
  • 2 Graded square: what are the features
  • 3 Haircut options: what to choose
    • 3.1 Eternal classics
    • 3.2 Extended version
    • 3.3 Haircut with extended front strands
    • 3.4 Double square on average hair length
    • 3.5 Flat car
    • 3.6 Graduated haircut with bangs
    • 3.7 Disheveled hair

To suit the hairstyle

The graded car is beautiful on any hair
type: perfectly straight, wavy, curly. Feature
haircuts visually adds strand volume, but if necessary
master can heavily profile hair, making them more

Photo 363 With the help of some professional tricks you can
choose an option for any face shape, emphasizing its merits
and hiding minor flaws. Before going to the salon is
take a close look at yourself in the mirror and determine which style
will look best.

  1. Owners of high forehead fit elongated bangs. Her
    can be lowered down, completely hiding the eyebrows, or lay sideways.
    This style is not suitable for those whose chin is far from ideal, but
    He beautifully emphasizes the beautiful drawing of the lips.
  2. Long-faced girls should try the lush double
    four of a kind, complemented by asymmetric volume bangs.
  3. The oval face will beautifully frame a hairstyle without a bang with a slightly
    graduated side strands.
  4. Reduce plump cheeks will help option with elongated curls on
  5. A bob of wavy hair will soften too sharp facial features,
    hide angular cheekbones and excessively long nose.

Haircut in any version can be added interesting
staining. For hair of medium length all types are suitable.
ombra and sombre, balajazh or shatush is possible.

Photo 364 Particularly impressive are the straightened strands in
natural scale or color experiments with bangs. Classic
graduated square with a bang with an even cut on perfectly straight lines
hair can be dyed in an avant-garde manner by making contrasting
transverse or oblique stripes.

This video shows both a graduated bob and a bright

All caret options need
daily styling. Women who want to wash their hair,
slightly beat them with your fingers and go on business, it is better to pick up
another hairstyle

Photo 365 Even artistic mess should be
thoughtful. For the daily care of the haircut will have
purchase fixing mousse, gel, varnishes of different fixation.

Council Maintain the beauty of haircuts on the straight
the hair will help the iron with ceramic plates, carefully
straightening strands.

Graduated car: what are the features

The classic square means smooth hair cut. Such
hairstyle is perfect for straight or slightly wavy strands
moderate density.

Photo 366However, owners of thin, curly or rare
hair is contraindicated.

After the haircut, the head will resemble a shapeless shock,
which will not help even professional styling.

How to be?

Try an alternative – caret with graduation.

The essence of the hairstyle – shearing steps
lengths The overall picture depends on the angle of the slice, it is reaped
be parallel to the floor, perpendicular, inclined. Changing the turn
tool master can achieve an amazing effect.

Stylists believe that this version of the haircut looks more
modern and stylish than the classic flat car. Among his

  1. Easier styling. You can do without rectifiers and forceps
    for curling, limiting hair dryer with a universal nozzle, brush and
    fixing mousse.
  2. Increase volume. Sophisticated graduations add pomp
    thin, sparse, damaged hair.
  3. Growing hair does not spoil the haircut pattern. Delayed visit
    in salon will not turn a hairdress into shapeless weight. For supporting
    The chosen style is enough to visit a stylist 1 time in 2
    of the month.
  4. Suitable for curly, too hard and naughty curls,
    which is difficult to lay in an even car.
  5. Hairstyle graduated young, adds to the image of dynamism.
    Nor does she look too aggressive or outrageous and
    Perfect for work.
  6. With the help of styling tools and accessories basic haircut
    can be modified by creating dozens of diverse

Note. Despite the fact that the bob haircut
graded on medium hair (photo below) is suitable for another
hair type, it is particularly effective on straight strands, allowing
Demonstrate unusual cut shape.

Haircut options: what to choose

Despite the apparent simplicity, graded square on the average
length has many options developed for different types

Timeless classics

The classic square has an even cut of hair and
lack of bangs. Strands are stacked on the oblique or straight
a parting, length can be any. This style is ideal for hair
medium length, straight or wavy. Too thick strands need
in careful filing, otherwise they will be difficult to lay.

Photo 367

Classic car suits women who prefer a neutral,
business or romantic style of dress. Feature haircut
allows you to curl hair or lay them perfectly smooth, pinned on
back of the head.

Council To always look perfect hair,
strands must be washed and treated with air conditioning frequently.

Extended version

Long caret is an option especially loved by models, actresses and
other famous personas. When doing hair are divided into
a few pieces, at the crown, a strand of the desired length is cut off, the rest
hair trim, focusing on her.

Photo 368

Particularly impressive is the light angle from the back of the head to
to face. This type of haircut does not need noticeable asymmetry, hairstyle
looks very feminine and soft.

To balance the proportions will help long fringe, trimmed by
oblique and laid sideways.

Photo 369 Short locks on the forehead will not work, but elongated
kare nice and without bangs. Strands combed on a slant or straight
the device, to maintain the correct pattern needed daily

Council Those who dye their hair, you need to follow
for the state of the roots. Women who do not want to constantly tint
them, it is worth thinking of an ombra with the effect of regrown roots or
naturally burnt hair.

Haircut with extended front strands

Visually narrow the face will help elongated side
strands. This option is a quad with graduation, in which
accents shifted to the temples. Curls at the back of the head are shortened, strands on
The top of the head is carefully milled, keeping the volume. This kind of haircut
Suitable for straight or wavy strands. Curly hair too
can be trimmed with lengthening, however the effect will be less

Photo 370

Council With daily styling side strands need
pull with a hair dryer and a brush.

Double square on average hair length

Women with thin and not too thick stripes
fit a graded quad with a double cut. For him
there is a deep basal filigree, which allows
her hair is lush enough, but at the same time maintain its airiness.
Strands will not lie flat, the styling is very dynamic and
mobile. The hairstyle is complemented by a bang, its length and shape depends on
general idea and quality of the client’s hair.

Photo 371 On medium length hair, double cut may not be possible.
very noticeable, but if desired, the hairstyle can be given more
expressive view, greatly shortening the crown part and leaving strands
on temples and nape quite long.

Smooth square

Variation of classic haircuts. Can be supplemented by bangs any
lengths and shapes. The most impressive is the thick bangs to the eyebrows with
straight cut.

Photo 372 It is done with ordinary scissors, finally hair
graduated. The minimum length for this type is to the chin,
so that the side strands can be removed behind the ear.

Flat car suitable for straight or wavy
hair. It looks beautiful on thin strands, easy
amenable to stacking. Too hard and naughty curls need
in another type of haircut.

Graduated haircut with bangs

Graduated haircut
supplemented with bangs of the original form. This option
allows you to hide high or bulging forehead, balance proportions
faces that highlight the eyes or lips. Many options, bangs can
be thin, carefully shaped, or underlined thick and
lush. Photo 373

Looks very stylish bangs, trimmed on the oblique. She is
visually lengthens the face, while softening its features. Via
mousse and brushes such a bang can be lifted over the forehead or lowered
one eye mysterious veil. A less common option is
short straight bangs, reaching to the middle of the forehead. Such a haircut
suitable for young girls with regular features and straight lines

Wild hair

Smooth and respectable car is easy to turn into
artistic mess. Freshly washed hair is dried on.
open air or hair dryer. Then applied to the curls
fixing spray, jelly or mousse. The head should be tilted, throwing
strand down. The hair at the roots is whipped with your fingers, simultaneously
it distributes the laying means.

Photo 374 Then the curls fold back. On the head is done
oblique, straight or zigzag parting. Highlight effect
A thoughtful mess will help the treatment of individual strands of gel on
water based. The final stage – easy fixing varnish. Such
styling will last all day and will not require correction.

Classic or graded car does not lose its
popularity These haircuts are chosen by women who are forced to
observe strict dress code, as well as those who prefer simple,
elegant and romantic hairstyles. Experimenting with the shape of a bang,
the length of the strands and color, you can choose the option for any type

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