Graduation as a universal method of giving volume and freshness hairstyle

Graduated haircutMost of the girls who follow their
appearance, great attention is paid to haircut. Requirements for her
often very high – it should be both fashionable and
comfortable, it should have several styling options.
Extravagant hairstyles, which are full of fashion magazines,
look, of course, stunning, but not every girl will go to
This, and not everyone will be to face. An alternative can be:
ladder, bob-caret, elongated bean, graduated haircut.

From filing to graduation

Every girl wants to have a stylish haircut that will be
emphasize beauty and hide flaws. Anyone dreaming of
luxurious volumetric hair, but unfortunately, mother nature is not
All gave such wealth. Therefore you have to look for ways
how to make a stylish hairstyle and not lose volume.

Until recently, filing was a leader in addressing these issues.
The master with the help of special scissors cut the ends and thereby
Gave ease to a hairstyle at the end. If so
the middle of the hair was cut, an additional volume was created for
account of different lengths.

But technology does not stand still, and came to replace the thinning
step haircut. The difference between graduation and filing is
that when graduating, the tips are placed one above the other,
as if creating steps. Thus, the very length of the hair
increases to the inner zone of the end hairstyles.

Long hair and graduation

Graduated haircut on long hair looks simple
sumptuously. It solves the perennial problem – lack of volume, and
while maintaining such a precious hair length. Volume is created
due to the fact that strands are cut only on the surface. Interesting,
that both straight and wavy are suitable for this hairstyle

The hair texture can be emphasized by dyeing in
several shades – highlighting, coloring, brondirovanie. it
very successful combination – hair will play like in the sun, and
also visually become more voluminous.

This haircut freshens hair and revives hair. You can even
be called universal, as it is suitable for straight hair, and
for curly. It can be done with thin hair and thick
will look great.

Stepped short haircut, are there options?

Graduated haircut on short hair can be the best
way of expression for modern girls. Many do not wish
part with long hair because they believe that
able to hide the flaws of the face or shape. But the owners
Short hairs clearly look younger and fresher. Besides fashionable
short hairstyle with styling can hide minor flaws
forms, and at the same time looks just amazing.

In order to make a choice, it is better to consult with
a specialist. The wizard will help determine the type and shape of the face, the structure
hair in order to get an optimal result.

There are a lot of options for how to cut a graded quad.
Therefore, it is advisable to foresee everything and take into account all the facts.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that the same haircut in
different masters get different. This is all because everyone
Stylist-hairdresser has his own style, his own handwriting, so to speak. TO
the same experience here also plays an important role. Therefore it is better
contact a trusted person who will take into account
tastes and preferences.

Many hairdressers love to experiment, and haircut
Steps for them is almost always a gift of fate. After all, you can
apply unique solutions, do everything differently, outside the box.
Any master faced with a situation where the client declares – I want
This hairstyle, just different.

So you have to get out of the situation, inventing your own options.

Graded car on long and short hair

carHaircut graduated square on short
hair combined with fashionable styling will make her hostess just
irresistible. This hairstyle can not attract attention
the opposite sex. Very popular with modern girls
enjoys such a haircut, like a square on the leg. Elongated strands
The front and trimmed back of the head is an original combination.

Another common option is a stepped bob. Special
This hairstyle with shaved temples looks stylish as well
elongated bangs. Many celebrities prefer to wear this
hairstyle, thus inspiring young fashionistas.

The graduated four-haired long hair has similarities with a short
option only in symmetry and angle of lines. Even more correct
will say, quads to average hair length or elongated quads, so
as the word itself denotes a small length. This hairstyle is done by
the same principle as a short haircut – a line from
nape to ends of hair. The larger the angle, the better it looks.
such a hairstyle. The neck can be both open and hidden under
hair – this determines the car as short or elongated.

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