Gray eyebrows in women – what to do and what to paint at 20, 30, 40 and later

It is considered normal if women and men eyebrows began to gray
at the age of 50-55 years. This is due to the slowdown.
the production of melanin – the pigment that colors the hair. but
if this happens earlier, then doctors can attribute this to
hereditary predisposition. white eyebrows

What makes eyebrows go gray and what to do?

The content of the article:

  • What makes eyebrows go gray and what to do?
  • How to cope with gray hair?
  • Prevention
  • What can color eyebrows?
  • What paint is better to use?
  • What color to choose for gray eyebrows?
  • How to paint gray eyebrows at home itself?
  • Care for eyebrows after painting

The main reasons for early graying eyebrows include:

  1. Stress and depression.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Disorders in the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Disruption of hormonal balance or endocrine activity
  5. Anemia and other blood disorders that decrease
    the amount of enzymes carrying iron.
  6. Different diets that can lead to a lack of vitamins and
  7. Bad habits, such as smoking.
  8. Long stay in the sun.
  9. The use of low-quality cosmetics.

How to cope with gray hair?

When an early gray hair appears when the cause is low
melanin pigment production, trichologists advise to go
treatment, and use other methods of dealing with gray hair.

Treatment with medicines and drugs

Before treatment, the doctor may prescribe a detailed blood test, and
also PCR for hormones. In addition, you may need advice.
endocrinologist and gastroenterologist. After identifying the cause of the violation
pigmentation doctor will select the appropriate course of treatment.

The most popular drug is considered
Antisedin, which should be taken in accordance with
doctor’s recommendations. In addition, the patient may be prescribed a course.
taking vitamins.

For best results can be assigned
use of serums for nutrition of eyebrows and hair.

REFERENCE! The brow massage also contributes to
improvement of blood circulation in this area, thereby increasing
supply of eyebrow roots with nutrients.

Cosmetic procedures

The most popular methods for solving problems with gray eyebrows

  1. Artificial coloring eyebrows paint and other
  2. Tattoo
  3. Application of various serums.
  4. Pencil and eye shadow application for tinting eyebrows.


Folk methods

To care for the eyebrows and prevent their early gray hair can
use various folk remedies and masks based on
natural and herbal ingredients.

  • An excellent tool for eliminating gray eyebrows
    considered coffee. He not only paints his eyebrows in more
    dark shade, but also makes them durable and elastic. Can
    use separately and tea in the composition of the tincture, but you can not
    pour boiling water over them to achieve the best effect. After
    the solutions are infused, they should be mixed, moistened in this mixture
    cotton pads and apply to eyebrows for 10 minutes. coffee
  • One of the effective remedies against gray hair is considered
    tincture of sage. It contains 0.5 liters of water, 50 grams
    dry sage, a vial of vitamin A and 20 grams of glycerin. At first
    boil sage in water, cool, strain, and then add
    glycerin and vitamin A. This means you can wipe hairs 1-2
    times a week. This solution needs to be prepared with gloves, since
    nut pigmentation is quite strong. Apply this tool
    necessary with a cotton swab, and after a while wash
    water tincture of sage
  • A mixture of salt and vinegar will also help in the fight against gray hair
    eyebrows. These ingredients need to be mixed in equal
    proportions and apply on the eyebrows with a cotton swab. After 10 minutes
    the product is washed off with water. A mixture of soy and vinegar

Can I pull out gray hair?

Pulling out gray hairs can be, if not so much and they
different disobedience. After the gray hairs are plucked
tweezers, the place of their growth can be painted over with a pencil or shadows for
eyebrows. However, there is no guarantee that gray hairs are not
grow back. Can I pull out gray hairs


There are several techniques that will help prevent early
appearance of gray hairs in the eyebrows:

  1. Regular use of nutritious oils
    (burdock, castor), as they effectively affect
    hairs, making them stronger and shiny.
  2. Regular intake of vitamin B12, which is necessary
    take in the composition of products with its content. is he
    found in some cosmetics that
    effective for preventing gray eyebrows.
  3. Avoiding Stress and Compliance
  4. Getting rid of bad habits, including
    smoking This method of preventing gray hair brows will help
    prevent unpleasant health effects and improve your
  5. Compliance with proper nutrition and water
    balance, including meal times. Such an image
    life not only prevents early gray hair, but also becomes
    an obstacle to premature aging.


What can color eyebrows?

To achieve long-term effect in the fight against gray hair and her
Masking eyebrows is recommended to paint. For this fit
various cosmetics and procedures.

Cosmetic pencil

Eyebrow Cosmetic Pencil is an effective remedy.
to visually hide the presence of gray hair. It is important
pick the right tone of the pencil, since it should be a little
darker hair color and lighter color eyelashes. Cosmetic pencil

IMPORTANT! It is also necessary to pay attention to
the quality and hardness of the pencil, preferring the classic
tools, not mechanical.

Eyebrow Shadows and Wax

Shadows are considered an excellent tool for dyeing short
eyebrows, as they help to add unnoticed length to them. Besides,
the shadows look quite natural on the eyebrows and often allow
change your image. Eyebrow Shadows and Wax

Wax is considered an effective fixation agent.
eyebrow, which is used before applying the shadows. WITH
using wax you can lay naughty eyebrow hairs and successfully
apply cosmetic.

Eyebrow tattoo

The main advantage of the procedure is its long duration.
Effect. It allows you to save time when applying morning
makeup and lasts for several months or years depending on
applied technology. The procedure is an introduction
0.5 mm under the skin of eyebrows paint in small quantities.
Eyebrow tattoo

ATTENTION! However, the tattoo can not be confused with the usual
staining and rinse yourself, this requires turning to
beautician. Recommended before the procedure
consult a doctor.

Eyebrow henna

Henna allows you to make your eyebrows brighter and clearer, and also to hide
gray hair It should be noted that this type of staining gives
lasting effect for several weeks, thereby
saving time on makeup. In addition, the natural component
completely safe for skin and hair unlike chemical
composition of paints and cosmetics. Henna for eyebrows

Eyebrow dye

Eyebrow tinting with a special dye is one
from effective ways to hide their gray hair. The procedure can be carried out
in the cabin or at home. It is also necessary to consider
skin sensitivity to paint components. Eyebrow dye

What paint is better to use?

For coloring eyebrows fit any paint with a minimum
content or lack of ammonia and other harmful hair
substances. One type of eyebrow dye
is a brand of estel which is recommended
beauticians. She perfectly paints over gray hair and contains
the minimum amount of ammonia in comparison with other types of paints.

What color to pick to gray eyebrows?

Before dyeing the eyebrows and hiding their gray hair, you need to pick up
a paint that should match the color of the hair.
The right eyebrow shade is capable
correct the flaws of the face and highlight the merits.

Hair of cold tones are combined with eyebrows of similar shades, then
the same goes for warm tones. For hair light shades fit
eyebrows 1-2 tones darker, but for dark colors the reverse works
principle. Also when choosing the color of paint for eyebrows should be considered
eye and skin color.

How to paint gray eyebrows at home itself?

You can paint the eyebrows in the salon or at home, using
the most appropriate staining agent.

What do you need for coloring eyebrows?

For applying paint on the eyebrows, you can use
brush or spatula. Must first be applied
fat cream around eyebrows in order to avoid ink on the skin.
To do this, prepare the paint according to the instructions, apply on eyebrows
for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. paint gray eyebrows at home

Henna eyebrow dyeing

Henna powder must be diluted in water. Eyebrow contour better
draw with a pencil. Then armed with a brush or spatula,
it is necessary to apply henna first on the tail, in the center and only then on
eyebrow head. Keep henna on the eyebrows for a specific time,
depending on the desired shade, then rinse with warm water.
Henna eyebrow dyeing

Brow eyebrow coloring

Basma is also considered a safe natural remedy.
eyebrow tinting. It can be combined with henna or even coffee, since
in its pure form, it can give a green tint, and the mixture will give more
saturated color. Apply it better with a brush with a short
bristles in the direction from the nose to the edges of the eyebrows. Wash off the composition
can be in half an hour. Eyebrow dyeing basmo

Care for eyebrows after painting

Any type of staining involves the restoration of the eyebrows after
procedures, as any product contains any chemicals. For
This can be used vegetable oil for a week.
after staining.

This will help make the hair shiny and healthy. Besides,
vegetable oils help to improve the skin around
eyebrows, preventing its aging.

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