Gray Hair Color – Fashion Trend and Rules staining

The association of gray with a faceless mouse loses its
relevance when it comes to gray hair coloring.
Silvery strands are no longer a sign.
aging thanks to young fashionable women who are defiantly throwing
challenge the prevailing stereotypes.

Gray Hair

Gray hair color not only attracts glances of passersby,
but also draws attention to women any
ages. The main thing is to weigh the pros and cons before
cardinal change of image and correctly choose the shade and technique

  • 1 To whom is the gray hair
  • 2 And who does not fit
  • 3 Popular shades
    • 3.1 Gray
    • 3.2 Dark Gray
    • 3.3 Light gray
    • 3.4 Ash
    • 3.5 Blue Gray
    • 3.6 Ash Blonde
    • 3.7 Silver Blonde
    • 3.8 Platinum Blonde
    • 3.9 Gray Brown or Mouse
    • 3.10 Lilac Gray
    • 3.11 Rich Gray
    • 3.12 Ash chestnut
    • 3.13 Gray-purple
    • 3.14 Gray Pink
    • 3.15 Gray Brown
    • 3.16 Steel shade
    • 3.17 Chocolate Gray
  • 4 How to dye your hair gray
  • 5 Paints and balsams
    • 5.1 Garnier
    • 5.2 L’Oreal
    • 5.3 Pallet
    • 5.4 Syoss
    • 5.5 Schwarzkopf
    • 5.6 Welllaton
    • 5.7 Faberlic
    • 5.8 Anthocyanin
    • 5.9 Estelle
    • 5.10 Capus
    • 5.11 Londa
    • 5.12 Farmavita life color
    • 5.13 Indola professional
    • 5.14 Allin color
  • 6 How to get at home
    • 6.1 Resistant paint
    • 6.2 Shading preparations
  • 7 How to save the result of staining: the rules of care

Who is the gray hair

In addition to harmony with the inner world of the girl, gray should
combined with a touch of skin of the face and eyes. As in the wardrobe,
This coloring is considered basic and goes a lot, the main thing is
find your suitable shade.

There are color types of appearance, named for the seasons, from
which are combined with cold silver “Winter” and “Summer”. It means,
that you can try shades of gray with natural blonde hair
colors and fair skin.

Gray very much goes to girls with blue eyes and light
curls. Blondes can easily change their colors to ashy.

Gray hair is also becoming popular in men.

Gray hair in men

And who does not fit

This staining will not work in the presence of any of
Listed features of appearance:

  • green or brown eyes that are wary of
    You can pick up warm shades;
  • dark, red or brown hair. Natural pigment strands
    will not achieve the desired shade, so the result is unlikely
    will please;
  • pronounced freckles on the face. Cool gray will be strong
    to contrast with them;
  • dark skin, which gray curls give pretentiousness;
  • pronounced dark circles under the eyes or vascular
    mesh on the face. Gray will visually add extra

Popular shades

Among the many staining options, it is important to understand
who is this or that shade of gray, so that the image
became stylish, not sullen and aged.

Important! Shades are conventionally divided into warm and
cold To warm can be attributed to the color with pink or gold
low tide. And to the cold – gray with olive, lilac or
ash tones.


Premature “gray” suitable for young white-faced
girls who are not afraid of experiments.

Gray Hair Color

To silver in your hair, you can add a shade of ash or
white and gray tone. The gray color brings to the image a riddle and
elegant shine.

Dark grey

A very popular color is dark gray. Noble
shade can be used alone or as part of
complex staining. Light play, combined with the dark
in tone, have a blue or ash tides. Contrasting
colors give style a bold touch.

Hair color is dark gray

The most suitable features of appearance for this tone will be
blue or gray eyes with blond hair.

Gray hair with dark roots will do.
brunettes that do not require frequent correction of coloring and
will look more natural. Grayish black is good
add blue or pearl gray reflux.

Light gray

Light gray color can only be considered white-skinned girls.
with bright eyes. There should be no hint of tan, otherwise instead
a stylish image there is a risk to turn into a sharply aged

Light gray hair

2 stages include full clarification of all strands, followed by
toning the desired color. In one stage, the light color is obtained
only natural blondes.


The refined color of the ash has several sub-colors in its composition:
from silver to olive. They play highlights in the light.


The color will suit the owners of the same cold features: gray
and light blue eyes with light brown hair. The main thing is to choose for
quality paint work to get as accurate as possible
desired shade.

Gray blue

Blue-gray curls

Gray-blue color looks interesting in the composition of the complex
staining. Natural blondes get a blue outflow
easily using the appropriate tonic. For coloring
pigmented curls first require discoloration.

Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde

A popular shade of ash blond can be achieved
re-staining if initially on the roots desired
color did not work.

On a note! Paint goes well on yellow
pigment from previous blonding or highlighting.

Silver Blonde

It is better not to take on such staining at home, so that
don’t give up on the result. By entrusting the work to a professional, you
get the effect of noble gray hair with silver

Silver Blonde

The own pigment of curls first comes down to neutral
shade, after which the hair is tinted with the addition of gray
pigment. For the master, it is important to feel the very fine
between a silver and a darker tone.

Smooth transitions without sharp contrasts are obtained in complex
coloring techniques by type of coloring.

Platinum blond

When coloring in platinum blonde it is important not to allow
the appearance of foreign shades on the hair (blue or yellow).
Such work can be done qualitatively only
professional master.

Platinum Blonde

The noble color of platinum is achieved after careful
hair lightening with the subsequent competent addition
pigment in tinting agent.

Gray Brown or Mouse

For girls who are not ready for radical changes, suitable
coloring in as close as possible to a natural shade.

Natural gray hair has some light skin.
girls In combination with light brown tone fashionable
staining and be able to maintain the health of curls.

Gray Brown or Mouse

Any pigment can be stained in mouse color in one step,
saving strands from pre-clarification and damage.

In addition, owners can try this shade.
dark skin wishing to follow fashion trends.

Lilac Gray

Lilac Gray

The combination of purple and gray is used in complex
toning in the techniques of ombre, balayazh or coloring. Also this
Color is popular on its own gray hair.

Rich gray

Beautiful gray graphite combines even with green.
eyes. One of the self-sufficient flowers that is not
additional accents from another range are required.


Ash chestnut

On the dark blond curls worth trying beautiful
gray-chestnut color. In this case, correction will not be a problem.
growing roots that will merge with the colored

Ash chestnut


A purple hue is added during staining to give volume to the
thin hair. The main thing is to feel the balance and not to overdo it with


Gray Pink

Girls with winter tsvetotipom decorate gray with pink
shade. Such coloring will emphasize the individuality of the inner
world and will attract attention.

Gray-pink curls

Gray brown

One of the few flowers that suits brunettes with
sunburn Most staining techniques assume a distribution
on a head of hair of several shades: from black, through chocolate
gamma, to gray or ashen color.

The result should be a multi-layered palette with gray.

Steel shade


Differs in refined steel shine. Beautiful glare in the sun
and discreet color in the room will suit mature ladies who wish
emphasize your status. In this case, the correct staining can
even write off a couple of years from the exterior, emphasizing the beauty.

Attention! Do not think about this color
green-eyed and girls with peach skin tone.

Chocolate gray

Chocolate Gray

Actual color to add zest
brunettes. A shade less demanding on skin color than
pure gray shades. After dyeing it is fashionable to brighten or
highlighting in gray on dark hair along the entire length. BUT
correctly placed light accents will add volume

How to dye your hair gray

Tips on how to get gray hair color:

  1. Consult a professional stylist with experience and
    necessary knowledge in coloring.
  2. If the natural hair is dark or light brown, then
    for receiving light tones of gray they are required
    lighten, then apply tinting agent.
  3. Damaged curls need prior treatment, so
    how coloring can ruin them even more.
  4. Light brown shade is obtained using purple
    pigment, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it can not be avoided
    color “eggplant”.
  5. If you decide to carry out the staining yourself, you need a good
    understand how to dye your hair gray. If you do not comply
    proportions when mixing paint ingredients or overexpose at
    your hair, instead of gray you might get green, blue or

In this video, the girl tells how she dyed her hair
beautiful gray color.

Paints and balsams

The finished paint or tint balm will give the desired color only
on light or fair-haired unpainted hair. Brunettes
you can get a gray tint only after bleaching,
which is better to entrust the master.

Advice! To understand how to achieve gray
hair color, you need not look at the photo on the package next to the name
colors, and on the back. Since the final result depends on
the original color of the curls.


Paint is designed for home use and easy
is used. Gray tones are ashy blond
(number 1 on the package) and mother-of-pearl (102, 131, 910).


Used both at home and professional
salons. It has a creamy texture, well washed off the skin.
Ashy shades in the palette numbered: 9.1 and


Popular brand for home dyeing. Fits well on
strands, the result is stable for 4 weeks. Gray shades
under the numbers: C9, 219, 9.5, 10.2.


Hair Dye

The advantage of paint is ammonia-free composition with cream
texture and simultaneous care due to saturation with vitamins.
Popular shades: 10, 91, 12.


The professional line of colors is represented by a wide palette.
shades, correctly choose which will help the hairdresser.


Ammonia-free dyes retain their color for a long time, completely
coloring the hair (shades 9.1, 12, 10).


Paint Faberlik

A large variety of paints that additionally have
composed of nourishing oils, caring for the curls in
coloring time. Ashy shade – 8828, mother-of-pearl – 8831,
saturated colors – 11.1; 10.1, 9.1.


Suitable for damaged hair that has not been treated before
staining. Creates the effect of lamination curls, solders
tips, preventing cross-section (gray A02).


A popular brand in beauty salons, but also affordable and
for home use (light gray – 7.1, light colors –
9/16 and 9/17).


Professional line of funds. Paint additionally creates
film on the surface of dyed hair to protect against external
influences (No. 12,10).


Resistant cream-paint Londakolor

Careful with the hair structure (shades: 12/9,
7/7, 18).

Farmavita life color

Suitable for dry curls, as it has the least amount
oxidizing component (5.12, 9.21).

Indola professional

Provides professional results and durability.
staining (No. 9.11, 9.83, 1000).

Ollin color

It is based on oil and is recommended for professional use.
applications (No. 9.22, 9.81).

This video shows how to make hair dye in gray
color new paint Matrix SO CULT.

How to get at home

Gray in the composition of paints has several pigments, which with
different force interact with the hair. Therefore, without
nuances of staining at home result of the procedure
may be unpredictable. For example, green or yellow
low tide.

Try home coloring is worth if you want to get
gray hair for short hair in suitable condition

If staining is carried out for the first time, then you should think about
tinting shampoos. They cover the outside of the hair shaft
and do not destroy the natural pigment. The use of these tools
will provide an opportunity to evaluate the result and decide on a persistent
staining or wash off the color you didn’t like in a couple of weeks.


Resistant paint

To dye your hair at home with durable paint, you must first

  1. 2 weeks before painting to nourish hair with nutrients
    using masks to minimize the damaging effect of the dye
    on rods.
  2. Dark hair to get a gray tint will have to
    bleach. If you do not wash your own pigment, then
    paint to the desired tone will need several times.
  3. Blondes and owners of fair-haired head of hair will have the right tone
    immediately after the first coloring.

Tip! Gray is not able to destroy
yellow pigment. Therefore, the owners of red and chestnut curls
You should not paint yourself without professional advice.

At home, it is easy to conduct staining in 1 tone,
having prepared the paint according to the instructions and spreading it over the entire length of the
required time. You can experiment with unusual
flowers using a few colors.

Hair coloring

The main thing is not to mix shades of different manufacturers, because
their composition is different and chemical substances occurring between ingredients.
reactions are unpredictable for the final result.

Shading preparations

Tint balms and shampoos are designed for short-term
staining. In addition, they are used after resistant staining for
maintain color or pending correction.

How to save the result of staining: the rules of care

Gray tone does not apply to the natural palette of human hair,
therefore, reincarnation becomes stressful for their structure.
Proper care after painting will allow you to keep a decent
kind of curls.

The main emphasis in the care should be on abundant hydration and
hair nutrition. For this fit natural or professional
masks and balms. Apply them regularly.

To wash your hair you need to purchase a special
shampoo for colored hair that prevents leaching

And, of course, do not neglect the protective agents when drying
hot methods as well as sunscreens in summer

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