Gray hair coloring

Before you start choosing paint, you need to decide
with the result you want to get, goals can be

  • Fully repainted in a different color.
  • Fully repainted to match your natural
  • Paint only grayed roots.

The technology of dyeing gray hair is different from the usual
home coloring procedures.

To understand what are the features of dyeing gray hair,
let’s see why they appear.

TOP 4 causes of gray hair

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The content of the article:

  • TOP 4 causes of gray hair
  • What you need to know before dyeing gray hair?
  • Coloring tools
  • What is pre-pigmentation?
  • How to choose a hair shade
  • How to make coloring composition?
  • How to paint over gray hair on dark hair?
  • How to dye gray hair in blonde
  • How to dye gray hair in light brown color
  • How to dye gray hair black
  • How to paint gray roots
  • Emulsification
  • What paint best paints gray hair
  • Coloring gray hair at home
  • How to disguise gray hair
  • Natural means of painting over gray hair
  • Reviews
  • Prices
  • Useful tips and conclusions
  • Video
  • Poll

The girl noticed in her gray hair

  • Natural processes in the body – with
    age decreases the amount of melanin;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Stress;
  • Diseases.

Read more about what makes gray hair appear.

! IMPORTANT During normal painting, water is used, during painting.
no gray hair.

They are distinguished from ordinary hair by the fact that cuticle scales
raised, it makes them difficult to color, the resulting color can
leach out quickly.

For dyeing gray hair, resistant paints are usually used.
ammonia, which unfortunately is very harmful. Good alternative
These are natural paints of plant origin, for example
henna and basma staining.

What you need to know before dyeing gray hair?

There are a few points to consider when doing
coloring their gray hair:

  • Type of gray hair –
    Focal (appears in small areas
    on the head) Dispersed (evenly
    distributed on the hair);
  • Causes;
  • Hair structure;
  • Norms of preliminary and main

Gray Women

Sedin differs in the degree of staining

  • Hard colored gray (glassy) –
    brittle and tough hair, the surface is smooth, scales tight
    interlock with each other;
  • Normally painted gray – medium
    the thickness and stiffness of the hair (usually used 6% okidant);
  • Easily painted gray – thin, soft

IMPORTANT Before dyeing the vitreous gray
hair dressing is often applied, this procedure reveals
scales, thereby increasing the penetration of paint.

Coloring tools

The means by which the gray one is painted are selected depending on
on the type of hair and the degree of graying in percentage.

Hair colors, palettes

  • Moderate content of gray hair – tint
    shampoo, tonic, gel (not very resistant, but suitable for use
    at home);
  • Soft hair not completely covered with gray hair –
    demipermanent dyes (contains peroxide, has an average
  • Completely covered with gray hair –
    permanent dyes (contain oxidizing agents, have a high degree

Useful tips

  1. Look at the back of the package, there
    There is usually a Photo Before and After.
  2. Usually, all base colors are indicated by rounded numbers,
    1.0 (maximum dark), 2.0, 3.0 — .10 (maximum
    light coloured).
  3. If you are blonde and want to give your hair some shade,
    Do not forget to buy a special tonic or balsam. On tonic also
    write numbers that denote color, but not zero (1,2,3-10).
  4. For example, using the tonic with the number 1, you can remove the red
    shade on hair and get ashen tint, 2—
    pearl luster, 3-4 – warmer shades.

What is pre-pigmentation?

Pre-pigmentation – before the main procedure
coloring on the gray areas of the hair cause a special composition,
saturated with pigment.

Compositions from famous brands:

  • Pre-Color Farma Vita; Tool for pre-pigmentation Pre-Color Farma Vita
  • Lotion Cutrin pre-pigmentation; Lotion Cutrin pre-pigmentation pre-pigmentation agent
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Color Equalizer Pre-Pigmentator.
    Means for the pre-pigmentation Schwarzkopf Igora Color Equalizer Pre-Pigmentator

As a result, the coloring composition fills the voids formed,
which facilitates the painting process.

It is used if the gray is located
pockets, without this procedure, the paint can give
uneven shade, the ends will be light and the roots are dark,
the resulting color will quickly wash off.

What color to choose paint for prepigmentation?

When painting in dark color – 1 tone lighter
main dye

The light color is lighter by 2 tones.

! INTERESTING If you have very tough hair,
It is recommended to take the composition 2 shades darker than the main
dye.! IMPORTANT If you have thin hair, have
due to the fact that they will be saturated with paint faster when pre-pigmentation
tone to tone can get a “dimming effect.”

The procedure is recommended if you have:

  • Single gray hairs;
  • No gray roots;
  • Gray hair covers 80% of any area on the head (for example
    on top of it).

Usually pre-pigmentation is done with natural paint.
shade or mixtone, the color of the dye should be a shade lighter
than the one we want to get.

The composition is held for about 20 minutes.


The procedure for treating hair with an oxidizing agent is used to open
cuticle hair and facilitate interaction with the dye,
can be done before the main procedure

6% oxide – for hard hair

9% oxide – for very tough hair

The oxidizer is applied on gray hair, lasts 20 minutes and
wiped with a towel.

Composition for prepigmentation with your own hands

  1. The selected paint 0.5 tube mix with water in the ratio
    1: 2, apply only on gray hair, hold for 15 minutes.
  2. The rest of the paint (0.5 tube) is mixed with
    3% oxidizing agent and applied the next step, from the roots to
    hair tips (! Do not wash off the previous solution!)

How to choose a hair shade

Girl with different shades of hair If you do not have the opportunity
consult a specialist, there are several
simple rules when choosing colors.

  • The dye should be a couple of tones lighter than yours.
    natural hair color (this gives hair more
    natural look).
  • Hair color should match your skin color.
    faces, the contrast should not be too large to
    emphasize any defects of the face.
  • It is recommended to use paints of natural
    a number of tk they are characterized by the greatest covering
    effect (if you have less than 50% gray hair – the pigment does not
  • When painting in red tones, be sure to add pigment
    natural shade in the ratio of 1: 1 (or mix the red
    paint with golden mixton.).
  • Do not use too bright shades – can
    the effect of “liquid hair”.
  • Carefully dye your hair with henna or
    Basma – there is a chance to get a green tint.

How to make coloring composition?

Percentage of gray hair The scheme of preparation of the dye composition
thirty% 2 shares of paint mixed with one part of the golden pigment +
6% oxygenator
30% -60% paint mixed with natural pigment in a ratio of 1: 1 + 6%
oxidizing agent.
60% -100% mix paint and pigment in a ratio of 1: 3 and add 6%
oxidizer, apply a large layer of paint

Mixture for dyeing very tough gray hair with diffused
gray hair

For hair with a tone depth of 8-9:

  • A mixture of paint and pigment – 60 ml;
  • 6% oxidant – 50 ml.

For hair depth of less than 7 and closed

  • A mixture of paint and pigment – 60 ml;
  • 9% oxidant – 30 ml.

! IMPORTANT Unfortunately, you will have to paint gray hair quite often,
as the hair grows 1.5 cm per month and you will have
peep gray roots.

How to paint over gray hair on dark hair?

Gray hair on dark hair

Unlike blondes, dark-haired girls are much
harder to hide gray hair, there are several options
problem solving:

Highlights gray hair – should be less than 50%
gray hair, allows you to save your natural hair color, decorating it
light or colored strands.

Semi-permanent paint – must be less than 30%
gray hair, does not contain ammonia, does not penetrate deep into the hair,
washed out, kept for about 6-11 days.

Tint balm – gently affects
hair does not destroy their structure, often consists of natural
means you can easily control the intensity of color. Of the minuses
It may be noted that with each shampoo the color will be
getting lighter.

How to dye gray hair in blonde


  • The owners of blond hair are lucky that gray hair is not
    so noticeable, like for example on dark ones, however it often happens that
    fading takes on an unpleasant yellow hue.
  • It is recommended to choose a paint that is a couple of tones lighter than
    your natural color will get a golden hair
    shade and growing gray roots will not be so noticeable.
  • Ash tones should be avoided because they are only
    underlined gray.
  • Ammonia inks are suitable for you, only
    they are able to paint well and hide gray hair.
  • You will fit natural tones without any
    shades, on the packaging of such paints are usually present
    integer with zero or the letter N (5.0, 6/0, 3N).


  1. Natural tone 8.0 + oxidizer 6%
  2. If you choose Tone 8.5, then you need to mix it in equal shares with
    in tone 8.0 + 6% oxidizer.
  3. The oxidizer should be 6%, the lower content is not
    will paint over gray hair and the higher one is intended for lightening

How to dye gray hair in light brown color

Girl with light brown hair

Pluses of light brown color:

  1. Not so old you as too dark colors;
  2. Gray roots do not stand out so much;
  3. With hair loss, the scalp is not so visible.

For coloring, choose the composition of natural tones and mix with 6%
oxidizing agent.

How to dye gray hair black

Brunette girl

Too obvious contrast between skin color and
hair If you have bald spots or skin well
visible, too contrasting color will only underline your

You should choose neutral shades if you have dark hair
choose a tone a little lighter than yours.

Ammoniac paint of natural black color perfectly suits + 6
oxidizing agent.

How to paint gray roots

Girl colors gray roots

If the gray roots have grown no more than 5mm, then apply paint
first of all on roots and then we distribute it on all length

If the roots have grown more than 5mm, put paint on the roots,
hold for 20 minutes, and only then distribute along the entire length.


This term is called the process of washing paint with hair, it is important
perform a few steps:

  1. Make a light massage of the scalp;
  2. Rinse the hair with a stream of clean water;
  3. Apply balm or shampoo.

What paint best paints gray hair

We chose the TOP 5 colors that really help
paint over gray hair, they are often advised by professionals and just those who
already used these funds.

  1. L’oreal “Preferance recital” – minus
    is a high price and a sharp smell, despite this completely
    paints over gray hair and retains the effect for 1 month.
    Great for thick hair, curls become well-groomed and
    shiny. gray overlay paint L’oreal Preferance recital
  2. Palette – reliably paints over gray hair, keeps
    about a month, easy to apply and has a fairly
    reasonable price. Paint Against Gray Palette
  3. Estel (профессиональная линия “Estel essex” ,
    “Estel De Luxe Silver”) – has a huge selection of colors, created
    professionals specifically for graying hair, color is obtained
    very bright and saturated. It has a very affordable price and
    popular among women, can even hide the glassy gray hair.
    Paint coloring gray hair Estel essex
  4. Kaaral – Italian paint very good
    quality, copes with gray hair and lasts up to 8 weeks,
    minus can be considered the price, it is quite expensive. Paint painting over gray Kaaral
  5. Matrix for gray hair – very gentle
    affects the hair and scalp because it contains little ammonia, does not
    looking at it hides her gray hair well. It has a rich palette selection.
    (17 tones), according to women, this is one of the best paints capable
    paint over gray hair. Matrix

Coloring gray hair at home

If you want to dye gray hair at home, then you will need
special paint. It must contain at least 2
times more pigment and be stronger than normal.

These paints include:

  • Igora Royal – will 100% hide gray hair,
    has a very wide variety of shades; Igora Royal
  • Preference Feria on L’oreal – optimal
    composition and proportions of the components; Preference Feria on L'oreal
  • Dream Age Socolor Beauty – includes 17
    shades, does not contain ammonia, great for fine hair;
    Dream Age Socolor Beauty
  • Estel Silver De Luxe – paint over
    vitreous gray hair, the ruler contains dark shades; Estel Silver De Luxe
  • Estel Essex – suitable for those who have more than 70%
    Gray, has more than 50 shades, complete with corrector.
    Estel Essex

There are also popular brands that are already
proved in the market:

  • Londa color (Londa Color) “For stubborn gray hair”
    – before coloring, a special balm is applied to the hair, which
    Comes with included. As a result, you will get a deeper
    penetration of the dye composition, the paint is evenly distributed and
    lasts a long time. Londa color paint for stubborn gray
  • Schwarzkopf (Шварцкопф) “Igora Absolutes” —
    contains vitamins B7, silica and active substances that protect
    hairs from sun exposure, gives shine and elasticity,
    Great for painting gray hair. Igora Absolutes
  • Garnier (Garnier) “Color Naturals” –
    the components of this paint provide full coloring of gray
    hairs on your head. In addition, this paint has more
    next advantages: good consistency, excellent quality,
    affordable price. Paint components are natural extracts.
    origin and oil. The prepared composition has a thick
    creamy consistency, which eliminates smudges during application and
    protects your hair over the entire length of about 8 weeks.
    Paint against gray Garnier Color Naturals

! IMPORTANT The coloring result is very dependent on the type
hair, their structure and features.

For example, on thin and dry hair, the paint falls easier than on
dense and fat. The same paint can bring to someone
great result, but someone will be unhappy.

The price of such paints is usually higher than normal, but also to keep
they last longer.

How to disguise gray hair

If you have a small amount of gray hair (less than 30%), you will need
toning sprays, shampoos, balms or other tint
means. They do not contain ammonia and are not as harmful to hair as

! IMPORTANT Pay attention to marking
the coloring agent, there will be indicated the percentage of gray hair which
it is able to paint over.

5 quick ways to mask gray hair

  1. Tint shampoo – the whole procedure takes no
    more than 30 minutes. Wash your hair, apply shampoo, dry
    hair and get quick results;
  2. Mascara;
  3. Varnish with reflective particles;
  4. Lipstick hair;
  5. Laying – the perfect way for blondes
    no more than 25% gray hair. Curling is also excellent.
    It hides a gray because of the fact that it plays strongly in the light.

TOP 5 colors for masking gray

  1. Estel De Luxe Silver – a big variety
    shades; Estel Silver De Luxe
  2. Schwarzkopf Vonacure – a line giving hair
    silver shade; Schwarzkopf Vonacure
  3. Cutrin – does not damage the hair structure,
    helps to paint over gray hair; Cutrin
  4. Irida Classic – effective balms against
    Gray hair at an attractive price; Irida Classic
  5. Loreal Professional – line of shampoos for
    tinted gray hair. Loreal Professional Hair Tinting Shampoo

Natural means of painting over gray hair

For those who like to use all natural and do not trust
Famous brands are encouraged to try a few proven
popular recipes. They will not only help get rid of gray hair, but also
strengthen the roots, eliminate dandruff, accelerate hair growth.

Natural Hair Coloring Products

Important! Due to the fact that natural remedies
do not violate the hair structure, a noticeable effect appears only
after 3-4 staining procedures.

The exceptions are henna and basma, applying them you will see
the result after the 1st coloring.

The final color depends on the structure of your hair,
their thickness and susceptibility to specific natural
dyes. For example, weak hair changes color better than
dense and elastic.

Tips, rules and precautions:

  • Test for allergies before staining
    and wash your hair very well.
  • To avoid dark and orange spots on the skin,
    spread the open areas of the body fat cream or olive
  • Try to use fresh produce.
  • Toned one strand if the result of you
    arrange, feel free to do the staining.
  • Clearly follow the recipe, do not overdo it.
    composition on the head.
  • To improve the effect, wear a warm coat.

TOP 10 Natural Fading Tools

  1. Basma;
  2. Henna;
  3. Chamomile;
  4. Coffee;
  5. Onion Husk;
  6. Rhubarb;
  7. Walnut (husks and leaves);
  8. Lemon juice;
  9. Sage decoction;
  10. Bark ate.

Chestnut color

Girl with chestnut hair

Recipes for getting brown hair

Tea, yolk, cognac

  1. Strong tea brewing – 1 tablespoon;
  2. Yolk – 1;
  3. Cognac – 1 tsp.

Everything is mixed, applied to the hair, insulated with a hat, hold 30

Walnut shells, water

  • Walnut – grind unripe shell
  • Water – mix with chopped walnut
    walnut, should make a thick consistency;
  • Keep your head warm, hold 25-50 minutes.

Henna + Basma

  • Henna and basma – mix in a ratio of 1: 1
    50% / 50%;
  • The water is warm – add to receive
    consistency gruel (medium thickness);
  • Apply to hair, wrap your head in a warm one;
  • Keep 25-30 minutes.

Blonde hair

Girl with blond hair color

Broths for a fair hair.

Chamomile, water and lemon juice

  1. Take a daisy (dry flowers) – 150 g;
  2. Fill with fresh boiling water – 0.5 l .;
  3. Cover and insist – 40-50 minutes;
  4. Filter through gauze;
  5. Add lemon juice – 2 tbsp.
  6. Apply daily.

Lemon juice and vodka

  1. Mix lemon juice and vodka in proportions
    1: 1 – one to one (50% / 50%);
  2. Well soaked hair, the resulting composition;
  3. Dry (preferably in the sun);
  4. Wash off with water.

This recipe will help hide gray hair and reduce the fat content of your


Red Hair

Onion Husk, Glycerin and Water

  1. Take onion peel – 25-55 g;
  2. Fill with boiling water – 200 ml;
  3. Cook – 20 minutes;
  4. Cool and filter through cheesecloth;
  5. Apply to hair and hold – 30 minutes;
  6. Rinse with cold water.

The procedure is repeated daily, until you have
golden-reddish hue.

For dark hair

Dark Hair Color

The most suitable option for dark hair is henna and basma,
they not only give the hair a rich, natural color, but also
heals the scalp.

Recipe number 1

Henna and Basma – in the ratio 1: 2 (1 part of Henna; 2
parts of the Basma);

Add warm water (not boiling), bring to the state of liquid
sour cream;

We distribute on hair, we hold 40 minutes.


Brown hair color

Chamomile, water, lemon

  • Chamomile (crushed) – 4 tablespoons;
  • Water (hot) – 500ml;
  • Boil, keep on fire for 10 minutes;
  • Insist the broth – remove from the stove, cover,
    wait 30 minutes;
  • Strain out;
  • Lemon juice (add after decoction
    insisted) – 1 tablespoon;
  • Stir;
  • We put broth on hair – should be
    processed all the hair, and not just gray hairs;
  • Dress up a warming cap;
  • Wash off after 25 minutes;
  • Repeat the procedure a few days before
    get the desired result.

Tip! If you have dry, lifeless hair
– add 1 teaspoon of olive oil, this will soften the paint,
will increase the number of stains, but the effect on curls will not
is disastrous.

Henna and Basma – Universal Recipes

Henna and basma for hair

Hair becomes shiny and strong. Henna and basma can
apply both together and separately.

Henna can give your hair a varied range of shades, from
gold to copper.

Basma is more suitable for brunettes because it dyes hair black

! CAUTION Brown women better not to use a combination
Henna and Basma at the same time, otherwise you get a chestnut

  • Capacity for cooking is usually chosen glass
    or porcelain.
  • Still warm mixture of basma and henna, applied with massage movements
    on a clean wet head.
  • Powder poured boiling water (90 degrees), infused 5
  • Stir, you should get a consistency of thick cream.

Blonde color – Henna and Basma in a ratio of 1: 1,
hold 30 minutes.

Light chestnut – Henna and Basma in proportion 1: 1,
hold for an hour

Chestnut – Henna and Basma in a ratio of 1: 2,
Hold for 1.5 hours.

Bronze – Henna and Basma in the ratio of 2: 1,
Hold for 1.5 hours.

Black – Henna and Basma in the ratio of 3: 1, keep
4 hours.

Even more recipes with henna and basma against gray hair.

! IMPORTANT Mix of henna and basma is being prepared
immediately before use.

If the mixture is boiled and not just brewed, the effect will be
much stronger

The darker the hair, the longer you need to keep the dye on

! IMPORTANT If you want to reduce the intensity
the colors that you have, there are several ways

  • Vegetable oil – we put it warmed up
    vegetable oil on the head, hold 30 minutes, wash my head
  • A weak solution of vinegar or water with lemon –
    rinse hair.


Reviews of natural products and popular paints for



Approximate, estimated prices for paint against gray hair.

Useful tips and conclusions

    1. If you only have a few gray hair,
      use toning to match your color.
    2. On dry and thin hair – apply
      ammonia free paint
    3. Before buying, carefully study the packaging, often
      manufacturers indicate whether the paint is suitable for gray hair or
    4. On dense and oily – apply permanent
    5. Broken gray hair – paint over with natural
      shades with 6% oxidizer.
    6. Focal gray hair – paint over with 9%
      oxidizing agent.
    7. If heating is used during dyeing
      hair, the duration of the procedure can be reduced in 2
    8. Do not paint in cold rooms or on
      drafts, the paint simply will not take.
    9. If the hair is brightened by more than 2 tones, then the procedures
      staining should start at the back of the head.
    10. Since gray hair contains air bubbles, time
      paint extracts need to be increased, otherwise you risk not getting
      desired tons.
    11. Choose a color that is 2 tones darker than yours, it will allow 100% – but
      achieve a good result.
    12. A lot of it is chestnut color, but copper, purple,
      red may not suit you.
    13. If you are painting for the first time, lighten your hair by 1-2
    14. If you have scattered gray hair and gray hair scattered throughout
      head, you will highlight highlighting or coloring.
    15. Help clean focal gray hair (gray in a certain area
      hair) can asymmetric haircut on gray hair.
    16. You need to start coloring from the places where it is the most, so you
      increase the exposure time on problem areas.
    17. Dark colors emphasize wrinkles. If you have a lot of wrinkles
      choose lighter shades.
    18. Light tones create the illusion of additional volume

Which oxide to use:

Hair Oxide,%
Thin and brittle 3%
Very gray, glassy and naughty 9%

Keep in mind, now that you have gray hair,
the staining procedure will need to be performed periodically because
gray hair dye stays much worse and will grow back
gray roots.



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  • Folk remedies 13%, 8 votes 8 votes 13% 8 votes – 13%
    of all voices
  • Tonic 5%, 3 votes 3 votes 5% 3 votes – 5% of all
  • Gel 2%, 1 vote 1 vote 2% 1 vote – 2% of all votes
  • Tint shampoo 2%, 1 vote 1 vote 2% 1 vote – 2% of all
  • Other 2%, 1 vote 1 vote 2% 1 vote – 2% of all votes

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