Gray hair – how to prevent graying hair

gray hair photoSooner or later
This process begins in every human body. In consciousness
people the appearance of the first gray hair is strongly associated with the beginning
aging, and gray hair – with great old age. But these opinions
erroneous and stereotypes, because gray hair in children too
are found.

In humans, a special pigment is produced, called
melanin, which is responsible for the color of the hair. And the whole process
The natural “dyeing” of hair is as follows:
melanocytes located in the hair follicles, side by side with
keranocytes – cells in which protein synthesis occurs. They
is the starting material for hair.

Causes of gray hair and how to prevent them

Gray hair causes have the following: at some stage
“construction” in the chain enters the enzyme tyrosinase, and under its
the action of protein connects with the dye pigment and dye hair
in a certain color: blond, blond, black, chestnut. First gray
hair appears due to cessation or some decline
tyrosinase production. And the time when this process will begin,
laid down in every person genetically still in the womb. therefore
some people have gray hair when they are 25 years old, while others have
their oldness quite a bit.

Causes can be not only hereditary, but also
acquired. As they say, you can “turn gray over night.” Often during
time of illness or stress in a matter of hours appear
gray hair in a dream. One of the theories of graying is: inside the hair
along its entire length there is a very thin duct in which
circulation of special fluid. Under the action of adrenaline, and in
a huge amount of stress in his body
neuropeptides are produced and pass through the blood vessels to
hair follicles. From there they enter the duct with fluid and
break chemical bonds between protein and melamine. That’s what
appear gray hair.

Early graying can be prevented

If you do not want you to have gray hair at the age of 20,
then, first of all, you should pay attention to the correct and
balanced diet. The body must receive sufficient
the amount of zinc and iron. So, you need to lean more often on such
foods like fish, eggs, hard cheese, offal (light, kidney,
liver, heart), which are rich in Zn. Reduce the likelihood
that you will have gray hair at an early age can, if
regularly use oatmeal and buckwheat groats, legumes, orange
and red fruits, regularly include in the diet raisins, spinach,
prunes, dried apricots, pears, strawberries, figs, rich in Fe.

If you have the first gray hair in 20 years, then this
does not mean at all that the aging of the organism has begun, and
for a short time you turn gray. But if the gray is seen in
aged about 40-45, then this process is almost irreversible. Although
You can still try to slow it down.

It is well established that, in addition to hereditary factors and
stress, hair can change its color due to long
sun exposure without a hat, liver disease and
pancreas. And a child’s gray hair may appear due
hormonal adjustment of the body with the onset of puberty.
In addition, a common cause is avitaminosis or viral

In this case, the child needs to undergo intensive treatment.
vitamins of groups A, B, C and E, drink away the folic and
para-aminobenzoic acid. This will contribute to intense
development of the coloring pigment melanin in the body, because we will not
we come up with how to dye the child’s gray hair. And so gray
the hairs of the child did not appear again, he needs to eat well,
consume enough vegetables, fruits and berries.

How to deal with gray hair: the basic techniques, methods,

If you really really do not want to show others whitening
hairs, then you can try to hold the dyeing of gray hair.
It is better to do this in a salon or barber shop, where literate
the specialist will select the desired shade and correctly hold all
necessary manipulations to give the hair a natural shade
and do not damage them. At home, coloring gray hair may not
give results or disastrous consequences. The reason lies
that gray hair does not have a pigment that changes color as well,
therefore, it is very difficult to paint.

Natural dye for gray hair

The best option is a natural dye for gray hair,
Basma or henna. You can try to paint the individual hairs when
help decoctions of rhubarb or chamomile. But this is if you –
owner of a light shade. Big plus natural dyes in
that they not only paint over, but also work on restoration
gray hair.

Regular use of natural products will help return hair.
health, give shine and softness, feed them along the entire length,
smooth and fill damaged scales. Although it is the best paint
for gray hair, but the process of dyeing itself is not easy. Need to
consider many factors affecting the end result: and
the natural color of your hair, and the amount of gray hair, and time
paint excerpts. The procedure takes a lot of time, requires
experience and punctuality.

Dyeing gray hair with henna may result in non-compliance with the rules.
completely unexpected result. And: after use
natural dyes at least half a year can not be used
synthetic hair dyes. That is, have to or all the time
use only henna and basma, or walk with grown gray
the roots. If you want to get brighter, more fashionable, and maybe
completely different shade, then you will need to paint gray hair
cosmetic paints. But before you buy it and put it on
hair, you need to carefully study the instructions on the subject
mentioning the possibility of painting over gray, as some
Tinted shampoos and creams do not cope with this task.

It is very important to paint the maximum gray paint over
long time. Best suited for this dark
palette. But the bleaching of gray hair or discoloration is not always
are successful, because gray hairs can get not
white, and red or yellow. It looks not very nice and
strongly striking.

Other means for coloring gray hair

You can try other means – Tint shampoo for
gray hair, mask, rinse or lotion. But they possess only
easy effect, giving the hair a natural, low-key color.
Therefore not suitable for painting strong gray hair. This way
very popular with men, because it does not require much effort and cost
of time. But only an expert will tell and show how to paint
gray hair is correct, without harm for them and for their

There are also tools that help to slow down a little.
graying processes. The principle of their operation is based on saturation.
hair and scalp structures necessary or missing
vitamins and trace elements. How to get rid of gray hair when
the help of such cosmetics, and that it is better to choose, the hairdresser will advise
or a dermatologist. It should be borne in mind that the effect of such
means will be visible only on emerging hair and not earlier,
than 70-80 sessions of use. And already grown hair
can not be changed, they can only be painted or cut off.

Hair restoration

Gray hair in young people can try to recover. For
This cosmetologists have developed special creamy products.
which make it possible for some time to return their hair
natural color, without resorting to painting. And recently on
unique selective colors appeared in the market
only on gray hairs.

Mesotherapy courses help or not

Doctors offer another remedy for gray hair – courses
mesotherapy with nicotinic acid once or twice a year.
Injections of magnesia (25%) are considered effective, but they should be prescribed.
Only a trichologist or a dermatologist can. Together with this how
usually prescribed a course of trace elements and vitamins with increased
zinc and iron content.

Why do gray hair appear at an early age, can
find out by donating blood for a detailed analysis and a small
the amount of hair to determine their composition. This will help reveal
what causes the process of the appearance of gray hair and designate the most
effective methods of control and prevention. Completely optional
that you have a hidden disease or unhealthy heredity.
Even if you have gray hair, treatment may not be necessary. BUT
fight with the emergence of new white hairs is quite real.

Will the plucked gray hair grow

Many are wondering if you can pull out gray hair for
to get rid of them once and for all. Answer: this method is not
is valid. If, of course, there are only two or three of them, then
pull out so as not to spoil the big picture. And if the hairs
appear with perseverance and regularity, they are becoming more and more
more, then resorting to this method is completely useless, because
Do not pull the same half of the hair. Especially in the place of one
several new ones will grow up at once

If in doubt, can you pull out gray hair, then know
that pulling out can damage the follicle. Then new
hair, which will take the place of the old, will most likely
deformed, uneven, curling, that is even more
noticeable. Therefore, the best unwanted hair just cut
at the root with scissors or still learn how to dye gray hair.

Some opponents of painting used in the fight against gray hair
wigs. But this method is not suitable for everyone. Need to pick up a wig,
which would look not only natural, but also ideally suited for
color, size, shape and haircut, which is quite difficult. At high
the temperature of the air to walk in such a “hat” is very difficult and
unpleasant, the constant wearing of a wig in the heat can lead to
hair loss or severe allergic reaction. For the wig you need
care carefully. These efforts do not justify themselves, since the first
gray hairs surrounding completely invisible.

In this case, it is better to paint for gray hair. Especially because
modern cosmetic products are very gentle and contain
caring components.

Why dream of gray hair?

Interestingly, different sources explain dreams in different ways.
In general, they are considered a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and near
wealth. Practically every dream book treats gray hair exactly
So. But there are other interpretations of dreams in which we
See gray hair. They can symbolize a close disease,
troubles, missed opportunities, future troubles in the field
personal life. But do not despair if you dreamed gray
hair. It is possible to influence the course of events, it is worth more attentively.
treat others, do not make hasty decisions and do not
“to go with the flow”.

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