Greasy hair requires proper care and medical cosmetics

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Not sure how to put in order greasy hair that
create the impression of untidy and untidy? To start –
find out the root cause of the incorrect work of the sebaceous glands of the head.
After this, provide the strands with proper care. Top Rated
shampoos for oily hair will help with the selection.

Many women know the problem when they just washed
head and the next day again greasy hair
spoil the whole hairstyle and require another water treatment with a considerable
amount of shampoo. They look very untidy, hang
untidy icicles, they seem to feel oily and unpleasant
the film you want to quickly remove by any means.

All these misfortunes occur due to improper functioning.
sebaceous glands located in the scalp, at the roots. They
produce too much blubber and this leads to
rapid contamination strands.

If you treat this problem carelessly and do not take
no measures, it can lead to intense hair loss,
the emergence of abundant dandruff, oily form of seborrhea. To such troubles
did not happen, you need to take the first step – find out and eliminate
The causes of this phenomenon are those factors that disrupt the work.
sebaceous glands.

How to determine that hair is greasy

Causes hair greasiness

Everyone wants to know why greasy hair
spoil life for them. A lot of research is dedicated to
causes scalp oiliness and malfunction
sebaceous glands. But such provoking factors – a huge
quantity, making it difficult to find the one that
worked in your case. Therefore, the search for these circumstances is necessary
deal very seriously.

All reasons can be divided into two groups. AT
the first can be attributed to those that can be eliminated independently, t.
E. They entirely depend on the person. The second
the category of circumstances is dictated by health problems,
which can be eliminated only with the help of drug treatment,
prescribed by doctors.

Therefore, it is important to find out why you have greasy hair, and
begin to eliminate these provocative factors (often they go in a single

  • Malnutrition

Take a closer look at your diet. If your menu is present
mostly sharp and pickled foods, soda and
fast foods, fatty and fried foods (butter, sour cream, cream, pork and
lamb), spicy seasonings and smoked meats, as well as eternal
semi-finished products, even if they are convenient for cooking, –
consider that you have found the main reason why your hair
constantly greasy, greasy and dirty. The work of the subcutaneous glands by
directly related to the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. So that
until you adjust your diet, this problem you do not

  • Medication

Remember if you have been ill in the last 2-3 weeks.
And if this is indeed the case, remember what course of treatment you
passed by The fact is that long-term or uncontrolled (that
it happens with self-medication) taking certain medications
disrupts the sebaceous glands. This hormonal means
(contraceptives, for example), antibiotics, antidepressants. They need
to accept only in strictly specified dosages, to destination
a doctor. In such cases, it is recommended to take a break in treatment,
replace one drug with another. However, even after that it is still very
long have to restore the impaired work of subcutaneous sebaceous

  • Heredity

This is the very cause of hair greasiness that cannot be
eliminate forever. Most likely, you will have to live with this
problem for a very long time, if not a lifetime. The only way out
this situation – daily, very careful care of this type
curls. A big role here is played by the correct selection of funds
which will have not so much a cosmetic effect on greasy
hair, how much therapeutic effect on the subcutaneous glands.

  • Hair care

If you are used to washing your hair every day and not really
focus on exactly what shampoo you do it, quite
It is possible that the problem of greasy hair takes its origin.
from here. For the scalp you need to be able to properly care, with a special
careful selection of tools for one type or another

Why does hair become greasy

  • Hats

For many, this will be a great revelation, but often the reason
greasy hair is very banal and consists in a headdress.
Firstly, if it is made of synthetic materials, a long stay in
it is fraught with not only strong electrification of curls, but also
violation of the sebaceous glands. Secondly, if you go in the winter
without a cap or in a thin kerchief, and in the summer soar in the warm
hat, the results will be the same. Thirdly, if you recall
about washing your hat once a year, your hair will be
shine, but from the greasy film, and not from a good view. Wash
more often their hats and caps to keep the head clean.

  • Hormones

Hormones are to blame for 50% of cosmetic problems. Since women do not
once experiencing hormonal surges in their lives, they need
expect greasy hair during periods:

  • puberty;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • taking hormonal contraceptives;
  • menopause, menopause.

You must either patiently wait out this difficult stage of your life,
until hormones are normal, or ask for help

  • Psychological state

The scourge of modern women of the XXI century – the state of permanent nervous
voltage. Time trouble, family and work problems, need
be in several places at once, stress, neurosis,
experiences, physical and mental fatigue – all this
leads to the fact that the nervous system can not cope with
piled load. In this condition, the subcutaneous glands begin
to produce fat and fat with a vengeance, trying to somehow
protect the body from such negative factors. If they do not help
antidepressants, it’s time to seek help from a specialist.
Otherwise, the problem of greasy hair will remain with your nervous

  • Diseases

Various diseases of internal organs – another serious
cause hair greasiness. As mentioned earlier, the work of subcutaneous
The glands are closely related to the functioning of the digestive tract.
If you have stomach problems, treat them first – and only
after that there is hope of improving the scalp and

Determine what causes hair greasiness from
The above have a place to be in your life. Get started
over the elimination of provoking factors. Sometimes it can be done
independently, in some cases – only with the involvement
specialists. Anyway, start to solve the problem with
of this. Well, along the way, provide the sick strands with proper care.
– This is the second step towards their recovery.

Note. If you want to
normalize the condition of greasy hair as quickly as possible
be sure to include in the diet of eggs, carrots, salmon,
green vegetables. Additionally, you can take vitamins C and

Causes of hair greasiness

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About the most common diseases of the scalp and hair in
обзоре>>. Causes, salon methods and home treatment.

Rules for the care of greasy hair

Wondering what to do if the hair
greasy, and you want to look well-groomed at any time of the year? Some
useful recommendations from experts will tell you the direction,
where to go to solve this problem.

    1. Shop shampoos from greasiness hair induce mostly only
      external gloss, but do not solve the problem from the inside. So optimal
      Option – pharmacy tools.

  1. To care for greasy hair shampoos are contraindicated in
    the composition of which contains lipid complexes, proteins and
    silicone: they make them heavier by adding even more fat.
  2. All means for treating greasy hair should be
    consistency transparent, light, airy, but not creamy
    and thick.
  3. Do not overstretch the strands with additional products – shampoo and
    masks are enough. Conditioners, balms, conditioners
    may worsen the condition of greasy hair.
  4. Do not use too tight rubber bands, hairpins – hair and
    Scalp should feel free and comfortable.
  5. Frequent combing, head massage not recommended: both
    procedures can dramatically increase the amount produced
    subcutaneous glands of fat.
  6. Use thermocouple tools as little as possible:
    hairdryer, curling iron, iron.
  7. Do not get carried away with saunas and baths.
  8. In hot weather, be sure to wear a hat.

Washing greasy hair

  1. Try to wash your hair not every day, but first at least through
    day. After, when the condition of the greasy hair improves a little,
    go to mode after 2.
  2. In the morning it is allowed to rinse greasy hair with warm water,
    but without shampoo, in those days when you do not wash your hair. This will allow
    look not so untidy.
  3. The subcutaneous glands of the head work intensively throughout
    nights, producing a huge amount of fat. Therefore, it is important to wash
    head precisely in the morning, washing away these fatty secretions.
  4. You can wash your hair with greasy hair only with warm water.
    High temperatures in this case are absolute.

These are the most simple and at the same time obvious tips as
get rid of greasy hair yourself without
attracting specialists. Will be able to follow these rules of care
behind them – and in 2 weeks their condition will significantly improve.
But without the appropriate cosmetics, of course, can not do. It can
be store shampoos and homemade masks – the main thing that you do not
made a mistake with the choice.

Helpful advice. Proper care of greasy
hair suggests combing them before bedtime at least 5-10
minutes brush with natural bristles. This process normalizes
the work of the sebaceous glands.

What if hair is greasy

Specific cosmetics

A small rating of shampoos for fatty curls will solve
the problem of choosing the right means. So if you have greasy roots
hair, pay your attention to Korean cosmetics, as well as
the following products.

  1. Bioderma Node – cleansing shampoo for oily hair and
    sensitive scalp. France. $ 20.2.
  2. Loreal Professionel Pure Resource – Cleansing Shampoo
    normal and greasy hair. France. $ 10.1.
  3. Wella Regulate – professional shampoo for oily hair.
    Germany. $ 7.6.
  4. Batiste Original – dry shampoo for oily hair.
    Great Britain. $ 6.7.
  5. Alerana – shampoo against hair loss and oily hair. Russia.
    $ 6.
  6. Natura Siberica – Shampoo “Volume and Balance” for oily hair.
    Russia. $ 4.7.
  7. Green Mama – shampoo for oily hair “Black currant and
    nettle “. Russia. $ 3.2.
  8. Le Petit Marseillais – White Clay and Jasmine Shampoo. France.
    $ 2.7.
  9. Schwarzkopf Schauma – Shampoo “7 herbs” for normal and fat
    hair. Germany. $ 1.7.
  10. A clean line – regulating shampoo for very oily hair.
    Russia. $ 1.5.

Very greasy, greasy hair will be glad if you provide them
care with these medical and cosmetic shampoos. Among them are
and mass-market, and premium class, so everyone has a choice. And even
those who prefer to prepare homemade masks for problem
curls own hands.

On a note. If you want to purchase
truly effective means to eliminate greasiness and
oily hair, get pharmaceutical shampoos. But at the same time
Pay attention to the fact that in their composition was not wax. He only
creates a film, but does not cure.

Shampoos for greasy hair

Homemade recipes of folk remedies

If the hair becomes greasy more and more and no store
shampoos do not save, it’s time to turn to popular recipes.

  • Herbal Conditioner

50 grams of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water. Leave under cover
exactly for an hour. Strain, dissolve in 500 ml of warm water.
Rinse your hair after shampooing. Regulate
aloe, horsetail, rosemary, butterbur,
green tea, burdock root, mountain ash, hop cones, oak bark,
nettle, St. John’s wort, coltsfoot, mint, linden, plantain, sage,

  • Clay mask

Prepare an infusion of herbs from the previous recipe. Pour them
green cosmetic clay powder to make creamy
consistency. Keep under insulating cap for 30 minutes.

  • Coffee Salt Scrub

Sea salt mix in equal quantities with natural, already
drunk coffee. Massaging in circular motions in the wet
roots before shampooing. On the strands themselves, the scrub is not applied.

If the hair is constantly greasy, it is impossible to put up with it, since
this ailment may eventually result in a total loss and
other troubles that require long-term and expensive

Do not justify your inaction by the fact that you just have this type
curls. Even with him, you should always look well-groomed and tidy.
Tips for their care, selection of cosmetics and recipes
home masks will help you to do this.

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