Greek hairstyles: the best ideas for medium hair

Hairstyles in the antique style have long stirred the imagination of fashionistas.
Such styling attracts attention to the face, allows
demonstrate the texture of hair, allow for a variety of
accessories and jewelry.

Greek hairstyle for medium hair is a great option for
holidays, but it can be worn on weekdays. There are simple
and more elaborate styling, you can master the art of creating them
after a few workouts in front of the mirror.

  • 1 Who is suitable for?
  • 2 How to make a Greek hairstyle yourself
    • 2.1 Greek hairstyle with bangs
    • 2.2 Ideas with a rim
    • 2.3 Hairstyle with bandage
    • 2.4 Greek tail
    • 2.5 Hairstyle, as in Greek hetera
    • 2.6 Lampadion
    • 2.7 melon slices

To suit

Greek hairstyles go to all women, regardless of length,
hair color and texture. Especially convenient to create styling on
curly or wavy, fairly obedient strands.

styling greek hairstyle Straight curls will have to curl with
using forceps, ironing, papilotok or curlers. Good results
gives styling on the hair, subjected to long-term biowave or

Antique hairstyle fits

  • girls who prefer a romantic or classic style in
  • owners of regular features;
  • Anyone who does not like to visit the salon too often, preferring
    laying at home.

styling on medium hair in the Greek styleHairstyles in
Greek style can be tall or smooth, curls
are selected on the top of the head or spread over the shoulders.

However, all the options combine features that allow unmistakable
define the styling style. For the Greek hairstyle characteristic
next moments

  • lack of bangs;
  • direct parting;
  • curly or curly strands;
  • hair trimmed in a straight or slightly graded.

Council Hairstyles in the Greek style require
natural coloring. Suitable soft coloring, balasi, ombre
in natural range. Experiment with bright colors and
contrasts are not worth it.

How to make a Greek hairstyle yourself

Antique styling can be done in just 5 minutes. Wherein
In the arsenal of stylists there are also complex variants with a multitude of
artfully braided braids, curly tresses and other
original parts. Haircut can be almost any, from the caret
to the ladder.

Greek hairstyle step by step

Stacked layouts are suitable for special occasions: weddings,
prom, performance on stage. For everyday wear
more simple but very decorative, slightly
careless options: low knots, waves, beautifully pinned

A wide range of accessories are used in the work: tapes,
headbands, hairpins, stealth, artificial flowers, beads, brooches.
Especially looks spectacular jewelry with antique motifs:
a variety of cameos, ribbons and tapes with the national Greek
faux pearls, smooth or embossed

Greek hairstyles with rims, ribbons

Council Bright plastic or hippie accessories
for Greek hairstyles do not use.

Greek hairstyle with bangs

Classical styling in antique style excludes
bangs However, modern stylists easily enter
short strands on the forehead in a general way. Bangs can be straight or
trimmed with a scythe, fluffy or heavily filleted.

Council Before styling the hair is washed and
treated with an air conditioner that removes excess static
electricity. If the strands continue to push, in the process of their work
lightly sprayed with a moisturizing spray.

The hair on the back of the head is separated and collected in the tail with the help
thin gum. Side strands remain free. Curls in the tail
Svati in a careless harness and stabbed into a bunch of studs. Strands
at the temples are woven into 2 braids and lead to the back of the head. Ends clean
under the knot and secured with pins. Spit on the temples fix
invisible, giving them a beautiful bend.

Bangs are combed with a thin comb and fixed with varnish. If a
strands are very long, they can be slightly folded thin

Rimmed ideas

Thin metal bezel, smooth or decorated with rhinestones –
magnificent decoration of antique styling. Decorate their hair
very simple – the accessory is worn over the combed hair,
moving to the forehead or being closer to the middle of the crown.
It is possible to simultaneously use 2 and even 3
rim in the same style.

For special occasions, accessories that resemble small
tiaras, with protruding elements in the central part. Such
the decoration requires plain simple evening wear in
classic style. Long earrings are well combined with headbands.
metal, pearl, ivory.

Hairstyle with bandage

One of the most common Greek styling for straight,
wavy or curly hair. It is carried out in 5-10 minutes by the
hands and securely fixes naughty strands.

The hair is curled with the help of curling and combed on a straight line.
parting. The head is tied with a knitted tape, which
fixed on the back of the head. There are ready-made accessories in the form
rings that are worn over the combed strands.

greek hairstyle with bandage Starting from the temples curls
tucked under the tape from top to bottom, forming a kind of lush
wreath. For greater reliability, they are fixed with short studs or
invisible. Work must be very neat to the crown
looked uniform. Finished hairstyle is fixed with varnish and decorated
artificial flowers.

There is another option hairstyles. Hair is collected in the tail on
nape, leaving wide strands on the sides. All curls curl
curling iron Then the strands are alternately lifted onto the crown, stacked
in the form of large rings and secured with pins. Hairstyle fixed
varnish. A wide satin ribbon is worn over the top.

Greek tail

Simple and convenient styling for everyday
socks. Pre-curled hair combed on
direct parting The whole mass rises high on the crown, one strand
remains free. Curls are tied with a strong rubber band or ribbon.
The remaining strand braids into a braid and wraps around
base of the tail. The tip needs to be turned in and stabbed.
hairpin The hair in the tail is wrapped around a string of pearls or a ribbon.

And in this video, another version of the Greek tail or Greek
braids. Since the girl lacks her hair length, she
Shows how to use false hair:

Council This installation requires quite long
strands trimmed in a straight line.

Hairstyle, like the Greek heteras

Very beautiful retro style option for parties.
or other special cases. Hair slightly curled with forceps or
screwed on curlers to give volume. For greater pomp
You can use a texturizing mousse. Strands comb on
direct parting It is better to remove the bangs on the side, the stealth invisible in
hair tone.

The curls on the back of the head are collected, twisted into a surround bundle and
placed in a mesh woven from silk or metal threads.
The classic version assumes a golden mesh;
especially beautiful on redheads and blondes.


Extremely spectacular styling for special
cases. Particularly good for thick wavy or straight
hair of sufficient length. Hair requires patience and skill,
For beginners, it will seem too complicated.

Hair divided into a direct parting. A strand is separated at the crown.
tied with a rubber band. Its twisted in a tight curl and laid
vertically. The remaining hair alternately curls curling and
throw back.

Then they are lifted and pinned to the central curl. Hairstyle
should be slightly elongated, resembling a torch.
It can be decorated with rims, ribbon or a string of beads.

Melon slices

Option for wavy or straight hair. Clean strands are divided into
parted and slightly combed at the roots. Then they curl
curling and placed in large vertical curls on both sides
from a parting. Work must be very neat. Remaining on
the back of the neck strands are collected in a lush knot and fixed with pins.

Hairstyles in the Greek style – a real find for a romantic
tuned girls. They are suitable for any type of hair, can
used as a set for parties or weekdays.

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