Grow spit to the waist or useful tips on how how to speed up hair growth

hairRemember, R. Rozhdestvensky:
“A beautiful woman is a profession …”. So to create your
special way you need to approach professionally, armed with knowledge
and certain skills.

And immediately note that even in the frantic pace of today’s life
it is necessary to make time for yourself, to take care of
your health, proper nutrition, form adjustment and care
skin and hair. That hair plays a special role in the appearance
women. A luxurious mane streaming on the shoulders or small
stylish haircut – in any case, it makes a woman
charming, attracting the eyes of fans and forcing stronger
beat the hearts of others. But what about if the hair
stubbornly do not want to grow, and all your efforts are not successful?
We will try to address this problem from all sides and still find

Tip one: eat right

The right food for hair growth photosPerhaps someone skeptical
will take this advice, but do not forget: how the house is built from
bricks and hair for normal growth (i.e.
construction) need high-quality building material. Calcium,
silicon, zinc, potassium, sulfur, iron, iodine – products containing these
substances must be constantly in your menu. Vegetables, fruits, fish,
chicken meat, seaweed, milk, nuts, various cereals will help
you strengthen the hair and accelerate the growth of hair on the head.

A very good effect on the acceleration of hair growth biotin and
beta carotene. So, be sure to eat legumes, yellow and green
fruits and vegetables, and also include brewer’s yeast in the diet. Not worth it
be keen on spicy and fatty foods, do not abuse coffee and
sweets In order to remove harmful substances from the body,
need to drink plenty of regular water. Only “fed” correctly
hair will grow by leaps and bounds, delighting you with its beautiful
kind of.

Tip two: care properly

correct hair care photoWithout proper care your
hair is not something to grow, will look sloppy and unhealthy. BUT
if you change your hair color every day, use it actively
hair dryer or irons, “please” their home permanent
wearing hair curlers and throwing out half the salary each month
varnishes, sprays and mousses, then very soon the hair on your head is just
will not remain. What is the height, if you are in pursuit of different
images and the desire to follow the fashion do not give your hair a rest,
making them work hard?

Therefore, we always carefully select shampoos and balms (at the same time
do not go on about annoying ads), combs and brushes for
hair, remove away dyes and hair dryers. Permanent use
hair dryer is very harmful for our hair, it is desirable that the hair
dried naturally. Sometimes it’s enough in the morning to get up a little.
early for the time to come and the hair after the shower will dry out
(by the way, and the usual morning rush will not be then).

The mode of washing hair, each individual chooses individually, based on
features of the body. But remember that the hair is not recommended to wash
hot water, and rinse better and do cool.

A visit to the hairdresser should be a mandatory ritual 1-2 times a day.
month. This does not mean that you have to drastically change your appearance,
just even a simple trimming of the hair often contributes to their
faster growth. Do not forget about astrologers who
advised to cut hair in the phase of a growing moon.

Third advice: no smoking!

no cigarettesIf you wish to
your hair grew fast, then quit smoking. Uppercase
The truth about the dangers of cigarettes on the body are known to everyone, but here in
real life is somehow quickly forgotten about them. If you yourself
Do not smoke, try to avoid second-hand smoke, that is, do not
you have been in smoked rooms for a long time, in companies with
heavy smokers.

Tip Four: trust, but verify!

vitamins for hair photoToday in the arsenal of modern women
There are many remedies that can help with the problem of hair growth.
This and all kinds of masks, accelerating hair growth, and balms with
special oils, and sprays, vitamins, and shampoos, and activators
hair growth – just do not list. Many cosmetic concerns
produce whole series that contribute to better quality
care, and careful protection of hair. But it should not be thoughtless and
randomly take all means at once, while waiting
instant effect. Before you buy, be sure to
ask for product reviews, see its composition and all
information, consult a specialist. For some reason in
real life, we often hurry, for example, for advice to a lawyer, but
do not even think to take advice on the use of those or
other cosmetics. Here the opinion of a friend is more valuable, and quite
it doesn’t matter that she can have a different hair structure and nutrition
otherwise, and indeed – by nature she was given a beautiful head of hair. Purchased
funds are better to buy those that contain more
natural ingredients. And very well, if you combine
them with homemade masks and balms, applying
A complex approach.

So in their quest for miraculous means to resolve
the question “How can accelerate hair growth?” be reasonable and not
forget the sense of proportion.

Tip Five: Turn to popular methods

folk remedies for hair growth photosSo, as already said
above, even the most expensive means may not give you the desired
result. But the problem of hair growth did not arise today.

From time immemorial in Russia beauties used herbs and roots,
prepared infusions and decoctions, consulted with the granny vedunyami and
took on their recipes. Not by chance, many manufacturers
Modern hair care products are used in the recipe
tips that have come down to us in ancient manuscripts and

So how to accelerate hair growth folk remedies? Just say
that there are many recipes, so choose the most
suitable for yourself and try. As responsible for hair growth
follicles – hair follicles that are in the scalp, then
all cooked products must be thoroughly rubbed into the roots

Compositions that contain pepper are very popular.
or mustard. Red pepper tincture can be made independently:
two or three pods insist on vodka for 2-3 weeks (necessarily
in a dark place). When preparing a mask, you need to remember that it can cause
different sensations, so first it is better to mix the tincture with water
(2 spoons of tincture per spoonful of water), then dilute all with kefir or
olive oil and rub.

Mustard mask:

  • a glass of kefir;
  • 1 tablespoon dry mustard powder;
  • 1-2 egg yolks.

This mask is very good for enhancing hair growth, and for
strengthen their roots. But often use pepper and mustard is not
necessary, otherwise the skin may be dried out.

A great recipe is a nettle balm. Need to take 1 dining room
spoonful of dried nettle leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 1
hour, strain. Rub into the scalp 2-3 times a week.
after washing the hair, the hair after that does not rinse and not

Good effect is given by rubbing in various oils: burdock,
castor oil, especially in composition with various essential oils
(for example, with birch buds essential oil).

To help speed hair growth at home can decoctions of
calendula, hop, burdock root. Usually for their preparation 1
A tablespoon of dry plants is poured with a liter of boiling water and infused.
Further, already according to the usual pattern – rubbing into the scalp.

Many advise to use onion masks and balms, and
Indeed, they also contribute to faster hair growth.
Grate one onion, and then you can use the most
different options:

  • mix the mixture with a spoonful of honey, 1 yolk, and then apply on
  • Pour a glass of rum, insist and rub into the scalp.
    It is advisable to wrap the hair with a towel after the procedure and leave
    so for an hour or two. Then rinse with warm water.

Not everyone likes the sharp smell of onions, but do not forget that beauty,
as usual, it requires sacrifices, and here our sacrifice is obtained completely
small, but the effect after several sessions of such
procedures will see for yourself. By the way, you can rinse your hair with water
lemon juice diluted in it – it will reduce onion smell.

Rosemary hair growth accelerates and can be mixed with water.
(half a glass of water for half a glass of rosemary), and then this composition
add to shampoo and wash your hair. And if a drop of rosemary
add to tea, then this drink will help to improve not only
hair structure, but also improve the tone of the body, fill you

And to the question “How to speed up the process of hair growth?” folk
medicine gives the answer: to avoid quarrels and stresses, to find
all positive, often talk to yourself about your own
attractiveness and beauty and then you yourself will be surprised how
Your hair will quickly become shiny and healthy.

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