Gum braid: 10 beautiful hairstyle ideas without weaving

Spit of gum attracts the attention of fashionistas because of the simplicity
creating hairstyles, and her appearance is sometimes impressive
more of the most complex weaving.

Spit of gum

Only small elastic bands will be required for this hairstyle.
from silicone to hair tones and several workouts.

  • 1 Ideas hairstyles using braids from gum
    • 1.1 Volumetric braids of gum without weaving
    • 1.2 French braid with rubber bands
    • 1.3 Weave braid from gum in the form of a bow
    • 1.4 Weaving braids with elastics in the form of hearts
    • 1.5 Weave braids with elastic fish tail
    • 1.6 Spit without weaving twist
    • 1.7 Air Spit
    • 1.8 Greek hairstyle
    • 1.9 Original horse tail
    • 1.10 Evening hairstyle
    • 1.11 Bagel with a scythe
    • 1.12 Spit on loose hair
    • 1.13 The easiest option lush spit of rubber bands
    • 1.14 Spit fish tail with elastic bands
    • 1.15 Braid hearts on elastic bands
  • 2 Options for original hairstyles with elastic bands for girls
    • 2.1 Malvinka with extravagant braid
    • 2.2 4 pigtails
    • 2.3 2 pigtails on top with a tail
    • 2.4 Bundle with oblique from the neck and from the forehead
    • 2.5 Pigtail 5 minute
    • 2.6 Wreath with unusual rubber bands
    • 2.7 Fun Palm
    • 2.8 Tails plus pigtails

Hairstyles using braids from gum

With the help of rubber bands, you can create everyday styling, which
will last until the evening in its original form. Can i
create and festive hairstyle do it yourself for
ceremonial events, especially girls in kindergarten or
the school.

Volumetric braids of gum without weaving

Volumetric braiding

The original styling looks based on
tails. Spit without weaving with elastic bands under the force
even for those who can’t get a simple pigtail.

  • To separate a part of hair along the line of the forehead and collect a tail from them on
    top of the head.
  • Separate the small curls from the sides and connect them with a little rubber band.
    below the previous one.
  • Unscrew the second tail, threading it from top to bottom through
  • Repeat with the remaining side curls and
    loose strands.
  • The hair between the elastic bands gently pull to give volume,
    sprinkle with varnish.

French braid with rubber bands

French braid with rubber bands

An even simpler version of the spit, the scheme of which is presented on
photo step by step, recalls the French cone:

  • Collect strands from the forehead at the top, as for weaving
    French braids, fasten them with a silicone rubber band.
  • Remove the tip on the face.
  • Hooks from the sides to connect below the first tail.
  • The free part of the first tail split in half and hold under
    the second, which is now put up.
  • Collect the halves in the tail with the following
  • Now split the second tail and hold under the third.
  • Having collected the last pickup, assemble the free part in
    the second tail (upper) and pass through the formed
    gap bottom.
  • Continue weaving along the entire length, then stretch the coils in

This video shows how to braid a braid with

Braid braid from rubber bands in the form of a bow

Romantic mood can be expressed with the help of cute braids from

  • Collect the first tier of hair on the crown.
  • Divide the loose strand into 2 parts and make from each
    half bow with a separate rubber band.
  • Invisible to the inside of the bow to
    the basis of hair for reliable fixation. Weaving in the form of a bow
  • Run in this technique another 2-3 bows under the previous one,
    fix laying varnish.

Weave braids with elastics in the form of hearts

Hearts on the hair will not be ignored and underlined.
personality and romantic style of the girl.

  • Select thin strands over the temples and connect them to
    back of the head.
  • To separate the right strand below the previous one and hold it
    over the right curl inward, bringing the tail between the first and second
    a strand.
  • Repeat the same on the left and connect the free parts below.
    first gum.
  • Do this in a few more rows, already weaving
    the resulting heart

Heart weaving

Weave braids with elastic fish tail

The fishtail braid will not disintegrate into
during the day, and its appearance is not inferior to the classic version.

  • Separate the thin strands of the temples and collect them in the tail
    on the crown.
  • Rotate inwards over the rubber band, grabbing with two fingers.
    the tip of the tail from the bottom and dragging through the thickness of the hair.
  • Make the second and subsequent rows, separating from the sides equal to
    thickness strands.
  • Loose hair in a fishtail braided way,
    separating from the sides of one part of the hair thin curls and
    shifting them to the middle of the second part or
    continue to fix each weave with rubber bands.

Volumetric braid of gum

Spit without weaving twist

Original braid can be created on long hair.
with a few gums in a couple of minutes.

  • Assemble the tail on the back of the head or on the side behind the ear.
  • Below collect tail again.
  • Thread 2 fingers into the hair between the rubber bands and stretch
    free end inward.
  • Secure another gum at the same distance and
    stretch again the free part.

This video shows how to weave a twist braid with rubber bands.

Air spit

For a special occasion, a floating braid is suitable due to
its volume.

Attention should be paid to what is required
pre-process the entire head of hair with crimping tongs,
thanks to which the required volume will be obtained.

  • A little comb hair and collect in the tail on the crown.
  • Separate the side strands so that they are equal together.
    half of the tail, secure in front with a rubber band.
  • The lower part is divided in half and bring forward, bringing together
    below the previous coil.
  • Continue along the entire length, stretching to the sides
    turns in the process of weaving.
  • Lightly spray hair with lacquer.

French braid with rubber bands

Greek hairstyle

Changing the direction of weaving, you can create a new image by attaching
minimum of effort. Greek styling will be advantageous
look and on average length, adding hairstyle

  • Split the hair in half in half.
  • Start weaving a braid of tails from the forehead to the back of the head closer to the line
    hair growth.
  • Repeat weaving on the second part, hide the ends

Greek hairstyle

Original horse tail

Classic horse tail looks beautiful only with perfect
hair condition, which not every girl can boast.
By removing the curls in the braid, you can hide flaws and look

  • Collect the high tail on the crown, head thrown back.
  • A small strand to twist the gum and fasten the tip of the bottom
  • Divide the curls into upper and lower halves, fasten
    The upper rubber band is several centimeters lower than the main one.
  • Thread the bottom half through the hairline forward over
    second rubber band and secure the third.
  • Repeat steps along the entire length, at the end stretch the coils for

Spit on the tail of the two strands

Evening hairstyle

Variant of a beautiful evening hairstyle with collected hair:

  • To collect a low tail on a nape or sideways.
  • Rotate the free part inwards over the rubber band, not
    pulling the tail formed too tight.
  • Split the strands into several pieces and twist them alternately in
    harnesses, laying around the base, creating the effect of light
  • Fix weaving invisible or studs,
    by decorating the finished hair with an elegant hairpin or

Evening hairstyle

Bagel with a scythe

  • Make a high tail.
  • A small strand separated at the time to remove
    the side.
  • Thread the tip of the tail into the foam bagel and tighten the entire
    length from top to bottom of the base, evenly distributing the entire mass
  • Loose curl braid in a pigtail, slightly stretch it
    in volume and fasten around the donut.

Bagel with a scythe

Spit on loose hair

It is not necessary to clean all hair in a braid. French braid from
gum can only be on a third of the head on the side of the parting
and a fishtail in the back of the head, leaving the remaining
curls loose. Weave braids of gum themselves.

This video shows how to make stylish pigtails on
fluff hair.

Pretty easy to create with your own hands
beautiful hairstyle with the help of small rubber bands.

Advice! For the first attempts to braid your hair
it is convenient for yourself to be between two mirrors or periodically
look at the rear view. Later hands will get used to the movements and weaving.
will be easy.

The easiest option lush spit of gum

To master the classic version of the braids without weaving is very simple,
combing initially all the curls in the tail. Loose hair
split in half and collect the top of a small
rubber band. In the resulting gap you need to thread the second part and
again make the tail. Pomp finished hairstyle given by
neat stretching the side hair to the sides.

Spit fish tail with elastic bands

  • Separate the thin strands from the sides and connect them at the back of the head.
  • Make the second row below the strands of the same thickness.
  • Fingers stretch the second tail through the gap above
    the first rubber band.
  • The following hooks also fasten with a rubber band and stretch over
    previous rubber band.

Spit of gum without weaving

Braid hearts on elastic bands

  • Select the side strands of the temples and tie them to
    top of the head.
  • Turn inside.
  • Separate below the previous couple of locks and connect them with
    first tail a couple of centimeters lower.
  • Scroll all through the gap between the two
  • Make the desired number of such rows and
    to stretch a piece of hair from the inside to form

Hearts of hair

Variants of original hairstyles with elastic bands for girls

Hairstyle for girls should be fast, reliable
cleaned from the face and comfortable throughout the day. All this
hairstyles with elastic bands, among which variants
You can choose the right one for any occasion.

Hairstyles with elastic bands for girls

Malvinka with extravagant braid

  • Screw the ends of the hair on curling or curlers.
  • To separate the apical part, as for the usual malvinki,
    lower half temporarily removed.
  • Divide the tip into 3 parts, center fold
  • From the side curls braid spikelets to the neck, and then simple
  • Connect all parts with grabs from the bottom
    half in malvinka.
  • Make the front tail with a small rubber band.
  • Pull the back of the pigtails between the rubber bands and
    to fasten.
  • Alternately pull tails along the entire length of the braid.

Malvinka with a scythe

4 pigtails

  • Hair divided by direct parting into 4 equal parts, each
    tie in the tail.
  • Alternately dismiss 1 tail and braid
    french spit the other way around.
  • Connect adjacent pigtails in pairs on the back of the head, decorate

Four braids

2 braids on top with a tail

You can diversify a simple tail with the help of 2 braids at the top of
gum, the free parts of which connect on top. pigtails at the top with a tail

A tuft with a scythe from the nape and from the forehead

A high bunch originally looks, complemented by a spikelet on
the back of the head:

  • Throw your head forward, braid the French braid from
    neck to the crown.
  • Assemble together with the front of the tail on the crown.
  • Screw on the bagel from the tip to the base, evenly
    spreading the hair so that there are no empty gaps.

A bundle with a scythe

You can repeat this hairstyle with a braid going in the direction of
from the forehead to the crown.

Pigtail 5 minute

Sometimes no more than 5 minutes is left for morning fees.
time, and then come to the rescue very fast

  • Collect high tail.
  • Loose hair divided into 3 parts, to the middle attach
    beautiful ribbon.
  • Alternately cross the side strands with
    medium, leaving the tape in the center.
  • Tie a beautiful bow from below.

Wreath with unusual rubber bands

Wreath with elastic bands

Weaving around the head on a restless child is not every mom
under the force, while weaving a basket of gum is not
requires great effort.

  • Divide all hair into 8 sectors.
  • Alternately tie each tail with a colored rubber band on
    a distance of 2 – 3 centimeters from the growth line, attaching a tip
    previous tail to the next.
  • Hide the remaining last free part of the invisible.

This video shows how to make a very simple hairstyle.
for girls “Wreath of gum.”

Funny palm

For little girls fit small palm trees, which
made of rubber-cut hair segments in a chaotic
okay spectacular web

  • Equally close the line at the forehead and divide it into 3 squares,
    make each tail.
  • The next row is divided into 4 parts and attached to the extreme
    segments of the upper half of the lateral tails, and to the center of 2
    half – from the side and middle tails.
  • Repeat rows, dividing the previous tails in half to
    turned out cobweb.


Tails plus pigtails

  • Separate from the side of the parting strip of hair, a width of 5 – 10
  • Divide this line into 4 squares located in
  • Tie each into a tail.
  • The second and third tail split in half and attach the part to
    neighboring extreme tails, and from the inner halves to make
    central tail.
  • Braid from the resulting tails simple braids,
    leave the rest of hair loose.

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