Hair and Scalp Peeling – Review procedures, photos, reviews, prices, TOP 19 best tools

To hair pleased beauty and density, and the scalp –
health, not enough simple washing. It is recommended to add to
Care various treatments, such as scalp peeling. She is
promotes healing of the skin, which has
beneficial effect and on the state of curls. Make peeling
can be both in the cabin and at home. Scalp peeling


What is peeling for hair and scalp? Benefit and harm

The content of the article:

  • What is peeling for hair and scalp? Benefit and harm
  • The best peeling for the scalp: the main types
  • Prices for procedures in beauty salons
  • Which to choose? Indications and contraindications
  • Peeling of the scalp at home
  • Scrub for the scalp at home: TOP-9 recipes
    scalp peeling
  • How often can you do peeling?
  • Professional cosmetics ranking – TOP 19 best products
  • Why it is worth doing peeling scalp in the cabin

Peeling (exfoliation) of the scalp – cosmetic procedure
therapeutic and preventive nature, aimed at deep
skin cleansing and removal of dead cells and sebum.
The skin renewed after the procedure breathes and saturates better.
oxygen, and curls because of this gain thickness and elasticity,
start to grow faster.

The benefits of peeling are indisputable. Beneficial effect
procedures provided by mechanical or chemical exposure
used means. Mixes help to remove from the skin
dead pieces and update it. What is hair peeling

At the same time, the impact eliminates contamination,
excess sebum secretions, residues of cosmetics and styling products.
Blood circulation improves, so strands saturate better.
useful components they need.

Peeling also improves skin tone, provides
high-quality nutrition of follicles. It all contributes
accelerating the growth of strands and a significant improvement in their condition.

As such, there is no harm in peeling, if it is performed correctly.
and taking into account contraindications. But be aware that with deep
purification is enhanced trophic. The sebaceous glands can start working.
more active, so the head is likely to have to wash more often. Where
Will you do a peeling? HomeIn the salon

The best peeling for the scalp: the main types

In the salons, specialists can offer different types of peeling in
depending on the condition of the hair.


Mechanical peeling involves cleansing the head with
abrasive particles (scrubs or gommazhi) through massage
movements. Scrubs other than abrasive microgranules usually
include vitamins, minerals, nutritional
Components. The specific tool is selected by an expert with
considering the condition of the skin and the presence of certain problems. Massage
performed by the master for 20-30 minutes. After this means
rinse thoroughly and apply a mask or serum. Mechanical

Acid (Chemical)

This type of peeling uses organic and
inorganic acids, as well as enzymes that dissolve the upper
contaminated epidermis layer. The procedure improves metabolism.
and nutrition of follicles, accelerates the growth of strands, helps to accelerate
recovery processes, relieves dandruff. Acid (Chemical)

REFERENCE. Often used almond, citric,
malic, glycolic, citric, acid. Also peels are done with
using salicylic, retinoic, phytic acid, vitamin C,

Chemical peeling is done in a course of 5-7 procedures with
one week between them.

Hardware (Gas-liquid)

With the hardware method through a nozzle under pressure in a special
The device introduces a fine hydroxyl stream. Mixture
may contain water, sodium chloride, serum with vitamins,
minerals, plant extracts and so on. Head flow
the specialist determines taking into account the condition of the skin and hair.
The procedure provides deep cleansing and healing.
tissues, and due to the massage effect the growth of strands is accelerated.
Hardware (Gas-liquid)

Ozone hair peeling

Ozone therapy can be performed by hardware, through
injection or preparations containing ozone. High oxygen
It has a complex effect on the hair follicles.
It nourishes the tissues with oxygen, helps stimulate
blood circulation and relieving inflammation, accelerates hair growth and improves
their appearance. ozone


Aquapilling is the same as gas-liquid.
A jet of a mixture of gases and medicinal solutions, affecting the skin
heads, removes dead cells, saturates it with oxygen and
nutritional components. Aquapiling


Fruit acids have a softer effect on the scalp than others.
types of peeling. The result will depend on which one
acid is used. For example, lemon promotes
collagen production, apple – cleanses and improves elasticity
skin. Fruit


This is a type of chemical peeling, in which keratinized
cell layer is removed by enzymes – biologically active
components that have a gentle effect.
Enzymes not only cleanse the skin of dead cells, but also
contribute to its restoration and renewal, heal
microtraumas. And additional substances in the mixtures
moisturize, nourish and protect the scalp and hair. enzymatic


An innovative method for which formulations based on
bioactive floristic enzymes. They include moisturizers,
anti-inflammatory and other components. Substances
act carefully, so this peeling can be used and
sensitive skin. Biological

Galvanic (Clay)

Galvanic peeling refers to the hardware method. In that
the case of the scalp is affected by the galvanic current connection and
medical and cosmetic products. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp, then
the master uses a comb with hollow teeth, inside which
there are electrodes. This technique allows to open the pores
skin, remove dirt from them and saturate the skin with beneficial effects.
components. Galvanic

Prices for procedures in beauty salons

Prices from the popular resource https: //

Which to choose? Indications and contraindications

Which peeling is best to choose is determined by the condition of the skin.
head and current problems. First, consider the general
indications and contraindications to the procedure.

Most often, the need for peeling occurs in such

  • dandruff;
  • itching and flaking of the scalp;
  • excessive fat content;
  • loss of hair shine;
  • slow growth and loss of strands;
  • brittle tips.


Contraindications to the procedure are as follows:

  • damage to the scalp;
  • inflammation and irritation of the skin, pustules;
  • fat and dry seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • idiosyncrasy used for peeling

IMPORTANT! If the hair has recently been dyed, better
hold off peeling. When removing the upper layer of the epidermis
Curls may lose their brightness.

Peeling for oily skin

With oily scalp the main task of peeling –
decreased activity of the sebaceous glands. Okay with that
handle fruit acids. Can also be shown
galvanic peeling using drying means such
like clay, for example. oily scalp

Peeling for dry scalp

For dry epidermis, in addition to cleansing, peeling should provide
moisturizing. Will be useful hardware peeling using mixtures
with moisturizing ingredients in the composition. dry scalp


Almost all types of peels are aimed at eliminating dandruff.
You can use both mechanical exfoliation and
acid or hardware. Which option is better to choose, tell
specialist. Dandruff

With hyperkeratosis

For hyperkeratosis, use gentle gentle peels,
for example, acid or ozone. From home remedies
a salt scrub will do. With hyperkeratosis

Peeling of the scalp at home

Peeling can be tried at home. For
Professional factory tools may apply.
popular recipes scrubs.

How to prepare for peeling?

First you need to check whether the scalp
wounds and cracks. If available, use scrubbing agents.
can not. Pre-wash your hair is not necessary. the washing up
only required if they are very fat. Peeling of the scalp at home

How to make scalp peeling

The procedure for doing home peeling is as follows.
in the following way:

  • Clean hair needs to be combed and divided.
    on the partings.
  • Apply scrub. It is necessary for
    rub massage into scalp for several minutes, then
    distribute the composition of the hair length.
  • The exposure time depends on the particular means.
    is used. Most formulations remain for 5-15 minutes.
    Then they are washed off with warm water and shampoo.

how to do

Components Used

For home peels are usually prepared mixtures based on
components with exfoliating properties such as salt, coffee,
clay, sugar, coffee grounds. To simplify the task, you can
use ready-made peeling products offered
almost all popular cosmetics manufacturers for

Scrub for the scalp at home: TOP-9 recipes
scalp peeling

Products based on natural ingredients found in
every housewife’s house can provide high-quality skin cleansing
heads. Of course, their effect can not be compared with the result of the salon
procedures, but there will still be improvements. Consider the best

Sugar scrub

To prepare you need to mix a teaspoon of sugar with
half a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix need for
a few minutes to massage the scalp, then rinse.
Sugar Scrub

Coffee grounds scalp peeling

You need to mix two teaspoons of coffee grounds (you can use
ground coffee or cake), a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice,
egg yolk. A mixture of massage movements applied to the skin.
heads, remains for some minutes, then is washed away by warm water and
shampoo with a natural composition. Peeling the scalp of the coffee grounds

ATTENTION! Coffee has the ability to dye hair,
Therefore, such a scrub is not recommended for blondes.

Salt peeling for the scalp

For this recipe, mix a tablespoon of room water.
temperature and salt (preferably sea) to obtain a consistency of liquid
sour cream. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil,
corresponding to the type of hair. The mixture is gently applied by
parting Then you need to massage the skin with a mixture for
a few minutes and wash your hair in the usual way. Salt peeling for the scalp

Soda Scrub

An effective scrub that prepares very
simply. You need to mix the soda and the usual shampoo in
equal proportions, apply the mixture to the scalp and
Massage, then rinse thoroughly. Scrub for the scalp of soda

Clay peeling

To prepare the composition you need to mix three tablespoons of any
clay (well suited blue) and two tablespoons of fine salt
grinding The composition adds a tablespoon of water. Mixture
applied to the scalp with massage movements, then washed off.

With aroma oils

Aromatic oils complement the action of exfoliating ingredients. For
First you need to prepare a mixture of salt and water, and then add to
She has a few drops of essential oils, taking into account the existing problems:

  • If you have dandruff, you can use eucalyptus ester,
    rosemary, tea tree.
  • For oily skin suitable oil of bergamot, cedar, lemon.
  • From the loss of help aroma oils pine, ylang-ylang,
  • If the skin is dry, you can use chamomile, sage oil,
    jasmine or pink.

With aroma oils

Such peeling is used in the standard way: massage
movements rubbed into the epidermis of the head, then washed off.

With egg yolk

This remedy will be helpful for dandruff. Need to mix egg
yolk, a couple of tablespoons of salt and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Can
add some essential oil. The composition is rubbed
massage movements into the epidermis and washed off with shampoo.
With egg yolk

Fruit cocktail

Exfoliating properties have fruit
bones. You can use apricot, peach,
grapes. A tablespoon of crushed ingredients must be combined
with a similar amount of vegetable oil and use
in the standard way. Fruit cocktail

Deep cleaning mask with egg and lavender

This composition has a powerful cleansing effect and can
replace peeling. It moisturizes well, so
suitable for dry hair. You need to mix 3 eggs, 90 grams
almond oil add 5 drops of lavender ester. Composition carefully
distributed over the entire length of the hair and remains for 45 minutes. Then
it needs to be washed off with shampoo. Deep cleaning mask with egg and lavender

How often can you do peeling?

The frequency of peeling depends on its type. The specialists
It is recommended to do the procedure no more than once a week. If a
hair and scalp are prone to dryness, the optimal frequency is
10-14 days. Usually peels are done in courses of 4-8 weeks,
then a break for several months. It will help not
dry skin.

Professional cosmetics ranking – TOP 19 best products

Hair cosmetics manufacturers offer ready-made
peeling agents that are convenient to use at home
conditions. The following exfoliants have proven themselves well.


The manufacturer offers a multifruit peeling suitable for
normal and greasy hair. Apricot stones in the composition
qualitatively clean the epidermis from dead cells, improve
blood circulation, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands.
The cost is about 120 rubles. multifruit peeling


The tool from the Italian manufacturer Farmavita has
strong antibacterial effect, nourishes the skin with vitamins and
moisture, promotes its regeneration. It exfoliates well
dandruff and removes residues of styling, dirt and grease.
The price starts from 500 rubles. Farmavita

Estel (Estelle)

Russian popular manufacturer Estelle offers
peeling shampoo for deep cleansing of the scalp, elimination
dandruff and relieve irritation. The cost is about 450 rubles.
Estel (Estel)


Korean peeling Lador Scalp Scaling Spa Hair Ampoule helps
get rid of dandruff and peel off the scalp. is he
also helps to improve blood circulation and prevent loss
hairs. The cost of the drug is quite affordable – from 120
rubles. La'dor Scalp Scaling Spa Hair Ampoule

Feedback from the popular

Lebel (Label)

Lebel Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner Exfoliating
can be used for both dry and oily or
sensitive skin. It qualitatively removes dead particles,
contributes to the preservation of the purity of the strands and adds volume to the roots.
The drug is quite expensive – it costs about 2,000 rubles.
Lebel Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner


The French drug VICHY Dercos qualitatively eliminates dandruff,
fights itching, irritation, oily scalp.
The ingredients in the composition also improve blood circulation, soothe,
nourish and moisturize the epidermis. Price starts from 600
rubles. VICHY Dercos

Diamond Oil Glow Dry

This is a scrub designed for hair, that is, apply it
need for length. It gives dull strands brightness and brilliance,
eliminates fouling, polishes the surface of the strands and
makes combing them easier. Price of funds starts from 1500
rubles. Diamond Oil Glow Dry


Revitalizing gommage from the manufacturer Kérastase contains
many active ingredients that, thanks to the correct
concentration literally transforms the hair. Means
effective, but quite expensive – costs about 4,000 rubles.
Revitalizing gommage

DSD “De Luxe 1.3” deep cleansing

A universal peel suitable for all skin types, including
for fatty ones. It is a high quality peel scalp, cleanses
dandruff, moisturizes strands. Cost – from 5000 rubles.

Deep cleansing shampoo

Shampoo for deep cleansing from the manufacturer TRESemme, gently
removes strong dirt and shine returning to curls. In the formula
contains vitamin C. The product is suitable for daily use.
Of the minuses there is a high price – about 5,300 rubles.
Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Bain Riche Dermo-Calm, Kerastase

Innovative shampoo peeling for deep cleansing. Special
suitable for dry and sensitive scalp
promotes high-quality moisture. Price starts from
1500 rubles. Bain Riche Dermo-Calm, Kerastase

Nioxin – regenerating peeling for the scalp

Peeling Nioxin SCALP RENEW Dermabrasion Treatment is suitable for
thin, prone to hair loss. It feeds well and
moisturizes, restores the epidermis, accelerates growth processes
hair. The tool also has protective properties, prevents
various damages strands. Price starts from 2500
rubles. Nioxin SCALP RENEW Dermabrasion Treatment

Reviews of nioxin from popular
resourcehttp: //

Actyva Purezza Gel, Kemon

Professional gel exfoliant for deep cleansing of the skin.
The tool helps to get rid of dandruff, dust, dirt. Also
the drug improves circulation, stimulates the growth of strands and
provides gentle care. Approximate cost is
1000 rubles. Actyva Purezza Gel, Kemon

Scalp Stimulating Essential Oils, Leonor Greyl

In addition to high-quality peeling oil in the composition of the product.
provide moisturizing and nourishing curls. Cost of
American funds starts from 3000 rubles. Scalp Stimulating Essential Oils, Leonor Greyl

Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher) – Scrub for the scalp

Soft peeling from Willows Roshe cleanses the skin from various kinds
pollution and provides its oxygen saturation. Means
normalizes the sebaceous glands and heals strands throughout
length. The price is about 450 rubles. Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher) - Scrub for the scalp

Scalp Detox, Londa Professional

Londa offers a cleansing emulsion that is used before
shampooing. It gives instant scalp detox and
gives hair a healthy look. Especially suitable for oily and
prone to dandruff skin. The price starts from 600 rubles.
Scalp Detox, Londa Professional

Ollin full force

Mousse peeling for the scalp and hair, which includes
bamboo extract. The tool not only cleans qualitatively, but also
saturates the epidermis with oxygen, accelerates the growth of strands and gives
additional volume. The cost is about 400 rubles.
Ollin full force

Jet peel

Gas-liquid peeling, exfoliating dead cells, accelerating
hair growth, strengthening and restoring them. Created for
salon application. Approximate price – 1000 rubles.
What is hair peeling


This peel has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,
cleansing properties, helps get rid of dandruff. is he
remarkably fights peeling, and also makes the strands soft,
elastic and shiny. The price is about 1130 rubles.

Utena reibi gel peeling

Gel peeling is suitable for skin prone to dandruff and flaking.
It carefully removes keratinous particles from the surface of the epidermis and
pollution, refreshes and tones the scalp. The composition includes
orange extract that helps cleanse the pores. Japanese extract
Angelica nourishes and moisturizes the strands, and calamus extract helps
accelerate their growth. Approximate price – 800 rubles. utena

Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment, Paul Mitchell

Medical scrub with tea tree extract in the composition. He is not
only cleans, but also relieves inflammation and irritation. Part
also includes vitamin E, shea butter, panthenol, which heals
hair, give them strength and shine. The cost starts from 1500
rubles. Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment, Paul Mitchell


L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Scalp Cleansing Tool
Treatment from a popular French manufacturer includes
glycolic acid. It is recommended to use it before
using shampoo from the same series. The composition gently cleans and
exfoliates, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes,
strengthens follicles. And the unique molecule Incell is actively
restores hair structure. L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Scalp Cleansing Treatment


Schwarzkopf BONACURE scalp peeling exfoliates and
tones the scalp, helps her recovery. It is suitable for
oily skin prone to dandruff, itching, flaking. The composition includes
peppermint extract that cools, refreshes the strands and gives
im feeling clean The price starts from 850 rubles.
Schwarzkopf BONACURE

Natura Siberica (Siberica Natura)

Budget peeling from a domestic manufacturer, which includes
themselves vitamins and various essential oils. Quality tool
cleans the skin, but can be hard to wash off. Price starts from
200 rubles. Natura Siberica


Peeling “Healthy Hair” (Pharmacist) includes particles
apricot pits, carefully exfoliating dead cells,
stimulating blood circulation and normalizing the sebaceous glands.
Application of the tool helps to restore the hair shine and healthy look.
The cost of the drug – from 200 rubles. Peeling

Why it is worth doing peeling scalp in the cabin

Peeling of the scalp can be done both at home and in the salon
conditions. But if you need to achieve a more pronounced result,
It is recommended to contact a good master in the salon. Although homemade
techniques are effective, they can not so effectively deal with
problems of the scalp and hair, as professional techniques.
In the salon, the master will select the appropriate type of exfoliation with
taking into account the type and condition of the scalp, as well as defects.
scalp peeling in the salon

The benefits of salon peels are:

  • individual professional approach;
  • application of innovative technologies;
  • quality materials;
  • result guarantee;
  • A complex approach.

Only one minus salon procedures – high
cost Therefore, home peels can also
use as an alternative. For them may apply
folk recipes and purchased products. The choice of the latter is very
wide, and you can choose as a budget product from the domestic
manufacturer as well as a professional luxury product.

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