Hair and Scalp Treatments

Hair under the microscopePhysiology of hair structure and hairy
Part of the skin of the head is managed by the science of “trichology”. how
experts say that this kind of disease does not occur
one day, and develop over the years— frequent causes of problems with
hairs are diseases of internal organs (for example, from
GIT), which require an integrated approach to treatment.

General information

The content of the article:

  • General information
  • Types of hair and scalp diseases
  • Diagnosis of the skin of the head
  • Treatment

Hair is known to be a derivative
epidermis of human skin. Exterior in perfect condition
the sheath of each hair is formed by tightly fitting keratin
scales that provides hair soft and silky shine.
The lack of nutrients and secretion of the sebaceous glands cause
changes in hair structure that causes various

Types of hair and scalp diseases

In most cases, it all starts with an itch that
accompanied by active exfoliation of the epidermis and the formation
dandruff The situation may be aggravated by hair loss. In addition to
Moreover, flaking can be caused by improper hair care.
(exposure to temperature changes or the appearance of

  1. Alopecia – pathological conditions in which occurs
    thinning in certain areas of the head or complete disappearance
    (hair loss.

  2. Ichthyosis – a hereditary disease, accompanied by
    functional disorders of the epidermis, which leads to the formation of
    hard scales on the skin. The level of flow and sebaceous excretions, while
    dryness of the skin, changes in the structure of the hair and
    nail plates.

  3. Seborrheic dermatitis – leads to the formation of
    eczema, accompanied by severe itching. Symptoms are often
    diseases can manifest themselves during stress or acute
    period of concomitant diseases.

  4. Dermatomycosis – a group of infectious fungal diseases,
    caused by a parasitic fungal environment.

  5. Seborrhea – the main cause is the male / female imbalance
    hormones in the body. The disease develops as a result of pathology.
    development of the oil-hair apparatus, disorders of the exchange
    substances, improper hygienic care of the scalp or
    age changes.

  6. Dandruff – a collection of symptoms that are characterized
    increased rate of exfoliation of skin cells during
    long time interval (found on the head with abundant

  7. Psoriasis is a chronic non-infectious dermatosis, with
    which scales of the epidermis are more dense and large, and the region
    flaking can cover the entire hairline with a gradual
    the transition of the disease to the region of the forehead and neck. The treatment of such
    type of disease accompanied by the use of creams based
    olive oil which helps to reduce the area
    problem epidermis.

  8. Gray hair – reduction (or termination) of the synthesis of dyes
    pigments that are responsible for the constant preservation of hair color. Hair
    become white or silver colors. Cause cardinal
    Changes are genetic (hereditary) and endocrine

Often problems with hair are caused by allergic reactions.
on certain types of products. In this case, the treatment
is limited to the exclusion of the allergen – the substance causing
the end result is peeling of the skin on the head. Additionally required
perform deep peeling of the scalp, but not more often than 1 time per

Diagnosis of the skin of the head

Hair and scalp treatment is within the competence of a dermatologist.
(trichologist). Diagnosis is based on
special laboratory studies.

A specialist should immediately contact if:

  • on the scalp there has been a redness of individual areas
  • hair loss has become widespread (abundant
    falling out after sleeping or scratching);
  • none of the cosmetic hair care products

Trichological diagnosis includes several stages, including

Microvideo diagnostics – a thorough study
hair with a video lens to determine the cause of the changes;

microvideo diagnostics

Spectral computer analysis – reveals
disturbances in the body due to mineral metabolism. During
research by a spectrometer is determined by the state of balance of toxic
and useful (essential) trace elements contained in the chemical
ash composition;

spectral computer analysisTrichoscopy
– study of the structure of a trichoscope increased 10-1000 times
hair and scalp condition; trichoscopy

Computed photo trichography using
Trichogramma (increase 40 times) determines the type of hair, size and
growth density of hair follicles, and there is also the possibility
calculate the amount of hair (on average), calculate the physiological
daily rate of their loss, etc.


Only after conducting a full laboratory examination.
scalp and skin condition on the head, the doctor prescribes


Treatment of hair and scalp must begin with
drugs local (local) action. It may be curative.
lotions or mousses, as well as ketonazole-based shampoos with
antifungal effect. Medical drugs contribute to
strengthening, intensive moistening and restoration of structure
damaged hair shaft, exerting:

  • anti-inflammatory and protective effect;
  • antifungal effect;

During the treatment, nutrition of the hair roots is provided.
and active stimulation of their further growth;

Treatment method Purpose of the procedure
OZONOTHERAPY Ozone has a detrimental effect on pathogens
without any negative adverse reactions. In the process of therapy
there is an improvement in blood supply and tissue respiration, which, in general,
facilitates the delivery of active nutrients directly to
hair follicles. This procedure is indispensable for viral,
bacterial or fungal infections.
PHYSIOTHERAPY The physiotherapy complex is designed to stimulate growth,
strengthening the hair roots, as well as the overall improvement of the scalp: •
electroneurostimulation of hair follicles; • massage
effects on the scalp; • stimulating acupuncture
manipulations; • darsonvalization weak impulse
fast-extinguishing high-frequency currents (darsonval for the treatment of
hair); • pulse exposure to infrared rays.
MESOTHERAPY The essence of the therapy lies in the course of microinjection.
individually selected therapeutic drugs. As a result, –
improvement of blood circulation and nutrition of hair roots, growth stimulation
skin cells.
LASER PROCEDURES Ultrasound hair treatment allows you to affect
the course of biochemical processes in the body. Depending on the
the spectrum of the rays and the intensity of radiation in the treatment of hair with a laser
occurs: • stimulation of growth of hair follicles and the process
regeneration of the scalp; • improving the quality of growing hair; •
elimination of dead epidermis cells.
CRYOTHERAPY Hair treatment with nitrogen contributes to the freezing of individual
areas of the scalp to stop hair loss. Procedure
It is contraindicated for hypertensive patients, angiospasms and epileptics.
TREATMENT OF STEM CELLS Innovative stem cell hair treatment
perfectly proved itself. The fact is that the members
constantly updated biomaterial stem cells contribute
eliminate the pronounced dryness of the scalp, and also stimulate
further hair growth from the root. This treatment method allows
cope even with alopecia in men.
PHYTOTHERAPY Herbal treatment with freshly prepared tinctures and extracts
nettle, oak bark, chamomile.

Of course, even taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient
only external means can not do! In compulsory
order, you must take the recommended medical and medicinal
vitamin preparations.

You may have to sacrifice well-established hair
lifestyle and habitual diet —

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