Hair biolamination: features and benefits of the procedure

A woman with dull and split hair can hardly be called
well maintained. Permanent styling spoils hairstyle, make strands
painful and fragile. Correcting this situation will help.
biolamination of hair.

Biolamination This procedure is that
each hair is sealed in a thin film with moisturizing and
nutrients. Thanks to this “packaging” hair
become smooth and protected from mechanical damage
character In addition, each strand thickens, due to which
hairstyle looks more volumetric.

The composition for biolamination can be of different brands. AT
modern times are widespread tools such as Paul
Mitchell, Barex and others. They all contain natural and harmless

Photos before and after biolamination

Basic funds for biolamination

The content of the article:

  • Basic funds for biolamination
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • Difference from lamination and shielding
  • Biolamination features with color
  • Procedure Procedure
  • Care after the procedure
  • Are there any contraindications
  • Service cost
  • Is the procedure possible at home?
  • Hair Biolamination Video

In the provision of such services, hairdressers use imported
sets of funds. The most popular drugs include

  1. “Lebel”. This company produces cleansing
    detergents, directly lamination compounds,
    conditioning preparations and lotions. The composition of the air conditioner and
    shampoo includes extracts from pearls and seaweed. Cost of
    such a set is about 5 thousand rubles. In the series
    both transparent and colored preparations are present.

  2. “Moltobene”. This company releases
    qualitative compositions in colorless and color variants. Means
    consists of macadamia nut oil, cellulose, glycolic acid and
    other components. Estimated cost of such biolaminate
    makes 800 rubles.

  3. Popular among professional hairdressers series
    “Kemon” is represented by several means. Into her
    shampoo, intensively cleans hair, lotion with
    the restoring effect and the restoring mask. In this
    cosmetics include avocado oil, bamboo extract and others
    natural ingredients that significantly improve the condition of the hair. what
    As for the cost of recruitment, it is approximately 3 thousand.
    rubles. The effect of such a drug is noticeable, but holds
    short time.

  4. The budget label “Concept” includes
    preparations that include peach oil and keratin
    complex, restoring the structure of the strands. The cost of such
    funds is approximately 800 rubles.

In reputable beauty salons wizards, as a rule, do not save on
biolaminates and use proven, well-proven
yourself means.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

The main positive aspects include

  1. Cocoon, which is formed after using the composition,
    envelops each hair and aligns its structure. By
    This hair becomes perfectly smooth.

  2. Biolamination makes strands more resilient, making it easier
    laying process. After the procedure, you do not have to spend money on
    the acquisition of strong fixing means, because the hairstyle will
    keep perfect for a long time.

  3. The composition is able to permanently preserve the results of staining. Paint
    will begin to wash off only after the protective layer disappears.

  4. You can either color biolamination or colorless.
    The latter gives the hair a healthy shine and strength.

This service is especially relevant in the summer. The fact,
that biolaminate perfectly protects the scalp from
ultraviolet radiation. In addition, frequent swimming in the marine
water negatively affects the structure of the strands, dries them and makes
more brittle. Natural application is excellent.
option to protect luxurious curls from the influence of salt water.

As for the drawbacks of manipulation, it is only one –
relative fragility. How much is holding up
hair biolamination? It depends on how you will care.
behind the strands after visiting the master. On average, a month later
it is advisable to visit your master again and apply the composition

Difference from lamination and shielding

LaminationWhich is better: shielding or
biolamination strands? Interesting fact:
many are interested in the difference between biolamination and
lamination. The only difference is in the used
compositions. If synthetic ingredients are present in the mixture,
hence the procedure is called lamination. If the drug for
hair includes only natural, environmentally friendly
components, the service is called biolamination.

Biolamination features with color

Color biolamination Similar cosmetic
the intervention combines both the coloring function and
recovery. Strands are processed by the composition, which contains
protein and pigments of a certain shade. Substances with negative
charge attracted to the pigments of the hair itself, which have
positive charge. As a result, a protective color is formed.
film. With this procedure, the color is more vivid and
intense than with traditional coloring. In this case, the client
can choose about twenty different shades, which will allow both
radically change your image or slightly refresh already existing

If you have gray curls, such manipulation will get rid of
from an unaesthetic silver hue. Procedure can be performed
even if you have previously dyed your hair. Update
Brightness is recommended once a month.

Procedure Procedure

Before you sign up for a specialist, you need to learn how to do
biolamination of hair. The process itself can be divided into several
stages. First of all, the master puts on the strands a professional
composition – biolaminate. It should be kept for about half an hour.

The hairdresser In order to make the existing components better
interacted with the structure of the hair, the composition is heated to
over 15 minutes. Such hot biolamination is perfect.
harmless to hair.

After warming up, the composition is washed off with warm water. As you see
the process is simple and takes minimal amount
of time.

Care after the procedure

So that the effect of smooth hair will make you as happy as possible.
longer, the master makes valuable recommendations for the care of the strands after
manipulations. So, after applying the composition, experts do not advise
immediately wash your hair: you must wait at least a couple of days. Besides
In addition, for several days do not use a hairdryer and other
hair styling and straightening products.

Hair care Should not be stained to those
until the protective layer is gone. Otherwise you will lose
and the color of the coloring pigments, and the effect of biolamination.

To keep biolaminate as long as possible, try
use mild shampoo without sulfates. Buy professional
cosmetics you can directly in the beauty salon
or in specialized stores. You can purchase special
detergents used after dyeing. Concerning
balsams and masks, they can be applied without restrictions, they are by no means
Do not affect the duration of the effect.

Are there any contraindications


Important! Biolamination allowed during
fetal and breastfeeding.

Biolaminate can be applied both on smooth and curly from
natures hair. It is worth noting that the tool is not able to straighten
elastic curls, but it smooths their structure, makes them more
well maintained and attractive. This is especially recommended
manipulation of those women who have dry and brittle strands.

We should not think that such intervention hairdresser
relieve you of all problems with the scalp. If your
hair badly damaged, it is recommended to start a course
treatment. This can be done in a professional salon or in
home conditions, with the help of folk remedies.

Note: composition for biolamination
significantly increases hair volume. It means that
owners of thick and thick hair before the procedure
It is recommended to consult with a specialist.

Service cost


Departure of the master on the house is paid in addition. Besides, in
Some showrooms may offer additional
services that improve the appearance of hair (for example, biowave).

Is the procedure possible at home?

After the bath If necessary, you can purchase ready-made
means and put them on your hair at home. For this you
You will need a shampoo with the effect of recovery, specialized
mask, plant-based medical complex, regenerating
a preparation that hot uncovers scales on the strands,
coolant that is applied cold for
achieve smooth hair.

Biolamination of hair at home begins with washing
scalp regenerating shampoo. After that on dry hair
apply the hot phase agent (application should be as
uniform!). In this case, the substance is not applied to the roots. A drug
aged for twenty minutes, while the head should
be wrapped in a towel. To enhance the effect, hold it over
hot air (above hair dryer). Further, the hair is washed warm.
water, after which they are applied to the means of cold action.
The drug is aged for about five minutes and washed off. Next stage
– applying a mask with a regenerating effect. After that you
You can enjoy the smooth and well-groomed head of hair. Recommended
use a mask to restore after each wash.

Thus, it is possible to carry out the procedure at home. but
for this you need to buy really high-quality formulations
from well-known manufacturers. It is desirable to do this directly
in the beauty salon or in specialized online stores. Besides
In addition, it is desirable to have the skill and ability to distribute funds
quickly and evenly over the entire length. If you have never done this,
then you risk negating the entire effect of biolamination. Decided
for the first time on this procedure? In this case, it is definitely recommended.
sign up to a professional master who is familiar with all
nuances of such cosmetic manipulation.

Hair Biolamination Video

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