Hair biolamination: pearl secrets brilliance

color hair biolaminationColor lamination hair
– this is one of the modern ways to enrich the beauty and health
your hair. This beauty procedure does not just color the hair,
but also gives them a dazzling shine, improves structure,
increases elasticity and creates incredible smoothness. And
she does it immediately after the first manipulations. It’s time
lift the veil of secrecy and tell about color lamination

Japanese secret pearls

In Japan, pearl extracts have been used for a long time.
cosmetology purposes. After all, the Japanese are somewhat mad in matters
beauty, they are interested in absolutely everything that concerns
cosmetology novelties. Perhaps that is why Japan has become
ancestor of unique technology based on the selection of
the pearls of its protein protein which in itself is
the strengthening base of fabrics. Mixing protein with natural
cellulose and other vegetable components, Japanese
cosmetologists got biolaminate, which is in the form of a gel
embedded in the hair scales, strengthening it from the inside and enveloping
a protective layer outside using its physical properties
mutual attraction of ions of different charges.

Japanese lamination is also wonderful because after complete
the “flushing” effect of this procedure pearl protein remains
inside the hair, keeping it elastic and shiny for a long time.
Biolamination is also called “Japanese hair lamination”,
and the prefix “bio” speaks for itself: biolaminate – especially
natural component that can not harm the hair.

Hair protection and freedom

Biolamination carries a great advantage over others.
cosmetological procedures because enveloping
pearl protein film biolaminate creates
airtight effect on every hair, as if seals
its structure from the negative impact of the environment and the
most protects. However, the entire scalp remains
in free movement, continuing to grow fully and literally breathe

Color biolamination of hair and its possibilities

Very many ladies love to change their natural hair color, but far
not everyone can afford this luxury often, because coloring
negatively affects the hair. Color lamination now
can make you a gift that is not only luxurious, but also
is safe. Japanese hair lamination is:

  1. additional volume of 10-15%;
  2. immaculately straight, healthy, silky and docile hair
    the entire length, which are easy to install, even in inept
  3. a perm that doesn’t fluff after shampooing;
  4. water repellent effect to keep styling
    wet weather;
  5. absence of undesirable yellowness at clarification and giving
    hair pleasant natural shades of blond: milky,
    wheat, beige, etc .;
  6. convenient way to color the roots and the entire length when growing
    its natural color and maintaining it between
  7. giving the desired shade of hair to those ladies who do not want
    change color dramatically.

Colored lamination in shades of nature

Color lamination works with black, yellow, orange,
red, blue, green and transparent hues. Master creates
the desired palette by hand, squeezing out a drop from each tube
paints. The composition of coloring agents for Japanese biolamination is not
ammonia and peroxides are included, the paint does not have a strong odor like
many dye preparations, so the hair is not burned and not
are injured. Transparent shade gel professionally tinted
gray hair

Technology of color biolamination

Color lamination hair takes an average of just over an hour.
Working time depends on the length, condition and structure of the hair.

  1. The master washes his head with a special shampoo that will help
    open hair flakes for more complete penetration of biolaminate
    and persistent staining.
  2. Dries hair with a towel and slightly hair dryer.
  3. Blends shades of colors to achieve the desired color.
  4. Adds a special solution to the lamination gel,
    activating the dye for more professional
    interactions with hair.
  5. Applies paint on the hair in the way of the cross parting – by
    center and from ear to ear.
  6. Leaves the paint to soak for 20-30 minutes.
  7. After the paint is washed off with a special shampoo after
    coloring and hair is applied balm. These funds fix
    effect of color biolamination.
  8. Blow-dry hair and styling.

The effect of biolamination on the hair is immediately visible and persists until
1.5 months.

Maintaining the effect of color biolamination

after biolamination you need to use a mild shampooProlong the effect
Biolamination is not that difficult. The main thing is to wash your hair with a soft
shampoo, because the use of deep cleansing shampoo can
severely break the protective film of biolaminate. The first day after
lamination procedures refrain from using irons or
curling. Subsequently, you can safely put into use these funds, t.
k. biolamination perfectly protects hair from thermal

Biolamination reviews are mostly enthusiastic.
The exception is dissatisfaction with short terms of action.
lamination effect – many would like more time
enjoy your obedient hair. By the way, the owners
fine hair may be more satisfied with the result, because, as
say the masters themselves, the thinner the hair, the better it lays down
color lamination on its porous structure. Anyway
trust the lamination procedure to professionals who can
comprehensively affect the health and beauty of your hair.

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