Hair biowave – a description of the procedure and often reader questions asked

Curly curls – this is the perfect hairstyle for all occasions,
nothing so refreshing as naughty curls. One
biowave procedure will be enough for at least six months
forget about the difficulties with styling.


What is biowave hair?

The content of the article:

  • What is biowave hair?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What and how do biowave?
  • Types of biowave
  • Dividing by type according to hair length or
  • Means and preparations for biowave, TOP 12 most popular
  • How to make a hair biowave at home?
  • Photo BEFORE and AFTER hair biowave
  • Price
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Video about biowave, expert answers questions
  • Conclusion

Biowave is the creation of curls using special
formulations that are more than 60% natural

The procedure appeared at the end of the 20th century and since then it has been inexorably
gaining popularity among women – and this is not surprising.
Biowave adds long-term volume to hair and eliminates
need to do daily styling.

Note! Biowave much
safer and more harmless than classic perm.

Indications and contraindications

Who is best for the procedure and for whom?


  • Your hair is devoid of basal volume;
  • You have heavy and straight curls;
  • Excessive sebum secretion;
  • The need to always be when laying.


  • Allergy to the components that make up the drug;
  • Dehydration of hair, section along the length and on the tips;
  • Fresh stains made less than two weeks ago.

Important! If you plan to do
biowave at home – before the procedure, test for
allergic reaction. Apply a drop of compound on the elbow bend –
if the area of ​​exposure turned red and started to itch – from biowave
will have to refuse.

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantages of the procedure include:

  • Long-lasting effect of curly hair | – even if
    initially they were direct and lifeless.
  • Individuality – curls can curl any
    size, small, medium and large.
  • Long-lasting effect – from 3 months or more.
  • Natural ingredients – in compositions for
    biowave there are no chemicals that destroy the hair
  • Large selection of tools – both for the salon, so
    and for a home procedure.

But there are minor drawbacks:

  • You can not dye and tint hair yet
    some time after the procedure.
  • Unpleasant, sulfuric smell that holds
    first 2 days.
  • Dries the scalp and hair, which is extremely
    not desirable for persons with dehydrated skin and hair.

Reference! In the price list of some salons
Beauty procedure is referred to as biological or biochemical.

What and how do biowave?

The choice of devices (curlers) depends on what result you
want to get:

  • Neat, equal waves can be obtained if
    use boomerangs.
  • Small, vertical curls are created when
    help bobbins.
  • Voluminous, luxurious curls in hollywood
    style – wound on large curlers from 3 centimeters and

The second, but not the most important item for biowave is the composition
drug. It must be safe for health and contain
maximum useful components.

Modern cosmetic products are often enriched with vegetable
protein, keratin and vitamins.

The following have proven themselves well.

  • Estel;
  • Schwarzkopf Professional;
  • RICA;
  • Mossa;
  • Studio Bio Permanent.

Types of biowave

There are several types of this popular procedure:

Vertical Designed to create small and medium
curls. During the procedure, bobbins are used.

  • Spiral | – turns hair into clearly
    outlined, elastic curls, suitable for girls with large and
    expressive features.
  • Radical | – can be used for
    correction after any other biowave or as independent
    means to give volume to the hairs in the root zone, decides
    the problem of thin and lifeless hair.
  • Light | – light biowave is sometimes called
    procedure done at home, minus is that the effect of
    such means is less pronounced and holds less.
  • Protein – | it is also called “silk”
    the biowave, received two names for a reason. First of all,
    The composition is enriched with silk proteins, and secondly – hair after
    The procedures look like silky waves and curls. Hairy
    rods are filled with nutrients and scales
    smoothed out.
  • Japanese – Asian hair most often
    straight, stiff and rather thick, and oriented on that
    creators, when developing a Japanese biowave. Composition of funds
    enriched with collagen and extracts of healing herbs, thanks to which
    hair is not just turned into elastic curls, but also saturated
  • Italian Mossa | – a popular tool among
    professional masters on biowave The composition includes
    amino acids necessary for deep nutrition and recovery
    hair shaft, so that the structure of the hair does not deteriorate
    and the hair remains healthy and strong.
  • Angel curls – this biowave most often
    performed in beauty salons. Thanks to the procedure you can
    get soft, light and natural curls that are especially
    look great on long hair. The composition includes proteins
    Wheat, Lecithin and Keratin. Help!
    The Angel Curls procedure is suitable for bleached and bleached

Dividing by type according to hair length or

Let’s look at the biowave in the section of the length of the hair and

Biohairdressing with bangs

The classic version of biowave is to separate bangs from the total mass
hair, leaving it straight, and curl the rest of the hair. it
Looks appropriate and romantic if the bangs are straight, or

If the emphasis is on the forehead, elongated bangs or strands
face, then it curls. This gives the image some French chic and
romantic shabby.

Note! Before the procedure
consult with a hairdresser. He will tell you, and maybe even
show by example from the catalog what your hairstyle will look like with

Biowave on the bob and short hair

A biowave on the hair to the shoulders is a great way to give
the image of playfulness and romance, as well as adjust too
sharp facial features with additional volume.

Biowave for long and medium hair

Curls on long hair look very impressive. Selection of techniques
in this case, limited only by desire and fantasy – the same
both small curls, and large will look advantageous

Means and preparations for biowave, TOP 12 most popular

Consider the most popular and effective brands:

Studio bio permanent

The basis of the product is shea butter and keratin, thanks to which the hair
scroll without damaging.

The manufacturer provides a choice of 2 composition:

  1. Biowave №1 – for normal and thick
    (hard-to-wear hair);
  2. Biowave number 2 – for thin and weak

The kit includes:

  • curling lotion – 100 ml;
  • result fixer – 100 ml;
  • cream care – 50 ml;
  • instruction;
  • a pair of disposable gloves.

Estelle Niagara

The drug is based on cysteamine (a substance similar to proteins,
responsible for the health and integrity of the hair shaft.

It gently acts on the hair, forming curls and
simultaneously restoring their structure. The result is
neat and well-groomed hair.

Note! Estel Niagara has
neutral smell, thanks to which the biowave procedure passes
as comfortable as possible.

On sale you can find curling kits for normal, hard and
colored hair.

The kit includes:

  • biopermanent – 100 ml;
  • concentrated fixator – 100 ml;
  • disposable gloves;
  • instruction.

Raul mitchell

The brand made sure that each biowave could be made
wishing girl, regardless of her hair type and therefore in
the manufacturer’s lineup includes 3 sets at once:

  1. Acid Wave – for thin and chemically treated
  2. Alkaline Wave – for the naughty and tough
  3. Exothermic Wave – for all hair types.

The main active ingredient is cystamine. The means are non-caustic and
Absolutely safe for healthy hair and scalp.

The kit includes:

  • composition for curling;
  • neutralizer;
  • activator.

Iso option

One of the most demanded modern means for biowave.
The drug penetrates into the hair shaft, not lifting
hair scales, thereby preserving the natural structure of the hair.
Restores damaged areas without weighting. Curls in
The result of the procedure is neat and soft.

There are 3 sets to choose from:

  1. For normal hair.
  2. For hard to curl.
  3. For colored curls.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Composition for curling – 100 ml.
  • Neutralizer – 118 ml.
  • Protection – stabilizer – 25 ml.

Concept biowave “Live curl”

As part of the funds from Concept, listed allantoin and keratin
complex that prevent skin irritation during the procedure
and moisturize hair, curls keep from 3 to 6

There are 3 sets on sale:

  1. For normal hair.
  2. For weakened hair.
  3. For hard and thick hair.

The package includes:

  • Curling Lotion – 100 ml.
  • The stabilizer – 100 ml.


Preparations for biowave from the manufacturer Davines are saturated
amino acids that are very close in chemical composition
to those contained in human hair and nails. Curls
after the procedure they look as natural as possible and

Choose from several lotions:

  • For natural and porous hair.
  • For damaged and dyed hair.

In both cases, a neutralizer is used with conditioning

Selective professional

Single phase biowave procedure “Mild texture” in a convenient form
spray Enriched with silk and magnolia extracts. Suitable for everyone
types of hair. The result lasts from 8 to 10 weeks. One
The bottle is designed for 2-5 procedures.

Twisty by RICA

Means is intended for an easy and gentle curling of hair.
The composition is enriched with silk proteins that nourishes and restores
dehydrated and damaged strands. Herbal Extracts of Bamboo and
Wheat gives the hair an attractive shine and softness.

The kit includes:

  • 1 base – bio-composition for the wave;
  • 2 base – stabilizer.

Hahonico SPAT Seven

The drug is made in Japan, and is suitable for both bleached
both weak and thick strands that are difficult to stack,
moisturizes hair and gives them a mirror shine.

Schwarzkopf Natural Styling Glamor Wave

The tool combines 2 functions at once – perm and care.
Wheat and silk proteins deeply saturate depleted hair,
so that the hair not only looks better, but actually
heals deeply.

Note! To reach
sustainable result, use the tool together with
Neutralizer Natural Styling Neutraliser.

CHI Ionic Shine Waves

The complex is suitable for curling normal and weak hair.
The gentle composition does not contain ammonia and thioglycogel acid.

The drug is non-toxic and is suitable even for weak and desiccated

The kit includes:

  • activating lotion;
  • hair lotion;
  • neutralizer.


Another biowave made in Japan, which
gently, but at the same time effectively curls even the toughest and
unruly hair.

Lipid complex deeply nourishes and conditions curls in
curling time. And the provided system for a dyed hair Color
The Maintain System prevents the pigment from fading and leaching.

How to make a hair biowave at home?

Before carrying out the procedure at home necessarily
consult with a specialist – he will help you choose a set that
best fit your hair type and structure.

For the procedure you will need:

  • Curling Set;
  • Koklushki, boomerangs or curlers;
  • Two small foam sponge;
  • Capacity for mixing of structure;
  • Plastic comb;
  • Two towels;
  • Cap;
  • Perelina.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Washing head. Wash your hair with deep shampoo
    cleaning up. It will remove sebum, dust, styling residues from the hair.
    means and will raise hair scales. Blot your hair
    towel to a state of light humidity.
  2. Applying lotion. Process carefully
    hair the first composition for perm. Every strand should be good
    moistened and soaked.

Reference! Determine whether curling is enough
Means can be as follows – if a liquid drips from the curler,
so you did everything right.

  1. Extract on the hair and control
    states. To begin, wait 10 minutes, remove 1 bobbin
    from the nape area, and check the shape of the curl – if it is
    weak – increase the exposure time by another 10 minutes. If he
    repeats the shape of the bobbin as much as possible – you can
    the next stage.
  2. First shampooing and neutralizing. After
    after the time runs out, wash your hair without removing the curlers. When the whole
    shampoo washed thoroughly, apply a neutralizer and soak it
    on hair for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Removing the curlers and neutralizer. Upon expiration
    time, remove the hair curlers from the hair, so as not to damage the structure
    curls, and distribute the rest of the neutralizer in your hair.
    Soak for 15 minutes, then rinse. Try not to destroy
    structure curls.
  4. Application indelible
    composition stabilizer.

Photo BEFORE and AFTER hair biowave

Several photos before and after the procedure, so that you can
evaluate the result:


If you plan to carry out the procedure at home, then its cost price
will depend on the price of the set.

Salon biowave you offended an average of 3 to 8 thousand
rubles depending on the length, thickness and condition of the hair, as well as
used composition.

Several offers of Moscow beauty salons, for
acquaintance, source

Frequently asked Questions

Frequent questions of our readers about biowave:

How long is a biowave?

The duration of the result depends largely on the means for
biowave and initial state of curls.

The minimum period is 3 months, the maximum is 9.

How to lay?

The easiest way to put curls – put on them easy
mousse or wax for styling while they are wet and allow to dry
in a natural way.

Note! To give curled
additional volume for hair – use a hair dryer with
nozzle diffuser.

When, how and with what to wash?

It is highly undesirable to wash your hair for the first two days after the biowave.
– it can destroy the not yet established structure of curls. After,
use a special soft shampoo for curly and curly

How to dry?

High temperatures are extremely negative for the condition.
curled locks – they become fragile, lifeless and lose
its color. Try to dry your hair naturally or
use a hairdryer in a gentle mode (no more than 20 degrees).

How to comb?

Try to use a comb with rare teeth to
keep the acquired volume and structure of the turns. Comb must
be made of plastic, as wooden contribute
electrifying hair, and metal hairs often pull out.

What are the shampoos for hair after curling?

When choosing a shampoo, you need to carefully study the composition and
recommendations. It is advisable that it be intended for curling and
curly hair. Mandatory requirement – tagging

What biowave is suitable for bleached hair?

If you need to curl thin and bleached hair – choose the most
the sparing structure, with the complex restoring action. AT
salons often offer brands such as:

  • MOSSA;
  • Estel Niagara;
  • ISO Texture.

Is it necessary to trim the ends of the hair before the biowave?

Not necessarily, but extremely desirable, since the presence of sections
tips can contribute to the deterioration of hair lengthwise. Curls
get sloppy, tough and sloppy.

Biowave and hair dyeing – is it possible to do them in one

Experts advise against this, even if the manufacturer
means for biowave assures the opposite. Combination of procedures
gives too much strain on the hair and can damage

Is it possible to make a biowave on bleached hair?

It is possible, but the hair should be toned at the same time – it is necessary
in order to close the hair scales. From the moment of clarification
must take at least two weeks.

Is biowave possible on thin hair?

Biowave is most often used to give thin and
straight hair extra visual volume. If hair
healthy – feel free to use biowave.

How often can I make hair biowave?

Full biowave can be done no more than once in 9
months. The rest of the time possible correction of the result in the cabin
as the roots grow back.

When can I dye my hair after biowave?

It is possible to paint a hair no earlier than in 1-2 weeks after
biowave. Paint should be gentle and non-ammonia.

Do I need to wash my hair before biowave?

Yes, the hair before the procedure must be washed with shampoo for
deep cleaning.

Is it possible to dye hair before biowave?

Yes you can. But after dyeing, at least
of the week.

Why it is impossible to wash my hair after a biowave?

You can wash your hair, but only on day 3 after the procedure. First 2
day curling composition is absorbed into the hair and fixed on
of them.

What hair styling products can be used after

Choose structuring waxes and mousses designed to
curly and curly hair.

Note! Interesting effect on the hair
give styling products for the illusion of “wet

How to remove biowave?

You can get rid of annoying curls with a special
neutralizer, or procedures keratin straightening.

How to straighten biowave?

If you want to straighten hair only for a short time, then contact
in a beauty salon. Do not experiment with curling
on their own. Be sure to warn the master that you have

How to get rid of hair odor after biowave?

A strong serous odor is more inherent in chemical curling than
biological. However, if he is still there, you will have to wait until
first shampooing

What is the difference between biowave and perm hair?

Classic perm gives a more pronounced effect,
than a biowave. However, later the hair is hardly something can
will recover – they are heavily drained and thinned.

The biowave gives softer effect visually, but hair after
she is getting healthier than before.

Biozavivka or carving which is better?

Carving is a light, gentle perm that gives
effect of romantic curls or waves. Its primary difference
from biowave in that you can perform a perm locally – on
the tips, the crown, the face, the back of the head, etc. The minus is that
in comparison with biowave, carving is not so natural and

Biowave also gives elastic curls from root to tip without harm
for hair.

Is it possible to make a biowave during menstruation?

Manufacturers do not provide information regarding biowave
during menstruation. However, there is a widespread opinion
that the biowave during this period worse “grabs” on the hair.
However, this information is not confirmed by scientific.

Henna biowave – is it worth it?

Most often, a biowave on the hair that was previously painted
henna or basma does not give any result. The fact is that
henna color pigment strongly clogs the hair cuticle and for
the rest of the components simply have no space left.

Is it possible to biowave on hair extensions?

Hair extensions before you go on sale,
chemically processed and compacted. For this reason, biowave
on extended strands may take worse than natural ones, and
The final result will look somewhat sloppy.

Is it possible to make a biowave during breastfeeding?

Some manufacturers of biowave make a mark,
that the composition is safe for pregnant and lactating women. But,
Before going to the procedure, be sure to consult with
doctor and get his opinion on the chemical composition
means for curling.

Video about biowave, expert answers questions


Curling can transform even the most fluid, thin and
lifeless hair. If you are planning to make a biowave, in advance
prepare for the subsequent care – buy a special shampoo,
comb and styling products for curly and curly hair.

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